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😷 | Toru Tamakawa is also rushing to criticize the mask manners of "Troublesome" "Morning Show" introduction


Toru Tamakawa is also inundated with criticism of the mask manners introduced in "Troublesome" and "Morning Show"

If you write the contents roughly
The mask manners introduced in "Morning Show" are just recommendations from Mr. Suzuki.

Criticism of "Morning Show" that introduced masks and handling suitable for business On the 23rd, "Morning Show ..." → Continue reading


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Morning show

"Morning show(English name:Morning Show) Is1964May 4から1993May 4 (第1期) 、および2015May 9 (第2期)から、TV Asahi[Note 2]seriesFrom Monday to FridayMorningToLive broadcastOrganized in formatWide show-Information program。前述の通り第1期は1964(Showa39 years)May 4から1993(Heisei5 years)May 4Broadcast until the second period2015(27)May 9It is being broadcast from.JapanThis is the first wide show program broadcast on.For convenience, the period up to 1993 is the first period, and the period after 1 is the second period.


Issue 1

In the pioneering of wide shows in Japan,TODAY』(America OfNBCFrom 1952Information and news programs broadcast early in the morning) Was created as a hint, so it is produced by a TV station in Japan.News showWas successful for the first time[Note 3].

Broadcast time is every Monday-Friday 8:30-9:30 (JSTUntil 1992, regular broadcasting continued without rest during the year-end and New Year holidays.[Note 4].

Areas where there are only one or two commercial TV stations in the early days of television, except for someCross net station, It was online even in areas where there was no TV Asahi affiliated station.Therefore, at the opening of the program, following the title display, there was a production in which the abbreviations of the net stations in each region were displayed as telops, starting with TV Asahi (NET until March 1977).In addition, even after the broadcasting rights of this program were transferred to the new TV Asahi-affiliated station, the reception environment of the new TV Asahi-affiliated station was not yet developed.Simultaneous broadcasting of 1 stations in 2 areaIn some areas (described later).

Issue 2

2015年9月28日から第2期として復活した。放送時間は毎週月曜から金曜までの8:00 - 9:55であり、放送尺は第1期と比べ55分長い。


Background to the start of broadcasting

Opened on February 1959, 2 as a specialized station for educational programsNippon Educational Television (NET)Then, from the beginning, we had to struggle to acquire sponsors, so at that timeMinistry of PostWhile expanding the interpretation of "educational programs" and "cultural programs" for which the ratio of broadcasting was specified from, we were proceeding with the de facto comprehensive organization.[Note 5]..Therefore, with "TODAY" as a hint, "Tokyo Afternoon" will be broadcast locally from 1961:2 to 14:00 on weekdays as an information program for housewives from February 14.Producer Takahiko Asada is well established on the radioDJIn the style of, we have set out new innovations such as making progress and so-called "raw commercials" to the general moderator.[1]..In addition, following the success of this program, "Afternoon showEma Morichi, who launched the program, produced a program called "○ month ○ day" (○ is a Western number indicating the broadcast month and broadcast date) as a producer immediately after the opening of NET.Broadcast time is only 12 minutesMini showHowever, it was organized as a band program throughout the day.However, the sales side, which was a life-and-death problem for NET at that time, did not perform well and ended in a short life with "Tokyo Afternoon".[2].

On the contrary,Nippon Vix(With Richardson Vicks of the United StatesITOCHU CorporationAt a joint ventureP & G PrestigeBased on the success of "TODAY" in the United States, (one of the parent companies) plans to place an advertisement in the morning zone, which was counted as one of the "barren time zones" in the television world at that time. I asked NET to purchase the ad space for the morning school broadcast program, which had an extremely low audience rating, in bulk.[3]..Eventually, this consultation incorporated events, entertainment news, planning and interviews such as "human evaporation", and live performances of singers, using "TODAY" as a model.[4]Independently provided programDeveloped into the concept of broadcasting. In 1962HakuhodoThrough NET and then NET seriesSemi-core stationwasMainichi Broadcasting (MBS)I approached the idea. The person in charge of NET was Asada, and the reason why he consulted with MBS about the concept was that he had the head office in Osaka city like ITOCHU and Nippon Vix.

At the start of the program, the producers centered on Asada supervise the directors on all days, without depending on the director system (the production system in which the director has absolute authority), which was the mainstream in the Japanese television world at that time. Introduced "Producer System".After sharing the theme and content to be broadcast with the entire production team, multiple directors are in charge of planning the same theme and content, which enables flexible review of the theme and content.[5][Note 6].

For the first general moderator,Keizo Takahashi(OriginalNHKannouncer) Was listed as the most promising candidate.However, he gave up because of Takahashi's schedule.Therefore, Asada is a junior of Takahashi in the NHK era, assuming that the general moderator will be in the same position as the viewer.Kijima NorioI made a white arrow on the announcer[4].

1960s and 70s

At the beginning of the "Norio Kijima Morning Show" program, we started by introducing guests, saying, "It's 8:XNUMX. Good morning ... Let's introduce our customers today."[6].

The first time (April 1964, 4) was NET TV,Northern Japan Broadcasting,Chubu Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (CBC),Mainichi Broadcasting (MBS)Broadcast on 4 stations.From the following week, April 4th (Monday),China broadcastingBut I started the net at the same time.Although the above-mentioned five-station network system continued for a while, the broadcasting area was gradually expanded against the background of the opening of commercial TV stations in other areas under the policy of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications from the latter half of the 5s. Ta[Note 7].. NET affiliated stationsNagoya TVWas opened in 1962Chukyo wide areaSo, the net station at the beginning of the programTBS affiliateIt is said that the reason why it was CBC was that this program was regarded as an "educational program" according to the program classification of NET.[Note 5]..However, it was broadcast on CBC for half a year from the start, and the broadcasting rights have been transferred to Nagoya TV since October 1964, 10.

Asada, who became the first producer,Audience ratingGuess the desire of the viewer from the transition of.While emphasizing the data obtained from our own monitor survey, we tried to speed up the review of the content by incorporating it into the subdivision of the theme and content to be broadcast (objective and quantitative selection).By separating the content from the director in this way, the program got off to a good start.However, due to a personnel change in September 1965, Asada renewed the program production system after taking on the role of overseeing all "cultural programs" (including the "Afternoon Show" that started in April of the same year). .. With the introduction of a vertically-divided system in which "five directors take responsibility for producing each day of the week in the same way as general programs," the separation between the director and the content is no longer maintained, resulting in a long-term slump in viewer ratings. invited[7]..In addition, viewers have been calling for news more than planning and entertainment year by year.[8]Therefore, Kijima dropped out only in March 1968 due to fatigue.[Note 8]..From the following April, Hajime Hasegawa (an announcer from NHK like Takahashi and Kijima) was appointed as the second general moderator, but in one year he became a NET announcer.NarawaWas replaced by.Nara served as the general moderator for seven and a half years, but the fourth generation, who was hired in October 7 from the open call for participants, dropped out in just three months after being branded as a "non-speaking moderator."The junior announcer, who had been the sub-moderator since the time of the general moderator in Nara, was appointed as the 1976th general moderator from May 10, and finally rewound.

MBS, which was an online station from the beginning of the program, was released on Monday, March 1975, 3.Net change in the Kinki wide areaMoved from NET series to TBS series.Due to this net change, it was a TBS affiliated stationAsahi Broadcasting (ABC)Joined the NET series in the appearance of replacing MBS, so ABC will be released from the same day broadcastKinki wide areaIt was responsible for the simultaneous net for.

From the time of Hajime Hasegawa to the time of Yasuo Mizoguchi, it was open to general viewers (mainly housewives), and the audience seats were behind the moderator's standing position (or moderator's seat).[Source required]

In the latter half of the 70s, suicide of adolescents became a social problem, and at that time he was active in fields such as education and psychology.Yoshinori BandoThere was also a popular corner, such as the "Child-rearing course" by the author, but Bando died suddenly in November 1978 immediately after writing the book "Educational course for Mr. Bando", and the corner disappeared naturally.[Source required]

In April 1979, until March of the same yearKagawaOnly the broadcasting areaSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting Mutual access to radio waves in Okayama and KagawaAlong withOkayama[Note 9]Started broadcasting on 47 all XNUMXPrefecturesIt was broadcast on.However, in December of the same year, at that time, Nippon Television Network System and TV Asahi Network SystemCross net stationwasTV IwateHas discontinued this program, and since January 1980, 1, it is no longer broadcast in all 1 prefectures for the first time in nine months.

1980s and 90s

In April 1981, it was a cross-net station with the Fuji TV series and TV Asahi series at that time.Niigata General TelevisionBut,Broadcasting System of Niigata[Note 10]It was a main series program in the form of receiving a transition fromHiroshi Ogawa Show』Discontinued and started the net of this program (October 1983)Niigata TV 21Until the opening of the station)[Note 11].

In April 1983, the general moderator was Yasuo Mizoguchi (who appeared for 4 years including sub and main. The longest-lived regular in history).Yoshihiro EmoriIn October 2, two and a half years after Emori became the general moderator, the "Yarase Lynch Incident" of the "Afternoon Show" was discovered, and this program was also triggered by the "Yarase Lynch Incident". It falls into a loss of trust.

Former moderator from Emori in October 1986Fuji Television Network, IncAnnouncerMisuzu Misuzu[Note 12]In addition, the sub-moderator has also served for six and a half years since April 1980.Mihoko Shibata,Ikki HappaからMasanori Takai(At that time, TV Asahi announcer) was replaced by the general moderator.Although he turned to a hard-line route, the content of the program that does not handle entertainment information became unpopular, and at the same time he suffered from the audience rating (Video Research survey, Kanto area, household, real time).[9][Note 13], The general moderator will change in a year or two until the end of this program, and it will be sluggish. In January 1, the sub-moderator was from Takai in 2 months.Takashi TerasakiWas changed to.

In October 1987, the general moderator was Misuzu Misuzu.Keizo TakemiAlthough the situation has not changed from the Misato era, the entire TV Asahi wide show will be further sluggish with the Monday-Friday noon frame.In response to this situation, in April 1988, six months after Takemi was replaced by the general moderator, the TV Asahi production wide show was consolidated into this program, and in October of the same year, in one year.Tadao UchidaWill be replaced by the general moderator, and at the same time, the entertainment information will be revived and Yawa will be returned to the sub-moderator.

On September 1, 1989, one year after Uchida took office as general moderatorNippon Sea TVHas discontinued this program, so there are no areas where two stations can be broadcast simultaneously in one area.

In the renewal in April 1991, the general moderator was initially Uchida, and at that time he signed an exclusive contract with TV Asahi, and the daytime program "Hotline 110』Kazuyoshi KojimaWas appointed as the general moderator and tried to rebuild, but Kojima caused an affair at that time, so the TV Asahi side, which was affected by this, suddenly canceled the appointment schedule and ended "Hotline 110". At the same time, the exclusive contract with Kojima was canceled and the general moderatorYoshitsugu WatanabeIt was changed in a hurry.At the same time, the sub-moderatorJunko Shinoda(At that time TV Asahi announcer)RosannaI touched the baton.

And it becomes Watanabe era from Uchida, in this program broadcast rights transition by TV Asahi new station started broadcasting, the broadcast rights migration has been carried out region struggled to a program of the old network stations "look look Hello," "Morning Eye" The broadcast of New Year's Day, which has continued for many years, is also on Nippon Television.New Year Sports Special Hakone Ekiden] And Nippon TV / Fuji TVNew YearSpecial numberBecause I started to lose in the audience rating (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time)1992With this, the struggling tendency of this program accelerated further as New Year's three ended the broadcast of the day.Furthermore, the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation in September of the same year "Nicely documented』The further loss of trust in the TV Asahi series due to the discovery of the harassment also stopped, and the program was released on April 1993, 4.Censored, Closed the curtain on 29 years of history.From April 4th of the same year, the broadcast start time was advanced to 5:8 and the broadcast time was expanded to 00:9.Super morning].

In addition, in the TV Asahi series, the wide show was reorganized on Monday-Friday and Saturday at the same time as the end of "Morning Show", and along with this, "Powerful Saturday of Mari Eeda』Ended 6 days before the end of this program,Monday-Friday noon frameThe time shift net to TV Asahi affiliated stations also ended on the same day as the end of this program.Human exploration! I want to know more !!At the same time that it was abolished at the same time as the end, the only TV Asahi production wide show broadcast on TV Asahi affiliated stations was "Super Morning".

Susumu MiyaoServed as a reporterSusumu Miyao, President of Japan'[Note 14]Continued until August 1999 even after becoming "Super Morning".

2010s and 20s

Broadcast from September 2015, 9 to September 28, 9, "Morning bird(Successor to "Super Morning")Shinichi Hatori(OriginalNippon TVAnnouncer) was appointed as the 11th general moderator of this program as it is,Shinichi Hatori Morning Show(Monday-Friday 8 o'clock[10]) Resurrected for the first time in 22 and a half years[11][12]..The assistant was a TV Asahi announcer at that timeNatsumi Uga(TV Asahi and most affiliated stations broadcast "Good Morning』Move from)[13].. Taking over the route of "Morning Bird", the commentatorRyozumi Ishihara,Miho Takagi,Kazumasa Nagashima,Hitomi ShimataniWill continue to appear on a daily basis from "Morning Bird".Toru TamagawaWill continue to cast, but will appear every day.

In addition, on November 2015, 7sports newspaperWas the general moderator with Hatori in "Morning Bird"Tamao AkaeWas reported, and it was reported that "Morning Bird" would continue in the form of appointing Uga as a successor.[14].

The net stations are inherited from "Morning Bird" and are 24 TV Asahi affiliated full net stations and Japan TV affiliated stations.Yamanashi broadcasting,Fukui Broadcasting(Cross net station with TV Asahi series) 26 stations net.Of these, TV Asahi affiliated stations that opened on or after October 1993, 10 (Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting,Oita Asahi Broadcasting,Ehime Asahi TV,Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting,Iwate Asahi TV), The program under the name of "Morning Show" will be the first online program.In Iwate Prefecture, a program under the name of "Morning Show" has been broadcast on Iwate Asahi Television for the first time in 1979 years and 12 months since the internet was discontinued on TV Iwate in December 35.Furthermore, on Yamagata Television, in the first period, it was broadcast only on Thursday and Friday, the first day when the net was changed to the TV Asahi affiliated full-net station on April 9 and 1, 1993, and the last inning of the first period, but the second period. The first three days (September 4-1) were broadcast for the first time on Monday-Wednesday under the name of "Morning Show".

The station is a new caster who catches the news by putting the "human heart" of Shinichi Hatori first, "Wide show is to show a human drama by sticking to what is happening now. I want to return to the origin." I want to challenge a wide show, "he said, suggesting that it is not a renewal of" Morning Bird "but a new program with a historic program name.

Regarding the audience rating (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time), it remained at about 6% at the beginning, and the time zone ranking sometimes recorded the second place for commercial broadcasters.[15][16].2016In the third week of September, the average was 9%, and for the first time, it became the number one commercial broadcaster throughout the week.[17][18][19].. same year11Recorded an average of 8.1%, becoming the first commercial broadcaster during the month for the first time.[20]..Since then, it has maintained the top position in the commercial broadcasting audience rating month (in April 2017).Fuji Television Network, Inc"Information presenter Tokudane!』And the same rate leader)[21][22].. Recorded No. 2016 in the commercial broadcasting year for the first time in 1[23], The following year 2017 also won the first place[24].. In the first week of April 2017, we regained the top spot in the audience rating to "Tokudane!"[25].. In the first half of October 2017, Nippon Television "RefreshingWas renewed, and there was a day when "Tokudane!" Was overtaken, but this program could not be overtaken.[26].. Recorded No. 2017 commercial broadcaster for the first time in 1[27]..The following year, 2018 and beyond, it has been ranked number one in commercial broadcasting for the year.[28][29].

Furthermore, in April and May 2018, it had recorded the first place in the time zone until then.NHK general TV"Asaichi』, And won the first place in the time zone[30][31]..However, from June of the same year to the first half of 6, the time zone was given to "Asaichi" again.[32][33].

After 2018,Tetsuko's roomHatori and Tamagawa are appearing together as the final guest of the year. 2019 isDrama"Doctor-XGuest appearance[Note 15]He talked about the episode at that time (in the first half, he appeared in a costume for the character, and in the second half, he changed into a suit).

February 2019-2, 4 All double-digit ratings recorded[34].

From 2019 year 4 month 1 dayReal-time subtitle broadcastingRegular implementation[Note 1].

TV Asahi has been the largest shareholder since October 2017, 10.AbemaTVDistribution to (AbemaNEWS channel) has started (described later).

Uga, who has been in charge of assistants since the start of the second term, graduated from TV Asahi on Friday, 2th, before leaving the company (March 2019, 3). From Monday, April 31st, the originalNogizaka46 OfChiharu Saito(Joined the same station as an announcer on the same date) was selected as an assistant[35].

For a period of time from January 2020, he sometimes handed over the number one commercial broadcaster to "Refreshing".[36].

Around the time when the Japanese government issued a state of emergency regarding the new coronavirus in April 2020, commentators gradually went through the monitor instead of appearing in the studio (Wide! ScrambleIn the same way, we moved to appearing in a separate room prepared by TV Asahi or in a room prepared by the performer himself, such as at home or in the office).May 4からMay 6Until, MC Hatori and Saito,Shirahagi University教授 OfHarue OkadaAll the commentators except the three of them appeared on the monitor,May 6から、ほぼ通常の体制に戻った(6月26日にコメンテーターがスタジオ出演に戻ることが羽鳥から発表された)。2021年1月7日夜に首都圏1都3県に新型コロナウイルスに関する緊急事態宣言が再発出された事を受け、翌8日から、コメンテーターがモニター越しでの出演に変更された。2021年3月21日に緊急事態宣言が解除された翌日の22日からは、通常の体制に戻った。その際、アクリルボードの強化、高性能空気清浄機の設置を伝え、より一層新型コロナウイルス予防に取り組んでいると伝えられた。

From the middle of 2020, there will be an increasing number of cases where "Asaichi" will be overtaken and the time zone will be ranked first again.[37][38].. Since November 2020, "Asaichi" has greatly exceeded 11% in the weekly high-household audience rating program of Video Research, sharing the first place in the time zone with this program.[39]..In the same year, for the first time, he overtook "Asaichi" and recorded the first place in the time zone.[40].


General Chairperson


Regular commentator



  • (CRS細胞農業研究会 事務局広報委員長、ロスチャイルド・アンド・カンパニー・ジャパン アナリスト)[Note 16]
  • Anju Ishiyama(シェアリングエコノミー活動家)[Note 17]
Friday[Note 18]
  • Kazumasa Nagashima(talent)
  • (バイオリニスト・起業家)[Note 17]
  • 吉富愛望アビガイル
  • (バラ農家)

Corner regular

  • Itakura Tomoki[41](TV Asahi announcer: Show-up Monday-Thursday)
  • Shinpei Nogami[42](TV Asahi Announcer: Showup Friday)
    • Also serves as the acting general moderator during the Hatori vacation.
  • Yukino Yamamoto(TV Asahi announcer: Show-up, Yuki to helper)
    • Saito also acts as an assistant during the holidays.
  • Yoshizumi Ishihara (in charge of future map of Yoshizumi)
  • Shinichi Hatori (in charge of listening)
  • Chiharu Saito (in charge of the goddess to succeed)
  • Toru Tamakawa (in charge of Soken in the first place)
  • Nobukazu Kataoka(Weather forecaster・ In charge of "Kataoka Weather Show" ・ March 2020, 3-)


As of May 2020, 5, the VTRs interviewed by the above reporters (mainly Toshiyuki Saito, Takahiro Nakatani, Yayoi Okayasu, Tomoko Matsuda)Super J channelIt is also broadcast (mainly around 17:XNUMX).


Past performers

Successive general moderators

Covered with the name of the general moderatorCrown programThe name of the moderator at the time of calling "○○ Morning Show" isTaiziNotated with.
○ mark is an announcer belonging to NET TV / TV Asahi at the time of broadcasting.

periodGeneral ChairpersonSub-moderator
Issue 1
1964.4.11968.3.29Kijima Norio〇1Reiji Kurihara2
Mike Maki
Katsumi Ogura3
1968.4.11969.3.31Koichi BabaAkiko Shimoshige
1969.4.11976.10.15Narawa○Hiroko Suzuki4




Naoko Watanabe
1977.11977.04.29(Multiple moderators led by Yasuo Mizoguchi and Naoko Watanabe)
1977.5.21980.3Yasuo MizoguchiNaoko WatanabeShiro Dotani○
1980.41983.3.31Mihoko ShibataIkki Happa
1983.4.11986.9.30Yoshihiro Emori6
1986.10.11986.12Misuzu Misuzu〇1 · 7Masanori Takai○
1987.11987.10.2Takashi Terasaki○
1987.10.51988.10.7Keizo TakemiKeiko Iiboshi8Akira Fujii○
1988.10.101990.3.30Tadao Uchida9Ikki Happa
1990.4.21991.3.29Junko Shinoda○
1991.4.11993.4.2Yoshitsugu Watanabe○Rosanna
Issue 2
2015.9.282019.3.29Shinichi HatoriNatsumi Uga○
2019.4.1NowChiharu Saito○

  • 1 Kijima and MisatoBureau contract(Part-time serviceAppeared as an announcer)
  • 2 Cooking researcherKurihara Harumihusband of.
  • 3 Kochi BroadcastingAffiliated announcer (at that time).Appeared on the program as a seconded from the same station.
  • 4 Dropped due to maternity leave.
  • 5 Appointed by open recruitment (previous record isNihon Keizai ShimbunAffiliated photographer → taxi driver). Get off in 3 months.
  • 6 Back thenAsahi ShimbunReporter.
  • 7 The old name of Misuzu Tamaru.
  • 8 The old name of Keiko Iiboshi.
  • 9 Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting (currently:Shizuoka Asahi TV) Affiliated announcer (at that time).Appeared on the program as a seconded from the same station.


Issue 2


  • As for the titles, the names of the moderators were put on the 6st to 9th generations, the 11th generation Uchida, and the XNUMXth generation Hatori.Crown programIt is called "○○ Morning Show" (Example:Kijima Norio Morning Show,Kijima Morning Show).
  • Noritsugu Watanabe, who was the 10th moderator, was also the moderator of "Super Morning" (October 2002 to March 10).
  • Yawa, who was the last sub-moderator of the first term, was after the end of this program.East Japan Broadcasting"TV IhatovWas appointed as the general moderator.
  • In the second period, on the day when either Hatori or Uga was absent, one of them was sometimes in charge of the program progress alone.
  • 第2期、火曜日コメンテーターの菅野朋子が番組を卒業後は、2021å¹´1月5日より3月23日まで毎週火曜日にゲストコメンテーター(女性)1人を配置していた[Note 28].


  • Top News / Top News We often deal with Chinese surprise topics obtained from China Webo etc. in the previous video topics.
  • Hatori panel
  • Show up
  • Regular corner by day of the week (However, if the top news, Hatori panel or show-up corner is pushed, or if there is extraordinary news, etc., due to broadcasting time or due to the recording schedule of the regular corner In each case, it may be suspended)
  • In the spring of 2020, the show-up and regular corners by day of the week are virtually suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the accompanying issuance of a state of emergency by the Japanese government.
  • Futaten → Kawanami Weather Show → Kataoka Weather Show (Weather Forecast Corner) --The last name of the weather forecaster (Nimura → Kawanami → Kataoka) is included in the title of the corner for generations.
  • Another Hatori News
  • Ending (mainly the next day (Friday is next Monday) day of the week corner notice. Depending on the progress, the weather forecast corner will be continued or if there is extraordinary news, the extra news will be posted. Other than extraordinary news Time ends with a breaking news camera.)
  • Planning by day of the week
    • Yoshizumi Ishihara Future Map (Monday) -Yoshizumi Ishihara is also in charge of commentator at the corner that proposes hobbies and purpose of life that enriches life.
    • Hearing bird (Tuesday) --In the corner inherited from the predecessor program "Morning Bird", the corner name "Tori" is derived from Hatori's surname.
    • Goddess to succeed (Wednesday) -Broadcast from the second period in a close coverage corner for shining women who struggle to pass on to the next generation while preserving tradition.It inherits the plot and concept of "Susumu Miyao, President of Japan" that was broadcast in the first period.[Note 29]However, the female announcer of TV Asahi (Uga → Saito), who acts as the sub-moderator, will be in charge of the interview.
    • In the first place, Soken (Thursday) --- A news commentary project by Tamagawa, continued from "Morning Bird".
    • Yuki-no (Friday) -"Yuki-no" (TV Asahi announcer)Yukino Yamamoto) Is a location corner that introduces the appearance of going to help as a "helper" to the viewers who had trouble with the program.

ス タ ッ フ

  • News Desk: Shun Murano (TV Asahi)
  • Producers: Minoru Watanabe, Atsushi Mizuno (both TV Asahi)
  • Chief Producer: Kakuji Ogawa (TV Asahi)
  • Production cooperation:TV Asahi video(Shinichi HatoriOnly for the minute, the first period is not greatly involved in the production)
  • Produced by: TV Asahi

Past staff

  • Chief Producer: Atsushi Kodera (TV Asahi)

Theme song

  • Taro Hakase『Morning Show』(2015å¹´9月28日 - 2021å¹´3月26日)[43]
  • milet『Wake Me Up』(2021å¹´3月29日 - 現在)[44]

Internet station

Phase 2 (from September 2015, 9)

"Shinichi Hatori Morning Show" Net Station
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesAirtimeRemarks
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi
TV Asahi seriesMonday-Friday
8:00 - 9:55
【Production Bureau】
HokkaidoHokkaido TV
AomoriAomori Asahi Broadcasting
IwateIwate Asahi TV
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting
AkitaAkita Asahi Broadcasting
YamagataYamagata TV
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting
YamanashiYamanashi broadcasting
NTV series
NiigataNiigata TV 21
TV Asahi series
NaganoNagano Asahi Broadcasting
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TV
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi Broadcasting
FukuiFukui Broadcasting
(FBC)[Note 30]
NTV series
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TV Broadcast
(Me-Tele / NBN)
TV Asahi series
Kinki wide areaAsahi Broadcasting TV
(ABC TV)[Note 31]
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TV
  • Every year on August 8th, "Hiroshima Peace Memorial CeremonyIf the live broadcast of ”overlaps with weekdays, a special program including the live broadcast will be broadcast, so part or all of the program will be returned online.[45].
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting
EhimeEhime Asahi TV
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting
NagasakiNagasaki Cultural Broadcasting
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting
KagoshimaKagoshima Broadcasting
OkinawaRyukyu Asahi Broadcasting
  • 5 stations with remote control key ID "20" (TV Asahi affiliated full-net stations excluding 4 stations of Hokkaido TV, Me-Tele, Asahi Broadcasting TV, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) are "Good Morning, Asahi Television Broadcasting "Good morning morning sun, Me-Tele is "Dodesca!, Hokkaido TV is "Ichimoni!, Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui BroadcastingZIP!』From eachStepreConnect to this program without a reply.In addition, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting is "Asades. KBC] To this program with a one-minute step.
  • Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui Broadcasting also announced that this program was "Morning show (1nd term)Since thenThe frameIs still online.In addition, when this program is suspended or the time is shortened due to sports broadcasting etc., replacement programs are often prepared for these two stations (the program may be organized by each of the two stations. Conversely, 2 International sports broadcasts such as the Olympics and "NNNIf a special program such as "News Special Program" that requires an affiliated network is broadcast, this program will be a temporary non-net).
  • TV MiyazakiIt is,Cross netBecause of the relationshipFuji TV seriesof"Mezamashi 8』Because it is online, it is usually non-net.He is involved in this program only with the cooperation of interviews in Miyazaki prefecture.However, when this program is expanded to 10:25, only "Expansion SP", which will be broadcast as a special news program from 9:55 to 10:25, may be online.
Online delivery
  • AbemaNews… From October 2017, 10 to March 2, 2019, Monday-Friday 3:29-10:30 was broadcast on the TV Asahi series on the same date and time shift net (however, some contents are Was cut)[46][47].

Phase 1 (from the start of broadcasting to April 1993, 4)

The series is the one at the time of broadcasting.

  • ○ mark will be broadcast until April 1993, 4, and the successor program "Super morning→ →Morning bird] Is a broadcasting station that has been online until the final episode.
  • ● The mark is a broadcasting station that discontinued "Super Morning" → "Morning Bird" on the way.
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesAirtimeRemarks
Kanto wide areaNational Asahi Broadcasting(NET → ANB)
(TV Asahi) ○
TV Asahi seriesMonday-Friday
8:30 - 9:30
【Production Bureau】
(Until March 1977, 3, Japan Educational Television (NET Television))
HokkaidoHokkaido Broadcasting(HBC)TBS seriesThe start time is unknown.Until March 1969, 3, after the opening of Hokkaido Television
Hokkaido Television (HTB) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom January 1969, 3
AomoriAomori Broadcasting(RAB)NTV series
TV Asahi series
Aomori Broadcasting Corporation ①: January 1966, 1[48] -March 1973[49]
Aomori Television: April 1971[50] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Aomori Broadcasting Corporation ②: March 1975, 3[51] --September 1991, 9 (with ANN membership)
(April 1971-March 4, simultaneous broadcast of two stations[49])
Aomori TV(ATV)NET TV series
TBS series
Aomori Asahi Broadcasting (ABA) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom the day of opening on October 1991, 10
IwateIwate Broadcast(IBC)
(Currently IBC Iwate Broadcasting)
TBS seriesUnknown start date-until November 1969, 11
TV Iwate(TVI)NTV series
TV Asahi series
December 1969, 12 Opening day-December 1, 1979
MiyagiSendai Broadcast(OX)Fuji TV series
NTV series
Unknown start date-March 1965
Tohoku Broadcasting(TBC)TBS seriesApril 1965-Unknown
"Good morning, Japan』(TBS) was broadcast on the recording time shift net until September 1968
Simultaneous broadcasting of two stations for a while after the opening of Miyagi Television
Miyagi TV(Mm34)NTV seriesMiyagi Television: October 1970, 10, the day of opening --December 1
(Miyagi Television is a cross-net station with NET TV affiliates until September 1975)
Higashinippon Broadcasting: From October 1975.
(October 1975-December, simultaneous broadcast of two stations)
Higashinippon Broadcasting (KHB) ○TV Asahi series
AkitaAkita Broadcasting(ABS)NTV series1965/10/1[52] --Until September 1992, 9
Akita Asahi Broadcasting (AAB) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom the day of opening on October 1992, 10[Note 35]
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation(YBC)NTV series
TV Asahi series
1965/10[53] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
(Crossnet station from April 1980)
Yamagata Television (YTS) ○TV Asahi seriesBroadcast only on April 1993st and 4nd, 1
From Fuji TV series to TV Asahi series on April 1993, 4Net changeby[Note 36]
FukushimaFukushima TV(FTV)Open net stationMarch 1965, 10-March 1, 1970
Fukushima Central Television(FCT)NTV series
TV Asahi series
February 1970, 2 (service broadcast started) --September 2, 1981
(Until September 1971, cross-net stations with Fuji TV and NET TV)
Fukushima Broadcasting (KFB) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom the day of opening on October 1981, 10
YamanashiYamanashi Broadcasting System (YBS) ○NTV seriesUnknown start time
NiigataBroadcasting System of Niigata(BSN)TBS seriesOctober 1968-December 9, 1981[Note 37]
Niigata General Television(NST)
(Currently NST Niigata Sogo Television)
Fuji TV series
TV Asahi series
March 1981, 4-March 1, 1983[Note 38]
Niigata Television 21 (NT21 → UX) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom October 1983, 10 (3rd day of opening)
NaganoShinetsu Broadcasting(SBC)TBS series1965/10/1[54] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
TV Shinshu(TSB)TV Asahi series
NTV series
December 1980, 10 Opening day-December 1, 1991
Nagano Asahi Broadcasting Nagano (ABN) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom the day of opening on October 1991, 4
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcasting(SBS)TBS seriesOctober 1965-December 7, 1978
Shizuoka prefectural broadcast(SKT)
(Kenmin Shizuoka TV)
(Currently Shizuoka Asahi TV) ○
TV Asahi seriesFrom January 1978, 10
(Until June 1979, a cross-net station with the NTV affiliate)
ToyamaNorthern Japan Broadcasting(KNB) ●NTV seriesBroadcast from the first time[55]
IshikawaHokuriku Broadcasting(MRO)TBS series1965/11/1[56] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting (HAB) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom the day of opening on October 1991, 10
FukuiFukui Broadcasting (FBC) ○NTV series[Note 30]From 1966
Chukyo wide areaCentral Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC)
(Currently CBC TV)
TBS seriesFirst time-September 1964, 9
Nagoya TV (NBN) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom January 1964, 10
(Until June 1973, a cross-net station with the NTV affiliate)
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcasting(MBS)NET TV seriesFirst time-March 1975, 3 (Bowel torsionTransition due to resolution)
Asahi Broadcasting (ABC)
(Currently Asahi Television Broadcasting) ○
TV Asahi seriesFrom March 1975, 3 (Bowel torsionTransition due to resolution)
TottoriNippon Sea TV(NKT)NTV seriesNihonkai Telecasting: January 1966, 1[57] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Broadcasting System of Sanin: From September 1972, 9
(Mutual access between Tottori and Shimaneby)
(September 1972, 9-September 22, 1989, simultaneous broadcast of two stations)
Sanin Broadcasting(BSS) ●TBS series
Shimane Broadcasting System of Sanin (BSS) ●Broadcasting System of Sanin: From September 1966, 4
Nihonkai Telecasting: September 1972, 9-September 22, 1989
(By mutual entry between Tottori and Shimane)
(September 1972, 9-September 22, 1989, simultaneous broadcast of two stations)
Nihonkai Telecasting (NKT)NTV series
HiroshimaChina broadcasting(RCC)TBS seriesChina Broadcasting: April 1964, 4-April 6, 1971
Hiroshima Home Television: October 1970, 10 From the day the service starts broadcasting[Note 39]
(September 1970, 10-September 1, 1971, simultaneous broadcast of two stations)
Hiroshima Home Television (UHT → HOME) ○TV Asahi series
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting(KRY) ●NTV series
TV Asahi series
From January 1966, 4
(Crossnet station from April 1978)
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting(JRT) ●NTV seriesFrom January 1966, 7
Hiroshi Ogawa Show(Fuji Television Network, Inc) To switch to the net. (Source 1:[Note 40]) (Source 2:[Note 41])
KagawaNishinippon broadcasting(RNC)March 1965, 3 Net start[Note 42]
Even after the start of the Internet on Setonaikai Broadcasting, the Internet will continue for a while at the same time for two stations.[Note 43]
→ Kagawa and Okayama prefectures
Setonaikai Broadcasting (KSB) ○TV Asahi seriesInitially broadcast only in Kagawa Prefecture from March 1970, 3
Broadcast in Okayama Prefecture from April 1979, 4 due to mutual entry[Note 43]
EhimeNankai Broadcasting(RNB) ●NTV seriesFrom March 1965
KochiKochi Broadcasting(RKC) ●From January 1966, 1
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting (KBC) ○TV Asahi seriesBroadcast from the time of NET full net in October 1964
(Cross-net station with Fuji TV series until September 1964)
NagasakiNagasaki Broadcasting(NBC)TBS seriesUnknown start date-March 1990, 3
Nagasaki Culture Telecasting (NCC) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom October 1990, 4 (2rd day of opening)
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting(RKK)TBS seriesUnknown start date-March 1989, 9
Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting (KAB) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom October 1989, 10 (2rd day of opening)
OitaOita Broadcasting(OBS) ●TBS seriesFrom March 1968
MiyazakiMiyazakihoso(MRT) ●From 1968
KagoshimaMinaminihonhoso(MBC)Unknown start date-March 1982, 9
Kagoshima Broadcasting (KKB) ○TV Asahi seriesFrom the day of opening on October 1982, 10
OkinawaRyukyu Broadcasting(RBC) ●TBS seriesFrom March 1968


Issue 1

Transfer of broadcasting rights and discontinuation of cross-net stations

  • This program was initially broadcast as "Hiroshi Ogawa ShowBecause the other series other than the Fuji TV affiliated stations (including the cross-net stations between Fuji TV and other affiliates) that were broadcasting the program were in the local frame, the main cross-net stations of the Japan TV affiliate and the net stations outside the affiliates It increased. Since the latter half of the 1980s, TV Asahi affiliated new stations have been opened one after another, and broadcasting rights have been transferred one after another, but TV Iwate and Nihonkai Telecasting have decided to discontinue the program without transferring broadcasting rights to the new TV Asahi affiliated stations. It has become.
  • The following are the programs that were switched between the old net stations whose broadcasting rights were transferred due to the opening of new TV Asahi affiliated stations and net changes, and the 20 stations that discontinued this program without transferring the broadcasting rights to the new TV Asahi affiliated stations (later). Excluding programs whose programs are in the local frame, series after the transfer of broadcasting rights of this program or discontinuation: ◎ = Nippon TV series, ○ = TBS series, △ = Fuji TV series, ● = Japan TV series / TV Asahi series, ▲ = Fuji TV series / Nippon TV series)
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterLater programAfter the show
Start time
AomoriAomori TVMorning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX
1975/3/31○ Withdrawal from ANN and start of the internet due to official membership of JNN
This program re-transferred broadcasting rights to Aomori Broadcasting Corporation
Aomori BroadcastingLook look Hello
(Nippon TV)
1991/10/1◎ Started online with NNS full net with the opening of Asahi Broadcasting Aomori
IwateIwate Broadcast
(Currently: IBC Iwate Broadcasting)
Hiroshi Ogawa Show
(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
1969/12/1○ Started online with the opening of TV Iwate
TV IwateLook look Hello
1980/1/7● (until March 1980) ◎ (from April 3)
With the discontinuation of this program (changed to the program to the main series)
Change from timeshift net (9: 30-10: 25) to simultaneous net (8: 30-10: 25)
MiyagiSendai BroadcastHiroshi Ogawa Show
(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
1965/5/1▲ (until September 1970) △ (from October 9)
Fuji TV series morning wide showChanges due to the establishment of the frame
Broadcast rights for this program transferred to Tohoku Broadcasting
AkitaAkita BroadcastingLook look Hello
1992/10/1◎ With the opening of Akita Asahi Broadcasting
Change from timeshift net (9:30 --10: 25) to simultaneous net with NTV (8:30 --10: 00)
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation1993/4/1◎ Resuming the internet with NNS full net due to the net change of Yamagata TV
FukushimaFukushima Central Television1981/10/1◎ With the opening of Fukushima Broadcasting, NNS full-net
Change from timeshift net (9: 30-10: 25) to simultaneous net (8: 30-10: 25)
NiigataBroadcasting System of NiigataMorning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX
1981/4/1○ Started online with the transfer of broadcasting rights for this program to Niigata Sogo Television
Niigata General TelevisionGood morning! Nice day
(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
1983/10/3△ With the opening of Niigata Television 21 FNN / FNS full-net
Fuji TV series morning wide show resumes online for the first time in two and a half years
NaganoShinetsu BroadcastingMorning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX
1980/10/1○ Started online with the opening of TV Shinshu
TV ShinshuLook look Hello
1991/4/1◎ With the opening of Nagano Asahi Broadcasting, NNS full net (NNS membership)
Change from timeshift net (9:30 --10: 25) to simultaneous net with NTV (8:30 --10: 00)
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcastingMorning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX
1978/10/2○ Started online with the transfer of broadcasting rights to Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting of this program
IshikawaHokuriku BroadcastingMorning Eye
1991/10/1○ Started online with the opening of Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcastingMorning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX
1975/3/31○ Transfer of broadcasting rights from Asahi Broadcasting Corporation due to elimination of intestinal twist
→ Tottori prefecture / Shimane prefecture
Nippon Sea TVMorning drama
(Yomiuri Television)
Look look Hello
1989/10/2◎ Changes due to the discontinuation of this program
"Morning serial drama" changed from time shift net (10:25 --10:50) to simultaneous net with Yomiuri TV (8:30 --8:55)
"Look Look" changed from time-shift net (9: 30-10: 25) to time-shift net (8: 55-10: 25, same organization as Yomiuri TV)
HiroshimaChina broadcastingMorning Jumbo
1971/4/5○ Started online with the unification of Hiroshima Home Television
NagasakiNagasaki BroadcastingMorning Eye
1990/4/2○ Started online with the opening of Nagasaki Culture Telecasting
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting1989/10/2○ Started online with the opening of Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting
KagoshimaMinaminihonhosoMorning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX
1982/10/1○ Started online with the opening of Kagoshima Broadcasting
TV Iwate net discontinuation
  • TV Iwate The1979From the autumn reorganization, "Afternoon showToWide show at lunch』Change from sub-series TV Asahi series programs to main series Japanese TV series programs, discontinuation of TV Asahi series programs, TV Asahi series programsIwate Broadcast(Currently: IBC Iwate Broadcasting, TBS series), the broadcasting rights were gradually transferred, and as part of this, this program was discontinued on December 1979, 12.
Nihonkai TV net discontinuation
  • Nippon Sea TVWas opened as the Tottori Prefectural Bureau,1972On September 9, the area was expanded to Shimane Prefecture by mutual access of radio waves from Tottori and Shimane.In Shimane prefectureSanin Broadcasting(TBS series) has been broadcasting this program on the Internet since the days of Shimane prefecture area stations, and even after the mutual use of radio waves, this program has been broadcast on two stations, Nihonkai Telecasting and Sanin Broadcasting.But,1989Tottori prefecture in AprilLocal paperHas taken up the issue of this program and the simultaneous broadcasting of two stations on Monday-Friday noon, and in response to this, Nihonkai Telecasting decided to discontinue the TV Asahi-affiliated sponsored net program and broadcast Sanin in September 2.San-in Central TV(Fuji TV series) will transfer the broadcasting rights of TV Asahi series programs, and as part of that, this program was discontinued on September 9th of the same year together with the time shift net of the Monday-Friday noon frame.

Issue 2

Special program

  • Since 2017, every year on January 1st,New Year oversized specialA special edition with a large frame is being broadcast from 6:00 to 11:45.[Note 44]..In addition, 2017 was broadcast even though it was a Sunday when this program was not normally broadcast.However, Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui Broadcasting will prioritize the New Year's Day special program on NTV, so the New Year's Day special version will not be online regardless of the day of the week.
  • June 2019, 4: "Heisei最後の朝拡大SP」として、30分拡大(8:00 - 10:25、一部系列局や山梨放送・福井放送は9:55飛び降り)。また、この日は通常放送に加え18:30 - 21:54に『Shinichi Hatori Morning Show Oversized version of the night decided tonight! Heisei Nippon hero general election of your choice』Broadcast separately.However, Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui Broadcasting are the original series programs "The! World Astonishment News Astonishing news at the end of Heisei was a live broadcast 4 hours SP! ”(19: 00-23: 00, there was a break in the middle), so the special program at night was non-net.
Correspondence when important news and other programs are broadcast
  • If a serious news or natural disaster occurs during or before the program is being broadcast, the broadcast time may be extended.However, in that case, Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui Broadcasting will jump at 9:55 (end on time).On the contrary, when the expanded part is treated as an ANN news special program, TV Miyazaki, who normally does not net this program, may temporarily net only the expanded part.
  • Every June, "US Open GolfIf it overlaps with the last day of 』, this program may be suspended or the time may be changed.In that case, Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui Broadcasting will broadcast a back-to-back alternative program prepared by TV Asahi.
  • If the opening day of the "National High School Baseball Championship" in August coincides with a weekday, the opening ceremony of Asahi Television Broadcasting will be broadcast from around 8:24 on ANN affiliated full-net 9 stations and Fukui Broadcasting. This program of the day will be a shortened broadcast before the start of broadcasting (excluding 00).However, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation will return to the net because it will broadcast a special number just before the opening for the Kinki region in the front frame of the opening ceremony broadcast.
Major time changes / pauses due to other events
  • 2015å¹´12月31日・2016å¹´1月1日:年末年始特別編成のため、放送休止。なお、2016å¹´1月1日はANN系列フルネット24局でのみ6:00 - 11:45に羽鳥が司会の大型生放送特番『開運!羽鳥慎一のお騒がせ新年会2016』が放送された。
  • 2016å¹´8月10日:ANN系列フルネット24局において9:00 - 12:15に『Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016』\ Because the broadcast is broadcast, it is shortened by 55 minutes (8: 00-9: 00).
  • January 2017nd and 1rd, 2, January 3nd and 2018rd, 1: Broadcast suspended due to special organization during the New Year holidays.
  • 2018å¹´2月23日:ANN系列フルネット24局において9:30 - 14:40に『Pyeongchang Olympics 2018』\ Because the broadcast is broadcast, it is shortened by 25 minutes (8: 00-9: 30).
  • 2018å¹´6月25日:ANN系列フルネット24局において8:00 - 10:25に『サッカー・2018 FIFA World CupThe broadcast of the qualifying league "Japan x Senegal" was suspended due to the broadcast.Yamanashi Broadcasting and Fukui Broadcasting were filled with self-organized programs for each station.
  • December 2018, 12, January 31nd and 2019rd, 1: Broadcast suspended due to special organization for the year-end and New Year holidays.
  • December 2019th and 12st, 30, January 31nd and 2020rd, 1: Broadcasting will be suspended due to the special organization for the year-end and New Year holidays.
  • 2020å¹´12月30日・31日:年末特別編成のため、放送休止。

Broadcast content in question

News about the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection

Unauthorized broadcast of the face photo of the Diamond Princess passenger

  • 2020May 3In the previous broadcast, the passenger ship "Diamond princessBecause the face photo was broadcast as it was without the consent of the passengers, they explained that they could not go to the gym or hospital even though they were negative in three PCR tests, Hatori. "The program should have taken care of it. I'm very sorry," he apologized.However, Hatori Anna continued to comment, "Among them, there are many unwilling discriminatory behaviors that are never forgiven," and it was criticized for replacing the program's inadequacies with discrimination issues.[66][67].

Misleading coverage of the cremation of untested deaths

  • 2020May 4The broadcast featured a funeral company that cremates the untested deaths of the new coronavirus without seeing the bereaved family.Among them, TV Asahi commentator Toru Tamakawa suggested that some of the deaths from pneumonia were infected with the new coronavirus, saying, "Japan has had a small number of deaths from the new coronavirus, and" Japan is excellent. There were quite a few people who said, "Isn't it characteristic?", But I haven't investigated it. I don't know unless I've investigated it. "" There may be more dead people. " ..However, a Twitter user who claims to be the president of the funeral company denied the program content, saying, "At the funeral company's discretion, it is not possible to cremate a pneumonia patient within 24 hours. It is a hoax that was previously denied on Twitter." .. "It's a hoax to spread the misunderstanding on TV anyway, whether it's a lack of coverage or intentional, so please stop."[68].

Transition of two-week see-off of leave request

  • 2020 yearsEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionAgainstEmergency declarationWhen the issue ofYasutoshi NishimuraThe new coronavirus minister has demanded that the seven prefectural governors postpone the request for leave for two weeks.on the other hand,Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentIs about to issue a leave request, and the country and the capital are in conflict.
  • 2020May 4Appeared on the program on the broadcast ofjournalist OfShiro TazakiRegarding the two-week postponement of the leave request, "That's probably,Minister of State for Special Mission NishimuraとMr. OmiI think it came out during the discussions with the medical scientist, "said the medical scientist who postponed the request for leave for two weeks.Shigeru OmiClaimed to be the result of discussions with[69].
  • 2020May 4In the broadcast, Tasaki said that the country tried to postpone the leave request for two weeks.Medical doctor OfHiroshi NishiuraInsisted that it was based on the opinion of.Tasaki prefaced that he had heard from Yasutoshi Nishimura on the phone, and insisted that Nishimura merely conveyed the expert's opinion, "If you quit for two weeks, it may be effective."Furthermore, when it came to the topic of who the expert was, Tasaki said, "That's what Mr. Nishiura said." "Data, last weekFridayHe said, "Did you put it out?" And claimed that it was Nishiura's opinion that he tried to postpone the leave request for two weeks, effectively withdrawing the previous day's remarks.[70]..Hiroshi Nishiura, who heard this report, argued that he did not make such a proposal, commented, "I doubted the news that I would wait for two weeks of leave compensation," and said, "Mr. Tazaki's source is official ◯. I have to do it right now with compensation. "[71]..In addition, Nishiura criticized Tazaki's remarks as "a lie of the Tasaki = Nishimura line that Nishiura said" compensation for leave after seeing the situation for two weeks "" and denied the broadcast content of the program.[72][73].

Misleading coverage of maid cafe opening hours

  • 2020May 4Even though Akihabara's maid cafe was switched to shortened business hours until 20:14 after requesting a shortened business in Tokyo, it was reported as if everything was operating normally.Regarding this, in the broadcast on the XNUMXth the next day, Hatori said, "In yesterday's broadcast, Akihabara's maid cafe" Heart of Hearts "is operating in a shorter time according to the request of Tokyo. I didn't tell it. In addition, the broadcast in parallel with the video of the store that was requested to refrain from doing business and the prohibited tide hunting caused a misunderstanding about this store, "he admitted. We continue to operate while devising ways to protect the lives of the people who work at the company. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the people involved. "[74].

False statements and apologies for PCR testing

  • 2020May 4Toru Tamakawa, a commentator on TV Asahi, said in a broadcast that all 39 people infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo the day before were from private inspection agencies, and the administrative inspection agencies were closed on Saturdays and Sundays. ..However, in the next day's broadcast, correctly, among the 39 people, many were inspected by the government agency, and he corrected the mistake that he was not absent on Saturdays and Sundays, saying, "By this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is working on Saturdays and Sundays. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all the people concerned, the health centers, the laboratories, and the medical staff who collect the samples. I'm really sorry. "[75][76][77].

Broadcast of factual misconceptions about LDP meetings

  • 2020May 5At a meeting held at the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters the day before, it was reported that a member of the Diet shouted, "This is a little three secret, this!"Masamune WadaA member of the House of Councilors said, "This is what the member sitting in front of me said to the media reporters who were crowded in the meeting room, and before this statement, he said,'A little media ...' I pointed out the factual misunderstanding[78][79].

Mistakes in the press criticizing railroad fans

  • 2020May 5On the broadcastChiba OfSoga StationOn the 19th of the previous day, I introduced on the VTR that many railroad fans gathered, but it turned out that one of the photos used in the VTR was taken in March.On the internet, railroad fans questioned "It wasn't yesterday's photo" and "It was the photo taken when it was distributed in Jakarta in March," and admitted the mistake in the program and apologized.[80]..The day before, a similar false news incident was reported on Fuji TV.VikingIt was also.

Incorrect number of positive people who cannot be contacted

  • 2020May 7The broadcast said that 479 of the positive coronavirus tests in Tokyo could not be contacted and could go out or continue working.Okada warned that "don't look sweet", and Tamagawa criticized "impossible" and "do it all year long in the Diet![81][82]..However, in reality, only one person cannot be contacted,Yuriko KoikeThe Governor of Tokyo said, "It is a big mistake to be unable to contact hundreds of people. I think we need to be careful about those who continue to be unable to contact, but at the moment there is only one."[83].


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注 釈

  1. ^ a b Prior to the regular implementation, it was implemented as an expanded special to convey important news.
  2. ^ Old: NET TV.The official company name at the time of the first broadcast was "Japan Educational Television" → "National Asahi Broadcasting".
  3. ^ The news show itself, which follows "TODAY", has been produced by several commercial TV stations other than NET, starting with Nippon Television in 1957.However, all of them have been forced to end the broadcast in a short period of time.For details, refer to the academic paper "Prototype of Soft News on Television: News Show of Japan Educational Television in the 2019s" by Koichi Kinoshita (1960a) ("Social Informatics" Vol. 8, No. 2, pp.125--141). thing.
  4. ^ However, in 1, the last year of the first term, the broadcast of New Year's Day 1993 was not carried out, but in 1993, New Year's Day XNUMX was Monday-Friday only on Friday, which was New Year's Day.Mon-Friday noon frameConducted until 1989.
  5. ^ a b Until the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued a broadcasting license as a general station in November 1973, NET applied quantitative restrictions according to the type of broadcasting program as ancillary conditions for broadcasting licenses permitted under the Radio Law.Since it was required to organize more than 11% of all broadcast programs as "educational programs" and more than 53% as "cultural programs", there is a lot of room for organizing other types of programs ("news", "entertainment", etc.). It was more limited than the station.However, it was allowed to define the program standards, etc. required for each broadcasting station according to the "Program Survey Principles" of the Broadcasting Law on the NET side according to the quality of the program.Therefore, NET launched one after another this program, "Afternoon Show" and variety shows as "educational programs".For details, see Koichi Kinoshita (30b) "Replacement of Program Types and Quantitative Changes in Types on Japanese Educational Television" (Bulletin of Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, No. 2019, pp.65-219).
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  11. ^ By the way,Niigata General TelevisionIs an affiliate of Nippon TelevisionTV NiigataAfter the opening, it was a cross-net station with Fuji TV, which is mainly affiliated with TV Asahi.With the opening of Niigata Television 21, it has shifted to the Fuji Television affiliated must-buy station..
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