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😷 | [February 2] Two people infected in Nagasaki Prefecture Sasebo cluster related

Photo Hospitalization status of new coronavirus-infected persons (as of 2:27 pm on September 7)

[February 2] Two people infected in Nagasaki Prefecture Sasebo cluster related

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An unemployed woman in her 70s in Sasebo City was an inpatient at Sasebo Central Hospital, where a cluster (a group of infected people) occurred, and was the seventh infected at the hospital.

Nagasaki and Sasebo City announced on the 28th that they have confirmed a total of two new coronavirus infections.2s in Sasebo City ... → Continue reading

 Nagasaki Shimbun

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Sasebo Central Hospital

Sasebo Central Hospital(Sasebo Hospital) isNagasakiSaseboIt is inSocial medical corporationFoundation White Cross Society opensMedical institution(hospital).

It is the largest privately run hospital in Sasebo City and is often referred to simply as the "Central Hospital" in the city.Regional medical support hospitalHas been approved by.


  • 1929April --Opened "Tominaga Internal Medicine Clinic" in Miyazaki-cho, Sasebo City.
  • 1931December --Moved to Tonoocho, Tominaga Internal Medicine Clinic.
  • 19456 month - Sasebo air raidBurned down.In March of the following year, a temporary clinic will be set up at the burn.
  • 1947December-Reconstruction (12 beds) and at the same time renamed to "Sasebo Central Hospital".
  • 1951September-Established the Medical Corporation Foundation Hakujujikai and moved from private management.
  • 1995September-Relocated to the current location.The old hospital is managed by the same companyNursing care health facilityIt will be renovated to "Sun".


The following 34 subjects are treated.

Designation of medical institutions

  • Insurance medical institution
  • Industrial accident insurance designated medical institution
  • Designated independence support medical institution (rehabilitation medical care, upbringing medical care, mental outpatient medical care)
  • Medical institutions with doctors designated by the Welfare Law for the Physically Handicapped
  • National welfare law designated medical institution
  • Tuberculosis Prevention Law Designated Medical Institution
  • War Injury Special Assistance Law Designated Medical Institution
  • Atomic Bomb A-bomb survivor medical designated medical institution
  • Atomic bomb survivors General illness medical treatment medical institutions
  • Regional medical support hospital
  • Clinical training designated hospital
  • Specific disease treatment research business designated medical institution
  • DPCTarget hospital
  • Pediatric Chronic Specific Disease Treatment Research Project Designated Medical Institution


Original goods

  • Sasebo Central Hospital original eco-bags are sold at the shop.The price is 450 yen.

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Unemployed women in their 70s


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