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😷 | Akira Hokuto Surrounded by three police officers in masks and hats

Photo Akira Hokuto

Akira Hokuto Surrounded by three police officers who were professed in masks and hats

If you write the contents roughly
Hisafumi Iwashita, a writer who co-starred, said, "I understand."

Former professional wrestler and talent Akira Hokuto made a remote appearance on TOKYO MX "Goji ni muchu!" On the 2nd, and asked about his duties ... → Continue reading

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Hisafumi Iwashita

Hisafumi Iwashita(Iwata Hisafumi,1961May 6 -) isJapan Of作家,Kokugakuin UniversityVisiting professor.KumamotoKikuchiFrom,TokyoOmeLives in.aliasChisai Miyazono , Nickname isHako-chan-Master Han.


In Kikuchi City, Kumamoto PrefectureOne childBorn asKokugakuin UniversityDepartment of literatureGraduate fromShimbashi TheaterJoined a joint-stock company and was the mother of the theater as the director of the planning office.Shimbashi Flower StreetSponsored by "Azuma OdoriInvolved in the production of[1].BakumatsuからHeiseiTohtoKayanagi worldAnd compiles the company history "Shinbashi and Enbujo's Seventy Years".After retirement2007In "Geisha Theory: Japanese Who Forgot to Dress as Gods", 20thTetsuro Watsuji Cultural Award[1][2]Receive.

2008In addition, Sadako Goto, an old acquaintance with a sweet novel[3]Written "Finded Love: Departure to Kinkakuji", which organized a retrospective of[4]..Later, Sadako's friend said, "Kyoko's house"Hitamen", which covers Atsuko Yuasa, who is said to be a model of "Hitamen".

Since I was a teenagercan,kabuki,New school,Voice song danceI enjoyed the various styles ofIchichubushiSō clanIn the cityAdvisor[5]To serve.

At the time of working at Shinbashi EnbujoMiyazono BushiTo practiceCompanyGo to the rehearsal hall of the Chino styleJoruriTheEveryone's biographydo it"Chisai Miyazono'[6]Is allowed the name.

2009In July, he was invited as the author of the first new performance of the Japan Dance Association and wrote "Lovely Pretend, Kokon Dance Extract".Director: Hanayanagi Juraku, Cast:Danjuro IchikawaOthers:National theater[7].

At the request of Yutaro Nagasaka at the "Toon Creative Society"NagautaI write a lot of lyrics for[8].

2010からEntertainment showsAppeared a lot in, with a soft tone and "Hako-chanNicknamed "" and gained popularity.

2016ToTaiga drama"Sanadamaru"ofMitsuhide AkechiFirst appearance as an actor (who himself calls an actress) in the role.


  • Conversation in a female tone.
  • At a restaurant in Gion-cho, where I lived when I was a student, my son's boxed son said, "I was raised by an only child.Hako-chanBeloved, the 2010 variety show "Uncle sketchFrom the box, the mysterious gentleman "HakoAppeared as ", and in 2011,Tamori ClubWhen I introduced myself as "Hako-chan" in "", "BoxedDaughter"For" was added with a telop.
  • At the invitation of an acquaintanceRemioromenBecame a fan of `` on October 2018, 10I am crazy about 5 o'clock!, And on July 2013, 7, "Sawako morningIn "Songs that resonate with my heart", Remioromen "South wind] Was mentioned.


Main appearance

TV drama

Entertainment shows


Writing etc.

Single Author

  • "Geisha theory: Japanese who forgot to dress as gods"Oyamakaku,Year 2006 
    • "Geisha theory: Memories of the Hanayanagi world"Bunshun library,Year 2009 
  • "Qualifications of a prostitute: Hosho, Shinyanagi Yasushi <Geisha Theory> 2" Yuzankaku, 2007
    • Augmented version of "The Night of the Famous Prostitute" Bungei Bunko, 2012
  • "Finded Love: Departure to" Kinkakuji "" Yuzankaku, 2008,ISBN 978-4-639-02024-0
    • "Finded Love: Departure to" Kinkakuji "" Bungei Bunko, 2014.A novel based on a true story
  • "Hitamen:Mishima YukioWhen she meets a woman ... ”Yuzankaku, 2011,ISBN 978-4-639-02197-1
    • "Face (Hitamen): Yukio Mishima Young Love" Bungei Bunko, 2016
  • "Adult manners"ShueishaInternational New Book, January 2017



Magazine serialization


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