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😷 | Partition installed on the desk, stricter than countermeasures Conducted the second entrance examination of the University of Tokyo under the new corona epidemic

Photo: A partition was set up on the examinee's desk to prevent the spread of droplets = February 2, at the 25th classroom of the Faculty of Law, Hongo Campus (photographed by Yayoi Oda)

Partition installation on desk, stricter than countermeasures Conducted the second entrance examination of the University of Tokyo under the new corona epidemic

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On the 27th, an interview test was held for the Science III examinees.

From February 2th to 25th, the 27 Second Achievement Test was held at Hongo Campus, Komaba I Campus, etc. → Continue reading

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Science III exam


interview(Mensetsu) is a portrait or能力Meet in person to see and hearDialogueTo doactionSay.


The interview isEntrance examination,Finding employment・Part of qualification acquisitiontestIncounselingIt is an action used in interviews and interviews.

The purpose of the interview isDocument,notesAtquestionnaireNoTestsPeople and abilities that cannot be judged bythoughtIt is to actually meet and identify such things.Therefore, in most cases, it is common to check the name, address, career, etc. in advance with documents and questionnaires, and to obtain some information before conducting an interview.In addition to this information obtained from the person in advance, we may also collect information from a third party who is related to or specializes in the person.Based on the information obtained from this, we will have an interview and talk with the person to investigate further.

Interviews are held at offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, and other partitioned spaces (部屋), ButA coffee shopSuch as restaurantIt may be done in.When assessing practical skills, an environment where actual work can be performed may be prepared.In recent years, when it is difficult to actually conduct a face-to-face interview due to a large amount of transportation expenses overseas or in remote areas, there are cases where the interview is conducted while distributing videos to each other with a camera via the Internet line. Rarely exists.

The information obtained in this way isimpressionIt depends on the purpose of the interview, whether it ends up in the mind or is documented in a prescribed format to suit the convenience of a third party, but in many cases it is necessary to interview more people. The questions and styles are stylized in, and the various reactions shown by the interviewee are recorded in some way.

The history of the word "interview" is short,Former Japanese NavyWas a soldierChiaki Matsuda Total War Research InstituteIt is said that the system for recruiting members was called "interview".

"interviewAlthough it is sometimes confused with "(mendan)", "interview" has a completely different meaning in that both parties discuss each other.

Interview test

In the interview test,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,CompanyIs one of the test methods that asks the examinee directly to ask questions. About the content of the answer to the question, the way to answer and the attitudeVotesdo. The format includes individual interviews, group interviews or group discussions. There are several ways to get more information from the interviewee.

Interview at entrance examination

Interviews for entrance exams are mainlyAdmission on recommendationWill be carried out inprivate schoolIn the case of, there may be a general selection. The number of times is usually once. privateKindergarten,primary schoolIf an entrance examination/entrance examination is imposed atGuardianInterviews may also be held.

privacy protectionIn connection with this, there was a request not to ask questions about the following problems at the time of university entrance examination, and most universities handle it accordingly.The prohibited questions are as follows.

  • Permanent domicile
  • Relationship with parents, family and guarantor, educational background, occupation, place of work, occupation, position, income
  • Family assets, living environment, religion and beliefs, thoughts
  • The person's thought, creed, religion, supporting political party, respected person, disadvantages

In the interview, the person's spontaneity, positiveness, comprehension, etc. are evaluated, but in some cases, the person is interviewed by placing them in a certain place as a group and observing the mutual relationship with the surrounding people. In parallel with the attitude that is directly attributed to the person doing the work, the attitude shown to the surroundings may also be evaluated.

Job interview

New graduates hiring

privateCompany OfPermanentBesides hiring,Public employee examination,Teacher recruitment testEven in, interviews are conducted in almost all cases (however, daily traffic surveys, etc.)Non-regular employmentIf you are hired inTelFirst-come-first-served basisDocumentSometimes it is just selection. Also,cyber-agentIs for engineering jobsProgramWe have adopted a recruiting method called “code recruitment” that decides acceptance based only on the ability to create and does not interview[1].. In addition, depending on the fiscal year, there were companies that decided to use "Jaken". ).large companyThen I interviewed multiple times, and at the first stage recruiter (human resourcesPart), but in the final interviewBoard MemberIs often interviewed.中小企业Occasionally, a direct employer may make an interview only once and decide. Especiallygovernment officialIn the recruitment test ofWritten testAfter passingVisit to government officeIt is necessary to take several interviews for each ministry and agency.

Depending on the interviewer, the so-called “so-called” that asks the applicant/examiner to intentionally take a high-pressure attitude or asks the examinee what he/she dislikesPressure interviewIn some cases. This method is used when you want to see how to respond to pressure, unpredictable situations, and absurd/irrational situations. Some of these techniquesinsult,LibelThere are many criticisms of the interview method that seems to ridicule the examinees who are absolutely vulnerable, but it is necessary to find out the qualities required for the work. Be told.However, this also depends on how the test taker receives it.

With some test takersGroup discussionAndCurrent affairsThere is also a method of discussing themes such as, and evaluating by looking at the remarks and how to proceed with the discussion.How to build relationships with others, willingness to participate in the theme, and comprehension to understand the opinions of others are observed.The theme may not be relevant to the work being hired, but in many casesNews (Chinese)It is a category where information can be collected by such means.

In recent years, in recruitment activitiescommunication abilityCompanies that emphasize the importance ofGovernment officeThere are many, and there is a strong tendency for interviews to be emphasized over written exams during employment exams. Since the late 1990s,Hello Work"Interview Preparation Seminar," in the name of improving employment rate,communicationThe number of students who are given "ability training courses" has also increased.

Employment of experienced personnel (mid-career recruitment)

When hiring experienced people, work history and interviews are emphasized.Written exams are relatively rare (some companies do).This is because companies require experienced people to carry out their duties immediately after joining the company, and to actually carry out specific tasks within the deadline and contribute to the profits and profits of the company (for example). If you are a sales person, you can actually make a profit), it is the ability to execute, and it is just "by words"knowledgeIs not useful at all, and paper tests often do not make much sense.Alternatively, regarding language-level knowledge, there are often some qualification tests for knowledge required in subdivided specialized fields, and knowledge in that field can be acquired by acquiring a specific qualification. It is also because you can confirm that you are doing it.Usually, in an interview, the applicant's past work experience, achievements, acquired skills, what can be done after joining the company, etc. are confirmed in a question-and-answer format, and at the same time, oral communication ability, personality and personality that are difficult to appear only with documents Is also being comprehensively identified.

Criticism of the interview test

Shinichi Ichikawa(Cognitive psychologyPerson,Educational psychologyWho)Hideki Wada(Psychiatrist)[2]Tokyo UniversityHe has made clear his belief that he is not in favor of introducing a science class III interview test.The reason is, "I don't think it's possible to spot people that much in a short interview," he said. "For interview preparation, the school gives you something like" knowledge of the interview "once or twice. I think it's enough to practice. "It has said.

In response, Hideki Wada called the statement "I want to take only the people I want to teach" at the time of the introduction of the interview test as "creepy confidence", and said, "I'm looking at such a person, so I'm going to have an extra interview. It makes me feel distrustful. "" From the perspective of us psychiatrists, when we see that we are so confident in character evaluation, the choice is ratherparanoiaSo I worry about it. "

In response to Wada's remark, Ichikawa said, "社会 心理学"Most people think that they have an eye to see people," he said, "a story related to the content of the story." For example, you can guess with high accuracy what kind of person you are and what kind of person you will be. " "The accuracy of the interview test is questioned.

As a summary of those dialogues, Wada said that "company entrance examination interviews, etc." would be the same, but "although it is currently collapsing,lifetime employmentIt's a pity that there are many people in Japan who are so sacrificed for incomplete interviews and have their chances cut off. He criticized the current interview-oriented recruitment examination.

Not only those who wish to have an interview should be careful about what they say and do, but companies must also be careful about what they say and do.Interviewers often behave rudely on the premise that they have already decided not to hire the interviewee (speaking about their appearance, unilaterally without talking about their profession). Tell the interviewee that you are not hiring, or ask the interviewee "What is your motive?" But do not show any attitude to listen.)Keep in mind that the person who wants to be interviewed is the "customer" if you haven't hired them yet.If you behave too rudely during the interview, the interviewee will feel uncomfortable and it will spread in a short period of time (even if you say that you behaved rudely at the time of the interview at first, you will gradually say, "The company over there. It becomes a simple word, "the correspondence is bad", and it leads to the deterioration of the reputation and trust of the company before you know it).

Yasuhiro HattoriAccording to the report, the selection by interview is not scientifically valid.[3].

Companies that abolish interviews

As mentioned above, there are some skeptical opinions about interviews. In recent years, more and more companies are discontinuing interviews because of reasons such as “inefficiency” and “overlooking the people they seek”.

Interview survey

Unlike the test, the interview survey does not decide whether or not to accept the test, but is conducted to collect various information through the individual.So-called "street questionnaires" and "citizen's voices" are familiar examples, but in interview surveys, there are cases where randomly selected persons and those who are selected in advance, but both vary through the interviewee. The purpose is to collect data on various events.

This data isstatisticsIn many cases, standard questions are set in advance so that it is easy to handle with a specific method, but for example, if a certain direction is indicated for a predetermined question, the next question is prepared in that direction. In some cases, a forked question is prepared.In addition, questions that require details may be encouraged to explain in more detail what the other person thinks through dialogue.However, depending on how the question is asked, the answer of the respondent may be guided to the questioner, so it is necessary to carefully consider the content of the question in advance.


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