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😷 | "Jujutsu Kaisen" boom continues. Confectionery and goods are sold out, queues are already hard


"Jujutsu Kaisen" boom continues

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The colored paper of the character attached to COUNTRY MA'AM is put up for a high price on the flea market apps.

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High-priced listing

Country maam

Country maam (COUNTRY MA'AM) IsFujiyaAre manufactured and sold byク ッ キ ーIt is a product name of.

19847Released in, regular size (ManufacturerSuggested retail price 300 yen) ・ Pocket size (manufacturer's suggested retail price 120 yen)HokkaidoReleased sequentially from.


Cacao mass,Cocoa butterIt is a cookie that encloses and activates the deliciousness of real chocolate chips with plenty of it in the raw state.

The cookie itself is a Japanese sweetManjuHas a double structure with the hint[1]..With the crispy outer fabricBean pasteIt has a two-layer structure with a moist inner dough, and in order to give this texture, it takes longer to bake at a lower temperature than ordinary cookies.[2]..Also, chocolate chips are exclusively for Country Ma'am.チ ョ コ レ ー トUsing[1].

As the results of the taste survey show that about 8% of people say "cookies that are almost handmade"HomemadeThere is a simple goodness of the early American style of the old days[Note 1].

It ’s delicious to eat as it is,rangeIt is designed so that if you reheat it with, you can recreate the deliciousness of the freshly baked meat.

Until then, cookies with a hard texture were the mainstream, so consumers complained that they were "moist" when they first went on sale.[1]..Therefore, in the commercial, the characteristics of the product were recognized by breaking the cookie and showing the contents.[1]..The catchphrase at that time was "a soft cookie with a crispy outside and a moist finish inside."[1].

Developed with the hint of "freshly baked homemade cookies" that began to become popular in the United States in the 1970s[2]..The product name has the meaning of "country lady"[1].

1987Due to problems with durability and sealing, and consumers prefer the style of eating while holding a bag, the split tray was abolished and switched to individual packaging.[1].

1992Started selling large bag type[1].

2009Launched "Country Ma'am Crispy" with a crispy texture on the inside.The motivation for developing this product was to promote that it is a product that makes use of chocolate chips.[1].

2013Released a product with an increased amount of chocolate chips (30% of the content)[1].

Sales were sluggish for a while after its release, but after that it grew into a major brand that accounts for nearly 3% of Fujiya's confectionery business.[1].


The basic isvanillaとcocoaIs a regular product, but seasonal flavors also appear every season.

Current type

  • Country Ma'am Vanilla
  • Country ma'am cocoa
  • Country Ma'am Luxury Vanilla
  • Country Ma'am Luxury Cocoa
For a limited time
  • Country Ma'am Dairy Milk
  • Country Ma'am Cheese Tea
  • Country Ma'am Lemonade
  • COUNTRY MA'AM fermented butter
  • Country Ma'am Hokkaido Cheese
  • Country Ma'am Luxury Chocolate Cake
Region limited
  • COUNTRY MA'AM Oh! Yakitoukibi
  • Country Ma'am Aomori apples
  • Country Ma'am Zunda
  • Country Ma'am Dairyo Cafe au lait
  • COUNTRY MA'AM Funawa Imo Yokan
  • Country Ma'am Sasa Dango Flavor
  • Country Ma'am Ankoro Mochi Flavor
  • Country Ma'am Tochiotome
  • COUNTRY MA'AM Shinshu Kyoho
  • COUNTRY MA'AM Shinshu apples
  • Country maam Kikyo Shingen Mochi
  • Country Ma'am NohimeStrawberry
  • Country Ma'am Kuri-kinton flavor
  • COUNTRY MA'AM Ogura toast flavor
  • Country Ma'am Kyoto Matcha Pudding Flavor
  • Country Ma'am Kobe Pudding Flavor
  • Country Ma'am White Rose Coffee
  • Country Ma'am Amaou Strawberry
  • COUNTRY MA'AM Okinawa Beniimo

Past type

Image character


注 釈

  1. ^ However, although it is American, it is used as a raw material.White beanNote that is used.


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