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😷 | Joint company information session Face-to-face with the new corona and held on the WEB Hiroshima


Joint company information session Face-to-face with the new Corona and held on the WEB Hiroshima

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At the joint company information session that started at the Prefectural Gymnasium in Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, 50 companies, mainly companies in the prefecture, opened a booth.

A joint company information session for university students graduating next spring will be held face-to-face and online to prevent infection with the new corona ... → Continue reading

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Joint company information session

Joint company information sessionIs a number ofCompanyGather in one place and hold company briefing sessions for job seekersEventsIs. "Theory(Gosetsu)" is sometimes abbreviated. It will be held in various formats such as "Joint Interview", "Joint Company Briefing", "Joint Job Seminar", "Company Exhibition", "Job Fair".


It is a place where multiple companies create individual company booths and hiring staff give company explanations to job seekers. Compared to individual briefings, there are many explanations about the outline of the entire company.


graduateScheduledStudent,Career changeThe main target is the applicant. Also, there are some that target both. In particular, it is aimed at job seekers who have not narrowed down the companies that they are interested in.


Mostly venues with large event spaces are used. As a typical example,Capital Area OfTokyo Big Site,Makuhari Messe,Tokai region OfPort Messe Nagoyaand so on.

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Naka City, Hiroshima City


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