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😷 | March XNUMX New XNUMX people confirmed new corona infection in Miyagi prefecture <Miyagi>


March XNUMX New XNUMX people confirmed new corona infection in Miyagi prefecture <Miyagi>

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Infection was confirmed in 41 people in Sendai City, and 1 people in Ishinomaki City, Tagajo City, Tomiya City, Iwanuma City, Natori City, Rifu Town, Shibata Town, and Kami Town.

On March XNUMX, it was confirmed that XNUMX new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Miyagi prefecture.Infection ... → Continue reading

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"Sendai Broadcasting" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Miyagi Prefecture.

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Iwanuma City

Iwanuma City(Iwanumashi) isMiyagiLocated in the south ofCity.The Pacific OceanCoast,Abukuma RiverIt is on the north bank of the estuary.


Located in the southeastern part of Miyagi Prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean. The west side is a hilly area, and the east side is flatAlluvial plainIs. South sideWatari TownThe Abukuma River flows at the boundary with.

  • Mountains: Mikatazuka (326m), Mt. Atagoyama (291m), Inoyama (245m), Sennukiyama (191m)
  • River:Abukuma River,Sadayama moat, Gokenbori River, Shigasawa River


Iwanuma, which is located at the mouth of the Abukuma River, was once called "Takekuma." This land will laterOshu KaidoとRikuzenhama HighwayAs you can see from the fact that it flourished as a post at the branch point ofTaga CastleThere is a ryokan (Bukumakan) for public officials going down toAcceptance9 years(842)Takekoma shrineIt has been an important inn station since ancient times.

Postponement6 years(1361By the way, Mr. Izumida will enter Iwanuma Castle and will be based here. Mr. Izumida startedMr. AbsenceLaterDateBecame a vassal of and ruled the area.IwanumaIs said to have been taken from the swamp in front of the castle.

Tensho19 years(1591)Shigemitsu Izumida Iwai DistrictThin CastleAfter being moved toKageyori Yashiro・Kane Kiyo Okuyama and Shigehiro Furuuchi were appointed as castle owners.Manji3 years(1660)Sendai DomainmainDate TsunamuraUncle ofTamura SouraA feudal clan whose lord isIwanuma DomainWhen is established, Iwanuma becomes the castle town.Tenwa2 years(1682)Tamura IchinosekiThe territory of the Iwanuma domain was reinstated in the Sendai domain, and the following year, Mr. Kouchi became the lord of the Iwanuma castle again, and ruled Iwanuma until the Meiji Restoration. Since the modern age, Mr. Furuuchi has maintained a deep connection with Iwanuma and has produced the mayor and mayor.


Looking at the population change from the previous census from the 27 national census, it increased by 1.11% to 44,678 people, and the rate of change was 35th among 8 municipalities in the prefecture. 40th out of 12 administrative areas.

Iwanuma City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Iwanuma City Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Purple-Iwanuma City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in Iwanuma City's (equivalent area) population
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Mayor:Hiroo Kikuchi - 2014(26)May 6Inauguration. Present second term

  • Successive mayors
Before the Showa merger
1Seigoro KatoMay 1889, 22May 1891, 24
2Yagoro HiramaMay 1891, 24May 1891, 24
3Yoshikatsu ItabashiMay 1891, 24May 1892, 25
4Shota OtaMay 1892, 25May 1898, 31
5Tomijiro SatoMay 1898, 31October 3, 1914
6Yokichi TakahashiMay 1915, 4 (Taisho 1)May 1916, 5 (Taisho 7)
7 - 8Shozaburo FuruuchiMay 1916, 5 (Taisho 7)May 1923, 12 (Taisho 1)
9Shota OtaMay 1923, 12 (Taisho 7)May 1925, 14 (Taisho 5)Reappointment
10Sosuke OnoMay 1925, 14 (Taisho 5)March 1929, 4 (Showa 5)
11Yagoro HiramaMarch 1929, 4 (Showa 6)March 1931, 6 (Showa 12)Different from the second mayor
12Shozaburo FuruuchiMarch 1932, 7 (Showa 2)March 1941, 16 (Showa 4)Reappointment
13Yuzo WatanabeMarch 1941, 16 (Showa 5)March 1945, 20 (Showa 5)
14Yokichi TakahashiMarch 1946, 21 (Showa 4)March 1946, 21 (Showa 11)Different from the second mayor
15Taro OkazakiMarch 1947, 22 (Showa 4)March 1955, 30 (Showa 3)
After the Showa merger
1Ishibaki GisaburoMarch 1955, 30 (Showa 5)March 1959, 34 (Showa 4)
2 - 5Hironao FuruuchiMarch 1959, 34 (Showa 4)March 1971, 46 (Showa 10)
  • Successive mayors
1 - 2Hironao FuruuchiMarch 1971, 46 (Showa 11)March 1974, 49 (Showa 6)Stayed from the mayor
3Yoshikichi MoriMarch 1974, 49 (Showa 6)March 1978, 53 (Showa 6)
4 - 6Kenichiro WatanabeMarch 1978, 53 (Showa 6)1990 (Heisei 2)/6/22
7 - 8Mitsuhiko Ono1990 (Heisei 2)/6/231998 (Heisei 10)/6/22
9 - 12Nobuaki Iguchi1998 (Heisei 10)/6/232014 (Heisei 26)/6/22
13Hiroo Kikuchi2014 (Heisei 26)/6/23Incumbent
  • Deputy Mayor: Yoshiya Kumagai (November 2014, 11 -)
  • Miyagi Prefectural Assembly (elected to Iwanuma Election District): Tomoyuki Murakami (2007 -, 3rd term)
  • City council: 18 members
  • Citizen's Song: "Flowers, greenery and smiles" (established October 1991, 10)
  • City symbol color: green (main color), blue, white (established April 1992, 4)

Sister cities/partner cities



Main school

Vocational school
high school
Junior high school
primary school
  • Iwanuma City Iwanuma Elementary School
  • Iwanuma City Iwanuma Minami Elementary School
  • Iwanuma City Iwanuma Nishi Elementary School
  • Iwanuma City Tamaura Elementary School
Special school
Facilities other than school education


  • Iwanuma Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Iwanuma Ainohara Post Office
  • Iwanuma Tsugasaki Post Office
  • Shimonogo Post Office
  • Tamaura Post Office
  • Iwanuma Kuwabara Post Office
  • Yanome Post Office
  • Fukiage Simple Post Office
  • Tamaura Nishi Simple Post Office

Financial institution


Community FM station

The head office and the concert hall are located in Hanatopia Iwanuma. Since the transmitting station is on the roof of Iwanuma City Hall, you can listen to Watari Town Watari Town and some parts of Natori City.



Sendai AirportIs on the border with Natori City in the eastern part of the city.

Railway line

Tohoku Shinkansen Shiraishi Zao Station - Sendai StationIt passes through the western part of Iwanuma City for less than 3 kilometers, but most of it is a tunnel section.


Iwanuma Station/Iwanuma Civic Center and Greenpia IwanumaSendai AirportOperates routes connecting the surrounding areas such as. The fare is 200 yen for all lines. 70 yen for elementary and junior high school students and those over 100 years old.


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events


  • Takekoma Shrine Hatsumoden Donto Festival (naked visit)
  • Takekoma Shrine Hatsugo Grand Festival
  • Takekoma Shrine Autumn Festival
  • Kinjamizu Shrine Flower Festival (Peony Festival)
  • Iwanuma citizen summer festival
  • Inari-san Street Festival
  • Good city
  • Tipsy Walk Rally in Iwanuma
  • Hanatopia Iwanuma Harukoi Festival
  • Hanatopia Iwanuma Harvest Festival
  • Iwanuma Airport Marathon
  • Iwanuma Light Up Dream
  • Iwanuma winter fireworks
  • Japan Coast Guard Sendai Air Base open to the public

Utilizing the general gymnasium (big arena) and athletic stadium, etc., we are focusing on attracting various sports competitions.


Native celebrity


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  • "History of Iwanuma City" (Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, 1984)

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