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😷 | Vaccine mass inoculation training in Otsu City / Shiga Inoculation will start from next month 12th


Vaccine mass inoculation training in Otsu City / Shiga Inoculation will start from next month 12th

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Otsu City plans to expand the target age for vaccination from May.

One month before the start of vaccination for the elderly, a mass vaccination training was held in Otsu City on the XNUMXth.In Otsu City ... → Continue reading

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vaccination(Vaccination,British: vaccination) IssickAgainstImmunologyTo attachantigenmaterial(vaccine) Administered (Vaccination) What to do.VaccinationBy pathogeninfectionbyIllness,Obstacle,DeathCan be prevented or tempered[1].. furtherEpidemicThe simplest and most effective way to preventCost performanceHighPreventive medicine.

JapanInVaccination methodDefines as "injecting or inoculating a human body with a vaccine that has been confirmed to be effective in preventing the disease in order to obtain an immune effect against the disease" (the vaccination method) Article 2 paragraph 1).

The substance administered by inoculation is a pathogen (live, but less virulent)Bacteria-ウ イ ル ス), a dead or inactivated pathogen, or a purified substance such as a protein.

WHOAccording to the current world, vaccination avoids the death of 200 to 300 million people.[1].. However, if the vaccination rate is further improved, the death of 150 million people can be avoided.[1].


Human beings willing to get another kind of infectionsickThe first example trying to mitigatesmallpox.B.C.Around 1000,IndiaVaccination method(Variolation method) is practiced[2], Of smallpox patientspusTo a healthy person to cause mild onsetImmunologyWas being done. This smallpox method18st centuryIn the first halfThe United Kingdom, ThenAmericaWas also brought to.

1718 years,Mary Wortley MontagueWrote about the Turkish custom of vaccination with liquids from small-pox smallpox and gave similar vaccinations to their children.[3].The United KingdomThe doctorEdward JennerIt is,VacciniaAs to whether the vaccine can be used to generate immunity against human smallpox,1796 Have tested at least 6 people in the last few years. The six are unidentified English (around 6), Mrs Zebel (German, around 1771), Mr. Jensen (German, around 1772), and Benjamin Jestie (English, 1770). Mrs. Rendall (English, c. 1774) and Peter Prett (German, 1782).[4][5].

The word vaccination was first used1796 ,Edward JennerBy. After thisLouis PasteurAdvanced the concept of vaccination with advanced research in microbiology. The vaccination (from the Latin vacca meaning Vaccination "cattle") derives its name from the first vaccine (vaccine) that infects cattle.Cowpox virusso,smallpoxIs less symptomatic, harder to cure and deadlysmallpoxBecause it gave a certain amount of immunity to[4][5].

For vaccination attempts, there are ethics, politics, safety, religion, etc.en: Vaccine controversy) Has been around since the early days. With early successMandatoryVaccination has been widely accepted by the government and a large-scale vaccination campaign has been carried out, which has significantly reduced the incidence of many diseases across many regions.

the purpose

To make antibodies against pathogens and boost immune function

Side effects

in Japan1948 of"Vaccination methodSince then, compulsory vaccination and mass vaccination have expanded, but they have not been carried out in a safe manner.To give an example1964 ToIbarakiInsufficient interviews, inoculation of multiple people without changing needles,MASKSInoculation, infusion of inaccurate amount, etc. were performed without[6]..In Japan, the act of inoculating multiple people without changing needles was widespread.Type B,Hepatitis CIs a frequent cause[7],It is believed that( Iatrogenic diseaseSee also).

Substances used

Inactivated vaccine

Lived with sufficiently reduced toxicityウ イ ル スInoculate.ウ イ ル スBreed, but their speed is slow. Boosting is not necessary so much because it propagates after inoculation and continues to exist as an antigen. This vaccine is produced by leaving a less virulent type of virus in tissue culture, inducing gene mutation, or removing a specific gene that exerts virulence. This major vaccine has a risk of recurrent toxicity, but removal of specific genes is relatively less risky.

Subunit vaccine

As an antigen shown to the immune systemウ イ ル スDo not inoculate sex substances.ウ イ ル スSpecific inproteinThere is a method such as separating and inoculating. The weakness of this method is that the separated proteins may be altered, in which case antibodies different from those corresponding to the virus will be produced.

Other subunit vaccines include recombinant vaccines. This is a method of injecting a protein gene of a target virus into another virus. This second virus expresses protein information but is not at risk of disease. This kind of vaccine is nowViral hepatitisIs used forEbola virus,HIVIt is being actively researched to make a vaccine against a virus that is difficult to vaccinate.[8].

Vaccination against humans

The vaccination situation in the world is as follows.

Type of vaccine

Live vaccine
A weakened virulence of a living pathogen. ,tuberculosis,Measles(Measles),Rubella,Mumps,Varieg(Mizubouso),yellow fever Such.Due to the inclusion of live pathogens, inoculated pathogens may cause mild symptoms (side reactions).
After vaccination, give another vaccine at intervals of 4 weeks (medium 27 days) or more.
Inactivated vaccine
Only the components of the pathogen that died and lost its toxicity.Hepatitis B,, pediatric,Pertussis,Polio,Japanese encephalitis,influenza,Hepatitis A,Rabiesetc.vaccineThe effect of is weak, so multiple doses are often required.
After vaccination, give another vaccine at intervals of 1 weeks (medium 6 days) or more.
The toxin produced by the fungus is taken out and detoxified.diphtheria,tetanus(Hashoufu) etc. As with inactivated vaccines, the vaccines are less effective and often require multiple doses. There is also the idea that it is not strictly included in the vaccine because it does not make antibodies that attack the pathogen itself.
After vaccination, give another vaccine at intervals of 1 weeks (medium 6 days) or more.


The practice of vaccination is believed to have its origins in ancient India, around 1000 BC.[9]Ayurvedic textbook Sact'eya Grantham was described about vaccination, according to French scholar Henri Marie Husson in Dictionaire des sciences me`dicales. It has been reported.[10] Around 200 BC, vaccinations were carried out even in ancient China[5].. Scholar Ole Lund writes: "The oldest documented example of vaccination is from 17th-century India and China, where powdered scabs of people with smallpox were used to prevent the disease. In the olden days, smallpox was a universal disease that killed 20% to 30% of infected people, smallpox accounting for 18% to 8% of deaths in several 20th-century European countries. Professor of Pathology, (en: Almroth Wright) Conducted an experiment led by a professional at Netley Hospital and shaped the form of vaccination for posterity. The results of his experiment led to the development of further vaccinations in Europe[11].


In order to avoid the spread of illness, at different times, states and institutions have created laws that mandate vaccination for all. For example, the 1853 law mandated smallpox vaccinations throughout England and Wales, and fined those who did not comply. Currently, the US state-wide vaccination law requires public vaccination before school. Most other countries have similar vaccinations.

Since the earliest vaccinations beginning in the 19th century, the legalization of vaccination has caused backlash from various groups. These groups are collectively known as anti-vaccinationists, who oppose vaccination from an ethical, political, hygienic, religious, and other perspectives. Common opinions are that “compulsory vaccination is excessive interference with individual problems” and “recommended vaccination is not sufficiently safe”.[12].. Modern vaccination laws provide exceptions to people with immunodeficiencies, people who are allergic to the vaccine, and those who strongly oppose it.[13].. In addition,Yogyakarta PrinciplesIn the 18th principle of "Protection against medical abuse" ofHIV infectionUnethical or unintentional vaccines forAntibacterial agentGuaranteeing protection from the administration of "(18th principle, item (d))".

Japanese vaccination

Routine vaccination

Vaccination methodWill be inoculated based on. For the vaccination costs for the target age, public funds are provided by the local government, and regarding A-type diseases,Local governmentMost of them are free of charge (administrative measures vaccinations, and there are also local governments that pay a fee). In case of health damage due to vaccination approved in Japan, there is a relief system under Article 11 of the Vaccination Law.[14].

[] Name of vaccine

Type A disease --For the purpose of preventing the outbreak of the disease and the spread of the disease in the population, the vaccination target or its guardian is obliged to make efforts for vaccination.
diphtheria-Social Services Lizard-tetanus-Polio(Acute poliomyelitis)[Four kinds of mixed vaccine, DPT-IPV],measles(Measles)rubella(Three days measles)MR vaccine],Japanese encephalitis,tuberculosis(BCG),Varieg,Hib, PediatricPneumococcusInfection【Pneumococcal vaccine, PCV13】,Cervical cancerHPV vaccine],Hepatitis B, Rotavirus[15]
Type B disease -Mainly focused on individual prevention. No effort required.
People over the age of 65, or between the ages of 60 and under 65, with severe heart, kidney, or respiratory problems,Acquired immunodeficiency syndromeIf you are suffering frominfluenza.. In the case of people aged 65 or over, under 60 years of age and under 65 years of age, with severe heart, kidney, or respiratory disorders, or those with AIDS and weakened immunity, pneumococcal infection [23-valent pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine, PPSV23】.

Temporary inoculation

Vaccination methodWill be inoculated based on. When the prefectural governor finds that there is an urgent need to prevent the spread, the prefectural governor may instruct the mayor to do so. Municipalities will subsidize the vaccination costs for the target ages, and in principle, the A-type diseases will be free. If health damage occurs due to vaccination, there is a relief system under Article 11 of the Vaccination Law.[14].

Type A disease -The vaccination target person or their guardian is required to make vaccination efforts.
smallpoxIn addition, type A diseases are targeted.
Inoculation was started in 2021.New coronavirus OfvaccineIs carried out in the form of imposing an obligation to make efforts for inoculation[16].
Type B disease -No vaccination effort is imposed.
HXNUMXNXNUMX influenza(As a single vaccineNew influenza measures special measures law2011 years from 23 (5)[17].. A(H2011N12)pdm1 has been included in seasonal influenza vaccine since FY1/09[18]. )

Optional vaccination

Vaccination is voluntary by the vaccinated person (or their parental authority, etc.), which is not stipulated in the Vaccination Law.

All vaccination costs will be borne by the owner. If health damage occurs due to vaccination,Relief system for adverse drug reactionsIs applied.

Mumps(Mumps),Hepatitis A, For adultsPneumococcus,Rabies,Weil's disease Autumn darknessIn addition to the above, other vaccinations other than the age groups subject to regular vaccination are also optional vaccinations.

Precautions for vaccination

According to the Vaccination Regulations, those who have a clear fever, those who have a serious acute illness, and allergies or anaphylaxis due to the components of the vaccination solution for vaccination related to the disease are revealed by the test. Those who have become ineligible are considered unsuitable and cannot be vaccinated. Pregnant persons will not be vaccinated for acute poliomyelitis, measles and rubella.

In addition, those who are known to have basic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, blood diseases and developmental disorders, those who have fever within 2 days after the previous vaccination, or systemic rashes, etc. Of allergic allergies, having a history of convulsions in the past, having been previously diagnosed with immunodeficiency, or being allergic to the components of the inoculum to be vaccinated Some people are obliged to take vaccinations carefully based on the judgment of the doctor.

Vaccination health damage relief system

Occurrence of health damage due to side effects of vaccination is seen, although it is extremely rare. A system for prompt relief when a causal relationship between vaccination and health damage is recognized, regardless of whether or not there is negligence in the vaccination.[19].

  • Vaccination based on the Vaccination Law (=RegularInoculation,ExtraordinaryIf the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare finds that the health damage has been caused by the
    • Benefits are provided by the municipality.
    • Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareIn the certification of, the causal relationship is examined by a disease/disability certification examination committee composed of a third party.
    • If you receive medical treatment at a medical institution, you will be required to pay the medical expenses and your expenses.
    • When disability remains, child disability pension or disability pension is paid.
    • In case of death, funeral fees and lump-sum death allowance of approximately 4,300 million yen (in case of influenza vaccine, lump-sum payment of surviving family of approximately 700 million yen, survivor pension of approximately 240 million yen (up to 10 years)) will be provided.
    • The cost of relief payment is 1/2 for the country, 1/4 for the prefecture, and 1/4 for the municipality.

Incidentally,anyAs for other health hazards due to vaccination, the drug side effect damage relief system is applied. It is based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, an incorporated administrative agency, rather than the Vaccinations Act.

  • Established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and decided after discussions at the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council, which is composed of external experts.
    • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) Is provided.
    • If you receive medical treatment in hospital, you will be provided with medical expenses and medical allowance. Payment will be provided in case of disability and death.
    • Benefits are set for each type, and there is also a deadline for billing.
    • Contribution from the licensed drug manufacturing and marketing companies, etc. shall be paid for the relief payment. Half of PMDA's administrative expenses are subsidies from the national government.

Vaccinations and laws (valley problems)

There is a legal structure to remedy victims whose lives and bodies have been seriously damaged by vaccination.ConstitutionIt is a problem above.17 articleTheory,29 articleParagraph 3 Interpretation theory, Article 29 Paragraph 3 Of course, interpretation theory,25 articleTheory,13 articleTheories are claimed.

Recommended vaccination sequence

National Institute of Infectious DiseasesKnow VPD,NPOVaccination schedules have been announced by the Society for the Protection of Children, the Japan Association for Primary Care, and the Japan Society for Pediatrics.

Also, at the NPO Corporation Children's Association,iPhone-AndroidSmartphoneThe vaccination scheduler app for Android is provided free of charge.

Simultaneous inoculation

``Simultaneous vaccination'' in which two or more types of vaccinations are given to one and the same person at the same time in one visit is once recognized as ``not good'' in Japan, and MHLW is "What doctors can do if they find it necessary"[20][21]However, in 2011, the Japanese Academy of Pediatrics proposed that "simultaneous vaccination is considered a necessary medical practice to protect Japanese children from diseases that can be prevented by vaccines".[21], In recent years, the number of doctors giving simultaneous vaccination has increased[22].

There is no limit to the number of combinations and

  1. Regular vaccination and voluntary vaccination
  2. Inactivated and live vaccines
  3. Live vaccines and live vaccines
  4. Injection and drink type vaccine

Can be safely inoculated simultaneously with all combinations of[23].. Some local governments and doctors have different vaccination methodsBCGOnly in the case of single vaccination without simultaneous vaccination with other vaccines[24][25].

Since a mixed vaccine contains several types of vaccine in one injection solution from the beginning, it can be said that it is a simultaneous vaccination in a broad sense.[23].

Italy vaccination

In Italy2017 Than,Compulsory educationBefore receiving (up to 6 years old)Polio,diphtheria,tetanus,Hepatitis B,influenza,,,measles,rubella,Mumps,XNUMX days,chicken poxVaccinations have become mandatory[26].

Vaccination of animals

AnimalからPeopleTo be contagiousInfectious disease of animal origin(Zoonosis:Zoonosis(Also included in) and transmitted from humans to animalsZoonosisThere is vaccination for the purpose of preventing. Useful for wildlife conservation and industry家畜,Pet OfEpidemicThere are also vaccinations to prevent the spread of the disease.

Ministry of AgricultureVeterinary drug laboratory・Veterinary drug database[27]If you search for “vaccine” in, 2014 cases were registered as of December 12. But,Domestic animal infectious disease prevention methodIs a "law that stipulates the prevention of outbreaks of infectious diseases (infectious diseases) in livestock and the prevention of spread of livestock."And killDisposaldisinfectionHowever, there is no regulation regarding vaccination. "The prefectural governor, when necessary to prevent the spread of livestock infectious diseases, can have livestock quarantine officers inspect, inject, bathe or administer livestock by the methods specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ( Based on the Livestock Infectious Diseases Prevention Law Article 31)", the measures such as vaccination are different for each prefecture.[28].

on the other hand,Rabies Prevention LawSince it is regulated byDogThe owner of the dogRabies vaccineMust be vaccinated once a year (Article 1 of the Rabies Prevention Law).


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Related literature

  • Mikio Watanabe, "A Historical Consideration on Japan's Vaccination System," National Hygiene, Vol. 73, No. 6, Japan Society for National Hygiene, June 2010, pp. 6-243, two:10.3861 / jshhe.73.243.

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外部 リンク

Otsu City

Otsu City(Otsushi) isShigaLocated at the southwest end ofCity.. ShigaPrefectural office locationCore cityIs specified in.


Emperor Tenchi Omi OtsunomiyaToTransfer of capitalHas a history of more than 1350 years sinceAncient capitalIs[1].. Because there were few natural disasters during the war,world Cultural Heritage OfEnryakuji Temple,Enjoji Temple(Miidera),Hiyoshi Taisha,Ishiyama TempleMany such as Koshaji TempleCultural property,Historic site,Scenic spotExtant. The number of nationally designated cultural properties owned by municipality isKyoto City,Nara3rd most in Japan after[1].. 1st with the largest scale and history in the prefectureRegional brandsCertified byOgoto OnsenAnd one of the three famous bridges in JapanKarabashi of Seta,KarutaKnown as the sacred place ofOmi Shrine,Matsuo BashoGrave (Ginji Temple),Mitsuhide AkechiClan grave (Saikyoji Temple), suburban highland resortLake Biwa ValleyIs also located. Also, in summerウ ォ ー タ ー ス ポ ー ツ,trekking, WinterSkiOutdoors are popular.

Many since ancient timesWaka,俳 句Was written byOmi HakkeiIt is well known to the world as a scenic place such as depicted in. Especially in the lakeside area,Mt. HieiBiwa lakeSurrounded by a landscape with a fusion of nature and the city, cultural facilities were developed.Otsuko Shore Nagisa ParkBut,100 cityscapesandKansai 100 landscapes that are close to natureHas been selected for. Also,La Folle JourneyThe founder, René Martin, said, "As a waterside landscapeVienna,PragueHave a common beauty."[2].

The city area is the main port of Lake BiwaOtsu PortHoldingTokaido OfPostMetOtsuCentered onZensho ClanWas the castle town ofSetFlourished as a port town and port of Mount Hiei坂 本Was a hub for transportation on the lakeKatata, There was Omi National Government OfficeSetaAnd so on.ShigaAlthough it is the prefectural capital of the city and has the largest population,Government-designated cityAdjacent to Kyoto City,Otsu StationからKyoto StationIt is about 10 minutes by JR to the city, soSatellite city-Bed townHas also developed.

In addition,TorayIt is the founding place and is still a major R&D and production base[3].

2010 Censusaccording to,Concentrated area (DID) The population densityIs about 7,000 people/km²[4].. In the cityCombined trackWith the line (tram)Dedicated trackincludingKeihan Electric RailwayOtsu Line (Ishizaka Line,Kyozu Line) Is operating.



The city area of ​​Otsu City isBiwa lakeIt extends from northwest to south from the southwest coast, and has been a key point for water transportation of Lake Biwa since ancient times. To the westKyoto CityOn the border withMt. HieiRuns north-south and has a close relationship with the city facing each other across the mountain.

In addition, in the case where the prefectural offices are adjacent to each other in Japan,Sendai cityYamagata,Fukuoka CitySaga CityThere are a total of 3 cases, but among them, it is extremely close, and the distance from the center of both cities is only about 10 km (the distance between Sendai and Yamagata is about 62 km, Fukuoka and Saga The city is about 53km).JR West Japan OfLimited expressThen,Otsu StationからKyoto StationTo about 10 minutes,Osaka StationIt takes about 40 minutes to arrive.

City name

(*The numbers represent the number of dings in the town)

City name
  • Kitakomatsu
  • Minami Komatsu
  • Kitahira
  • Minamihira
  • Big game
  • Arakawa
  • Kido
  • Hachiyado
  • South Funaji (Minami Funaji)
  • Wani Kitahama
  • Kurihara
  • Wanabe Nakahama
  • Takashi Wani
  • Wazunaka
  • Waminamihama
  • Kazumasa Wazui 1-3
  • Wani Imajuku
  • Ono
  • Suimei 1-2
  • Asahi 1-2
  • Kosei 1-2
  • Kuzukawa Sakashita Town
  • Kuzugawa Kidoguchi Town
  • Kuzukawa Nakamura Town
  • Kuzukawabomura Town
  • Kuzukawa Town Imachi Town
  • Kuzukawa Umenoki Town (Kiwawame no Kicho)
  • Kuzukawa Nukii Town
  • Kuzukawa Hosokawa Town
  • Yamayuri no Oka
  • Ika Tate Ikutsu Town
  • Ikadate Mukaicho
  • Ikadate Uechicho (Ikadachi Kamizaijicho)
  • Ikadate Kitachiji Town
  • Ikadate Shimochi-cho (Ikadashi Mozaijicho)
  • Ikadachi Minamishocho
  • Ika Tatekami Ryukacho
  • Ika Tate Shimoryuka Town
  • Ika Tatemachi (Ikadachi and Chuchu)
  • Mano 1-6
  • Mano Fumon Town (Manofumoncho)
  • Mano Fumon 1-3
  • Mano Sagawa Town
  • Mano Ohno 1-2
  • Manoyada Town
  • Mano Taniguchi Town
  • Koyo Town
  • Misora ​​Town
  • Hanazono Town
  • Seifu Town
  • Yomeicho
  • Midoricho
  • Seiwa Town
  • Kinugawa 1-3
  • Katata 1-2
  • Hon Katata 1-6
  • Katata Imakata 1-3
  • Ogimachi
  • Ogi 1-7
  • Ogi no Sato (Oginosato) 1-7
  • Otogi no Sato Higashi 1-8
  • Ogoto
  • Ogokita 1-2
  • Chino 1-3
  • Naeka 1-3
  • Hiyoshidai 1-4
  • Anaka Sakamoto
  • Sakamoto Honmachi
  • Sakamoto 1-8
  • Kioka Town (This Okachi)
  • Shimosakamoto 1-6
  • Hiei Tsuji 1-2
  • Anata 1-3
  • Karasaki 1-4
  • View 1-2
  • Sakigawa 1-4
  • Akane Town (Akanecho)
  • Hasuike Town
  • Sengokudai
  • Sakurano Town (Sakura no Hyo) 1-2
  • Nishikori Town
  • Nishikori 1-3
  • Nihonmatsu
  • Yanagaki
  • Jingu Town
  • Minami Shiga 1-4
  • Takasago Town
  • Recruitment 1-2
  • Yanagawa 1-2
  • Kagami gahama
  • Minami Shiga Town
  • Shiga-sato Town
  • Kou Shiga-ri Town
  • Shiga-ri Town Otsu
  • Shiga-ri 1-4
  • Matsuyama Town (Matsuyamacho)
  • Yamanaka Town
  • Hieidaira 1-3
  • Otani Town
  • Oiwake Town
  • Fujio Oku Town
  • Inabadai
  • Chado Town
  • Yokogi 1-2
  • Ojigaoka 1-3
  • Daimon Dori (Daimon street)
  • Enjoji Town
  • Yamagami Town
  • Kannonji Temple
  • Obana River
  • Chagasaki
  • Goryocho
  • Principal (while) 1-3
  • Koseki Town
  • Miidera Town
  • Kaide Kaicho (Kamide Hiramachi)
  • Matsumoto Motomiyacho (Matsumoto Motomiyacho)
  • Umebayashi 1-2
  • Suehiro Town
  • Kasuga Town
  • Miyuki Town
  • Osaka 1-2
  • Tsuji of the bill
  • Otowadai
  • Asahigaoka 1-2
  • Motomiya 1-2
  • Chuo 1-4
  • Kyomachi 1-4
  • Shimanoseki
  • Hamamachi
  • Hamaootsu 1-6
  • Nishinosho
  • Baba 1-3
  • Tsuru no Sato
  • Baba Minamimachi
  • Ishiba
  • Matsumoto (Matsumoto) 1-2
  • Uchidehama
  • Tatsugaoka
  • Ninohama 1- 4
  • Ikenosato
  • Kinoshita Town
  • Showacho
  • Sagami Town
  • Zeze 1-2
  • Marunouchi Town
  • Honmarucho
  • Nakasho 1-2
  • Gotenhama
  • Sugiura Town
  • Beppo 1-3
  • Kojogaoka
  • Zensho Ikenouchi Town
  • Yumihama
  • Akibadai
  • Fujimidai
  • Zensho Hirao Town
  • Zensho Hibarigaoka Town
  • Zensho Kamibetsucho
  • Wakabadai
  • Sonoyama 1-3
  • Misaki Town
  • Matsubara Town
  • Awazu Town
  • Sakaemachi
  • Toriigawa Town
  • Karahashi Town
  • Uncle Kitaoji 1-3
  • Tanabe Town
  • Hikarigaoka Town (Hikarigaokacho)
  • Seiran 1-2
  • Kaburaya
  • Kokubu 1-2
  • Ishiyama Terabecho
  • Ishiyama Temple 1-5
  • Ishiyamahiratsucho (Ishiyamahiratsucho)
  • Hirats 1-2
  • Ohira 1-2
  • Akao Town
  • Chiyama Ishiyama
  • Sencho 1-4
  • Ishiyama Nango Town (Ishiyama Nango House)
  • Nango Kamiyama Town (Nango Kamiyayamacho)
  • Nango 1-6
  • Ishiyama Uchihata Town
  • Ishiyama Sotohata Town
  • Oishi Sozuka Town
  • Soutsu Oishi 1-5
  • Oishi Odawara Town
  • Oishi Odawara 1-2
  • Oishi Ryumon Town (Oishi Ryumoncho)
  • Oishi Ryumon 1-6
  • Oishiyodo Town
  • Yodo Oishi 1-3
  • Oishi Nakamachi
  • Oishi Naka (Large) 1-7
  • Oishi Higashi Town (Oishi Higashicho)
  • Oishi Higashi 1-7
  • Oishi Bucheon Town (Oishi and Mikacho)
  • Oishi Tomikawa (Oishi and Mikawa) 1-4
  • Haguri Town, Tagami
  • Haguri 1-3
  • Tamimori Town (Tanaka Moricho)
  • Forest 1-3
  • Branch 1-4
  • Tagami-sato Town
  • Sato 1-7
  • Ishigami Town (Tanakami Ishizucho)
  • Ishii 1-3
  • Inazu Town, Tagami
  • Inazu 1-5
  • Kurozu 1-5
  • Prince 1-2
  • Tagami-ekizu Town
  • Sekitsu 1-6
  • Uedakami Otorii Town (Kamitanami Odori Ginkgo)
  • Ueda-Kamimaki Town
  • Maki 1-3
  • Ueda Kamihirano Town (Kamitanaka Hiranocho)
  • Plains (Hiran) 1-3
  • Ueda Kaminakano Town
  • Nakano 1-3
  • Ueda Kamishibahara Town (Kamitanami Shibaharacho)
  • Shibahara 1-2
  • Ueda Kamidou Town
  • Hall 1-2
  • Ueda Kamishinencho (Kamitanami Shinmecho)
  • Shinmen 1-2
  • Otorii (Odori)
  • Aoyama 1-8
  • Matsugaoka 1-7
  • Ueda Kamiri Kiryu Town (Kamitanami Kiryucho)
  • Kiryu 1-3
  • Seta Oe Town
  • Oe 1-8
  • Setahashi Honcho
  • Seta 1-6
  • Seta Shinryocho
  • Jinryo 1-5
  • Nogohara 1-2
  • Sandaiji
  • Tamanoura
  • Shoyo 1-4
  • Seta Minami Ogaya Town
  • Seta Tsukiwa Town
  • Ichiriyama 1-7
  • Moon ring 1-5
  • Kuribayashi Town
  • Ogaya 1-7
  • Kayanoura
  • Taishogun 1-3

Adjacent municipalities/administrative districts

Shiga prefecture flagShiga
Kyoto Prefecture FlagKyoto



Most of the city limitsOmi BasinBecause it is located inInland climateIs.旧OldKatata TownThe area isHeavy snowfallIs specified in[5].

Japanese Meteorological AgencyOf Shiga Prefecture announced byEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu TheNorthSouthernIt is divided into two primary subdivision areas, but the city limits straddle this primary subdivision area. In the north are Ikadate branch, Ono branch, Kuzugawa branch, Kido branch, Komatsu branch and Wazu branch branch, and in the south are areas other than those on the left. Now, as an example of municipalities that straddle the primary subdivision area,Great Heisei mergerDue toSendai city,Gojo CityHowever, Otsu City is a rare example nationwide in that it was in such a state before the Great Heisei merger.[6].

Otsu City(Southern Otsu City / Kayanoura, Otsu City, altitude 86m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F16.5
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F7.9
Average daily temperature ° C (° F4.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−5.4
Precipitation amount mm (inch)56.8
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0mm)7.27.910.610.410.312.4129.
Average monthlyDaylight hours120.4125.4160.9183192.8142.1159.3202.9150.2157.1141.1133.11,870.2
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme temperature: 1977-present)[7][8]

Climate of Minamikomatsu (northern part of Otsu City/Minamikomatsu, Otsu City, altitude 90m)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F7.1
Average daily temperature ° C (° F3.6
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.3
Precipitation amount mm (inch)120.3
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)15.715.815.411.511.212.813.49.011.510.211.013.3150.8
Average monthlyDaylight hours88.790.8135.3172.8177.4138.9147.8186.6141.6138.9113.8100.11,632.7
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency

Wide skirt

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan According to Otsu, the north, south, east, and west ends of the city are located as follows.

 Northern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 17 Minutes 05 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 52 min 58 sec /35.28472 degrees north latitude 135.88278 degrees east longitude / 35.28472; 135.88278 (Northernmost part of Otsu City)
West end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 02 Minutes 43 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 48 min 53 sec /35.04528 degrees north latitude 135.81472 degrees east longitude / 35.04528; 135.81472 (West end of Otsu City)
municipal office
North Latitude 35 Degrees 01 Minutes 04 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 51 min 17 sec /35.01778 degrees north latitude 135.85472 degrees east longitude / 35.01778; 135.85472 (Otsu City Hall)
Eastern end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 57 Minutes 37 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 02 min 36 sec /34.96028 degrees north latitude 136.04333 degrees east longitude / 34.96028; 136.04333 (Otsu City's easternmost point)
Southern tip
North Latitude 34 Degrees 52 Minutes 17 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 53 min 31 sec /34.87139 degrees north latitude 135.89194 degrees east longitude / 34.87139; 135.89194 (Otsu City's southernmost tip)


From ancient times to the Muromachi period

From the Warring States Period to the Edo Period

From the Meiji era to World War II

After the end of the war

Changes in administrative areas

ShigaOzu Town (Ozu Motokaishocho · Otsu Mikuracho · Otsu Minatomachi · Otsubashi Honmachi · Otsu Sakamoto Town · Otsu Shinmachi · Otsu Shiratama Town · Otsu Nabeyacho · Otsu Nanbocho · Otsu Katata Town · Otsu Katata Town · Otsu Kamiheizocho · Otsu Hirazocho · Jinshichi Otsu · Otsu Hizencho · Otsu Nakahorimachi · Otsu Maruyacho · Otsu Yanagicho · Otsu Omacho · Otsu Tamayacho · Otsu Ryoshicho · Otsu Iseyacho · Otsu Timber Town · Otsu Kyukencho · Otsu Takamimachi · Otsuwa Izumicho · Ryotokumachi Otsu · Otsu Kamikyomachi · Ozu Chukyo Town · Otsugami Kokarasaki Town · Otsushita Kokarasaki Town · Otsu Izutsucho · Otsu Hachimancho · Otsu Daikumachi · Otsu Zaikecho · Otsu Ebisu Town · Otsu Yoshiharacho · Otsu Blacksmith Town · Otsu Sakaigawa Town · Otsu Sasayacho · Otsu Kamisakaemachi · Otsu Sakaecho · Otsu Bakuromachi · Otsu Bakuromachi · Otsu Matsuya Town · Otsu Kuzuhara Town · Otsu Fuseya Town · Otsu Kanazukacho · Otsu Teramachi · Otsu Hyakkokumachi · Otsu Hyakkokumachi · Otsu Shinomiya Town · Otsu Kitacho · Otsu Nishimachi · Otsu Minamicho · Otsu Teramachi · Otsu Shimizu Town · Otsu Kaminoseki Teramachi · Otsu Kataharamachi · Otsu Kamikataharacho · Otsu Otanicho · Otsu Satocho · Otsu Oiwakecho · Otsu Sendomachi · Otsu Kagiyamachi · Otsu Hishiya Town · Otsu Ishikawa Town · Otsu Nanakencho · Otsu Ishibashi Town · Otsu Kamibaba Town · Otsu Dobashi Town · Otsu Shimobaba Town · Otsu Ogawa Town · Otsu Hokkoku Town · Ozu Hokkoku Town · Otsu Masuya Town · Otsu Kurahashi Town · Otsu Nishiyama Town · Otsu Kawaguchi Town · Ozu Nakahocho · Otsu Agemachi · Otsu Higashi Oroshi Town · Otsu Nishi Ima Oroshi Town · Otsu Imaboricho · Otsu Shimokitakunicho · Otsu Kasekicho · Otsu Kamiokadocho · Otsu Shimookadocho · Otsu Kitahocho · Otsu Kannonji Town · Otsu Obana River Town) · Baba Town · Matsumoto Village Higashiura Village Fujio Village Bessho Village With the area of ​​Kamide Village Otsu TownWas launched.

  • October 1898st, 31 (Meiji 10)-Otsu Town, Shiga County, has taken the city system.Otsu CityBecomes
  • May 1932, 7-Shiga-gunShiga VillageIncorporated.
  • April 1933, 8-Otsu City is Shiga-gunZensho Town-Ishiyama TownMerged withOtsu CityWas launched.
  • September 1951, 26 (Showa 4)-

ShigaSakamoto · Otokomura · Shimosaka Honmura · Kurita-gunOishi Village · Shimoda UemuraIncorporated.


2010 CensusAccording to the survey, the population increase / decrease from the previous survey was 4.30, an increase of 337,629%, which is the fourth among the 19 municipalities in the prefecture, and among the prefectural capitals.Tokyo Ward,Fukuoka CityIt was the third highest after.

Population distribution of Otsu, Shiga, Japan.svg
Otsu City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Otsu City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Otsu City (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

2020 According to the preliminary figures of the census, the number of people increased by 340,973% from 345,202 in the previous survey to 1.24.[11].



 First generationLet's do NimuraNishimura BunshiroMay 1899, 32May 1901, 34Skidding from the Mayor of Otsu
02 feeGood elephantSakai IwazoMay 1901, 34May 1901, 34
03 feeMurata TojiroTorajiro MurataMay 1902, 35May 1908, 41
04 feeNijikawa JiroTaijiro NishikawaMay 1908, 41May 1910, 43
05 feeTamura ZenshichiZenchi TamuraMay 1911, 44August 1912, 8
06 feeLet's play with OgaseSeijiro OgawaMay 1913, 2 (Taisho 1)May 1914, 3 (Taisho 11)
07 feeFujisawa and SaburoYasaburo FujisawaMay 1915, 4 (Taisho 11)May 1916, 5 (Taisho 12)
08 feeIt will be hotKeitaro HattoriMay 1917, 6 (Taisho 7)May 1918, 7 (Taisho 4)
09 feeYuujiro nowYujiro ImayaMay 1918, 7 (Taisho 9)May 1922, 11 (Taisho 9)
10 feeIt seemsNakai sochiMay 1922, 11 (Taisho 10)May 1926, 15 (Taisho 10)
11 feeI'll take itEkutaro OkunoMay 1926, 15 (Taisho 11)1929 (Showa 4)/11/4
12 feeNisidayo SaburoYosaburo Nishida1930 (Showa 5)/11/221933 (Showa 8)/3/31
13 feeYoshiro HottaYoshita Horita1933 (Showa 8)/6/211942 (Showa 17)/11/19
14 feeQuick elephantSeizo Hayakawa1942 (Showa 17)/11/191946 (Showa 21)/11/18
15 feeMori KenichiKenichi Mori1946 (Showa 21)/12/141947 (Showa 22)/4/7
16 feeShoichi Morita1947 (Showa 22)/4/71949 (Showa 24)/8/12Resigned due to health reasons
17 feeIkechiSeikichi Saji1949 (Showa 24)/9/91952 (Showa 27)/9/4Resigned to run for the House of Representatives
18 feeUehara ShigejiUehara Shigeru1952 (Showa 27)/10/141964 (Showa 39)/10/4
19 feeZenichi ZendaZenichi Nishida1964 (Showa 39)/10/61972 (Showa 47)/10/4
20 feeYamada KosaburoKozaburo Yamada1972 (Showa 47)/10/61980 (Showa 55)/4/15Resigned due to horses elected by the Upper House
21 feeLet's say goodbye to YamadaToyosaburo Yamada1980 (Showa 55)/6/152003 (Heisei 16)/12/26Resigned due to health reasons
22 feeMakoto MekataOne eye2004 (Heisei 16)/1/252012 (Heisei 24)/1/24
23 feeKoshi NaomiNaomi Koshi2012 (Heisei 24)/1/25January 2020, 2 (1nd year of Reiwa)
24 feeKenji SatoKenji SatoJanuary 2020, 2 (1nd year of Reiwa)

Regarding the administrative mechanism,Otsu City HallSee.


Otsu City Council

  • Constant number: 38 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023[13]
  • Chair: Noriko Hatta (Shinwakai)
  • Vice Chairman: Masatsugu Komitsu (Shinwakai)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
Shinwakai11◎ Takaaki Ban, Masato Kirita, Noriko Hatta, Ritsuko Inai, Yosuke Kasaya, Hiroshi Kawamura, Kenji Kanda, Yoshinori Torii,
Kazunori Nishimura, Masatsugu Komitsu, Toshiyuki Hosokawa
Lake Seikai8◎ Teruo Takeuchi, Shinzo Tsuda, Masanori Kawaguchi, Holy Land Kusano, Masahiro Kondo, Motoji Takeuchi, Hideyuki Terada, Hiroko Nakano
Japan Communist PartyOtsu City Council6◎ Tomoko Sugiura, Keiko Kashiwagi, Yoshio Kojima, Hidehiko Tachimichi, Noriko Kishimoto, Mari Hayashi
Otsu City CouncilKomeitoLegislature5◎ Osamu Hamaoku, Kenji Takahashi, Katsuhiko Kaida, Kazuko Nakata, Hiroshi Sato
Citizen net 215◎ Isao Okumura, Riki Funamoto, Hajime Kusagawa, Shuhei Kada, Tomohisa Tanaka
Cooperative society1Akemi Demachi
Seiseikai1Yuji Tani
Ritsushikai1Sanshiro Aoyama

(As of June 2020, 5[14]

Shiga Prefectural Assembly

2019 Shiga Prefectural Assembly election
  • Election district: Otsu city constituency
  • Number of people: 10 people
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 278,112
  • Voting rate: 42.38%
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedRemarks
Kenji SatoThis46LDPNow13,811 vote
Shingo EyeThis53LDPNow13,211 vote2015 prefectural election is independent
Kawai AkinariThis45Team12,517 vote
Hitomi ShimizuThis59Komeito9,632 votePrevious city council
Masataka NaritaThis44TeamNow9,570 vote
Yoshie SaguchiThis45Constitutional Democratic Party9,412 vote
Setsuki MichiyoThis60Japan Communist PartyNow8,752 vote
Nakamura SaijiroThis59KomeitoNow8,722 vote
Akino KiseThis36Japan Communist Party7,935 vote
Hitoshi KuwanoThis60LDPNow7,555 vote
Shinichi Yamamotodrop64LDPNow7,528 vote
Takanori Sanodrop70LDPNow7,429 vote
2018 Shiga Prefectural Assembly By-Election
  • Election district: Otsu city constituency
  • Number of people: 1 people
  • Voting Date: July 2018, 6
  • Number of voters on the day: 277,377
  • Voting rate: 40.00%
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedRemarks
Hitoshi KuwanoThis59LDP45,711 votePrevious city council
Kawai Akinaridrop44Meeting to think about the future of Shiga39,325 votePrevious city council
Akino Kisedrop35Japan Communist Party22,777 vote
2015 Shiga Prefectural Assembly election
  • Election district: Otsu city constituency
  • Number of people: 10 people
  • Voting Date: July 2015, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 269,294
  • Voting rate: 44.82%
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedRemarks
Kenji SatoThis42LDPNow15,827 vote2011 prefectural election is independent
Keiko TsudaThis53IndependentNow12,276 voteResigned on November 2015, 11[15]
Setsuki MichiyoThis57Japan Communist Partyyuan10,744 vote
Takanori SanoThis66LDPNow10,492 vote
Masataka NaritaThis40Democratic PartyNow9,732 vote
Nakamura SaijiroThis55Komeito9,096 vote
Chiemi ShibataThis58Democratic PartyNow8,988 vote
Kiyomi KokawaThis61KomeitoNow8,611 vote
Shingo EyeThis49IndependentNow8,597 vote
Shinichi YamamotoThis60LDPNow7,709 vote
Akino Kisedrop32Japan Communist Party7,480 vote
Kyoko Sawadadrop66IndependentNow6,839 vote
Kozaburo Miyaodrop46Independent2,611 vote

House of Representatives

  • Election district:Shiga 1 ward(Otsu City,Takashima
  • Term: March 2017, 10-March 22, 2021
  • Number of voters on the day: 323,630
  • Final voting rate: 55.95%
CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisToshitaka Ooka45LDP84,994 vote
Yukiko Kada67Independent79,724 vote
Yoshiko Kosaka77Social Democrats13,483 vote



As a traditional industry,Otsu picture-Otsu Abacus・ Matsumoto roof tiles (roof tiles, simplified roof tiles) ・Seto ware-Konan wareIn addition to the above, there are the following notable items.

Major companies


Main commercial facilities

Financial institution

Financial institution with head office
Major financial institutions with sales bases

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


  • Katata Port
  • Seta fishing port

sister city


Outside Japan

Government office

National agency

裁判 所

National Police Agency

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  • Kinki Regional Development BureauShiga National Highway Office
    • Katada maintenance branch office
  • Kinki Regional Development Bureau Lake Biwa River Office
    • Setagawa branch office

Ministry of Defense

Prefecture agency


City agency



Kindergarten · Nursery school

  • Kindergarten attached to the Faculty of Education, Shiga University (National Showa Town)
  • Shiga Kita Kindergarten (Arakawa)
  • Shiganan Kindergarten (Wazumi Imajuku)
  • Ikadate Kindergarten (Ikadate Shimochimachi)
  • Mano Kindergarten (Mano)
  • Manokita Kindergarten (Midori-cho)
  • Katata Kindergarten (Hon Katata)
  • Ogi Kindergarten (Ogi)
  • Ogi no Sato Kindergarten (Ozaki no Sato)
  • Ogi no Sato Higashi Kindergarten (Onogi no Sato)
  • Okoto Kindergarten (Yukoto)
  • Hiyoshidai Kindergarten (Hiyoshidai)
  • Sakamoto Kindergarten (Sakamoto)
  • Shimosakamoto Kindergarten (Shimosakamoto)
  • Karasaki Kindergarten (Kakigawa)
  • Shiga Kindergarten (Recruitment)
  • Hieiping Kindergarten (Hieiping)
  • Elementary Kindergarten (Mii-dera)
  • Osaka Kindergarten (Otowadai)
  • Otsu Kindergarten (Shimanoseki)
  • Hirano Kindergarten (Baba)
  • Zensho Kindergarten (Nakajo)
  • Fujimi Kindergarten (Fujimidai)
  • Seiran Kindergarten (Toriigawa Town)
  • Ishiyama Kindergarten (Ishiyama Temple)
  • Nango Kindergarten (Nango)
  • Oishi kindergarten (in Oishi)
  • Tagami Kindergarten (Kwanzu)
  • Ueda Kindergarten (plain)
  • Aoyama Kindergarten (Aoyama)
  • Seta Minami Kindergarten (Sandaiji)
  • Seta Kindergarten (Oe)
  • Seta Higashi Kindergarten (Ichiriyama)
  • Seta Kita Kindergarten (General Shogun)
  • Hieizan Kindergarten (private Sakamoto)
  • Aiko Kindergarten (Private Suehiro Town)
  • Kindergarten attached to Shiga Junior College (private Ryugaoka)
  • Our Lady Kindergarten (private/Baba)
  • Seiai Kindergarten (Private Nakasho)
  • Seiwa Kindergarten (private Sakaemachi)
  • Hira Nursery School (Minamihira)
  • Wazu nursery school (in Wazu)
  • Ikadate Nursery School (Ikadate Shimoryuka Town)
  • Katata Nursery School (Hon Katata)
  • Tenjinyama nursery school (Honkatada)
  • Karasaki Nursery School (Kakigawa)
  • Hieidaira Nursery (Hieihei)
  • Ojigaoka Nursery School (Ojigaoka)
  • Osaka Nursery School (Otowadai)
  • Asahigaoka Nursery School (Asahigaoka)
  • Zensho Nursery School (Showa Town)
  • Seiran Nursery School (Hikarigaoka)
  • Ohira nursery school (Ohira)
  • Seta Minami Nursery (Sandaiji)

primary school

Junior high school

high school

University/Junior college

Other educational institutions




Private railway

Steel rope railway


Transit Bus


Highway national road

General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

toll road

Road Station


Otsu PortIs managed by Shiga Prefecture and other ports are managed by Otsu City[16] are doing.

  • Otsu Port
  • Zensho Port
  • Ogoto Port (Ogoto Onsen Port)
  • Katata Port
  • Minami Komatsu Port (Omi Maiko Port)

Mass media

Newspaper company

TV station

Radio stations

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

nature Park

Cultural facility



Ruins, castle ruins, scenic spots, etc.



  • Ogoto hot spring -A hot spring whose origin is Saisho.SerpentThe legend remains.1929 (Showa 4) Long-established establishmentYumotokanIt consists of about 10 other inns and hotels.
  • Biwako Onsen -OnceBiwako Paradise(Autumn leaves paradise)Hotel autumn colors"Ryotei Momiji", which was renewed, was open, but closed at the end of January 2013. The site is an apartment.
  • Ishiyama Nango Hot Spring-3 temples in front of Ishiyama Temple, 2 inn in Nango district.
  • Hira Shofu Onsen - 2007 Hot springs drilled in. The accommodation has a holiday afternoon.

Omi Hakkei

Ukiyo-e,Kakugo RakugoKnown as the subject ofEight viewsIs. Seven of the eight scenic spots are located in the city.

  • Ishiyama Shugetsu-Ishiyama Temple
  • Seta Yuhsho-Seta Karabashi
  • Awazu Haru Arashi-
  • Yabashi Kiho- Yahashi, CurrentYabashi KihojimaKusatsu CityLocated in.
  • Mitsui Bansho-Enjoji Temple (Miidera Temple)
  • Karasaki night rain-Karasaki Shrine
  • Katata no Rakugan-Mangetsu Temple Ukimido
  • Hira no Yusetsu-Hira Mountains

Festivals and events

  • Sanno Festival (Central Shinto: April 4-12, every year)
  • Funasai Festival (Going on board: August 8th every year)
  • Otsu Festival (Main Festival: Every OctoberSports DayDay before)-Designated by Shiga Prefecture, one of the Three Great Lakes FestivalsIntangible folk cultural property
  • Biwa Lake difference (Every 3st or 1nd Saturday of March)
  • Lake Biwa Otsu Summer Festival (Every 8st Friday of August)
  • Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival(August 8th every year)
  • La Folle Journey au JaponLake Biwa (every 2-3 days in the first half of Golden Week every year)
  • Shiga Umaimon Selection General Election (Succeeding event for Shiga B-class gourmet battle, 2015 was held on the first Saturday and Sunday of August in two days)
  • Beef summit (two days in late August each year)
  • Otsu Jazz Festival (every two days in mid October)


Major sports clubs/sports teams


Native celebrity

Historical figure

Politicians, scholars, writers, etc.

Artists, etc.

Talent artist


Honorary citizen

Related person

Works set in Otsu City


Manga anime




traditional culture

  • Incense Tamashika -Kabuki performance
  • Kumabenkei -Kamigami Rakugo performance, set in Otsu's post town.
  • -Kamigami Rakugo performance, set in Otsu's post town.
  • Omi Hakkei-Performance of Kamigami Rakugo
  • Yahashi ship -Kamigami Rakugo performance


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  • "Chart Japanese Municipal Akira" Shogakukan, 2007.ISBN 978-4-09-526311-3. 
  • "Shinshu Otsu City History" 1-10 Otsu City 1986

Related literature

  • Yoshihiro Kimura, "Historical Transition of Otsu, a Key Point of Transportation," "Traffic History Research," Vol. 33, Traffic History Society, 1994, pp. 1-9, two:10.20712 / kotsushi.33.0_1.

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