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😷 | Okinawa's land price slows down, plus 1.2% The slowdown rate is the highest in Japan Corona shock is clear

Photo Near the Nihon Seimei Naha Building in Kumoji 20-chome, Naha City, which has become the highest price in a commercial area for 3 consecutive years.

Land prices in Okinawa slowed down, plus 1.2%. The slowdown rate was the highest in Japan. The corona shock was clear.

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The highest priced area for all uses is Kumoji 20-chome, Naha City, where the Nihon Seimei Naha Building is located for 3 consecutive years.

On the 23rd, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced the official land prices nationwide as of January 2021, 1.All uses in Okinawa (residential area, commercial ... → Continue reading

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