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😷 | [Breaking news] One person infected with new coronavirus in Sasebo City


[Breaking news] One person infected with new coronavirus in Sasebo City

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Sasebo City says that the route of infection is unknown.

Sasebo City announced on the 1th that one new person was infected with the new coronavirus.A new infection was confirmed ... → Continue reading

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Transmission route

Transmission route(Kansen Keiro,British: route of infection) IsinfectionPresent in the individual or environment that caused thePathogen, Is a route to reach an uninfected individual and cause a new infection. Depending on the pathogen, infection may occur via multiple routes of infection.EpidemicOutbreaks such asNosocomial infection Ofpreventionな どInfection controlAbove isPathogenFind outSource of infectionIt is important to find out, but above all, it cannot be completed unless the infection route is cut off.

  • Airborne infection-Microparticles (0.5 μm or less) stay in the air for extended periods of time and continue to contaminate even after the patient leaves[1].
  • Droplet infection-Small moist particles (0.5 μm or larger) remain in the air for a short period of time. Usually infected with the patient.
  • Direct infection-by touching the infected patient directly. Including sexual contact.
  • Indirect infection-by touching contaminated soil.
  • Fecal Mouth Path-Unwashed hands, contaminated plants and water sources.

Main infection routes

Infected belowRouteOf infectious diseases inAn exampleIs mentioned, but the infection route isMultipleIt should be noted that there may be cases and there is no one-to-one relationship.


Splash nuclear infection,Dust infection,Aerosol infectionand so on.English is airborne transmission(Air-mediated propagation), abbreviatedAirborneAlso called.Airborne infections are simply infectiousaerosolFrom the standpoint of being transmitted through[2], There is a position to limit the propagation by droplet nuclei among aerosols[3].

The epidemiological dictionary published by the International Epidemiological Society adopts the former definition, which defines that microbial aerosols are transmitted by entering the respiratory tract.As examples, droplet nuclear infection and dust infection are mentioned.In chemistry, aerosol (also translated as aerosol) is a general term for a state in which solid or liquid fine particles are dispersed and suspended in a gas, such as smoke or fog. Such a state is called a gas. Solid or liquid in the mediumColloidal particlesDispersedSolIt was named aerosol because it was regarded as a kind of aerosol. "[4].

Droplet nuclear infection is infectiousPathogenDroplet nuclei includingdroplet nuclei: Refers to those that diffuse through the evaporated droplet residue)[1]..These pathogens maintain infectivity in vitro for long periods of time.Moisture evaporates in the air 5MicrometerThose that remain infected even with the following light particles (droplet nuclei) remain suspended in the air for a long period of time, 3フ ィ ー ト(91Centimeter) Travel longer distances and infect others via the upper and lower respiratory tract[5]..Particles in the air are less than 5 micrometers[6]..This generally requires a high level of isolation.Therefore, a negative pressure environment is required to avoid pollution.

tuberculosis,Varieg,measles,smallpox,Herpes zoster[7]Etc. are infected by air.These are often in the wardNosocomial infectionTo causeInfection controlIs an important disease.Whether influenza or coronavirus causes airborne infections or is the main transmission route is always controversial.[8].

Splash infection

English is droplet transmission(Small drop infection).This is due to respiratory droplets that occur during coughing, sneezing, conversation, etc., and is a common route of infection.Due to the large droplets, they cannot float in the air for long periods of time and are usually scattered at close range.[9]..Splash particles are 5 micrometers or more[6]..Infection by droplets can occur when it adheres to the surface of sensitive mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, or when it touches the face with a hand that touches the contaminated surface.

Respiratory infectious disease pathogens transmitted by dropletsInfluenza virus,Parainfluenza virus,Adenovirus,Rhinovirus,RS virus,Human metapneumovirus,Pertussis,Pneumococcus,Streptococcus pyogenes,diphtheria,rubella[10],CoronavirusCan be mentioned[11]..Splash diffusion can be reduced by wearing a surgical mask[12].

Direct infection

Contact infectionAlso called.English is direct contact(Direct contact).Infection is caused by direct contact between living organisms carrying pathogens.

It typically refers to skin-to-skin contact, kissing, and sexual intercourse.It also refers to contact with soil and plants containing pathogens.[13].Faeces routeIs mainly regarded as an indirect contact route, but in some cases, it is transmitted by direct contact with feces.[14][15]

Infectious impetigoSuch as skin diseases.In the medical field, such as MRSADrug resistanceIt is the main route of bacterial transmission.

Mucosal infection

Infection occurs when the infected person's blood or body fluid adheres to the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose.Transmission routes can be direct or indirect through vectors.It may be included in the next transdermal infection.

Epidemic keratoconjunctivitisOphthalmic diseases such as.

Transcutaneous infection

Normally, the skin has the ability to prevent the invasion of pathogens, but the pathogens invade the body by being bitten or bitten by mosquitoes, insects, or dogs.Parasites may invade the body directly through the skin.In addition, pathogens invade from areas where the protective function of the skin has been lost due to wounds and burns.Especially theseTranscutaneous infectionMay be called.Needlestick accidents are also included in percutaneous infections.

scabies,Rabies,Ebola,tetanus,Gas gangreneetc.


Blood infection(Cross infection) Tomo.Injection ortransfusion,such asMedicalIn addition to the act, bleeding due to trauma touches the mucous membranes such as the eyes of others, causing infection of pathogens in the blood.Again, the route of infection can be direct or indirect through a vector.

Sexually transmitted

It is a sexual contact infection.There are aspects of mucosal and oral infections.

syphilis,Toxoplasmosis,Hepatitis B,AIDS,Genital chlamydiaetc.

Saliva infection

Especially when pathogens in saliva are transmitted by mouth transfer or deep kiss through saliva.Saliva infectionIt may be said.According to the clinical transmission route classification theory, plaque infection and breath infection are included in oral infection, but saliva infection is not included.Caries fungus,EB virusSaliva infection occurs due to such factors.

Vertical transmission

Both mother-to-child transmission and vertical transmission. It is further classified as follows.

Indirect infection

Indirect contact infection(Indirect contact transmission, vehicle-borne transmission) is a route transmitted by contact with non-living organisms.Examples include food, water, biological products (blood, etc.), mediators (handkerchiefs, bedding, surgical scalpels), etc.For example, improperly manufactured canned foodsClostridium botulinumbyBotulinum toxinIt provides an environment suitable for production.

Oral infection

Especially for infections through food and drink contaminated with pathogensOral infectionMay be called.If the cause of pollution is fecesInfection(Faeces route, See below).In addition, food and drink itself becomes a source of infection and is transmitted orally.BSEThere is.

Vector infection (horizontal transmission)

Other animals (especiallyArthropod) Becomes a vector (vector), and the infection is established by transmission. (1) As part of the life cycle of the pathogen, when the vector grows and propagates in the body and is infected from it (biological transmission), (2) the pathogen simply attached to the body surface of the vector is mechanically It may be transmitted (mechanical transmission, mechanical vector infection).

Faeces route

InfectionAlso called.It may also be regarded as a type of oral infection (water-borne infection, water-borne epidemic).

Infection is established by ingestion of food and drink contaminated with feces.

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli(Such as O157),Staphylococcus,Vibrio parahaemolyticus,Clostridium botulinum,Salmonella,typhoid,Paratyphoid,Bacillary dysentery,cholera,Campylobacter,Listeria,Helicobacter pylori,Amoeba dysentery,Norovirus,Rotavirus,Polio,Hepatitis A,Hepatitis E,Weyl's disease,Keratoconjunctivitisetc.

Identification of infection route

When the pathogen can be identified

Wipe the surfaces of handrails and medical equipment shared by patientscultureHowever, if a pathogen is detected, it is presumed that the object is one of the infection routes. In addition, in the case of bacterial infections,Pulse field gel electrophoresisWhen the closeness of the genotype is examined byHorizontal infectionSince the temporal order of can be estimated, it is not uncommon to find out how the pathogen was first introduced into the population.

When the pathogen cannot be identified

EarlySARSIf the pathogen cannot be identified, as described above, the sick and healthy individuals are first isolated, and detailed information is collected on their behavior patterns, life backgrounds, and contact history with others. Among them, factors that correlate with the presence or absence of infectionEpidemiologyInfected routes are estimated by identifying them.

Example: If multiple people in the same room away from the sick person are affected, it is suspected that a droplet nuclear infection (air infection) occurs.


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Sasebo(Saseboshi) isNagasakiIn the northern regionCity.

In the central city of northern Nagasaki, in NagasakiNagasakiSecond after,KyusyuThen the 9th[1]Has a large population inCore cityas well as the Public health centerHas been designated.

Edo PeriodAfter that, it was a farming and fishing village,Meiji EraTo enter theNavy OfGuardian officeWas established, and since then it has developed into a shipbuilding and military port town.Even now after the war, the Maritime Self-Defense ForceSasebo baseas well as the US Navy Sasebo Base in JapanIs located and is an important base for maritime defense.

In addition,Saikai National ParkIs specified inKujukushimaAnd Japan's largestTheme parkIsHuis Ten BoschIt is also a tourist city represented by. The city area was old when the municipal system came into effectHigashisonogi-gunSasebo[2][3]Part of the former Higashisonogi District, due to the subsequent mergerKitamatsuura-gunPart of the area is included in the city limits.NagasakiSince it is far from, the economic zone is different.


To the northwest of the Kyushu region and north of Nagasaki Prefecture,Kitamatsuura PeninsulaThe area from the base of Noto to the central and southern part of the peninsula is the main city area. The location is about 50km north-northwest of Nagasaki City (the shortest distance by land is about 60km). It faces the sea in the west, southwest, and south of the city, and in the east of the city.SagaBorders with the prefectural border. Also,2006ToGoto IslandsFormer Kitamatsuura-gun at the northern endUku TownDue to the merger with, the range of the city has expanded to remote islands.・

Although it is not as good as Nagasaki City, it features a townscape with many slopes. Since the mountains are approaching to the central city area in the central part of the city,BicycleIs rarely used. Midwestern part of the cityAiura districtAnd southernHaiki districtThere is also a city area.

The sky above SaseboMt. Eboshidake・ As represented by Kujukushima, it is also a crossroads for migratory birds that travel north, south, east and west.[4][5].



Annual average temperature is 17.8 ℃, annual precipitation is 1853.0mm (2019)[7].. The records in the history of observation are as follows.

Temperatures are generally high throughout the year, even in winterTsushima CurrentDue to the influence of, it is rare that the temperature drops below 0 degrees, and there are many cloudy days. Between the Pacific Ocean type and the Sea of ​​Japan typeclimateIt is a type.

rainy seasonThe period is long, it is hot and humid, and there is a lot of rainfall. Due to the torrential rain from the rainy season to summer, flood damage has occurred repeatedly.It has the fewest sunny days in Kyushu throughout the year, with one-third of the year raining more than 1 mm and half rainy or cloudy.[Source required].. However, due to the topography, the water supply situation is difficult for the amount of precipitation.1994 Of6 droughtIn, water supply was restricted for about 7 months over the next year and in almost the entire city area at that time.

typhoonIt is an area where typhoons are often damaged due to the location of geographical conditions that often serve as paths.HeiseiIn a period1991(3) of JulyTyphoon 19And September 2006 (Heisei 18)Typhoon 13Then, a typhoon is landing.

Climate of Sasebo Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Hizukushimachi, Sasebo City, altitude 4m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)20.3
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)10.5
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)7.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)3.6
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−4.9
Precipitation amount mm (inch)63.4
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)10.29.411.210.49.713.712.911.410.
Average monthlyDaylight hours111.5128.2167.2183.2197.2128.2165.6209.0177.6188.6142.1122.01,922.9
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1946-present)[8][9]

Adjacent municipalities




Population distribution by age in Sasebo City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Sasebo City (2005)
■Purple-Sasebo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Sasebo City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Place name

As of April 2010, 4 town names have been set up.[10].. The place name in the old city isPlace name in Sasebo Cityreference. For other districts, see the page for each district.

Area classification

The following is the division based on the branch/administrative center of the city hall (Uku is the only administrative center since August 2012).


The current center of Sasebo City used to be a suburb of neighboring Hirado City and Matsuura City.Meiji EraThe history as a military port city began when two warships carrying Heihachiro Togo visited Sasebo for investigation.afterwards,Old NavyfourMilitary portAs one of (Yokosuka, Kure, Sasebo, Maizuru)Guardian officeWas placed, and since then it has developed as a base for maritime defense.A submarine aircraft carrier that is rare in historyIraq 401Was built at Sasebo Arsenal.In addition, the second battleship Yamato-class battleship, which was the largest warship in the world at that time.MusashiHas called at the port only once for construction work.

Changes in administrative areas


  • 1902(35th year of Meiji) April 4-Sasebo village enforces municipal system,Sasebo(The population at that time was 45,766). On the same day, the northern part of Sasebo village (Yokoo, Yamanaka, Kumagakura, and Yamanoda of Orihashi) were separated, and Higashisonogi-gunSasemuraLaunched[12][2].



  • 1927(Showa2 years) April 4
    • Transferred Sasemura and Hiyumura in Higashisonogi District to Sasebo City.
    • Transfer Hirota Village to Haiki Town.
  • 1930(5)May 4 -Yamaguchi village enforced the town systemAiura TownBecomes
  • 1938(Showa 13) April 4-Transfer Aiura-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun to Sasebo-shi.
  • 1940(15)
  • 1942(17)May 5 -Transferred Ono Town, Kitamatsuura District, Minase Village, Nakazato Village, and Haiki Town, Higashisonogi District to Sasebo City.
  • 1947(22)May 10 -Kamachi-mura implemented the town system,Kamachi TownBecomes
  • 1949(24)May 8 -Hiramura implemented the town system,HiramachiBecomes
  • 1950(25)May 5 -Osamura enacted the town system,Kosasa TownBecomes
  • 1951(26)May 12 -Yoshii-mura implemented the town system,Yoshii TownBecomes
  • 1954(Showa 29) April 4-Yuzuki, Kitamatsuura-gun, Kuroshima-mura transferred to Sasebo City.
  • 1955(30)
    • May 4
      • Transferred Orize, Egami, and Sakihario villages in Higashisonogi district to Sasebo city.
      • Hiramachi and Kamiura Village have merged on an equal basis,Uku TownWas launched.
  • 1958(33)
    • August 8-Transfer the Miyamura Higashisonogi-gun to Sasebo City. It has a population of approximately 1 and an area of ​​approximately 26 square kilometers.
    • October 10-Kamachi Town from "Shishimacho"ShikamachiRenamed "Chou".


  • 2001(Heisei13 years) June 4- Special cityMoved to.
  • 2005(17) April 4-Yoshii-cho Kitamatsuura-gun, transfer to Sachibo-shi, Sachibo-shi, population of about 1 people and area of ​​about 24 square km.
  • 2006(18)May 3 -Incorporate Kosasa-cho and Uku-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun into Sasebo-shi, and make population about 25 and area about 8 square km.
  • 2010(22) March 3-Ekai-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun, Kamo-cho incorporated into Sasebo-shi.
  • 2012(24)May 8 -Reorganized each administrative center that had been set up in the merged area into branches except Uku[13].
  • 2016(28) April 4- Core cityMoved to.
  • 2019(31) January-Sasebo city was designated as a central cityWest Kyushu Sasebo Metropolitan Area][14].




Successive mayors[15]
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
1Osamu Watanabe1902th of February 91906th of February 4
2Uchida Masahiko1906th of February 81912th of February 8
31912th of February 91916th of February 9
4Hachitaro Kato1916th of February 101920th of February 10
51921th of February 81925th of February 8
6Teruga Aiga1926th of February 61930th of February 6
7Norizo ​​Mizo1930th of February 91934th of February 9
8Teruga Aiga1934th of February 111938th of February 11
91938th of February 111940th of February 3
10Sohei Koura1940th of February 81942th of February 4
111942th of February 51946th of February 5
12Masasuke Nakata1946th of February 81947th of February 4
Public election
13Masasuke Nakata1947th of February 41951th of February 4
141951th of February 41955th of February 4
15Yamanaka Tatsushiro
(Honorary citizen)
1955th of February 41959th of February 4
161959th of February 41963th of February 4
17Ichizo Tsuji
(Honorary citizen)
1963th of February 41967th of February 4
181967th of February 41971th of February 4
191971th of February 41975th of February 4
201975th of February 41979th of February 4
21Bear lion1979th of February 41983th of February 4
221983th of February 41987th of February 4
231987th of February 41991th of February 4
241991th of February 41995th of February 4
25Mitsutake1995th of February 41999th of February 4
261999th of February 42003th of February 4
272003th of February 42007th of February 4
28Tomonaga Norio2007th of February 42011th of February 4
292011th of February 42015th of February 4
302015th of February 42019th of February 4
312019th of February 4Incumbent
Mayor election results

Until April 2019, 31 executive electionUnified local electionsIs being done in.

Execution on April 2007, 19

*Number of voters on the day: 205,202 Final voting rate: 66.81% (vs. +6.58pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Tomonaga Norio58Independent新68,809 vote51.1%Liberal Democratic Party / Komeito
Nichiro Noguchi62Independent新59,631 vote44.3%
Masao Maekawa61Independent新6,268 vote4.7%
Execution on April 2011, 23

*Number of voters on the day: 210,633 Final voting rate: 60.19% (vs. -6.62pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Tomonaga Norio62IndependentNow100,442 vote79.2%
Masao Maekawa65Independent新22,793 vote17.9%
Execution on April 2015, 23

No vote (winner: Norio Tomonaga)

Execution on April 2019, 31

*Number of voters on the day: 205,114 Final voting rate: 50.11% (vs. -10.08pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Tomonaga Norio70IndependentNow78,313 vote78.2%
Takaharu Tanaka75Independent新21,877 vote21.8%

Administrative organization

Mayor's Department
Administrative committee
Local public enterprise

Wide area administration


Health and welfare

  • Sasebo City Central Health and Welfare Center (Sasebo City Health Center / Sasebo City Welfare Office)[16]

Sister cities/partner cities

Prefectural government jurisdiction

  • Prefectural North Promotion Bureau --However, the Ministry of Health (prefectural north health center) is not under the jurisdiction. Because Sasebo City Public Health Center is set up.
  • Sasebo Children / Women / Persons with Disabilities Support Center


National politics

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Finance
    • Fukuoka Finance Branch Nagasaki Finance Office Sasebo Branch Office
    • Nagasaki Customs Sasebo Customs Branch
    • National Tax Agency Fukuoka National Tax Bureau Sasebo Taxation Bureau
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
    • Nagasaki Labor Bureau Sasebo Labor Standards Inspection Office
    • Nagasaki Labor Bureau Sasebo Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work Sasebo)
    • Nagasaki Labor Bureau Emukae Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work Emukae)
  • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Forestry Agency Kyushu Forest Management Bureau Nagasaki Forest Management Office Sechihara Forest Office
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    • Kyushu Regional Development Bureau Nagasaki River National Highway Office Sasebo National Highway Maintenance Branch Office
    • Kyushu Regional Development Bureau Nagasaki Port / Airport Development Office Sasebo Port Branch Office
    • Kyushu Transport Bureau Nagasaki Transport Branch Sasebo Maritime Office
    • Kyushu Transport Bureau Nagasaki Transport Branch Sasebo Motor Vehicle Inspection Registration Office
    • Japan Coast Guard XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Sasebo Coast Guard Department
  • Ministry of the Environment
    • Kyushu Regional Environment Office Sasebo Nature Conservation Office
  • 裁判 所
    • Nagasaki District Court Sasebo Branch
    • Nagasaki Family Court Sasebo Branch
    • Sasebo Court of Justice
    • Sasebo prosecution examination committee

National defense

1883(Meiji16 years)Heihachiro TogoMajorIs a Navy warshipNo. XNUMXVisited with a survey team as a natural good portMilitary portSasebo, which became one of the four major guardianship offices since the establishment ofKorean Peninsula,Mainland ChinaIt was an important base as a military port of the Imperial Naval Base. In the olden days, it was called "Yaminato" because of its leaf-like shape and Sasebo's letters. From that).Second World WarAfter thatJapan Ground Self-Defense Force,JMSDFOf each schoolU.S. ArmyThe base was set up. Even now, at Sasebo PortSDF OfDestroyer, US military ships are seen, and many foreigners and SDF officers in uniforms are seen in the town.

International organization

UN designated port (US Navy Sasebo base port)

Deployed to Sasebo from overseas, visited aircraft carrier, battleship

  • Thailand
    • (December 2019, 4)
    • (December 2019, 4)


City council

  • Fixed number: 33 (Number of members as of September 2020, 9: 12)
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 3st year)-November 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)[17]
  • Chair: Nobuyuki Sakiyama (LDP Citizens' Meeting)
  • Vice Chair: Yuji Yamaguchi (LDP Citizens' Meeting)
Parliamentary groupNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is representative)
LDPCivic council19◎ Hiroyuki Matsuo, Fujimaru Tayama, Daichi Tsuru, Ryuichiro Tsunoda, Yuta Hashinoguchi, Hato Kubo, Katsu Hagiwara, Masanori Kitano, Hirohiro Yamashita, Kenji Nagayasu, Kojiro Minato, Yuji Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki Sakiyama, Kenji Hayashi, Tetsushi Omura, Minoru Tanaka, Shunhiko Kusatsu, Takamichi Nagano, Hiromichi Ichioka
Civic club7◎ Kenichi Shibayama, Toshiya Matsuo, Hidetoshi Kuno, Hideto Nagata, Shigeru Onohara, Tsutomu Furuya, Takayoshi Yamashita
Komeito4◎Hiroshi Morita, Takeo Miyajima, Fumiko Sato, Katsushi Otsuka
Japan Communist Party1◎ Noriaki Oda
Walking party1◎ Kyoko Miyata

*The ordinance was revised on September 2012, 9, and the fixed number was changed from "27" to "2015" from the city council election on April 4, 26.[17].

Nagasaki Prefectural Assembly

  • Constant number: 9 people
  • Election district: Sasebo CityKitamatsuura-gunConstituency
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (5 years of Reiwa)[18]
Representative nameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Daisuke MiyajimaAll Nagasaki2
Norihiro MiyamotoKomeito1
Hiroshi YamashitaLDP1
Fumio MizoguchiLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly5
Tomoko YamadaReform 214
Yoshimura HiroshiLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly3
Masahiro SotomaLDP4
Tanaka PatrioticLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly7
Noriko TsutsumiReform 211

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of wins
Seigo KitamuraLDP7


Major companies with headquarters


Red seabreamThe catch of2015405 tons, ranked fourth in Japan[19]. TorafuguAquaculture yield of2014673 tons, ranked fourth in Japan[20].


SSKKnown asSasebo Heavy Industries[21]Represented byshipbuildingThe industry is the main industry.Osa districtIs the largest manufacturer of food extracts in JapanAriake JapanThere is a factory.


The longest straight line in JapanYokkamachi-MikkachoArcade is oldShopping districtUnusually, it still flourishes as the center of the city. It is crowded with many people regardless of weekdays and holidays, and even among the 20 cities, it is said to be "the most lively shopping district in Japan", and it is visited by shopping district unions from all over the country. Also,Shutter townIt is also known as a local city that is making various efforts to prevent it from becoming an urban area.YOSAKOI Sasebo Festival,Glitter festivalYou can see the movement in various places, such as holding.

2001ToSasebo StationWas renewed as an elevated station,Harbor(Whalese Wharf) and its surroundingsFresta SASEBOStation building likeArcus SASEBO(Multipurpose hall)RedevelopmentIs progressing. In addition, the redevelopment of Mitsugacho has been promoted since 2007 (Heisei 19), and the redevelopment is now completed, and apartments are built around the arcade.

Main shopping street


Was the center of the tourism industry in SaseboHuis Ten Bosch TheBubble burstWas greatly affected by the decrease in tourists, and the initial capital investment was huge, making it difficult to pay off debts.2003ToCorporate rehabilitation lawI had no choice but to apply, but after that, there are signs of a resurgence based on a new concept. BesidesSaikai National Park OfKujukushima,YumiharidakeEtc. are also important tourism resources.

Kujukushima was certified as a member of the "Most Beautiful Bay Club in the World" (Headquarters: France) (April 2018, 4).

"TourismSee also section

Financial institution

Bold type represents a financial institution with its head office in Sasebo City.

post office

Collection and delivery station
No pick-up and delivery station
  • Sasebo Aiura Post Office
  • Sasebo Akasaki Post Office
  • Sasebo Inari Post Office
  • Sasebo Imabuku Post Office
  • Sasebo station square post office
  • Sasebo Kasuga Post Office
  • Sasebo Katsutomi Post Office
  • Sasebo Kurokami Post Office
  • Sasebo Kobata Post Office
  • Sasebo Sakaemachi Post Office
  • Sasebo Shiohama Post Office
  • Sasebo Jurohara Post Office
  • Sasebo Daito Post Office
  • Sasebo Tenjin Post Office
  • Sasebo Hanazono Post Office
  • Sasebo Hanataka Post Office
  • Sasebo Hamada Post Office
  • Sasebo Hino Post Office
  • Sasebo Hirota Post Office
  • Sasebo Funakoshi Post Office
  • Sasebo Mifune Post Office
  • Sasebo Miyada Post Office
  • Sasebo Yamine Post Office
  • Shiomi Post Office
  • Egami Post Office
  • Haenosaki Post Office
  • Yunoki Post Office
  • Kaize Post Office
  • Nakazato Post Office
  • Kuroshima Post Office
  • Kusuma Post Office
  • Mihashi Post Office
  • Fukui Post Office
  • Japan Post Post Office
Simple post office
  • Sasebo Ogata Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Wholesale Complex Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Kikaze Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Kojima Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Hikaricho Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Matsuse Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Yamazumi Simple Post Office
  • Sasebo Yatake Post Office
  • Sasebo Yamato Simple Post Office
  • Higashihama Simple Post Office
  • Tsubakigaoka Simple Post Office
  • Uehara Simple Post Office
  • Mikawa Uchiyama Post Office
  • Saikaibashi Post Office
  • Kosasebo Post Office
  • Setogoe Simple Post Office
  • Nagasaka simple post office
  • Kagomae Post Office
  • Ota Simple Post Office
  • Kuroishi Simple Post Office
  • Usunoura Post Office
  • Yadake Simple Post Office
  • Takaiwa Simple Post Office
  • Mido Simple Post Office
  • Funaishi Simple Post Office
  • Oya Simple Post Office
  • Okaze Simple Post Office
  • Kambayashi Post Office




Junior college


College of technology


Special school

high school


Junior high school


primary school


Compulsory education school




To Nagasaki AirportSeibu bus OfExpress busとJumbo taxi(9-seater, reservation required) is in operation. Directly to Saga AirportPublic transportThere is no. Besides this,Fukuoka AirportToExpress Bus"SaseboSome of the flights are stopped. Since there is no big difference between the time required and the fare for the limited express bus to Nagasaki Airport, there are many citizens and tourists who use Fukuoka Airport, which is often advantageous in terms of the number of flights and fares.



Hakata(Fukuoka City) Is limited to "GreenIs running once every hour. The trainHaikiAtHuis Ten BoschIn some cases, it is connected with. The location of the prefectural officeNagasakiToOmura LineRapid via "Seaside linerIs in operation (once in the early 2000s)NagasakiContact limited express "SieboldWas in operation, but now it has replaced this Sea Side Liner).

Long time agoTokyo,KansaiConnect withnight TrainAs,1999Until MayExpress train with sleeping berths"さ く ら"But,2000Sleeper limited express until MarchDawnWas operated in the form of being combined with the Nagasaki formation, but the regular trains that directly connect to Honshu were completely abolished at the end of the abolition of the Sasebo formation of "Akatsuki", and as of 2013, trains arriving and departing in Sasebo city. All operate only within Kyushu.

Railway line


Express Bus

General route bus

From 1927Sasebo Municipal Transportation Bureau(Sasebo Municipal Bus) was operating in the city, but it was abolished on March 2019, 3, and the remaining routes at the time of abolitionSaihi Motor,Sasebo BusWas transferred to each.


OK taxi (former Union taxi), king taxi, international taxi,Sasebo taxi(Blue cab), Sasebo sightseeing taxi, Shiroyama taxi, Shinwa taxi, Seibu taxi, Seven taxi, Sanko Daiichi Kotsu (Sasebo sales office, former Eboshi taxi), Tenjin taxi, Tenman taxi, Motomachi taxi, Lucky car



Sasebo Chuo IC - Saza ICThere is a free section between them.
Sasebo Minato IC TheTakeo JCTYou can go in and out only in the direction.

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road



Sightseeing spot

Historic site

obsidianBecause it is also a production areaPaleolithicMany ruins have been discovered. The oldest in the world, especially important and recognized as an important national and prefectural historic siteEarthenwareWas excavatedSenfukuji cave, Conducted the quest for life estimation based on relics for the first time in JapanIwashita Cave,MicrolithBecame the chronological standard for the manufacturing method ofFukui caveCan be mentioned. In the Shikamachi areaGravestoneConcentrateOnodai dolmensThere is.

Yayoi Period As a historical site ofAiura RiverIn the plain from the downstream of the river to the estuary, with the national highway bypass construction and highway construction,Shitanda RuinsHave been discovered one after another. On the remote island of Takashima, the story of maritime trade during the primitive periodMiyanomoto RuinsHas been discovered.

Kofun period The historic sites of the area include the Miyanomiya district, the Haiki district, and the Egami district in the south.sarcophagusSmall and simpleOld tombHas been found in four places. Even the largest Onitsuka Tumulus is about 4m in diameter. The nearby Tebojin Kofun has a burial mound destroyed and a sarcophagus exposed. The Mishimayama burial mound had pits, but many sarcophagus were added later, and it served as the center of the grave. The Matsugasaki Tumulus has not been excavated, and future research is awaited.

There are not many medieval historic sites left.Spectacle rockThe cliff of buddhaKukaiThere is a legend that it was carved, but in realityEdo PeriodIt is regarded as a work of. WhenFukuishi KannonThe main deity ofGyokiThere is no legend that Gyoki came to Sasebo, though there is a legend that it is a work of. In addition, in various parts of the cityIdeological thoughtBecame popular at that timeKyozukaHave been discovered. In addition, stupas made of stone from various parts of western Japan are also found in the Tawaraura Peninsula.

Sengoku period , Many castles were built in the city. Among the influential Dojo residences are Endo's Noboriburi Castle, Utsunomiya's Renwakan, and Hario's Kotai Castle.Matsuura PartyAs the castle of the lord belonging toMatsuuraThe residence of Takebe Castle, Daichian Castle,Iimori CastleIn particular, the castle of Mr. Matsuura, who had a fierce battle over the hegemony of Mr. Matsuura Hirado and the Kitamatsuura Peninsula, has been relatively well developed and excavated. In addition, at the time of the rule by Mr. Hirado Matsuura after departing Mr. Matsuura,Junta OmuraTo prepare for the northMatsuura ShinnobuThe castles Idehira Castle and Hirota Castle that were built by are actually battlefields of both parties, and many battlefields and legends remain. In addition, the castle in the cityEdo ShogunateSet byOne Country One Castle OrderIt was all abandoned by.

The heritage of modern times is relatively large.Hirado returnIs a residential road in many sections, and was used for stone pavement and key type town divisions in the Haiki district, the memorial of Wakizaki Ichirizuka, the legend of the left stone, and the lord's dormitory.Ego Honjin ruinsEven now, you can remember the old times everywhere. AlsoBakumatsuSince many foreign ships came to Japan, the Takagozaki shiphouse was set up in Takagozaki even in Sasebo.

In the field of agriculture,Aiura RiverIn the basin, basin irrigationRice terracesMaintenance of the Aiura RiverSasebo River・The mouth of the Hiu RiverHayaki SetoOn the coastReclamationThe business was promoted. An example of the former is Gotani Pond, and an example of the latter is Ogata Nitta. In particular, the embankments and sluices at Ogata Nitta are still in use at the time of completion. AlsoMikawachi wareThe Ruins of Kimonomoto Kiln, which was an early workshop, are also remains of that time.

As a historical site that conveys the lifestyle of samurai at that timeKusumoto HayamaThere is an old house.

In the Meiji era,Sasebo Guard OfficeWas established and was involved in the Navy and related industries only for Sasebo, which flourished as a Navy town.Modern heritageThere are many.

Theme park/museum



  • Sachihara hot spring
  • Kaka Onsen


local specialty

Agricultural and marine products
Processed goods
Traditional crafts

People from Sasebo

★ is the deceased

Political / economic


  • Mitsuhiro Nakao(Mathematician, Professor Emeritus of Kyushu University, Professor of Waseda University, Principal of Sasebo National College of Technology)
  • Seiichiro Seno(Historian, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University)
  • Shigeo Yoshitomi(Political scientist, Professor Emeritus, Osaka City University)★


An actor

Voice actor






manga artist



Legal profession



æ°´ æ³³


Horse racing

Bicycle race




  • Senor Lopez (Real Luca Libre MC)

総 合格 闘 技

Fictional character

  • Yousuke Kadomatsu - Manga"ZipanguThe protagonist of.
  • Tsukioka Ren Bell-Characters from the game "Idol Master Shiny Colors".

A celebrity who is not from home but has a relationship

Foreign talent group visiting Sasebo

Works set in Sasebo

Including works where only the location was performed.

TV drama

Other TV programs




  • Sasebo (Masashi Sada)-Album "Seasonal tree』(Released on June 1999, 6). Lyrics areLe Couple OfEmi Fujita.
  • Sasebo (Le Couple)-Album "10 year story』(Released on 2004 July 7). Sada no Cover.
  • SA-SE-BO (Crystal king)-Second album "LOCUS" (released in 1980) songs (CD in 1996).
  • Sasebo Specialty ()-Lyrics: Takeyuki Matsuda, Composition: Akira Yui 2014/1/10 Released.
  • Love sasebo(Koji Taira)-Koji Taira's own 45th anniversary board. Released May 2015, 5.

Anime cartoon




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