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😷 | Mutant virus-infected male deaths ... 3 new infections in 53 new corona Tokai prefectures Aichi 39 Gifu 12 Mie 5


Male deaths due to mutant virus infection ... 3 new infections in 53 new corona Tokai prefectures Aichi 39 Gifu 12 Mie 5

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In addition, the prefecture announced that a man in his 60s in Yoro Town, who had been hospitalized after being infected with a mutant virus, had died.

In the three Tokai prefectures, it was found that 3 people were infected with the new coronavirus on the 29th.Also, it is strange in Gifu prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Yoro Town

Yoro Town(Yorocho) isGifuYoro-gunA town that belongs to.Seinoinclude.Hearing the story of a filial child, I went to the areaFormer EmperorIs rejuvenatingwaterfallWater of(Yoro no TakiOr it is said to be Kikusui Izumi near it[1]),EraToYoroIs the origin of the town name.


West sideYoro Mountains, East sideIbigawaIt is sandwiched between the two and extends from north to south.It borders Mie Prefecture across the Yoro Mountains.

Adjacent municipalities




Population distribution by age in Yoro Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yoro Town (2005)
■Purple-Yoro Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yoro Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Yoro Town Administration / Successive Mayors

  • First generation: Ryozo Yamada (29-Showa 37)
  • Second generation: Nobuyuki Naruse (Showa 37-Showa 41)
  • Third generation: Ko Tsuda (Showa 41-57)
  • Fourth generation: Toshiro Shimizu (57-10)
  • Fifth generation: Sadaji Inaba (10-22)
  • Sixth generation: Takashi Ohashi (22-in office) Policy: -Town administration from the perspective of the townspeople-

Sister cities/partner cities


Friendship city


Partner cities (mutual support agreement in the event of a disaster)


high school

Junior high school

primary school

Designated driving school





Main hospital


Major companies

Financial institution



Karasue Station-Tomoe Stationwhile(Ogaki), Yoro Station-Komano Stationwhile(Kaizu) Passes near the city border.Also, Tomoe Station, Komano Station,Mino Tsuya StationYou can use the on-demand bus in Yoro Town.


  • Meihan Kintetsu Bus
    • Ayari Yohoku Line-Ogaki Tara Line used to run to Kamiishizu Town via the town center, but in April 2021The Big YoroReorganized into the current route of departure and arrival[4].
    • Kaizu Line 


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Special brand certified product

In order to spread the charm of Honmachi from 27, the Yoro Town specialty brand certification business was started.[7]..The special brand certified products for 27 are shown below.[7].

Certification numberSpecialty goodsbusiness personRemarks
No.1瀧In the middleJoint-stock company Katsuta Confectionery18 timesNational Confectionery ExpoReceived the Minister's Award
No.2ButtonRice HatsushimoLife Co., Ltd.[Annotation 1]
No.3Grey-headed rice Mitsuhikari
No.4Grey-headed rice feather double mochi
No.5Rough grindWienerHandmade ham Ichitaro
No.6Roughly ground wiener (with a gang)
No.7Roast ham
No.8Press ham
No.9Yoro Frank


Area code

  • HonmachiArea code The0584(OgakiMA).
    • The city code is mainly in the 30s.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Wild bird OfButtonNamed after the rice-growing method that takes into consideration the natural environment in whichGifu Prefectural Ogaki Yoro High SchoolWas certified as "Keri rice".


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