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😷 | Wish for the convergence of the new corona


Wishing for the convergence of the new corona

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On the 4th, local officials and parents and children of customers participated and shed about 1000 chicks on bamboo and wooden boats in the nearby Kangawa River.

On the XNUMXth, "Nagashi Hina" was held in Nishikawa-cho, hoping for the convergence of the new coronavirus.Get rid of your injuries and wish ... → Continue reading

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This is Yamagata Broadcasting, a television and radio station in Yamagata Prefecture.
Daily news is provided with the catchphrase "Walk Together".

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Kangawa River

Kangawa River(Sagaegawa)YamagataNishimurayama-gunandSagae CityFlow,Mogami RiverWater systemMogami River tributaryFirst-class river.


Nishimurayama District, Yamagata PrefectureNishikawa TownLocated in OisawaMt. AsahidakeIt originates in and flows north.Sagae DamTurn the flow to the east via Nishimurayama-gunKawakitaMizonobe to Mogami RiverConfluenceTo do.

There is a lot of water upstreamBeech forestIs also densely populated.1995In (7)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThe environment is also good, such as being certified as the best clear stream in Japan.Various events such as fireworks display and sweetfish fishing competition are held every year.

Along the Kangawa RiverNational Route 112,Yamagata ExpresswayRuns.

Basin municipality

Nishimurayama-gunNishikawa Town,Sagae City, Nishimurayama DistrictKawakita


(Listed from upstream)

  • Nekko River
  • Mitsuke River
  • Oizawa River
  • Ohihara River
  • Kohihara River
  • Ogoshi River
    • Ishibuki River
  • Yotsuya River
  • Oiruma River
  • Mizusawa River
  • Tsunatori River
  • Takarasawa River
  • Mazawa River
  • Kaishu River
  • Yagisawa River
  • Kumano River
  • Mitsuzawa River

2013 ・ Impact of heavy rain

20137Record in Yamagata prefecture in the middle(I.e.Due to the influence of water turbidity, 6 cities and 6 towns of the Murayama Wide Area Water Supply, which records water from the Sagae River,Water outage(For details,Nishikawa waterworksSee the article).Multiple downstream of Sagae Dam even after restorationTributaryからLandslidebymudThe turbidity was not improved due to the influence of the water containing water flowing into the main stream, which led to the situation that the Kangawa River, known as a clear stream, remained turbid for a long time.Sagae River is known as a spot for sweetfish fishing and is visited by about 6000 anglers every year. It becomes a food for sweetfish due to the influenceMossAyu decreased in the state of destruction, and the number of anglers also decreased visibly.[1].

This year, the annual sweetfish fishing tournament was also canceled, and the sweetfish fishing eastern Japan tournament scheduled for early August was held.Tochigi OfNakagawaThe venue has moved to[2].


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