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😷 | TV Asahi's trust is zero! "Sunday LIVE !!" staff criticized for corona infection

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TV Asahi's trust is zero! "Sunday LIVE !!" staff criticized for corona infection

If you write the contents roughly
"In April 2020, TV Asahi also issued positive results from the program staff of" Hodo Station. "

In "Shinichi Hatori Morning Show" (TV Asahi) broadcast on April 4, the staff of TV Asahi will be the new Coronau ... → Continue reading


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News station

"News station』(Hodo station) is2004(Heisei16 years)May 4ThanTV AsahiIncludingANN seriesAnd Monday-Friday (Weekday) At 22:XNUMXLive broadcastdoingNews program.Hi-vision production.Stereo broadcasting.

In 47 prefecturesDigital terrestrial broadcastingIn response to the fact that2006(18)May 12Linked to the program fromData broadcastingStarted (2020May 3Until).2013(25)May 4ThanReal-time subtitle broadcastingAlso carry out[Note 1].

The program title logo and notation on the program are "Hodo Station』.The abbreviation of the program is "Hodo Station』(Hosute). The catchphrase for the program from March 2020, 3 is "Today, various things.[1]』.

Below, the Kodate era is the first period, and the Bucheon era (1st series) → the Ogi / Bucheon era (1nd series) is the 2nd period.


"News station』(Hereafter, Nst) as a program after2004May 4Broadcast started.

Basic broadcast time is Monday-Friday 21:54-23:10 (JST) ButSportsBroadcasting time often fluctuates due to relaying, etc., and we are taking flexible measures.Also,disaster,Big incidentIf occursPress special programBroadcast time may be extended by handling (advancement of about 1 hour or extension of end time).New Year's HolidayThe broadcast was suspended, and as an alternative, in 23-00 minutes from around 10:15,ANN News] Will be broadcast[Note 2].

It inherits the program production method of "Nst" andThe televisionThe program content is introduced as "general news entertainment" in the program section of TV program information magazines such as (as of October 2007).It also inherits the difference in the atmosphere of the program from Monday to Thursday and Friday only.The studio uses the 10th studio of the TV Asahi office building (4rd studio from 2018), but other studios may be used in the sports corner.If it becomes an emergency special program due to a disaster or a major incident, it may be broadcast from N Studio in the news room used for normal "ANN News".

In addition, with other seriesCross net stationIsFukui BroadcastingとTV MiyazakiThen, as the final newsNNN(Nippon TVProduction) "news zero], And only interviews about this program.


1st period, Kodate era

The main caster is a former announcer of the same stationIchiro FurudateWas appointed.

There was a competitive relationship "NHK News 10』(NHK General)But2006May 3End with[Note 3]After that,2016From April, NHK General will be on Monday-Thursday in the early 4:22 range of the news program "Close-up modern +It was the only news program on weekdays at 22:XNUMX on Japanese terrestrial broadcasting stations until it started.

October 2011, 10 --On April 2, 2017, as the Sunday version of this program, "News station SUNDAY』(Hereafter, Sunday version) is broadcast.The aim is to collaborate and strengthen with this program on weekdays, and serve as a reporter for this program.Tomoko NaganoとYuta BucheonWas appointed as the main caster for the Sunday edition.


April 2016, 4-This program will be suspended on April 1 due to the rebuilding of the studio set and preparations for the full renewal of the program.During the pause, "ANN NEWS & SPORTSWas broadcast for about 15 minutes.The castersItakura TomokiとKeiko Hisatomi(8th onlyMakiko Kato) Was in charge.

Phase 2 Bucheon → Ogi Bucheon era

Tomikawa, who had been the main caster for the Sunday edition of this program reporter since April 2016, 4, was appointed as the second main caster to succeed Kodate.[4]..Broadcasting as the second period started on the same day.On the day of the start, the talk show "Tetsuko's roomBucheon made a guest appearance in[5].

From April 2017, 4, Internet distributorsAbemaTVNews channelAbemaNewsEvery Tuesday-Saturday 0:00-2:00 (Monday-Friday midnight) "AbemaNews × Hodo Station”, And from around 0:20 in the same program, this program that was broadcast on the TV Asahi series terrestrial broadcasting on the eve will be delayed.[6].

Renewal from October 2018[7], Monday-Thursday only, by expanding the broadcast time of the sports corner, the end time will be moved forward or expanded to 23:15[8]..Monday-Thursday and Friday will be the first time in 1988 and a half years since "Nst" until March 3.In addition, the performers have been renewed except for some such as Bucheon, and while Bucheon has reduced the appearance day to Monday-Thursday, the title of the female caster has been changed from "sub-caster" to "main caster", and sports at the beginning of the program. Served as a casterTokunaga YumiReturned to the pitch as the main caster on Monday-Thursday for the first time in 13 and a half years[7]..Also, on Friday's main casterIppei OgiAnd once served as a sports and weather caster for the Sunday editionYukie Takeuchi[9]Is in charge[7]..Takeuchi is also in charge of sports casters on Monday-Thursday.[7].

In line with the renewal, the subheading telop on the upper right of the screen has been renewed from the previous two-line display to a normal subheading telop at the top and a slightly smaller subheading telop at the bottom.In addition, Bucheon (Ogi on Friday) explained the background of the news at the end of the video for one of the main news items.[Note 4], Tokunaga and Goto (Takeuchi and Nomura on Friday) have set up a frame to comment on it.

Takeuchi (who left the company in December of the same year) left the company in September 2019, and became a newscaster (weather caster until September 9) from October of the same year.Yuki MorikawaWas transferred to the main caster on Friday[10].

2020May 3Therefore, the program-linked data broadcasting was canceled.

Audience rating

From the start of the program to December 2015, 12 (the final episode of the year), the average audience rating for all 23 episodes is 2960% (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time).[11].

The highest audience rating ever recorded was 2013% broadcast on March 3, 8.[Note 5](Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time)[12].

Successive catchphrases

  • April 2004, 4-March 5, 2016:What happened today
  • April 2016, 4-March 11, 2018:Get closer
  • April 2018, 10-March 1, 2020:Work hard to make it easy to understand
  • March 2020, 3-Present:Today, various things.


After March 2021, 3.Those with a circle next to their name are TV Asahi announcers.

Caster commentator


Main caster
  • Ippei Ogi〇 (October 2018, 10-)[Note 6]
  • Tokunaga Yumi(Free announcer・ Former TV Asahi announcer, October 2018, 10-) --Sports Anchor (in charge of Thursday and Friday) in the first period, October 1, 1 --Monday, May 2018, 10 --Thursday Main caster
Sports castor
Weather caster

Thursday / Friday

Main caster
  • Yuta Bucheon○ (April 2016, 4-) --The first period is the reporter and Sunday version of the main caster (the latter is from October 11), April 1, 2011 --September 10, 2016 is the month --Friday main caster .. October 4, 11-Monday, April 2018, 9-Thursday Main caster, current position from June 28, 2018.
  • Yuki Morikawa○ (August 2016, 4-)[Note 7]
Weather caster until September 2018. Newscaster until September 9.
  • Mizuho Kajiwara (Asahi Shimbun reporter, April 2020, 4-) --Appeared on Thursday
Sports castor
From February to May 2018, she was temporarily dropped off due to maternity leave due to the birth of her second child (childbirth in March).
Weather caster
  • Izumi Maie


In addition to being in charge of game commentary, he is also in charge of reports when specializing.

Sports caster (other than main)
  • Shuzo Matsuoka(Former professional tennis player, April 2004-) --Broadcast a special feature covered as "Matsuoka Special" mainly on Mondays.
  • Masato Sawato(Former soccer player / soccer commentator, February 2008-) --In charge of soccer.One day when there is a match mainly related to the Japan national football team[Note 8].
  • Masafumi Nakayama(Former soccer player / soccer commentator, March 2013, 3-) --In charge of soccer.One day when there is a match mainly related to the Japan national football team[15].. After April 2019, he often deals with sports other than soccer.
  • Maeda Satoshi(OriginalHiroshimaPlayer, April 2016-)-In charge of baseball.
  • Nobuno Kawakami(OriginalChunichiPitcher, October 2017-)-In charge of baseball.Initially appeared as a commentator. Sports caster from 10.


Responsible for on-site reports for big news and coverage during special feature planning.

News narration


Sports narration


Izumi is mainly in charge of the first half of the week (Monday-Wednesday), and Hayashida is in charge of the second half of the week (Thursday and Friday).Other news related to professional baseball is the same as "Nst" for games held outside the Kanto region.Hokkaido TV(Nippon Ham),Nagoya TV(Chunichi),Asahi Broadcasting TV(Hanshin-Oryx), A male announcer from a local station on the side of the home organizer will be in charge of the narration.

Successive performers

Main caster / sub caster / regular commentator

periodMain caster
Female subcaster
Female main caster
2004.04.052008.10.03Ichiro FurudateAkiko Kono1Chihiro Kato(The guests)2
2008.10.062009.03.31Kiyoshi Isshiki
2009.04.012011.04.01Hiroko Ichikawa
2011.04.042012.03.30Ayaka OgawaKoji Igarashi3Toshiaki Miura
2012.04.022013.03.29Toshiaki Miura
2013.04.012015.03.27Junichiro Emura
2015.03.302015.12.23Kimura KusataTakeshi Nakajima3Sean
2016.01.042016.03.11Takeshi NakajimaSean
Kimura Kusata
2016.04.112018.09.28Yuta BucheonKenji Goto5 · 6[17]
2018.10.012019.09.27Yuta BucheonIppei OgiTokunaga YumiYukie TakeuchiShuya Nomura
2019.09.302020.03.27Yuki Morikawa
2020.03.302020.05.29Masakatsu OtaMizuho Kajiwara
periodMain castercommentator
Mon-WednesdayThursday / FridayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
2020.06.012021.02.26Ippei Ogi
Tokunaga Yumi
Yuta Bucheon
Yuki Morikawa
Masakatsu OtaMizuho KajiwaraShuya Nomura
2021.03.01Now(The guests)2
  • The main and sub are all TV Asahi announcers, including those at the time of appearance, except for Kodate and Tokunaga.
  • All regular commentators and Tateno before March 2015 belonged to the Asahi Shimbun at the time of appearance.
  • The title of the female caster is a sub-caster until September 2018, and a main caster from October 9.
  • 1 Previous programNews station』\ Continued throwing from sports casters.
  • 2 Appeared on a weekly basis.Appeared at any time even when regular commentators are absent ("#Other performersSection).
  • 3 Prior to his regular appearance, he appeared as a guest on Friday.
  • 4 About Sean's disembarkationLater.
  • 5 Appeared irregularly before regular appearance.
  • 6 Sunday edition and successor program "Sunday Station』Continued to appear.
  • From Monday to Thursday until March 2015Asahi ShimbunThe editorial writer and editorial writer of the affiliation mainly served, but from April 2015, it became a daily system, and all except Tateno became cultural figures other than those belonging to the Asahi Shimbun. From April 4, 2016, it was unified to Goto who is a commentator on the Sunday edition.Goto is a political journalistKyodo NewsSince he was born, the appearances of the editorial writer and editorial writer belonging to the Asahi Shimbun, which had continued from the previous program "Nst", had almost disappeared, but since Goto dropped out on March 2020, 3 (after the program dropped out). AlsoSunday StationWill continue to appear), but since April of the same year, Kajiwara, who belongs to the Asahi Shimbun, has become a commentator, so it has been revived for the first time in about five years.
  • From Monday to Thursday, including the first period, commentators were fixed for each day of the week, but on Fridays when regular appearance commentators did not appear, guest commentators appeared on a weekly basis until September 1, but 2018 From October, the commentator will be fixed on Friday as well.Sunday LIVE!!Nomura, who co-stars with Ogi and is a commentator, was appointed, and the weekly guest commentator was abolished.
  • In the past, female casters who supported male main casters (including the "Nst" era) had the title "sub-caster" and were younger than the main casters. From October 2018, 10, it will be Tokunaga from Monday to Thursday, Yu Takeuchi on Friday, and the title has been changed from "sub-caster" to "main caster".Since Tokunaga is one term older and older than Bucheon, a female caster who is older than the male main caster, which is the first in the program, will be born, including the "Nst" era.Also, including the "Nst" era, it was the first time that the main male casters of the program were two and different from Monday to Thursday and Friday, and it became a style that overturned the conventional concept of caster organization.

Sports caster, weather information manager, news caster

periodSports castorWeather information chargenews caster
2004.04.052005.04.01Takemi Emi1Tokunaga Yumi1Hiroko Ichikawa(None)
2005.04.042009.03.31Takemi Emi
2009.04.012011.08.12Natsumi Uga
2011.08.152014.03.28Natsumi UgaAoyama Ai
2014.03.312016.03.31Aoyama AiMisaki Hayashi
2016.04.112017.09.29Shunpei Terakawa2Aya Terakawa3Yuki MorikawaMasaru Kida
2017.10.022018.01.31Yuki Morikawa4
Tsumugi Mitani5
2018.02.012018.05.31Shunpei Terakawa
2018.06.012018.09.28Shunpei TerakawaAya Terakawa
2018.10.012019.03.29Yukie TakeuchiTsumugi MitaniYuki Morikawa6
2019.04.012019.09.27Sairi Shimomura5
2019.09.302021.3.26Shunsuke Shimizu7(None)
2021.3.29NowMomo AndoIzumi Maie
  • All TV Asahi announcers, including those at the time of appearance, except Aya Terakawa, Kida, and Maie.
  • 1 Takeuchi's "Super J channelIt depends on the balance with.
  • 2 May appear on Friday.
  • 3 From April 2017 to Monday-Thursday may appear.
  • 4 From October 2017 to Monday-Thursday appearance.
  • 5 Appearance only on Friday. From October 2019, Shimomura will appear on Monday-Thursday.
  • 6 In charge of the news corner.
  • 7 BucheonNew coronavirusInfected, from April 4th to April 13th,Itakura TomokiWas in charge. (See below#Problems such as suspicion and false alarm(See)

Commentator / Pundit / Narrator

Guest commentator
Sports commentator
Field caster

* All TV Asahi announcers except Nagano.

Meteorological commentator * AllWeather forecaster.
News narrator
Sports narrator * All TV Asahi announcers, including those at the time of appearance
  • Emi Takeuchi (April 2004-August 4)
  • Natsumi Uga (August 2011-March 8)
  • Ai Aoyama (April 2014-March 4)
  • Shunpei Terakawa (April 2016-September 4)
  • Yoshie Takeuchi (October 2018-October 10)

Broadcast and delivery time

All 24 TV Asahi affiliated full net stations


2004.04.052018.09.2821:54-23:10 (76 minutes)
2018.10.012019.09.2721:54-23:15 (81 minutes)21:54-23:10 (76 minutes)
2019.09.30Now21:54-23:10 (76 minutes)
  • From April 2017, 4, Tuesday-Saturday 11:0-00:2 (00 minutes).
  • Delivered under the program name of "AbemaNews x Hodo Station". From around 0:20, the one broadcast on the TV Asahi affiliated full net 24 stations on the eve was delayed.

Special coverage

If the start of broadcasting is advanced due to a special news program, "ANNPress special programBroadcast as.

Dissolution of the House of RepresentativesReceived, "Beat Takeshi TV Tackle』Can be canceled and broadcast from 20:54.
Securities Trading LawOn suspicion of violationLive doorPresident (at that time)Takafumi HorieWas arrested, so "TV Tackle" was canceled and broadcast from 20:54.As a guest commentator on this dayNobuo SayamaAppeared.
Due to the broadcast of the Soccer Asian Cup 2007 "Japan vs Vietnam" match, it was originally scheduled to start at 30:22, which was 24 minutes later, but due to the earthquake that occurred in the morning of the same day, it was also scheduled to be broadcast 30 minutes later on this day. "TV Tackle" was canceled and broadcasted ahead of schedule from 21:30.
Soccer Beijing Olympics Asian region final qualifying "Japan vs Qatar" match broadcast, it was originally scheduled to start from 30:22, which was 24 minutes later, but the drama "Japan vs Qatar", which was also scheduled to be broadcast 30 minutes later on that daySakura station womenThe final episode of "Sakura Station Women" will be broadcast ahead of schedule from 21:30 (The final episode of "Sakura Station Women" will be broadcast on TV Asahi, Fukushima Broadcasting, and Me-Tele on the following day at 13:13-59:14. Other online stations will also broadcast the transfer at a later date).
"TV Tackle" that was being broadcast was canceled at around 21:30, and it was broadcast ahead of schedule.In some areas, there was a problem that the opening audio was not broadcast.
Broadcast from 20:54 to 23:10.
In addition, since March 3th is "ANN news special program", it will be canceled, but "Super J channel(This is also an "ANN news special program", so it will be canceled) and will be broadcast from 19:00 to 0:15 the following day.The news special program continued to be broadcast 24 hours a day. From 12:13 to 21:00 on the 0th (Saturday) and 00th (Sunday), the program will be broadcast on "Hodo Station" (the program was originally suspended due to the weekend), with Kodate, Ichikawa and several commentators. He continued to report on the situation in the disaster area. During the broadcast on the 15thEarthquake with seismic intensity 6 upper in ShizuokaThe first report of was entered, and the studio was also feeling shaking.Due to this influence,From the world car window], And broadcast a special news program from 23:15 to 1:15 the next day.
An earthquake with an epicenter in Kumamoto Prefecture occurred at 21:26."It was on the airThursday mystery-Metropolitan Police Department, Chief of Investigation DepartmentThe first episode was canceled at around 1:21 (although it will be treated as if it had been completed until 54:21, which was originally planned) ("Keishicho Soseki Ichibancho" will be canceled on the 30st of the following week at 21:13 --55:15. Transfer broadcast to).From then on, until the start of this program, it became an ANN news special program and Bucheon reported the situation in the disaster area from the newsroom.Following the regular broadcast of this program, the news room will continue to broadcast special news programs from 55:23 to 10:15 on the 2th under the "Hodo Station" system.During this time, Ogawa and Goto (until 21:23) and Koji Yamamoto (former)Japanese Meteorological AgencySecretary) joined and continued broadcasting. The ANN news special program used the telop of "Hodo Station" and continued to be broadcast until 15:4 on the 55th. From 15:2 on the 21thEiji OkumaとChiho UeyamaAppeared.
Bucheon observed a maximum seismic intensity of 15 on the 7th, Kumamoto.Mashiro machiHeading to, appearing from the field. At 16:1 on the 25th, a larger earthquake, which is said to be the main shock of this earthquake, occurred.In the "ANN news special program" this morning, at the time of the earthquake, there was a restaurant in Kumamoto city, and the video of the interview was broadcast here.
Broadcast 21 minutes ahead of schedule from 00:54 and expanded from 21:00 to 23:10.Bucheon will head to Singapore, where the US-North Korea summit will be held from the 11th the day before, and will appear from the field.
Broadcast from 21:54 to 0:20 the next day.
An earthquake with an epicenter off the coast of Yamagata Prefecture occurred at 22:22 during the program broadcast, and with the temporary tsunami warnings issued to each prefecture of Yamagata, Niigata, and Ishikawa, related information was broadcast until 0:50 the following day. did.
Broadcast 21 minutes ahead of schedule from 00:54 and expanded from 21:00 to 23:10.
  • 2020May 8: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announces resignation (4th)
Broadcast time will be extended by 20 minutes and will be broadcast until 23:30.In addition, the subsequent programs will be delayed by 20 minutes and will be broadcast from 1:25 the next day.Live TV until the morning!Was broadcast 20 minutes shorter.

Other special formation

  • Year-end special
2005/2011May 12Broadcast to. In 2005, in addition to regular news and weather forecasts, Kodate broadcasts a debate project in which Kodate interviews the protagonists of the 2005 news. In 2011, we broadcast a special feature on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident.
Broadcast the special news program "Sichuan Earthquake" based on this program from 18:56 to 20:51.With KodateTamao AkaeServed as a caster.
  • 2012March 3 (Sun): Great East Japan Earthquake 11st anniversary
Special guest from Sanriku Station in Ofunato City, Iwate PrefectureTsuyoshi NagabuchiBroadcast from 21:00 to 23:30.Five special features related to the disaster area were broadcast.
Sunday Entertainment・'Beat Takeshi's Ikaganomekai』・第1部(前半18:57 - 20:12・後半20:22 - 21:00)を一時中断扱いとし、20:12 - 20:22に『ANNニュース』として、富川・小川・後藤がニュースルームから出演し、開票速報を伝えた。
"Why was the emergency news special number" Prince of Sadness "killed !? The truth of the assassination of Mr. Kim Jong Nam" at 21:00 --23:06, "Saturday prime] Is treated as a pause and broadcast outside the same frame.Bucheon and Ogawa act as casters and explainAkira IkegamiとShinichi Hen(Chief Editor of Korea Report) served.
"Emergency special live broadcast" Thank you! Mao-chan ", a complete preservation version looking back on the exclusive video!" Was broadcast from 19:00 to 21:48.Bucheon and Matsuoka moderated[Note 19]..This special program was broadcast live, and Bucheon and Matsuoka also appeared in "Hodo Station" as they were.
Exclusive terrestrial broadcast from 19:00 to 20:54 as "Exclusive emergency special news !! Talking about all Takanohana masters".TV Asahi succeeded in an independent exclusive interview with Takanohana's master, and broadcasted the video of the interview divided into four items (recorded before and after the election of directors).The moderator is "Super J channel"ofYoshitsugu WatanabeWhen"Wide! Scramble"ofYoko Oshita, The interviewee of "Wide! Scramble" Wednesday commentatorShinya Yamamoto(Movie director) appeared.
In "Hodo Station" on the same day after the broadcast, in addition to a part of the video of this interview, the undisclosed part that was not broadcast in the main part, the reaction of the viewer who watched this broadcast is broadcast.
  • 2021Thursday, March 3: 11th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
same yearMay 3から12 DayUntil tomorrow, a special feature related to the earthquake will be broadcast as "From 3.11 to tomorrow"[19]..On the 10th, which is the 11th anniversary of the earthquake, it will be broadcast at 3.11:15 --21:54, which is 23 minutes larger than usual, entitled "From Hodo Station SP 25 to Tomorrow".[19]..Bucheon appeared on the air from the disaster area[19]In addition, the state of Bucheon, who was appearing as a reporter at the time of the earthquake, was also broadcast.

Main corner

Weather information
Weather casterMohri GardenAnd TV Asahi's rooftop, etc., will be broadcast from the outside.In addition, at the time of turning points such as the change of seasons, we will cover the scenery and things according to the season.In addition, there may be a relay from each famous place with the scenery and things, and in that case, a special light-up production is performed only for this program.
Since 2010, every year in the latter half of November, we have been broadcasting autumn leaves in various parts of Kyoto for 11 consecutive days.[Note 20]..Of these, Kodate, sub-casters, and guest commentators also appeared on the broadcast from Kyoto on Fridays 2010, 2011, and 2014 (sports casters remain on TV Asahi in Tokyo, and other news and sports news are reported from the news room. ing).
From July 2014, there will be no broadcast from the outside, and it will be reported in the studio.Initially, a virtual set was used to convey the information using a virtual screen that displayed the weather map, but later it was conveyed by combining it with the weather map.Even now, it was sometimes broadcast from the outside during abnormal weather such as typhoons and at milestones of all seasons.
In the first period, the weather caster was a one-person announcer and was often broadcast in Mouri Garden (weather forecasters commented on VTR or appeared directly in the studio for typhoons etc.), but the second in April 1 From the same period, the pattern was changed to relay by Morikawa, who joined the company as a new announcer in the same year, and Kida, a weather forecaster.At the same time, when a typhoon approaches, the weather corner may be explained only by Kida.[Note 21]..Basically, it is transmitted in the studio, but in some cases it may be transmitted by relay from outside (in principle, it is transmitted by relay from outside on Friday). From October 2017, Morikawa will be in charge of Monday-Thursday, and on Friday, Mitani, who joined the company as a new announcer in the same year, will be in charge of the weather caster with Kida on behalf of Morikawa. From October 10, Morikawa will be in charge of the news flash, and Kida will be in charge of the news flash alone. Kida).
News flash
Other news is reported at once in about 1 seconds per item.Initially, it was broadcast at the end of the program and was read aloud by the sub-casters.
From 2010, it will move to the middle of the program and the news narration will read it aloud.At this time, the sub-caster reads out the first item at the beginning and then enters the video.In addition, news narration is not included in the news of the obituary of overseas celebrities, and it is often conveyed only in sentences.
The corner was renewed from October 2018, and Morikawa is in charge. BGM is newly added, and the attack sound is different from the previous one.The news items are in a flip format arranged in a special set, and Morikawa holds the flip (may not have it) and tells the item before entering the video.In some news and the last news, Morikawa's supplementary explanation will be included at the end of the video.Morikawa's performances are closed and Fridays are held in the same format as before.
The first period is almost every time (also held on March 1, 2016, the last broadcast of Kodate), that dayTokyo Stock Exchange OfNikkei Stock Average,New York Stock Exchange,London Stock Exchange OfThree major stock exchangesKodate reported on the yen and foreign exchange transactions, and the Japanese government's economic measures that took place on that day,Bank of JapanIt will be held after the end of the broadcast due to the monetary policy of Japan, the economic situation in the world, and the time difference with Japan time.America,Chugoku-ロシア-EUEconomic conditions, employment statistics, economic indicators, etc.GDPThe broadcast of the day ended while explaining the influence of the announcement (such as announcements, etc.) (Kodate rarely commented on the news and weather of the day immediately afterwards).The telop of foreign exchange market transactions is displayed at the bottom of the screen and has been implemented since January 2006, 1.
In the second period, Bucheon rarely communicates yen and foreign exchange transactions, and only displays them as telops.Basically, the broadcast of the sports corner or special feature ends at the same time as the end of the corner, the latest news is reported, or the broadcast ends after Bucheon commented on the news and weather of the day.


The sports corner follows the sports corner of "Nst". Similar to "Nst", more than 9% of professional baseball games are reported during the professional baseball season.On the contrary, in the off-season of professional baseball and on days when there are no games, various sports news, special features, and milestones of each sports season are the main focus.In addition to sports casters, exclusive casters and commentators will also appear and explain.

Due to the expansion of the program broadcast time from October 2018 to Monday to Thursday, this corner has also expanded the broadcast time a little.


As with "Nst," breaking news of the day will continue to be the main content of the program. The camp season in February, the interleague game from May to June (from 2), and the Japan series from October to November (from 5, the climax series before that) are customary.For the Japan Series (including the Climax Series), managers and players other than the relevant team may appear as commentators. Unlike "Nst", "Hodo Station" has its own casters, from the start of the program to 6.Hideki Kuriyama, 2012 to 2014Kimiyasu KudoSince 2015Atsunori InabaAppeared as an exclusive caster.[Note 22]From the renewal on April 2016, 4Maeda SatoshiAlso appears irregularly as an exclusive caster.Furthermore, from October 2017Nobuno KawakamiAppears irregularly as a commentator → an exclusive caster.

Professional baseball bulletin
Professional baseballThe game video of is distributed from each broadcasting station. Until the 2012 season, the detailed score table was displayed in full screen after the match video (except on some days or when only one or two matches were played), but from the 1 season onwards. , It is a simple one that displays a detailed score table at the bottom of the screen at the end of the match video.In some games, a video of a player's hero interview will be included immediately afterwards.
In addition, when Inaba (Kuriyama / Kudo in the past) appears, Inaba (Kuriyama / Kudo in the past) picks up the players of interest before and after issuing the scoreboard from the end of the game video, and explains the player's attention play. are doing.Inaba's "SAMURAI JAPANWith the appointment of the manager, Maeda and Kawakami have mainly picked up the players of interest since October 2017, and explained the players' attention play.
Pick Up One
Introduced from the 2013 season.Take up the hidden and remarkable famous play and rare play of the game, and Uga → Aoyama and Kudo → Inaba convey a bite memo such as comments and records of players and managers.Maeda and Kawakami have been mainly in charge since October 2017 when Inaba became the director of "Samurai Japan".
Atsunori Inaba's best commentary
Introduced from the 2016 season.The basic content is the same as "Pick Up One".
It has not been broadcast since the season after 2018 after Inaba's appointment as SAMURAI JAPAN coach.
Today's heat
Introduced from the 2017 season.We will pick up the hot and exciting scenes from the match of the day.Basically Japanese professional baseball, but not limited to thatMajor LeagueMay also be taken up. A corner reminiscent of the "1 minute game of professional baseball" in "Nst".In November, after the end of the Japan Series, the "Atsumori Grand Prix" was broadcast, which introduces the most memorable enthusiasm play selected by 11 fans of each team.
Atsushi Koshien
"Today's heat"high school baseballversion.The title is literally "Heat fight Koshien』Mojiri.
Monthly Kazushige
Monthly corner.Kazumasa NagashimaInterviews with the giant player / manager and explores the path from the fall period to the major turning point.There are also interviews with players and managers other than giants and big players who have been active in the past.In recent years, the number of times this corner has been broadcast has decreased, and since 2012 it has hardly been broadcast.It disappeared naturally at the same time as the departure of Kodate.
The current location of the Matsuzaka generation
Daisuke MatsuzakaWas activeThe 80rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipWas held in 1998.The corner started 20 years after that.It depicts the history of active and former players who were the same high school baseball players as Matsuzaka at that time, the so-called "Matsuzaka generation", from high school to the present.The narration also corresponds to the Matsuzaka generationEssential.

サ ッ カ ー

Until March 2008Masahiro FukudaFrom April 2008Masato SawatoAppeared as an exclusive caster. There is a difference from the soccer of "Nst",J LeagueIs treated in much the same way as other sports news, in this showFIFA World Cup,AFC Asian Cupな どJapan national football teamIf there is a match, Fukuda (Noboru Sawa) will interview the player / manager of interest, and explain the play of the player of interest. It has become. From 2013Masafumi NakayamaWith the addition of, there is also a commentary with Sawa Noboru in a two-person system.

If there is an important match such as the Japan national football team on the broadcast day, after subtitling the score result of that match at the end of the match video, Fukuda → Sawato (+ Nakayama) picked up one or two items of attention play and that It takes the form of rewinding the play and explaining it.

Fukuda → Noboru SawaJapan national football teamWe will explain the important games of the game with demonstrations.Normally, it is done in a separate studio, but in the case of overseas coverage, there is also a business trip version.
In conjunction with this NOBORI STADIUM, Sawato will work with the Japanese national team players and managers to devise a secret plan, including past play, on how to capture the team in the other country.

Other sports

Interview with players
In addition to the exclusive casters interviewing, sports casters interview athletes who are active in each competition.In addition to the postscript posted on the program official website,Asahi ShimbunIn the evening edition, there is also a column called "Warrior's Hot Time".In the days when Uga was a sports caster, in addition to these, a digest blog with an interviewed player called "Uga-sha" appeared.
Like "Nst", the sports feature extends to a wide range of sports other than baseball and soccer.In this special featureYasuko MiyajimaWill continue to be involved in the interview as a director from "Nst".On rare occasions, Miyajima may appear in the studio.
In addition,Shuzo MatsuokaIn the special feature section of, we will interview the hottest players who are currently attracting attention, and discuss the behind-the-scenes hidden behind the efforts and secrets of the players and the process from the fall period to the big turning point.In addition to this, TV Asahi's sports broadcast with Matsuoka acting as a caster[Note 23]In addition to the above outline, Matsuoka may appear on the site every day during the season or when there is a match.In rare cases, themes other than sports may be taken up.

Special feature / series planning

Issue 1

Report project of Tomoko Nagano.Local coverage of "unreasonable" incidents and events around the world.
As a general rule, he died once every two monthsCelebritySpecial feature project in memory of.An original edited memorial video with interviews with the surroundings and the person himself during his lifetime will be shown, and the studio team will comment at the end.
Series Impressive view!
Motor paragliderOf a flight photographer who shoots while maneuveringTateo YanoA corner that delivers images taken with an ultra-low-altitude camera.The navigator is Hiroko Ichikawa.
The Interview
A plan in which Kodate has a one-on-one conversation with a celebrity. In 1Yoko OnoとHiroyuki ItsukiI went to two people.Finally, Furudate gave me a book with a white cover, and the decision was, "What title will you give when you publish the book (autobiography) in the future?"The narration isAnimal Hamaguchi..It hasn't been held for a while since then, but since 2014, although there is no title, a plan that follows this plan is being carried out.
Nationwide! Opinion book by occupation
August 2009, 8,45th House of Representatives general electionAs a series project to interview voters by occupation, we will start broadcasting from "Tofu shop edition"[20]..It continues to be broadcast even after the election.
Tell us about the war
Revival! Japan's growth potential
Economic journalistSeiichi TakarabeCovers economic growth strategies of well-known companies and SMEs.Currently there is no title, but a project with the same content is being broadcast.

Issue 2

Night train scenery
Friday feature

Besides this, like "Nst"House of Representatives general electionandHouse of Councilors ordinary electionOccasionally, there are plans to take up important issues in the elections of the year and invite the leaders of each party to the studio for live discussions.

Great East Japan Earthquake related projects / series

Listen at the shelter
Nuclear power plant I think like this → Nuclear power plant restarts I think like this
Road to revitalize the disaster area
Looking at reconstruction Rikuzentakata

In addition, after the second year of the 2013 earthquake, one town in the three Tohoku prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) will be on the 2th of every month (if the 11th is Saturday and Sunday, that Friday or the beginning of the week). Kodate talks about the situation in the town while showing a live video of the town.In the second term, instead, a special feature "I want to tell from 11" is being broadcast.However, it has not been broadcast since October 3.

In addition, although the disaster area was relayed until 2013, the disaster area was not relayed from 2014, and a large-scale special feature focusing on the contents of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident is being broadcast.News such as the situation in the disaster area on that day remains in a simple form.

Last broadcast of the Kodate era (March 2016, 3)

In the last broadcast of Kodate, the previous program "News station』の最終回同様、前番組『ニュースステーション』の番組開始と同じ年に植えられたArk HillsWe broadcast the cherry blossoms at night from the row of cherry blossom trees.

番組の後半では気象情報担当やスポーツキャスターやコメンテーターの最後の回で降板する内容の一言を述べ、エンディングでは通常の円相場・為替相場の取引情報を挟み、古舘が当日をもって当番組を降板する内容やこれまで12年間振り返りながらの感想や後任の内容等の一言を約8分間述べた後、最後は立ち上がり「死んでまた再生します! 皆さん、本当にありがとうございました!」と挨拶し、古舘時代での12年間の歴史に幕を閉じた。


Production by the drop-off of KodateFurudate ProjectWill withdraw from the production of news programs at the same time.Along with this, the production production of the news program at 30:22 on weekdays, which had continued for XNUMX and a half years since the previous program "News Station" era, was abolished, and it was completely shifted to TV Asahi's independent production.

It should be noted that the successor, Yuta Tomikawa, did not appear, so he only mentioned a word about the successor, and the moderator, such as presenting a bouquet, was not taken over at all.

The audience rating of the final episode of the Kodate era was 15.2% (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time)[21].

Suspicion, false alarm, and reporting attitude issues

  • 2007May 12 : May 11BroadcastJapan McDonald'sIt was revealed that the program staff was wearing a part-time job uniform and a store manager's badge when a woman who had already retired was made to appear as a witness in the report of the falsification problem of the cooking date and time. ..Immediately after the broadcast, he said, "It's strange that the former store manager is wearing a part-time job uniform." "In the uniform before the model change."CamouflageSuspicion is raised[22],BPOSubmitted a written opinion asking TV Asahi to reflect on this as an overproduction.[23]..In addition, criticisms were raised on some websites as well as BPO regarding the subsequent response of the program to these over-directed problems.[24]..On TV Asahi, Kodate apologized in the program, "It is confusing and misleading to the viewer. It was the wrong way. I'm sorry," and the public relations department said, "I misunderstood the viewer, but the testimony itself was falsified. I see it as the truth that supports the broadcast. "[25]..The woman who gave the forged testimony was a female college student at the time and was working part-time at the Kodate project, which is Kodate's agency, and had a job offer from the same office.[26]..Even after the problem was discovered, there was no disposition such as cancellation of the offer, and he joined the Kodate project as it was.[26], The voice of criticism also rose.[26]
  • 2008 4 Month 11 Day:AomoriIn the special feature related to the Rokkasho-mura reprocessing plant, in addition to the video that seriously hinders the security of nuclear facilities, the video of the site and protected area taken without permission was broadcast without permission or confirmation.In addition, the content of the special feature itself is also a party, saying that there are many misunderstandings and biases in facts, lack of scientific basis, and arousing anxiety.Japan Nuclear FuelHas received severe protests from.[27][28]
  • June 2008, 6: Before the Liberal Democratic Party officers' liaison meeting, a video of attendees chatting was shown, as if Kodate was holding a meeting on the medical system for the elderly aged 3 or over, "You can laugh a lot. Great. The politicians are. "This was criticized by the Liberal Democratic Party as "a way of reporting that misleads the Liberal Democratic Party officers as if they were laughing at the story of the medical system for the elderly," and the program was notified of the indefinite prohibition of shooting by the party board members. Ta[29].
  • 2008 7 Month 23 Day:TokushimaChairman of the National Federation of Land Improvement Business Organizations in reporting the embezzlement case over land improvementMember of the House of Representatives-Hironori NonakaI played the video.Nonaka has filed a complaint with the BPO that the federation is misleading in relation to the case and that it is defamation and infringement of portrait rights. On March 2009, 3, the BPO ruled that there was a serious violation of broadcasting ethics and made a recommendation to TV Asahi.[30].
  • 2009May 11On the broadcastLindsay Ann Hawker's Murder CaseOf the suspect,Plastic surgeryThe image of a hospital sign that has nothing to do with the medical institutiontelopI shed it without putting it in.The medical institution did not consent to the interview.It was discovered by an indication from the hospital.Regarding this matter, TV Asahi announced the next day's "Super morningI apologized for this program.[31][32][33][34]
  • September 2014, 9: Over the Sendai Nuclear Power PlantNuclear Regulatory CommissionI misrepresented the content of the question and answer session at the press conference.Of the chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority to be interviewedShunichi TanakaHowever, he made a VTR manuscript and edited a series of statements that seemed to refuse to answer the two questions.In response to the protest from the regulatory committee, apologized and corrected in the program, and the program producersPay cutI was punished. On February 2015, 2, the BPO issued a statement stating that it lacked objectivity, accuracy and fairness and violated broadcasting ethics.[35].
  • 2015 2 Month 2 Day:Japanese detention case by ISILAt the time, "Ministry of Foreign Affairs ThePrime Minister's OfficeAgainstMiddle EastHe advised me to review the visit itself. "Shinzo Abeprime minister Islamic countryHe also reported that the Middle East policy speech, which announced support for countermeasures, was "prepared by the official residence."On the following day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the broadcast content was different from the fact, and with Foreign Press Secretary Yasuhisa KawamuraDirector of Middle East and AfricaTsukasa UemuraProtested under the joint name of[36][37]..TV Asahi Public Relations Department says that the broadcast content is based on interviews[37].
  • Nobuo IkedaAccording to 2015Syrian hostage caseAt that time, it was the TV Asahi's "Hodo Station" that stood out in the news that "terrorists can understand it by talking".Asahi Shimbun Comfort women uproarで"Angle" coverageWhile refraining from doing so, the coverage of TV Asahi became more radical.[38].
  • March 2015, 3: As a guest commentatorShigeaki KogaAt that time, he made unplanned remarks such as "I was forced to quit due to terrible bashing from TV Asahi, Kodate Productions, and the official residence."Kodate repairs the place, but says "I am not ABE"
    He brought out the written flip, said, "It's not just a criticism of Abe," and said, "I heard that the editor in charge (of this program) will be forced to quit due to pressure." "Don't say anything that has nothing to do with" "It's different from the setup"[39]..However, Koga also told the program executives, "It's fine to say it during the commercial, but I'm appearing with a name. If you protest openly, it's okay to say your name." He replied to the director of the broadcasting station who was persistently saying, "Is this your job? Isn't it? Why did you change if it wasn't a change? It's your job to protect it."[40].. On April 4, the Liberal Democratic Party heard from TV Asahi executives that there was a problem with the program content after receiving this broadcast.It is extremely unusual for the LDP to interview TV station executives directly on individual programs.[41].
  • September 2015: Takasu Clinic of Cosmetic SurgerySecurity billAnnounced that it will stop sponsoring after October, saying that there is a bias in the reporting attitude in the program.TwitterでKatsuya TakasuThe president himself tweeted, "I was disappointed. I will stop sponsoring from next month."At a later date, "Opinions on the billleftIf there is an opinion ofrightDespite the opinion of the left, he emphasizes the left and only reports that it is too convenient for the left as if it were the majority. " While taking it up, the voices of the supporters were not reflected, "he said.[42][43][44].
  • February 2016, 2: Professional baseballKiyohara KazuhiroFormer playerStimulantFormer caseDetectiveThe man's "KansaiSource ofGangster"The detective in charge"OsakaI was introduced to a gangster by a former professional boxer based in Japan who won the world championship. "Former professional boxing world champion on the Internet bulletin board during the broadcastJiro WatanabeA lot of posts were posted, and Watanabe was later reported as if he introduced a gangster official to Kiyohara, saying that it was defamation, and it was 1 million yen on TV Asahi.Restitution for DamagesI filed a lawsuit.TV Asahi claimed that it was not identified as Watanabe, but on June 6thOsaka District CourtOrdered TV Asahi to pay 150 million yen.Based on his past career, the presiding judge pointed out that "it is not difficult for viewers to associate that it was Mr. Watanabe who was reported."In fact, Watanabe and Kiyohara said that they had no friendship, and decided that the content of the report was not proved to be true.[45][46].
  • March 2016, 3: Responsible for the program's Wednesday commentatorSean McArdle Kawakami aka Sean KSuspicion of misrepresentation of educational background and careerWeekly BunshunDiscovered by the news, Sean offered to drop the show on TV Asahi.Kodate apologized for the misrepresentation of educational background and career, and the dismissal of the program on the broadcast on the 16th when the alleged news came out.[47].
  • June 2016, 6: Recorded on this dayHouse of Councilors electionIn the party leader debate about, the recording end time was announced as 18:XNUMX, but it was extended from the schedule.The Asahi Shimbun complained about this when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe complained, "I'm in trouble if I don't keep the time. I'll be late for the flight."[48]Etc. Each media regarded this Abe's remark as a problem[49][50]..On the other hand, Abe is in the name of a secretaryFacebookAbove, "I understand that the TV Asahi side will strictly adhere to the end of 18:18, so I want to do it." "I understand that I have to stand up after 1:XNUMX." The production that gives the impression that this is discontinued is cowardly. ”“ In the Diet, even if the Prime Minister is delayed by one minute, it will be an apology or a breakup. I argued[51].. Note thatDemocratic Party OfKatsuya OkadaRepresentative"I'm afraid I think it's the prime minister," he said.Komeito-Yamaguchi NatsuoRepresentative,Osaka Restoration Society-Toranosuke KatayamaThe co-representatives expressed the view that we also have a schedule and want to keep time. J-CAST News asked the TV Asahi Public Relations Department to comment on the series of events, but replied, "We have not answered about the process leading up to the broadcast."[49].
  • 2017 6 Month 7 Day:FukuokaOgoriAs the eldest son who was murdered in the murder of three mothers and children, he mistakenly broadcast a photo of another person who had nothing to do with the case.Discovered the next day and apologized in the broadcast on the same day[52].
  • June 2018, 6: Occurred on the same dayNorthern Osaka EarthquakeWhen reporting onTakatsukiIn addition to reporting the real name of the girl who died under the block wall of the pool that collapsed in, she lacked consideration, such as interviewing a classmate's child to the effect of "what do you think (friend) died?" I dare to report.In addition, commentator Goto said in the studio, "It was the House of Councilors that made me feel uncomfortable.Settlement Committee"What happened to the government?" "What will the government do when the damage is expanding? I haven't thought about it." Although it was Mr.'s administration, all of them gathered at the official residence immediately after being interrupted. Since it was an earthquake that occurred in a big city, all of them gathered at the official residence, I think it was possible to respond sufficiently. " Unfold andGreat East Japan Earthquakeof timeKan CabinetWith a body that seems to praiseAbe CabinetBroadcasted content that criticized the response of.The content of this broadcast was flooded with criticisms from viewers, such as "It is impossible for a child to ask,'How do you feel when your friend died?'" And "I don't know the nerve to interview the victims." But "I'm using the Osaka earthquake as a source of criticism of the government." "Did I just want to criticize the government after all?"Naoto KanDo you praise the former Prime Minister's response to the Great East Japan Earthquake? "[53].
  • February 2019, 2: February 7, 6,Constitutional Democratic PartyCountry vs. ChairmanKiyomi Tsujimoto South KoreamembershipLawyerThat he had been donated for at least two yearsEvening FujiScooped.This news isインターネットIt became a hot topic above, and criticisms of Tsujimoto continued.However, in the broadcast on the same day, it took only about one minute to pick up the news, and the nationality of the lawyer was also vaguely expressed as "foreign nationality", and Tsujimoto said that "the nationality has not been confirmed" and "already corrected. The content emphasized that, and there was no mention from commentator Goto.Political Funds Control LawThere were a lot of questions from viewers about this broadcast content because of the problem that could conflict with[54].
  • June 2019, 12: "Cherry blossom viewingIn the press about, the Liberal Democratic PartyHiroshige SekoAt the press conference, the Secretary-General of the House of Councilors said, "(The Prime Minister) explained the range that can be explained firmly." Eh? Already saying "Happy New Year" ... (laughs) "SekoTwitter"The cutout of the news station tonight is terrible. After the regular press conference, I just said" Happy New Year "in the sense that today's conference may be the last of this year, but it's cherry blossoms I am editing it as if I was trying to make the problem go through the year in connection with the meeting to see. This is the impression manipulation. "" The comment "The Prime Minister explained enough" at today's press conference and the interview. Since there is a possibility of the last press conference of this year after the end, saying "Happy New Year" is not connected in terms of time or context. I am editing it by connecting it to the style of "Impression manipulation."The following day, on the 11th, the director of the TV Asahi news agency visited the secretary-general's office and apologized for using the video after the interview and for editing by connecting different parts of the context.Also, in the program on the same day, Bucheon said, "Yesterday, in the news of the Sakura wo Miru Kai, at the end of the VTR, the secretary-general of the LDP's House of Councilors Seko said,'Happy New Year.' This was Mr. Seko's remark after the regular press conference, which stated the schedule of the future conference. It is a remark that is not directly related to the Sakura wo Miru Kai, and the explanation is not polite on the broadcast. I apologize to Mr. Seko and the viewers for the misleading expressions. "[55][56][57].
  • April 2020, 4: Bucheon on April 13New coronavirusIn infection testPositiveWas confirmed[58]In response to this, from this day the performers will be narrowed down to Ogi, Mori and Itakura.At the beginning of the program, Ogi explained the matter to the viewers and apologized, "I have taken this situation seriously while repeatedly appealing for the importance of infection prevention in the program."Bucheon complained of poor physical condition on the 9th, but continued to appear after that.[59][60].. Two new staff members were found infected on April 4[61]..The production staff was also instructed to wait at home, and the production staff of other programs are currently acting on their behalf.[62]..The performers except Bucheon returned in sequence by the end of April (including remote appearances from some separate rooms) and continued the program with Ogi as the main caster, but Bucheon will return from June 4th. As a result, for the time being, Ogi and Tokunaga will be dispersed from Monday to Wednesday, and Bucheon and Morikawa will be dispersed on Thursday and Friday.[63].
  • On March 2021, 3, TV Asahi released a web commercial for "Hodo Station"YouTubePublished on Twitter and.In the 30-second version released on YouTube, a young woman laughs at the viewer, saying, "When some politician has a slogan like'gender equality', it feels outdated."[64]..Criticism was concentrated on the Internet, saying that "women's contempt is overflowing" in response to the broadcaster's message that "it is outdated to hold gender equality"[65].. JournalistRenge HaribeAnnounced in 2019 by the World Economic ForumGender gap indexHe criticized the commercial, taking as an example that Japan was ranked 153st out of 121 countries. "I'm letting women say that they've been misunderstood that'gender equality has been achieved.'" The younger generation says that women are "no discrimination." I think that the composition is really malicious. "[66]。テレビ朝日は3月24日の午後0時台に番組の公式ツイッターで「意図をきちんとお伝えすることができませんでした」「不快な思いをされた方がいらしたことを重く受け止め」と述べ、CMを削除した[67][68].


  • 2017May 4And the same yearMay 8の2回、「きょうの熱盛」のコーナーで使われるテロップと効果音が無関係な場面で放送されるNGが発生している(Details).

Differences from the news station

"Nst] And this program are not only in the same broadcast time zone, but also very similar to the program name, so it is easy to misunderstand that "Hodo Station" has changed the title of "Nst" and changed it, but TV Asahi and the same Was producing a programOffice to oneIsHodo Station"と"Nst"Is a completely unrelated programOffice to One is not involved in the production of this program at all.

  • The performers were totally replaced.However, Akiko Kawano, Teruji Kakuzawa, and Hideki Kuriyama, who were involved in the "Nst" sports corner, will also appear in "Hodo Station".In addition, he was involved as a reporter and director in the "Nst" sports feature.Yasuko MiyajimaWill continue to be involved as a reporter and director in the "Hodo Station" sports feature.
  • The management of the production company and performers is Office to One (Kumeya)Watanabe MariIn addition, I left TV Asahi during the appearanceEtsuko KomiyaWas not enrolled and had an exclusive contract with TV Asahi)Furudate Project(With KodateTomoko Nagano). In "Nst", Office to One was in charge of management and program production, but in "Hodo Station", the Kodate project remained in the management of the performers.
  • With the departure of Kodate, the Kodate project also withdrew from co-production, so the co-production that had continued from the previous program "Nst" has disappeared, and from the renewal on April 2016, 4, it is now the independent production of TV Asahi.
  • On the sales side, the broadcast time and time advertisement, the first commercial by 10 pm, and the 1th commercial after 11 pm will continue from the latter half of the previous program "N Ste" --- the final stage of October 7, 2001. in use.However, the number of commercials and the timing of commercials have been changed, and time advertisements will be distributed from January 10, and time advertisements will be inserted even at the end of the program.
    • At the time of expansion of drama and variety programs, "PartnerFor Wednesday and Thursday during the Stebreless formation during the broadcast period, the first commercial is inserted in the middle of the program after 1 pm.Especially regarding the latter, from 10 and 2015, criminal dramas other than "Buddy" ("Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Department 9 Section XNUMX→ →Tokuso 9''7 criminals』) The same organization is adopted during the broadcast period, and the timetable is slightly different on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Wednesday, Thursday.
  • It is positioned as ANN's prime time news, and currently "Production: ANN affiliated companies, production work: tv asahi" is displayed at the end of the program, but previously it was co-produced by ANN like "N Ste". The ANN affiliated stations were "cooperation" to the last (cooperation: ANN affiliated companies, production work: tv asahi).
    • From the renewal on April 2016, 4, now only on Friday, before displaying this telop, it will be broadcast two days later.News station SUNDAY(Until March 2017) → Broadcast on Saturday the next daySaturday Station』(From April 2017) is displaying one item of the broadcast schedule.

Program title

The year before the program started,Kume HiroshiAt a press conference announcing the end of "Nst", when Kume's departure was revealed, on August 2003, 8Nikkan SportsThere was a question about some reports about "Kume's" Nst "after leaving, Kodate as a successor", and Kume said, "I heard that the program itself called" News Station "will end after leaving. It's strange to do it. "

The program title has been examined in coordination with various parties.[69]However, it was named "Hodo Station," which inherited part of the title of "News Station."In the newspaper report, ""Nst"In the sense of taking over the good points ofIt is said.Former announcer of the same station, Kodate, until thenEntertainment showsI am in charge of many sports such as the moderator and professional wrestling, and as a news program caster, I need to overturn that "light image", so I dare to give the program title a heavy image漢字It is said that it was made into "reporting".

Program theme song

  1. 2004May 4 - 2011May 4: "Open Mind" (Takashi Matsunaga-Saori Yano)
    • It is the longest in history (7 years) including the "news station" era.
    • He is also in charge of the BGM of the news flash at the end of the program.
    • Sports:199110から19939The theme song of "The ☆ CNN" that was broadcast up to is diverted.
  2. 2011May 4 --March 2016, 3: "I am" (Manami Morita (Manami Morita)・ Zak Croxall ・Thomas Hartman)
    • Sports: "MOVE ON" (KAZSIN)
  3. April 2016, 4-March 11, 2020: "Starting Five" (J Squad)[70]
    • Sports: "Miracle Shot" (KAZSIN)
    • J Squad is also in charge of BGM for news flash (studio part) from October 2018[Note 24].
  4. March 2020, 3-: "Brave"

Internet station

TV broadcast
"Hodo Station" Program Net Station
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast periodBroadcast date
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi(EX)
Program Production Bureau
TV Asahi seriesOctober 2004, 4-Mon-Friday
21:54 - 23:10
HokkaidoHokkaido TV(HTB)
AomoriAomori Asahi Broadcasting(ABA)
IwateIwate Asahi TV(IAT)
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting(KHB)
AkitaAkita Asahi Broadcasting(AAB)
YamagataYamagata TV(YTS)
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting(KFB)
NaganoNagano Asahi Broadcasting(Abn)
NiigataNiigata TV 21(UX)
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TV(SATV)
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi Broadcasting(HAB)
Chukyo wide areaMe ~ Tele(NBN)
Kinki wide areaAsahi Broadcasting TV(ABC TV)[Note 25]
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TV(HOME)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting(Yab)
Okayama-KagawaSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting(KSB)
EhimeEhime Asahi TV(Eat)
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC)
NagasakiNagasaki Cultural Broadcasting(NCC)
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting(KAB)
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting(OAB)
KagoshimaKagoshima Broadcasting(KKB)
OkinawaRyukyu Asahi Broadcasting(OAB)
Internet distribution
  • ABEMA NEWS --From April 2017, 4, every Tuesday --Saturday 11:0 --00:2 (Monday --Friday midnight)
    • From around 0:20, the TV Asahi series terrestrial broadcast on the eve will be delayed.
    • However, sports corners will be cut due to rights.
    • Until March 2020, it was distributed under the program name of "AbemaNews x Hodo Station".

Related program

Broadcast every Friday around 21:XNUMXTamoriIs chaired byMusic programSo, it is a derivative program of "Nst" which has "Station" in the program title. From the start of October 1986 to September 10, it will be broadcast on Fridays around 2019:9.
October 2011, 10-A news program that aired every Sunday during April 2, 2017.The aim was to collaborate and strengthen with this program on weekdays.Initially, it was broadcast before noon, but from April 4, the frame was moved or reduced in the evening.
A news and information program that began broadcasting every Saturday and Sunday from 2017:4 to 22:20 on April 54, 21. "Hodo Station" inherits the performers and program elements from "Hodo Station SUNDAY". From April 54, "Sataste" will be expanded by 2018 minutes every Saturday from 4:16 to 20:54, and "Sunste" will be moved to every Sunday from 22:10 to 16:30. From October 18, "Sataste" will be reduced by 00 minutes every Saturday from 2020:10 to 15:20, and "Sunste" will be moved to every Sunday from 54:21 to 55:21.
Of national electionsElection special program.. August 200420rd House of Councilors ordinary electionSince then, it has been continuously broadcast as a special program of "Hodo Station".
The previous program of this program.Although it is positioned as a separate program from this program, the production method etc. are still inherited from "Nst".
Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.From October 2016, 10, on the 21th Friday of every month at 4:22-live on the radio featuring Kodate, which will be broadcast live at 00:0 the following day.Wide program.


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  1. ^ Subtitles: 2009May 4・ Baseball broadcast (from 2006?)Real-time subtitle broadcasting
  2. ^ "Hodo Station" will be broadcast the day after the last broadcast of the year "Music Station Super LiveWas "ANN News" immediately after the program until 2012, but since 2013 it has been broadcast after the program "Search for the LOL problem Since "Entertainer Story Festival" started at 23:10, "ANN News" will be broadcast from around 1:10 before dawn the next day (Saturday).
  3. ^ NHK General then 2006May 4Than"News watch 9』Move to 21:XNUMX on weekdays.
  4. ^ Depending on the news, experts and reporters may be invited to explain together.
  5. ^ However, on this dayWorld Baseball ClassicDue to the extension of the game, it will be expanded 0 minutes later until 15:65 the next day.
  6. ^ 2018年10月5日 - 2020年4月10日は金曜日、2020年4月13日 - 5月29日はNew coronavirusIn charge of the main caster of the month-Friday on behalf of Yuta Tomikawa who was infected with
  7. ^ From July 2017, 4, "Sunday Station』お天気キャスター(2018年3月まで)→ニュースキャスター(2018年4月から2019年9月まで)を兼任、2019年10月4日から2020年5月29日金曜メインキャスター兼任、2020年6月4日より現ポディション。
  8. ^ If it was a Friday appearance,Sports paradise(Shizuoka Asahi Television), I sometimes rented the studio of this program and made a live appearance.
  9. ^ As a weather caster until March 2021Masaru KidaIn charge with.Of the programs in the 21:XNUMX range excluding Mondays and TuesdaysCross programAlso in charge of live notice from the studio that will be broadcast following.
  10. ^ On Thursday, the counterprogram "Sakurai/Ariyoshi THE Night Party』(TBS) Is in charge of narration.
  11. ^ July 2018-October will be closed due to maternity leave.
  12. ^ Broadcast on August 2006, 7Nippon TVMidnight program ofMino Monta's "Sashimi only"When Kodate made a guest appearance in Hodo Station, Mino directly appealed for Hodo Station, and the appearance was realized.
  13. ^ After that, he may appear in the studio as a guest after the end of the season or in the off-season of professional baseball, or by telephone.
  14. ^ Like Kuriyama mentioned above, he has appeared every year after the end of the season and in the off-season of professional baseball.2015 Japan Series,2017 Japan Series,2018 Japan Series,2019 Japan SeriesAnd command himselfFukuoka Softbank HawksAppears as a guest in the studio every year, such as when he achieved the third consecutive title in the Japan Series.
  15. ^ Until 2017, there were many studio appearances for baseball commentary on the game of the day, but after October 2017Baseball representative from Japanof"SAMURAI JAPAN』Because he was appointed as the director, he only appeared several times a year, and after that, Maeda and Kawakami below are mainly in the studio and baseball commentary on the game of the day.
  16. ^ From April 2017nd and 4rd, 22, "Saturday Station''Sunday Station] In charge of sub-caster.
  17. ^ From January 2020th to March 4th, 13Yuta Bucheon OfNew coronavirusActed as the acting main caster of Yumi Tokunaga, who appeared in a separate room after refraining from appearing due to infection and returning.
  18. ^ The latter appears as a substitute for Miyuki Sawashiro during maternity leave.
  19. ^ The program itself was produced by TV Asahi,Program originally scheduled to be broadcastWas the production frame of Asahi Broadcasting (at that time), so the station sent out the program, provided credits, and put out commercials (that is, it was treated as a joint production of Asahi Broadcasting and TV Asahi).
  20. ^ 2012 days in 4, 2013 day in 1. In 2014, the autumn leaves will be broadcast from Gunma.
  21. ^ At this time, Morikawa headed to the disaster site and sometimes appeared from the site.
  22. ^ Until 2017, there were many studio appearances for baseball commentary on the game of the day, but after October 2017Baseball representative from Japanof"SAMURAI JAPAN』Because he was appointed as the director, he only appeared several times a year, and after that, Maeda and Kawakami below are mainly in the studio and baseball commentary on the game of the day.
  23. ^ Figure skating(ISU Grand Prix Series)・World swimming championship-Pan Pacific Swimming Championships-US Open Golf-British Open Golf-OlympicIs applicable.
  24. ^ Initially, it was a separate BGM.
  25. ^ Until March 2018, 3 (the last broadcast date of this program in 30), Asahi Broadcasting will be broadcast because the trade name was changed and the company was not spun off due to the transition to a certified broadcasting holding company on April 2017, 4.


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