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😷 | [New Corona] Nagano City Announces Infection of 28 People Explained at a Press Conference from 5 pm Cumulative total of more than 3000 people in the prefecture

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[New Corona] Nagano City Announces Infection of 28 People Explained at a Press Conference from 5 pm Cumulative total of more than 3000 people in the prefecture

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In Nagano City, as the number of newly infected people is increasing, the prefecture's own infection alert level "5" "Special Warning 2" has been issued, and business hours are targeted at restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages in the central city area. Is requested to be shortened.

Nagano City announced on the 7th that 28 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in the city.Reporter from 5 pm ... → Continue reading

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City center

City centerWhat is (Chishinshingaichi)?cityThe center of the region inCentral business districtThat is. An area where the population is concentrated and the commerce and administrative functions are substantial.motorizationWith the progress ofProvincial cityThe city area is continuing to decline. Also,Low birthrate and aging populationThere is also a historical background ofCompact cityIt aims toMunicipalitiesIn recent years,City tourism, Machinaka co-location, town development where people can live on foot, etc.activationIs being carried out.



In the past, many local cities in Japan were mixed with work and housing, and the population and employment were concentrated in the center.High economic growth periodThen, since the preference for suburban detached houses became stronger,SuburbThe population that moves toConcentrated areaHas expanded (Donut phenomenon). Around the 1980s, retail stores and lifestyle-related service stores increased in the suburbs where population increased, andSuburbanizationThere has occurred. Along with that, wholesale and business service offices, whose main customers are stores, also moved to the suburbs, and in the central city area.Long-established storeretail store·localDepartment store-Financial institution(station-Government office(Emphasis on proximity to) ・Large corporate branches were left[1].

But,Bubble economy OfCollapseThe number of companies engaged in economic activities in the central area has decreased due to changes in the propensity to consume and the shrinking of branches.As a result, in many cities in the 1990s, in the centerShutter streetHas happened, and only vacant stores and parking lots have become conspicuous.[1].

In the late 1990s,Tokyo areaThe reorganization of business spaces and the development of condominiums will increase, and the population and industry will return to the center.Return to the city centerA phenomenon called "" has come to be seen. Since the 2000s, even in local prefectural capitals and small and medium-sized citiesTower mansionbyUrban redevelopmentIt is said that there is a return to the city center even in rural areas, although the degree is different.[1].

Urban development

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(OldMinistry of Construction(Jurisdiction) Urban Bureau Urban Policy Divisiontown planningAs an active business, the following basic policies of city administration are shown.

  • Promote comprehensive and systematic urban development through the operation of the city planning system........ While aiming for proper operation by enhancing the system,City planningUtilizing道路-park-SewerEtc.Urban infrastructure facilityMaintenance of theLand readjustment project,Urban redevelopmentComprehensive, systematic, and lively town development with a lively environment, and development of a restricted zone system,public facilityUrban development with sufficientlandInduction volume system for promoting effective use,residentsThe detailed vision of community development while carefully reflecting the opinions of市町村It plans to promote with a basic policy such as the establishment of a basic policy on city planning.
  • Green conservation and creation, good cityLandscapeComprehensive and systematic city-to-city cooperation that promotes the formation ofEnvironmentPromotion of measures.
  • Promotion of comprehensive maintenance of local base urban areas
  • Streets, parks, sewers, etc.Urban infrastructure facilityPlanned maintenance, urban redevelopment projects, and further improvement and promotion of land readjustment projects.
  • Sophistication and softening of industrial structure, diversification of lifestyle,Internationalization, AltitudeInformatization,AgingBecomes the core of the development of urban administration and the town development that accurately responds to the new trends of economy and society.Commercial areaPromotion of urban development that anticipates economic and social changes, such as promotion of urban development that responds to economic and social changes, such as support for the promotion of the development of specific commercial clusters
  • Promotion of urban development utilizing the vitality of the private sector
  • Of cityDisaster preventionPromotion of structuring

Latin America

Latin AmericaHowever, urban planning at the time of construction has something in common, regardless of size. First in the center広 場Make and around it(I.e.とGovernment officeWas placed.Areas farther from the centerPoor districtWas formed[2].

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