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😷 | Kyushu Reconstruction Support Tour XNUMXnd Category Award, "Tetsujitsu of the Year" Grand Prix? "What is this railroad !?" XNUMXth

Photo JR Kyushu Railway "Hayato no Kaze" = March XNUMX, XNUMX, in Kagoshima Prefecture (photographed by the author)

What is the "Tetsujuku of the Year" Grand Prix, two awards for the Kyushu reconstruction support tour? "What is this railroad !?" XNUMXth

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On the other hand, a large-scale tourism project "Destination Campaign" (DC) held by six JR passenger companies and local governments will be held in the next fiscal year. Also joined in 6.

The XNUMXth edition of "Tetsutabi of the Year" (sponsored by the Tetsutabi of the Year Executive Committee), which selects excellent railway travel products ... → Continue reading


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