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😷 | XNUMX newly infected people in Hiroshima prefecture, XNUMX mutant viruses confirmed XNUMXth new corona

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XNUMX newly infected people in Hiroshima prefecture confirmed XNUMX mutant viruses XNUMXth new corona

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In addition, on the 7th, out of the patients who had been confirmed to be infected, 2 in Kure City, 2 in the eastern part of the prefecture, and 4 in the western part of the prefecture, a total of 8 people were infected with the mutant virus. It was announced that it was confirmed.

Seven new infected people were announced in Hiroshima Prefecture on the XNUMXth of the new corona. (XNUMX people the day before) Hiroshima City, Fukuyama City, ... → Continue reading

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