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😷 | <New Corona> "Finally ..." Vaccines for the elderly arrived Sequentially from the XNUMXth [Niigata]


<New Corona> "Finally ..." Vaccines for the elderly arrived Sequentially from the XNUMXth [Niigata]

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Some of the vaccines that arrive in Nagaoka will be distributed to Tokamachi and Izumozaki, and will be stored in the freezer until the day of inoculation.

[Reporter's report] "A truck carrying a vaccine has entered the Niigata City Hall. A book for priority inoculation of the elderly ... → Continue reading

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Izumozaki Town

Izumozaki Town(Izumo Zakichi)Niigata OfChuetsu regionIt is inSea of ​​JapanFacingtown..Known for the townscape with his wife.


YoshihiroKnown for its place of birth,Matsuo Basho OfBack pathAlso appeared in.Under the direct control of the Shogunate during the Edo periodHeavenBecome the groundKitamaebunePort of call,Sado IslandIt prospered as a land for unloading gold and silver from Japan, and it was said that 3.6 to 2 people lived along the road of about 3 km.[2].."Modern" in JapanoilThe birthplace of industry "Paper balloonIt is also the number one producer in Japan (more than 80% of the national market share).The shallow sea spreads out, and in 2008 it was famous for being a black enka singer.Jero OfSea snowIt became the stage of.Sea of ​​Japan side climateso,Heavy snowfallIs also specified.

NagaokaCommuting rate to 25.1% ・KashiwazakiThe commuting rate to Japan is 15.4% (both according to the 22 census).



1616(Genwa2 years) was established.

In the early modern period, it was divided into two towns, Izumozaki and Amaze, and each had a village head (Tachibana, Kyoya).[3][4]..The former is Izumozaki Honmachi (Sumiyoshi Town, Ishii Town, Haguro Town), and the latter is Amaze (Iwafune Town, Inari Town, Ise Town).KidoWas provided[3][4].


  • 1889(Meiji22 years) June 4- Municipal systemWith the enforcement, Izumozaki Sumiyoshi Town, Izumozaki County, Izumozaki Ishii Town, Izumozaki Haguro Town, Izumozaki Narutaki Town, Izumozaki Kiori Town, and Inohana Village merged.Izumozaki TownWas launched.
  • 1904(Meiji 37) April 4-Mishima-gunAmaze TownMerged withIzumozaki TownNewly established.
  • 1957(Showa32) June 6-Mishima-gunNishikoshi VillageMerged withIzumoInstalled.same day,Izumozaki TownChanged the name to.
  • 1958(Showa 33) January 1-Separated Oaza Takahata and incorporated it into Washima Village, Santo District.

Merger of municipalities

Great Heisei mergerでYoita Town,Wajima VillageA voluntary council was set up to create "Ryokan Town" through the merger with, but it was abandoned after all.Although both towns and villages were incorporated into Nagaoka City, the town remained independent.


Population distribution by age in Izumozaki Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Izumozaki Town (2005)
■Purple-Izumozaki Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Izumozaki Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • Mayor: Noriyuki Kobayashi (1988May 2From the 9th term[5])
  • Town council: constant 10 people


Nippon Oil (currentlyENEOS) The birthplaceAmase Oil FieldIs located in the town and is adjacent to Kashiwazaki CityNishiyama districtAt the same time, the oil industry was once thriving.


Izumozaki fishing port in the town[6]There is.

Sister cities/partner cities



Besides thisSeaside schoolIs set up, and students come from outside the prefecture in the summer.


Railway line

The railway line runs inland, about 4 km away from the coast.

Transit Bus

  • Echigo traffic --Operates a fixed-route bus.In addition to the completed lines in the town, there are lines connecting to Kashiwazaki city and Nagaoka city.
  • Izumozaki-cho demand traffic "Temarin" --Started operation in April 2019[7][8].. As of 2020, it operates every 30 minutes with the entire town as the service area, not just by telephone.LINECan be booked at[9]..In addition to regular flights that operate throughout the town, there is a "Welcome Liner Flight" that connects to the route bus from the Nagaoka area at the Chuei Bus Stop of Echigo Kotsu.[9].


From 1974 (Showa 49) to 1980 (Showa 55)North country roadA national highway bypass was constructed on the coast to bypass[4].


  • Electric at "Hot Information Center Hidamari" in front of Izumozaki StationRental BikeIs being rented out.

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Famous people

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  • Jero("Sea snow"Izumozaki" is included in the lyrics of the black enka singer who sings. )


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  • "Municipal Name Transition Dictionary" published by Tokyodo, 1990.

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