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😷 | XNUMX new infections in Tochigi Prefecture Cumulative total of XNUMX people Announced on the XNUMXth of the new corona


XNUMX new infections in Tochigi Prefecture Total XNUMX new Corona announced on XNUMXth

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Twenty-nine men and women in their teens to 10s in Oyama City, Utsunomiya City, Sano City, Ashikaga City, Tochigi City, Nakagawa Town, Nasukarasuyama City, and Nogi Town were newly confirmed to be infected.

Tochigi Prefecture and Utsunomiya City announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX new people have been infected with the new coronavirus.New infection confirmed ... → Continue reading

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Utsunomiya City

Utsunomiya City(Depression Miyashi)TochigiLocated in the middleCity..Tochigi prefecturePrefectural office locationAnd in the largest citiesCore cityIs specified in.

North KantoBiggestcityAnd,Capital AreaHas the 10th largest population as a city in Japan[Annotation 1].


Utsunomiya CityTochigiThe prefectural capital of the prefecture, in the central and southern part of the prefecture,Kanto PlainLocated in the north central part.The city centerNikko mountain rangeFromMountainConverges平野Boundary area, which is a partFutarasan Shrine (Futarayama Jinja)Utsunomiya Castle Ruins ParkIt is formed around the vicinity.In the city areaKinugawa,Tagawa,Kamakawa,Shinkawa,SugatagawaSuch asRiverFlows, and the riverbank isRiver terraceAlluvial plainIt has become.

Pacific WarSince the end of the event, the population of residents has increased dramatically due to the expansion of the Utsunomiya city area (former Utsunomiya town and Utsunomiya city area).2007/(Heisei19 years)May 3Kawachi-gunKamikochi TownandKawachi TownAs of March 2007, 19, just before the merger, the population of Utsunomiya City had already reached 3.[1]..Currently, the city area population has exceeded 50 and is still on the rise, which is the largest not only in Tochigi prefecture but also in the northern Kanto region.[2].

A large inland industrial park was developed in the eastern part of the city,1984/(Showa59 years)Kanto regionThen only "Technopolis"Region-designated by various manufacturersResearch and DevelopmentBases are set up, etc.Industrial cityIt is the largest regional commercial and industrial city in Kita-Kantou and one of the leading regional commercial and industrial cities in Japan.In addition to being located in the metropolitan areaTohoku Shinkansen,Utsunomiya Line(Tohoku Main Line and Shonan Shinjuku Line-Ueno Tokyo Line) And other railway linesCity centerBecause it is convenient to access with, in TokyoSatellite cityIt also has a personality as a city center commuterApartmentIs rapidly increasing and many are being constructed and supplied.

"" Mined in the western part of the cityOtani stone"Imperial HotelUsed for construction etc.Great Kanto EarthquakeAfter being evaluated for its safety performance in Japan, it was widely used as a building material for buildings in various parts of the Kanto region.In recent years, Motoichi has become the number one in Japan.GyozaIt has become famous as a "city of" and the number of tourists is increasing.OtherCocktails,jazzUtilizedRegional revitalizationIs also underway.

The city emblem is "Tortoise shellImitated the kanji "miya"DesignIs used. "Kame no Kou"UtsunomiyaIt is derived from the other name "Kamegaoka Castle".In addition to this, you can see place names with turtles such as "Kame no Kozaka", "Kamegako", and "Kamenoi" in the city.HistoricallyKamakuraKamegayaIs said to have been inMamoru ShimotsukeMinamoto no dynastyNamed after.

With Motoichi as the central cityUtsunomiya metropolitan areaIt is,Government-designated cityIt is the largest metropolitan area in Japan except for.Utsunomiya City ranks "living comfort"Toyo Keizai Inc.In the survey, it ranked first among 50 cities nationwide with a population of 28 or more for the fifth consecutive year since 2013.[3], Has maintained a high ranking since then.On the other hand, we reviewed the expansion of the city area, which lacks order, and made a sharp network type.Compact cityAiming to be a (cooperative intensive city) has been formulated, and a plan to optimize the land that has already been developed and aim to become an intensive city is being enforced.[4].

The old one that is attracting national attention as the centerpiece of this planCity areaNew transportation network that runs from east to westLRT"Utsunomiya light rail], And JR Utsunomiya Station East Exit (Utsunomiya City)Miyamirai) To Honda Motor Co., Ltd. North Gate (Shimotakanezawa, Haga Town) 14.6km will be maintained as a priority maintenance section. March 2023[Annotation 2]Announced maintenance schedule to open[5].

Based on this planFutarayama ShrineThe previous 24-story complex building businessUtsunomiya StationWest exitHotel-ApartmentcompositebuildingThe project has begun and the 24-story complex was completed in 2010.

2010/From (22), "Utsunomiya is fun to live in』Has started nationwide PR activities with the brand message.

2018/ From (Heisei 30), the 5th basic plan was revised.6th Utsunomiya City Comprehensive PlanAnd are working on measures for the realization of "Future City Utsunomiya".

Historically, hereAncient timesKono country,Regulatory countryIn timesShimono countryIn the city area Sugata River basinJomon PeriodIt is a large settlement trace ofNegoya Valley RemainsSince BCPeople OfLifeIt is known that it was a place of.In addition, the central area of ​​Utsunomiya cityHeian periodShimotsuke ProvinceKawachiThe old coast of Tagawa, which runs through the eastern end, is in the eastern part of the city.SuburbFlowing throughKinugawaIt is estimated that there was an old coastal area, and that it was built in the 4th-7th centuries AD in the plains of the city.Old tomb,ResidenceThere are many traces,TosaiyamaAt the foot of the mountainShimono Yakushi-ji Temple,Kawachi-gunThere is also a kiln trace that burned the roof tiles used inHigashisendoArea along the roadpopulationIt is believed that it was an accumulation area.

First generationA shrine dedicated to the god of the earth was built on the shore of Ikebe-go, and in the latter half of the Heian period, it was enshrined as "Utsunomiya" and "Utsunomiya Myojin".Kamakura PeriodからSengoku periodI took care of this Shinto territoryPriesthoodAt homeSamuraiBut the clan wasUtsunomiyaTake the nameKamakura familyAsUtsunomiyaUtsunomiya is located in Utsunomiya, where many Buddhist temples were built under the castle.Eastern countryIt was sometimes compared to the city of Japan.

This Utsunomiya shrine is under the central governmentKanto-OshuReceived the sacrifice of Morobumon dispatched to Togoku to take control ofHideto Fujiwara OfRebellion of Taira Shomon,Minamoto OfMutsu XNUMXth Year Battle,Yoritomo Gengen OfYoshiie mound,Tokugawa Ieyasu OfConqueror GeneralOpportunities such as taking office took place before and after milestones in Japanese history.Utsunomiya CastleKamakura HighwayIt is an important point of transportation through the middle road (Oku-Odori) and Nikko Kodo, and the roadside is rich and moist, and traces of it can still be seen in Nishine and Monzen along the Nikko Kodo.

However, with the destabilization of world affairsKamakura PrefectureWith weakeningMr. GohojoUtsunomiya also weakened the power due to the rise ofMr. Nasu,Nikko mountainUtsunomiya is temporarily incinerated by the invasion of monks.Mr. Utsunomiya is based in OtaniTakiyamaMoved to, soonHideyoshi Toyotomi OfOdawara Seijifollowed byUtsunomiyaTherefore, he returned to Utsunomiya, but before and after Hideyoshi's death.ReformIt became.After that, he became the owner of Utsunomiya Castle.Asano Nagamasa,Hideyuki GamoCreated commercial districts such as Konya-cho and Hino-cho in the castle, and alsoConqueror GeneralIeyasu Tokugawa donated to Utsunomiya Shrine to rebuild it, and at the same time, he moved Utsunomiya to the old roads of Oshu and Nikko.Yado StationUtsunomiya castle ownerOkudaira Masaru,Masazumi HondaEstablished a modern Utsunomiya castle town that also has a post station functionUtsunomiya TheGokaidoOut ofNikko Kaido-Oshu KaidoTwo waysOiwakeIt became very busy as the most prosperous place on the highway.

Utsunomiya inn at that time was a local innJapanLargest ofPost townSo, on the Five RoutesTokaidoOtsu-juku,Fuchu-shuku(3,500 homes, population 14,000)Atsuta-juku,Nikko KaidoSenju lodgingAlthough it is less than (2,000-3,000 houses, population 10,000 people), TokaidoShinagawa,Yokkaichi accommodation,Kuwana,Okazaki,Hamamatsujuku,Shimada,Oshu Kaido,Koshu HighwayHachioji innIt had the same scale as (1,200-1,800 houses, population 6,000-7,000 people).

On the two highways that pass through the city,Jakumiyajuku,Tokujiro Inn,Shirasawa InnWas placed.At the end of the Edo periodMr. Toda Utsunomiya DomainBecome the LordSanryoshiWrittenGamo KunpeiEtc.Royal reconstructionContribute toUtsunomiya WarThe castle is returned to the ashes again, butMeijiIn the periodEmperor MeijiWas praised for its achievements.In modern times, instead of Oshu KaidoMeiji National Route 6 (current National Route 4)Is provided,14th DivisionThere was a main camp when the main camp was placedKunimoto VillageTomatsuriUntilMeiji National Highway No. 60 (Taisho National Highway No. 29, Current National Highway No. 119)Also opened.Utsunomiya has increased military demandMilitary capitalProspered as,Pacific WarTerminalUtsunomiya Air RaidAfter the war, when it became the third ash, it developed as a modern industrial city centered on inland modern industry.

Current,Utsunomiya,Kiyoganji TempleGrandmother,Ikko TempleSweating amida,Hozo TempleOyori bell,Kozenji TempleWooden Shaka Nyorai sitting statue,Former Shinohara House, OtherOtani stoneArchitecture andHachimanyama ParkOkusu,Great Ginkgo in Asahi,Shounji weeping cherry treeSuch asHistorical heritage・ In 2007 (Heisei 19), all efforts were made to conserve natural heritage.Utsunomiya Castle Ruins ParkWas selected as one of the 100 best historical parks in Japan, and2009/(21)May 4To1960/(Showa35 years)May 3The park plan has never been formulated since the area was designated.Utsunomiya Prefectural Natural ParkA park plan has also been enacted.

Geography / Population

Almost central part of Tochigi prefecture,Kanto PlainLocated in the central and northern part of the capitalTokyoAbout 105km north of the city, the altitude is about 100m in the city center.The land is generally flat, except for the low mountains in the northwest.StrataIs mainly due to the accumulation of seafloor sedimentGravelOn the layerpumiceLayers andKanto loam layerIs formed.In the eastern part of the cityKinugawa, In the centerTagawaandKamakawa, In the westSugatagawaFlow, and in each basinAlluvial plainIs forming.The western part of the city is on a higher platform, and it was excavated as an irrigation canal in the center.ShinkawaFlows.Also in the northeastern part of the city is the KinugawaWater controlAnd the fields in the basinClearing,ShippingPrepared forNishi KinugawaYa flows.

The land is the lowest in the southeastern part of the city where the Kinugawa flows, and gradually rises toward the northwestern part, and beyond that, it goes from the southwestern direction to the northeastern direction.Takiyama,Koga Shiyama,Hibaritoya,Mt.,Hanzoyama,Motoyama, (Shinoi Tomiya Mountain Range), Etc., there are a series of small mountains with an altitude of 300-600 meters.

Utsunomiya city area is connected from this northwestern mountain rangeTosaiyama,Hachimanyama,Futarasan (Mt. Myojin)Located just at the end of.The northern mountain system is arranged on the back, and the water system such as Tagawa is arranged at the opening of the flat ground, which is a typical "natural fortress", and this "land advantage" is skillfully incorporated.Utsunomiya Ofcastle townHas continued to develop since.



When expressing Utsunomiya with one letter, it is generally "Palace"Or"Miya"Is used.The following are examples.All of these words are proper nouns.

It is also a local newspaperShimono ShimbunIt is,ShowaUntil around the 30's, "Utsunomiya City" was changed to "Utsunomiya City"MiyaichiWas often abbreviated as[6].


On the other hand, as an abbreviation for a formal proper noun, it may be represented by only the head "U" in a formal and clerical manner (hereinafter, an example).


In connection with the fact that Utsunomiya was called "Uyo" in the Edo period, the suburbs adjacent to Utsunomiya city are "Yoto", "Yosai", and "Uyo".Yonan"・ Called" Yohoku "[7].


Including Utsunomiya CityTochigi,GunmaIn the summerThunderBecause it is an area whereRaitoIt came to be called (Raito).The following is an example of using this.


MonthWind speed (m/s)Wind directionLightning days

Climate classification ThePacific climateBelongs toSummer: There are relatively many hot and humid daysWinter:DryDaylight hoursIs long.Since it is located inland, the daily and annual differences are relatively large.Köppen climate classificationThen.Warm and humid climateare categorized.temperatureIs generally throughout the yearTokyoSendaiIt is about the middle value of.


  • Spring: - Summer:
    • Okhotsk Sea HighThe northeastern wind blows due to the influence of, and if this overhang is strong, the temperature will not rise so much, andPacific highCloudy and unstable weather continues to form a front between the two.Thunder sounds in the distance almost every day on summer afternoons.Also, on days when the temperature rose, there was always lightning.YudachiHowever, this convectional rain brings a temporary cool feeling in the heat of the heat and squeals after the rain stops.Daily livingOr in the skyRainbowWith, in the afternoon of a summer day in UtsunomiyaTraditional poetryIt has become.This thunderJoshuFamous as a specialty,Japanese Meteorological AgencyAccording to the weather statistics of Utsunomiya, the number of lightning days isMaebashiMore than that, Utsunomiya is also known as "RaitoThis is why it is also called "(Raito)".There is a lot of precipitation from spring to summer, which nurtures abundant vegetation and brings a lush landscape to the city.
  • Fall:
    • Unless the Okhotsk Sea anticyclone develops, the weather will be stable and sunny on many days.
  • Winter:
    • "Grated man" and "Grated Futaara"Because the dry and cold wind from the north, called, continues to blow, it is dry with light rain and sunny days continue.This is a characteristic of the Pacific climate.In addition, because the terrain is plateau-like and air does not stay, it is combined with fine weather.Radiation coolingThe minimum temperature in midwinter may drop below -5.0 degrees Celsius.However, it is warmer in Tochigi prefecture.In recent years, the minimum temperature in winter has risen due to the influence of urbanization, and the average minimum temperature in January (1961 -1990 average) was -1 degrees Celsius to the current average (4.5-). The average value in 1981) is -2010 degrees, which is an increase of about 2.7 degrees, which is often the highest observed in Tochigi prefecture.The air is clear on a sunny day in the middle of winter, so if you climb a hill in the morning, you will be in the southwest direction.Mount FujiCan be seen from a distance.
Climate of Akebono-cho, Utsunomiya City (Utsunomiya Local Meteorological Observatory, altitude 119m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F21.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F8.6
Average daily temperature ° C (° F2.8
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−2.2
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−14.8
Precipitation amount mm (inch)37.5
Snowfall cm (inch)7
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days6.
Average monthlyDaylight hours211.7193.3194.2184.9175.4118.5118.9140.9119.8140.3165.9197.41,961.1
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1890-present)[11][12]
Climate of Utsunomiya (1961-1990 average)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F7.9
Average daily temperature ° C (° F1.5
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−4.5
Source:Science chronology


Population distribution by age in Utsunomiya City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Utsunomiya City (2005)
Purple-Utsunomiya City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Utsunomiya City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Tochigi Prefecture·North KantoIt has the largest population of any city.

Sister cities/partner cities


  • Japanese flagNamco Namjatown・ Ikebukuro Dumpling Stadium (TokyoIkebukuroA theme park in.Fictitious city)
    • Gyoza sister city tie-up (Utsunomiya citizens had benefits)

Besides Japan

International exchange programs such as exchange students are being conducted with these sister and friendship cities.The Utsunomiya International Association is mainly involved in these projects.


UtsunomiyaEzoI set foot in this area for peaceToyojo IrihikoIs said to be the founder, and at that time he worshiped life as a god in this place such as "Ikebe-go".Utsunomiya Arayama Shrine(According to the company biographyAD353/Creation)Monzen-choAs a priest of Futarasan Shrine, I was assigned to this place.CustomsFujiwara KitaDokane style-UtsunomiyaProspered as a direct control area of.

The city name "Utsunomiya" and the name of the torrent "Utsunomiya" areEnki ceremony god name bookIt is inShimono countrythe onlyIchinomiyaMeishin ShrineIt is generally derived from the other issue of "Futaarayama Shrine", "Utsunomiya Daimeijin (Utsunomiya Daimeijin)", but there are also "current shrine", "transitional shrine", "defeat shrine", etc. There are various theories.Edo period OfKinsai MoriAccording to the "Map of Utsunomiya, Kawachi-gun, Shimotsuke", "U" means "universe", that is, "sun", and "U"The same meaning of "east" as "", "capital" is the same as "Kyo (Miyako)", and "palace" means "palace", that is, Utsunomiya (although the center of Kanto was Edo at that time) Is the capital of the Kanto region for a long time.Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine is revered for its martial arts and once visited this placeFujiwara no Hidesato Fujiwara(Fujiwara KitaFish name) And the ancestor of Genji SamuraiMinamoto・ Taro YawataOriginatorFather and son (Gen Kawachi),Yoritomo Gengen(Kawachi Genji),Tokugawa Ieyasu(Kawachi GenjiRighteous styleMr. Nitta) And other famous generals also prayed for victory, and it is said that land and money were donated.

After the decree system was established, it became a roadHigashisendo, In the Kamakura periodKamakura HighwayThere was a middle way.Tahara Highway OfTagawaBridges are ancientKamakura BridgeHas been called.

after that,Keicho3 years(1598/) Was sealed in UtsunomiyaHideyuki Gamo(12 stones) created Hino Town and Konya Town, and Utsunomiya's residence (medieval)Utsunomiya) Was inherited by Utsunomiya Castle in the early modern period.furtherOyama DomainIt is the confidant of Ieyasu Tokugawa who was sealed in the Utsunomiya domain with 3 stones after receiving an increase from 15 stones.Masazumi HondaMade a big contract for the reconstruction of Utsunomiya Castle, including the castle town.castle town・ We laid the foundation of Utsunomiya.Also, in the Edo periodNikko Kaido-Oshu KaidoPasses throughPost town・ It also prospered as a Utsunomiya inn.

In the late Edo periodMr. TodaEntered with 6 to 7 stones and continued until the end of the Edo period.Born in Utsunomiya ShinishichoGamo KunpeiIs the result of research on the tomb of the imperial familySanryoshiThe Utsunomiya domain was entrusted with the restoration work of the tomb of the Emperor for its achievements, and avoided the difficult situation at that time.

Meiji RestorationThen the area around Utsunomiya CastleBoshin WarBecomes the battlefield ofRusso-Japanese WarAfter that, due to the expansion of the armament14th DivisionHeadquarters is located,Pacific WarUntil the end, it was called the military city and the munitions industry also advanced,1945/(Showa20 years)May 7 OfUtsunomiya air raidMore than 600 civilians were killed and major urban structures were burned down.Many of the remaining remains disappeared during the postwar reconstruction project.

The tangible historical heritage is destroyed every time the era is reborn, and only a few remain until now, but the social structure of the old and new, which accepts various cultures based on Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine, is still modern. It has been inherited by.

From the Heian period to the Muromachi period

Utsunomiya Arayama Shrine OfMonzen-choI was appointed as a priest at Futarasan Shrine.Michikane FujiwaraRyu in the flowUtsunomiya(Kanto familyShimogenoMr. Hatta, aristocratNakaharaResidence (also said to follow the flow of)Utsunomiya) Was placed.Japan's third generation OfVirtue11/May 2(869/May 3) Is described as "Futa Aragami Kasho XNUMXnd place", and Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine was given the highest rank as a local shrine.

In addition, Azuma mirror OfBunji5/May 7(1189/May 9) In the descriptionOshu conquestHeaded forYoritomo GengenBut(Shigetada HatakeyamaLess than,Asamasa Koyama,Utsunomiya Asuna-Business lineFather and sonMiddle RoadIt is said that he stayed in Utsunomiya (Futabashi Station) (with the army) and made a wish for victory at Utsunomiya Shrine (Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine), and Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine was deeply revered by the warriors at that time. Is inferred.

Mr. Utsunomiya, who is said to have been a priest at Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine, was still in this area.京都Continue to interact with, and continue to breathe the breath of central culture into this area,Kamakura PeriodToUtsunomiya Yoritsuna Utsunomiya KadanBuildOgura Hyakunin IsshuHe left a name in the culture of culture, such as being involved in the formation of.In addition, he called Minamoto no Yoritomo "the best archer in the eastern country".Utsunomiya Asuna,MasterAt that time, I went to Kyushu as the general general of the subjugation army XNUMX.Utsunomiya,Genko WarMasanari SuzukiCrossed evenly withUtsunomiya public ropeMr. Utsunomiya has left his name in history as a martial arts gate.

In the shadow of Mr. Utsunomiya's fame, the founderMuneen FujiwaraSince then, Mr. Utsunomiya's party "disciplineclearThere was the power of "both parties" (Mr. Masuko and Mr. Haga).Utsunomiya SadatsunaMasakazuNew Year (1312/) It is a family temple that was cast during the memorial service for the XNUMXth anniversary of my mother.Toshoji TempleDedicated toIron pagodaWith the abandoned temple of Tosho-jiTakatsugu HagaFoundedKiyoganji TempleIt has been preserved in Japan and has been designated as a national important cultural property as Japan's oldest and largest iron pagoda.

Mr. Utsunomiya maintained his ties with Kyo during the Kamakura period.Kamakura Shogunate OfPraise,AttractorAs, and in the Muromachi periodMuromachi Shogunate OfTakashi AshikagaBy the intention ofShimono countryGuardianWait(Ueno country-Echigo countryIn addition to supporting the central government, he also serves as a guardian ofKamakura Prefecture(AshikagaFrom)Kanto HachiyaLined up in Kamakura-fu,Kanto area(Uesugi) And play a part in the Kanto control system, mainlyKenogawaHe worked to maintain the security of the basin.Downstream of the Mohno RiverShimosa - Hitachi country(CurrentIbarakiRuled the southern part)HitachiKokuji OfMr. OdaIs also the general style of Mr. Utsunomiya.

In the middle of the Muromachi periodKazusaGuardian,Kyoto supportersAlthough it was heavily used by the Shogunate, it was being weakened by being involved in the conflict between the Shogunate and Kamakura-fu and being subdued by the Kamakura-fu.

Muromachi PeriodIn the latter half of the year, it became the catalyst for the Warring States period in the Kanto region.Koroku no RanBroke out.Utsunomiya etc. TheUesugiOn the sideFurukawa(Former Kamakura-fu) SupportMochimasa KoyamaLost in the battle with and became inferior, the next generationUtsunomiya AkitsunaEscaped the difficulty by changing the policy from the Shogunate side to the Kamakura-fu side.

Sengoku period

Sengoku period,Kokuji・ Mr. Utsunomiya helped maintain the security of the Kanto area by restraining the troupe of samurai, and as a result.Sengoku DaimyoIt had a power that was described as.


In the early Warring States period, famous generals called "Mr. Utsunomiya, the founder of Chuko" and "Miracle Warrior"UtsunomiyaAppeared, and made Mr. Utsunomiya molt into a Sengoku daimyo, skillfully took in the Utsunomiya clan and surrounding forces that were becoming independent, controlled the civil war, and regained power by rebuilding the vassals. In the early 16th centuryEisho no RanWhen the outbreak, Narutsuna is a son-in-law and a candidate for the next Koga Koga.Takashi AshikagaAimed to expand the power by attempting to support Koga Koga.In the processTakakatsu HagaTheEisei9 years(1512/)Utsunomiya ConfusionA big civil war occurred, and it took two years to suppress it.After that, aim to advance to ShimonoMasashi AshikagaSupportiveYoshitake SatakeAnd fight for supremacy in the northern Kanto region, in the 11th year of Eisho (1514/) Is the de facto decisive battle of the Eisho RanBattle of TakebayashiI won.Two years laterBattle of NawazuriHe defeated Yoshinori Satake again, and is also chasing the routing Satake army.Narutsuna succeeded in simultaneously achieving the victory of the battle for hegemony in Kita-Kantou and the support of Koga Koga.For a short time, Mr. Utsunomiya became the largest force in the northern Kanto region in the place of Narutsuna, and reigned as the champion of the northern Kanto region.

But the glorious era did not last long.After the death of Narutsuna, the next generationUtsunomiya Tadanatsu TheMasayuki YukiAnd lose.Furthermore, at the same time, a big secret () occurred, and vassals who were rebellious against Tadatsuna led to Masatomo Yuki and were the youngest child of Naritsuna.Utsunomiya KotsunaAnd banished the loyalty.After that, the vassals continued to work for a long time, and Mr. Utsunomiya was greatly weakened.

Utsunomiya Naotsuna TheNasu KosukeFight and lose,Mibu TsunafusaIs a childHirotsuna UtsunomiyaUtsunomiya Castle was taken from, but TadaomiTakasada HagaHirotsuna regained Utsunomiya Castle by the work of.At this time, Tobiyama Castle on the east bank of the Kinugawa River was used as a front base.The appearance of the castle around Utsunomiya shows the history of repeated offenses and defenses at that time.


In the latter part of the Warring States period, KogafuAshikagaThe power ofMr. Gohojo OdawaraからSouth KantoHas emerged, and its power(I.e.Mr. UtsunomiyaHitachi countryTogether with Mr. Satake, he became a major force to restrain Mr. Gohojo.Dispatched by the central governmentHideyoshi ToyotomiWhen he attacked Odawara, he defeated Mr. Hojo in response.When Mr. Gohojo's invasion becomes radicalUtsunomiya national ropeIs based in Utsunomiya Castle, which is suitable for military use.Takiyama CastleMoved to to prepare for the attack.Tagesan Castle is the largest mountain castle in the Kanto region, and its historical value isHachioji CastleIt is said to be comparable to.After that, Hideyoshi was welcomed from Odawara Castle to Utsunomiya Castle, and Hideyoshi decided the control structure of Tohoku and Kanto in the land of Utsunomiya (Utsunomiya).The national rule is from HideyoshiHashiba surnameThe relationship between the Utsunomiya family and Hideyoshi was good, and the national rules followed Hideyoshi even when he attacked Korea.However, the second year of Keicho (1597/)ofTaiko Inspection SiteWas Hideyoshi's son-in-law at that timeAsano NagamasaWas accused of misrepresenting Kokudaka and was reformed.In the background, it is said that there was a policy to wipe out the old power and secure a territory to give as a reward to those who have made new achievements.

It was Nagamasa Asano, who was involved in the reform, that was sealed after Mr. Utsunomiya, but after thatMr. Gamo,Mr. OkuhiraEtc. took turns and ruled.

Edo Period

Edo PeriodTo become andTokugawa IeyasuHeading to Nikko, which became the mausoleum ofNikko KaidoOshu ShirakawaHead toOshu KaidoIs maintained, and the junction of the two highways (Oiwake) Of Utsunomiya innPost townIt also became.

Early Edo periodGenwa8 years(1622/) Was the confidant of Ieyasu TokugawaMasazumi HondaEntered the castle with 15 stones of the Utsunomiya clan and renovated the medieval Utsunomiya castle including the castle town, with a circumference of 5 km, a high earthwork (partly stone wall) and a moat, and a modern flat castle (outline) with eight turrets on the earthwork It was reborn as a large castle called the Kanto Seven Great Castles, and built the basic structure of the current urban area.However, Masazumi was later accused of repairing Utsunomiya Castle without permission (Utsunomiya Castle Fishing Ceiling CaseIs a fictitious case)Lord Mr. Okuhira,Matsudaira,Mr. Toda,Honda,Mr. AbeAnd so on.

During this time, the change of attendance of the daimyoNikko Toshogu ShrineIt prospered to the extent that it was called "Little Edo" as an important base because there were many traffic due to the construction of.


In the latter half of the Edo periodMr. TodaIs sealedBakumatsuRuled Utsunomiya until.Born in Shinishicho (currently Obata XNUMX-chome)Gamo KunpeiInvestigating and researching the tomb of the Emperor with the aim of restoring the tombSanryoshiWrote.Ansei3 years(1856/) Is the lord of the Utsunomiya domainToda TadayukiWas entrusted to the Sanryō Bugyo, and was responsible for the restoration of the tombs of successive emperors.Kimihei thenEmperor MeijiHe was praised for his achievements, and his life led to the construction of a monument to Hanawada in Hanawada.Gamo ShrineIt was decided to be enshrined as.

Keio4 years(1868/)ofBoshin WarAt that time, the former feudal lord, Tadashi, will be attached to the new government.April 4 (old calendar)ToAkizuki Noborinosuke-Toshizo HijikataFormer Shogunate Army led byKuwana DomainCorps,Shinsengumi,DenshutaiEtc.) was forced to disperse due to the invasion.Arson by the former Shogunate army on that day[Annotation 3], Including castle townUtsunomiyaMain building below (Futarayama Shrine-Guilin TempleEtc.) have been burnt down[Annotation 4][13]..The old Shogunate army that entered Utsunomiya Castle and the new government army that rolled back (Choshu clan,Satsuma Domain,Ogaki Domain,Tottori Domain,Tosa DomainEach corps),April 4 (old calendar)UtsunomiyaRikudou Tsuji --The new government army, which fought a fierce battle near Utsunomiya Castle and Futaarayama Shrine, was in Nitta Town.Enmei-inUtsunomiya Castle, which is occupied by the former Shogunate army, with batteries lined up at Keirinji TempleMt. Myojin (Mt. Futara),HachimanyamaThe new government army, which became dominant, regained the land of Utsunomiya from the former Shogunate army, and the former Shogunate army retreated from Mt. Myojin toward Nikko (Battle of Utsunomiya[14]..Memorial monuments were erected at temples throughout the city to mourn the war dead in the Utsunomiya War.[15].

From Meiji Restoration to World War II

After the war

Mid Showa period

  • 1947/(22)May 4: Tochigi Normal School Men's Junior High School will be set up in Takaragi, and Women's Club will be set up in Tomatsuri.
  • September 1947 (Showa 22): The population reaches 9.
  • 1948/(Showa 23): Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park maintenance project begins.
  • 1949/(Showa 24) April 4: Incorporated a part of Ozo, Toyosato-mura, Kawachi-gun and Oaza Hiramatsu, Yokokawa-mura, Kawachi-gun.
  • 1950/(25) March: Utsunomiya Racecourse completed.
  • 1951-1955: Surrounding towns and villagesTransfer mergerTo do.
  • 1953 (Showa 28):Tochigi Prefectural Sports ParkIs open.
  • 1955 (Showa 30):Tochigi HallIs open.
  • 1957/(Showa 32) April 4:KogashimachiWas transferred to Kanuma City.
  • 1958/(Showa 33): Gohonmaru Park opens.
  • 1961/(Showa 36) November: Started sales of Utsunomiya Industrial Park (Hiraide Industrial Park).
  • 1963/(Showa 38) April 4: Radio Tochigi (Tochigi Broadcasting) Opening.
  • 1965/(Showa 40):Tochigi Prefectural GymnasiumIs open.
  • August 1965: Started sewage treatment (Tagawa sewage treatment plant).

Late Showa period

  • 1970/(Showa 45) April: Established a city flower.Is formed and a regular concert begins.
  • 1970/(45)May 9 : Fukudaya Department StoreIn a fire.The 8-story rebar store that was undergoing renovation work was completely burned down.Due to the high-rise building, the water from the fire department did not reach, making it the largest department store fire in Japan (at that time).[18].
  • 1972/(Showa 47):Tochigi Prefectural GymnasiumThe pool building is open.
  • April 1972 (Showa 47): City flag established[19].
  • September 1972 (Showa 47): The population reaches 8.
  • September 1972 (Showa 47):Tohoku ExpresswayUtsunomiya ICOpening.Tochigi Prefectural Museum of ArtIs open.
  • 1974/(49) April: Started sales of Kiyohara Industrial Park.
  • 1975/(50) June: Opened Utsunomiya Central Wholesale Market.
  • August 1975 (Showa 50): The 8st "Furusatomiya Festival" was held.
  • 1976/(Showa 51): City Forest Park opens.
  • 1977/(52): Tochigi Prefectural Gymnasium Budokan and Kyudo Hall open.
  • 1980/(55) April: Citizen's Charter established.City gymnasium, cityCultural Center, City soccer field is opened.
  • October 1980 (Showa 55): "Tochinoha National Athletic MeetHeld, the UHF radio relay tower (Utsunomiya Tower) was completed.
  • 1981/(56) July: Municipal library opened.
  • October 1981 (Showa 56): Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Art Permanent Exhibition Hall opens.
  • 1982/(57) February: Sister city tie-up with Manukau City (New Zealand).
  • 1982May 6 : Tohoku ShinkansenOpened Utsunomiya Station.
  • 1982May 10 : Tochigi Prefectural MuseumIs open.
  • 1984/(59) February:TechnopolisDesignated as (Technology Accumulation City).
  • August 1984 (Showa 59): In the Kiyohara Industrial Park'84 Tochigi ExpoHeld.
  • September 1984 (Showa 59): Formed a friendship city tie-up with Qiqihar City (Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China).
  • September 1984 (Showa 59): The population reaches 10.
  • 1986/(61) April: 4th anniversary of the municipal organization.Established a city tree.
  • October 1986 (Showa 61): The current city hall opens.
  • 1988/(63) July: In Kiyohara Central ParkUtsunomiya Kiyohara StadiumKiyohara Gymnasium is built.
  • 1989/(64)May 1 : KawachiKamimikawa TownAnd boundary changes.

Heisei period

Reiwa period


Utsunomiya City is the prefectural capital of Tochigi Prefecture, and the cityAdministrative agencyOf course, there are also prefectural office facilities and national branch offices.The city administration is becoming more regionalized as the area expands and the population increases, and some of the procedures at the city hall can be done at the local civic center.In addition, each functional facility is not only centrally concentrated, but also appropriately dispersed in each area.

Successive chiefs

  • Mayor of Utsunomiya
1Yajima NakaMay 1896, 29May 1901, 34
2-5Honda RyukichiMay 1901, 34May 1917, 6 (Taisho 9)
6Masayuki TaniMay 1917, 6 (Taisho 10)May 1919, 8 (Taisho 4)
7-8Sanichiro KawasakiMay 1919, 8 (Taisho 6)May 1926, 15 (Taisho 11)Died during his tenure
9Waichiro Matsunaga1927 (Showa 2)/1/131929 (Showa 4)/2/18
10Ishida Jintaro1929 (Showa 4)/6/221932 (Showa 7)/11/13
11-12Kawai Nagazo1932 (Showa 7)/10/201936 (Showa 11)/10/10
13Seiichi Tomizawa1936 (Showa 11)/10/101936 (Showa 11)/12/27Duties
14Keishiro Ochiai1936 (Showa 11)/12/281940 (Showa 15)/12/27
15Misao Irie1940 (Showa 15)/12/311944 (Showa 19)/12/30
16Saburo Ehara1944 (Showa 19)/12/311946 (Showa 21)/10/15
17Shokichi Yokokura1947 (Showa 22)/4/51947 (Showa 22)/7/25Retired due to expulsion of public office, public election after this generation
18-22Kazusaburo Sato1947 (Showa 22)/8/151967 (Showa 42)/4/29
23-25Yoshiko Koike1967 (Showa 42)/4/301979 (Showa 54)/4/29
26-30Michiyasu Masuyama1979 (Showa 54)/4/301999 (Heisei 11)/4/29
31-32Tomiichi Fukuda1999 (Heisei 11)/4/302004 (Heisei 16)/10/15Resigned in the middle of his term to run for the Tochigi governor's election, the current governor of Tochigi
33-35Eiichi Sato2004 (Heisei 16)/11/29Incumbent

National administrative facility

The country-related administrative facilities in Utsunomiya City are as follows.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Ministry of Defense relations

Prefectural administrative facility

The facilities related to Tochigi Prefectural Office in Utsunomiya City are as follows.

  • Tochigi Prefectural Office
  • Kawachi Government Building
  • General Education Center
  • Consumer Center
  • Central Children's Counseling Center
  • Tochigi Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation
  • Park office
  • Tochigi Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Home
  • Women's counseling office
  • Forestry Center
  • Prefectural Central Livestock Hygiene Service Center
  • Animal protection guidance center
  • Automobile tax office
  • Health and Environment Center
  • Okamotodai Hospital
  • Corporate Bureau
  • Tochigi Prefectural Park Welfare Association Shirasawa Management Office
  • Industrial Technology Center
  • Tochigi Prefectural Metrology Institute

There are multiple prefectural office facilities such as a joint government office around the Tochigi prefectural office main office.

City administration facility

Utsunomiya City Hall and city administration facilities are as follows.

  • Utsunomiya City Hall
  • Utsunomiya City Land Development Corporation
  • Tourist office
  • Consumer Center
  • Utsunomiya Ventures
  • Eco Park
  • Environmental Learning Center / Environmental Future Museum
  • Clean Park Mobara
  • Clean Center Shimotawara
  • Higashi Yokota Cleaning Factory
  • Utsunomiya City Health Center
  • 保健 セ ン タ ー
  • Sanitary and Environmental Testing Laboratory
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau Water Distribution Management Center
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau Matsuda Nitta Water Purification Plant
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau Shirasawa Water Purification Plant
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau Tagawa Treatment Plant
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau Kawada Treatment Plant
  • Water and Sewerage Bureau Kiyohara Treatment Plant
  • Utsunomiya City Medical Insurance Corporation
  • Utsunomiya City International Association
  • International Exchange Plaza
  • Utsunomiya City Agricultural Corporation
  • Utsunomiya City Adventure Activity Center
  • Education Center (Shudokan)
  • Yuai Hiroba
  • Depression only and children's information center
  • Child-rearing salon Ishii
  • Child-rearing salon Takebayashi
  • Child care salon center
  • Infant language counseling room
  • Working Youth Home Try East
  • Youth Center
  • Citizen activity support center
  • Meat Sanitation Inspection Center

Local city facilities

As a city administration window for citizens, a branch office is set up in addition to the city hall main office in the city center district, which is the center of economy and administration and where most of the population is concentrated.In addition, a district citizen center has been set up in the marginal area to improve the convenience of citizens.

The local city hall window organizations are as follows.

  • Bamba branch office
  • Takaragi branch office
  • Yonan branch office
  • Station East Branch Office
  • Kawachi Regional Autonomy Center
  • Kamigochi Regional Autonomy Center
  • Hiraishi District Civic Center
  • Kiyohara District Civic Center
  • Yokokawa District Civic Center
  • Mizuhono District Civic Center
  • Shiroyama District Civic Center
  • Kunimoto District Civic Center
  • Tomiya district civic center
  • Toyogo District Civic Center
  • Shinoi District Civic Center
  • Sugatagawa District Civic Center
  • Suzumenomiya District Civic Center


Tochigi PoliceIn Utsunomiya city under the jurisdictionPolice station


Utsunomiya City Fire DepartmentAnd the jurisdiction branch offices are as follows.

  • Utsunomiya City Fire Department
  • Utsunomiya City Central Fire Department
    • Jurisdiction branch office-Kawachi branch office, Kamikawachi branch office
  • Utsunomiya City West Fire Department
    • Jurisdiction branch office-Tomiya branch office, Takaragi branch office, Shiroyama branch office
  • Utsunomiya City South Fire Department
    • Jurisdiction branch office-Yonan branch office, Utsunomiya branch office
  • Utsunomiya City East Fire Department
    • Jurisdiction branch office-Hiraishi branch office, Kiyohara branch office


The following in Utsunomiya CityDistrict court,Summary court,Family court,Prosecution examination committeeIs placed.


City council

  • Constant number: 45 people 
  • Chair: Kazuo Kumamoto[25]
  • Vice-chairman: Acting chairman in the absence of chairman
Parliamentary group (as of July 2021, 4)[26]
Parliamentary nameNumber of seats
LDPParliamentary Assembly19
Civic Union8
KomeitoParliamentary Assembly6
Seifu Club5
Japan Communist PartyUtsunomiya City Assembly3
A bridge to the future1
Green earth1
Parliamentary convocation
  • Regular meeting: March, June, September, December every year (in principle)
  • Extraordinary session: In the case of a request from the chairman or a request by 1/4 or more of the members
  • Convener: Mayor
Flow of regular meeting
  1. Plenary session: Session decision (usually about 20 days), explanation of bills by the mayor, questions and general questions
  2. Standing Committee: Examination of bills, etc.
  3. Plenary session: Examination report, discussion / decision by the standing chairperson
Standing Committee

The permanent standing committee and the number of members are as follows.

  • Standing Committee for General Affairs: 9 members
  • Welfare Standing Committee: 9 members
  • Environmental Economics Standing Committee: 9 members
  • Construction Standing Committee: 9 members
  • Bunkyo Fire and Water Supply Standing Committee: 9 members

Tochigi Prefectural Assembly (selected by Utsunomiya City and Kaminokawa Town)

  • Constant number: 13 people
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (Reiwa 5 years) April 4, 29
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Atsushi KoikeDemocratic Citizens ClubParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Kan NakajimaTochigiLDPParliamentary Assembly
AkihitoTochigi Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Setsuko NomuraJapan Communist PartyTochigi Prefectural Assembly
Hirohisa MayonnaTochigi Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Morito YokomatsuTochigi Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Kazuichi NozawaKomeitoTochigi Prefectural Assembly
Tsuneo YamaguchiKomeito Tochigi Prefectural Assembly
Miyako YamadaDemocratic Citizens ClubParty membershipIndependent
Sachiko WatanabeTochigi Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Takaaki SaitoDemocratic Citizens ClubParty membershipNational Democratic Party
Kaneko MusashiTochigi Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly
Shigeru YoshibaTochigi Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Assembly

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tochigi 1rd district(Utsunomiya City, excluding former Kamikawachi Town and Kawachi Town,Shimotsuke(OldMinamikawachi Town),Kamimikawa TownFunada GenLDP13Constituency
Tochigi 2rd district(Former Kamikawachi / Kawachi area of ​​Utsunomiya city,Kanuma City,Nikko,Sakura City,Tochigi CityWestern town,ShioyaAkio FukudaConstitutional Democratic Party6Constituency
Kiyoshi IgarashiLDP1Proportional revival


Annual product sales(One million yen)(2008)[27]

2,835,926 (50.19% of Tochigi prefecture as a whole = No. 1 in the prefecture, No. 6 in the Kanto region, No. 3 in the three northern Kanto prefectures, No. 1 in cities other than government-designated cities, No. 1 in Japan)

Retail sales floor area (m2)(2008)[27]

750,288 (26.17% of Tochigi prefecture as a whole = No. 1 in the prefecture, No. 6 in the Kanto region, No. 3 in the three northern Kanto prefectures, No. 1 in cities other than government-designated cities, No. 1 in Japan)

Manufactured product shipment value (million yen)(2008)[28]

1,694,897 (18.27% of Tochigi prefecture as a whole = No. 1 in the prefecture, No. 6 in the Kanto region, No. 3 in the three northern Kanto prefectures, No. 2 in cities other than government-designated cities, No. 15 in Japan)

Agricultural output (XNUMX million yen)(2004)[29]

1,563 (5.64% of Tochigi prefecture as a whole = 3rd in the prefecture, 9th in the Kanto region, 3th in the 7 northern Kanto prefectures, 47th in the whole country)

Cultivated land area (ha)(2010)[30]

12,700 (6.79% of Tochigi prefecture as a whole = 1rd in the prefecture, 1th in the Kanto region, 3th in the 1 northern Kanto prefectures, 42th in the whole country)


2018/Utsunomiya City's agricultural output ranking by municipality is ranked within the prefecture.Nasushiobara-Otawara CityIt is the third largest after, and the national ranking is the 3th largest output.[31]..Management cultivated area is 9,899haIt was the second largest in the prefecture after Otawara City (10,233ha) (2).Agriculture and forestry census[32]..Utsunomiya City's agricultural specialtiesNo sum,flowersIn both cases, the amount of output in 2018 was the highest in the prefecture, and the number without sum was the ninth in the whole country.[31]..Utsunomiya is one of the leading in JapanRiceThe amount of production by municipality (2018) was the second largest in the prefecture after Otawara City, and the 2st in the whole country.[31]..For vegetablesTomatoThe amount of output by municipality in 2018 was the highest in the prefecture and the 1th in the whole country.[31]..Utsunomiya City advocates "Agricultural Kingdom Utsunomiya", and at the Utsunomiya Agri-Network Steering Committee, rice, strawberry, tomato, pear are representative products, and premium 7 (sugar content 7 degrees) is a product with regional characteristics and story characteristics. Tomatoes above), Premium 13 (pears with a sugar content of 13 degrees or more), asparagus (meeting original standards)Asparagus) ・ Miya Donko (Satisfies original standardsShiitake mushroom) ・ Miyaotome (taste value 75 or more)Koshihikari Rice)・Stone・ Utsunomiya beef ・Niisato Negi・ Yuzu Miya ・ Utsunomiya Blitzen Rice (with farmers in the Shiroyama area of ​​the city)Utsunomiya BlitzenTo produce in cooperationYudai 21) ・ Summer Otani strawberry is mentioned[33].

Primary industryon behalfPrimary industry,Primary industryAs the population of the city growsAgricultural policyAs part of the businessRoad Station Utsunomiya Romanchikku Village(Utsunomiya City Agriculture and Forestry Park)Kleingarten(Municipal farm) Is set up to provide the citizens with a cultivated environment for a fee, and various agricultural experiences and workshops are held regularly at the same place to provide the citizens with an opportunity to come into contact with agriculture.


2008/(HeiseiIn 20 years), the shipment value of manufactured products in Utsunomiya City exceeded 1 trillion yen, ranking first among the municipalities in Tochigi Prefecture.North Kanto4nd in 2 prefectures (1st)GunmaOta City), It is the 30th place in the municipalities nationwide[34]. Metropolitan areaThen onlyTechnopolisHas been designated by various manufacturersResearch and DevelopmentAgglomeration of facilities can be seen.

Modern industry

The manufacturing industry in Utsunomiya is mainly as followsIndustrial park[35]・ It is run by a company.

  • Utsunomiya Industrial Park(Hiraide Industrial Park)
    • Located in the eastern part of the cityUtsunomiya Industrial Park(Commonly known as Hiraide Industrial Park)1962/(ShowaFrom 37 years)1975/It is the oldest industrial zone in Utsunomiya, which was sold until (50).With a total area of ​​300 million square meters and a factory site of 240 million square meters, there are still more than 100 manufacturers.The industries of tenants are machinery / equipment manufacturing, food / beverage manufacturing, printing, etc.
Kubota,Panasonic,Nippon Signal, Ma Ma Makaroni, Meiji Tochigi Milk,Tokyo style,Kosaido,Tsurumi Seisakusho,Furukawa Electric,Ikegami Communication Machineな ど
  • Kiyohara Industrial Park
    • Eastern cityKinugawaSpread on the east coast ofKiyohara Industrial ParkIt is,1974/From (Showa 49)1988/It is an industrial complex that was sold until (63), and the tenants are electronic equipment, chemical industry, food / beverages, etc.た ば こ, Machinery / parts manufacturing, etc.
Canon,Chofu Manufacturing,Chugai Pharmaceutical,Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical,TeijinDuPont,Japanese tobacco industry,Calbee,Maruha Nichiro,Sumitomo Bakelite,Nippon Paint Group,Mitutoyo,Tokyo Steel,Japan Yamamura Glass,Tokyo Ohka Kogyo,Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Nichiatsu Electronic Parts, Kiyohara Sumiden, Miyajima Soy Sauce,Calsonic KanseiUtsunomiya,MMC,Mannyな ど
  • Mizuhono Industrial Park
    Mizuhono Industrial Park located in the southeastern part of the city1977/From (Showa 52)1983/It is an industrial complex that was sold until (58), with a total area of ​​30 square meters and a factory site of 20 square meters, which is a relatively small site area, but the number of tenants exceeds 80.The main industries of tenants are manufacturers of peripheral parts such as automobiles and home appliances and packaging materials.
Tohoku, Japan Pouch Flavor, Nihon Kogyo,Utsunomiya Yakult salesな ど

Traditional crafts

In addition to the above modern industries, the following traditional industries can be seen, albeit on a small scale.


Utsunomiya City2008/(Heisei20 years)Annual product sales(Including wholesale business) exceeded 2 trillion yen,TochigiUtsunomiya City alone sells about 5% of the total annual product sales (¥ 6 trillion).This number isKanto regionThen.Tokyo 23 Ward,横 浜 市,Saitama,Chiba,Kawasaki CityIt is second only to the sales amount of (6th in the Kanto region and 3st in the 1 northern Kanto prefectures).The retail sales floor area is about 75 square meters, which is about 1/4 of the total area of ​​Tochigi prefecture.About half of these are under the jurisdiction of the main office, and Utsunomiya City is an important commercial core in Tochigi Prefecture.[36].

City centerFlows through the cityTagawaIt is formed in the old city on the west bank of Utsunomiya Castle (the area around Utsunomiya Castle and Futaarayama Shrine), and is lined with a wide variety of commercial facilities.In particularFutarayama ShrineTobu Utsunomiya StationIs betweenarcadeTown "Orion streetIsDowntownIt is the center of.The commercial facilities around JR Utsunomiya Station, which is located on the east bank of Tagawa (Kawamukocho) and is developing as a gateway from outside the city, have a limited number of commercial types and are relatively small.[37]..For details, refer to each item below.

Household survey

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIs a major city in Japan (at the time of the survey)Government-designated cityandPrefectural office location)Household surveyaccording to,2007/から2009/When comparing the annual average purchase price of Utsunomiya City,GyozaSecond place in purchase priceKyoto CityAlthough it was ranked first (2,653 yen), which greatly exceeded (1 yen), it has been the subject of the survey since 4,758.Hamamatsu cityI surrendered the 1st place.Since then, the two cities have been conscious of being the best in Japan.In cooked foodrice ball3rd place (1st place:Kawasaki City, 2nd place:Tokyo Special Ward, 4nd place:Shizuoka City, 5nd place:Mito),cutlet5th place (1st place:Fukui City, 2nd place:Toyama, 3nd place:Kofu City, 4nd place:Niigata), In milk eggsYogurt1st place (2nd place: Kofu City, 3rd place: Mito City, 4th place:Fukushima, 5nd place:Morioka), For fresh vegetablesDaikon RadishIs 2nd (1st:Naha, 3rd place: Tokyo special wards, 4th place: Morioka city, 5th place:横 浜 市), In beansNatto5th (1st: Fukushima City, 2nd: Mito City, 3rd:Maebashi, 4nd place:Yamagata), Other soy products are in second place (first place:Tottori City, 3rd place: Fukushima City, 4th place: Kyoto City, 5th place:Otsu City), In fruitsMandarin orangeIs 2nd (1st:Matsuyama City, 3rd place: Kofu City, 3rd place: Shizuoka City, 4th place: Mito City),grapefruitIs 4nd (1st:Maebashi, 2nd place: Niigata City, 3rd place:Sendai city, 5nd place:Saitama), Strawberry is 2nd (1st: Sendai City, 3rd: Mito City, 4th:Kawasaki City, 5th place: Niigata City),grease-seasoningThen,Edible oilIs 4nd (1st:Nagano city, 2nd place: Naha city, 3rd place: Yamagata city, 5th place: Fukushima city), 1st place (2nd place: Saitama city, 3rd place: Nagano city, 4th place:Fukuoka City, 5th place: Kawasaki City), In confectionerySweet bean jellyIs 5nd (1st:Saga City, 2nd place: Saitama City, 3rd place:Kochi, 4th place: Fukui City),Crackers1st place (2nd place: Mito City, 3rd place: Fukushima City, 4th place: Toyama City, 5th place Saitama City),BiscuitIs 2nd (1st:Yamaguchi City, 3rd place: Kochi City, 4th place: Shizuoka City, 5th place:(I.e.),CandyIs 5nd (1st:Nara, 2nd place:Otsu City, 3nd place:Miyazaki City, 4nd place:Sapporo),Beverage5th place (1st place: Mito City, 2nd place: Naha City, 3rd place: Saitama City, 4th place: Kawasaki City), other beverages 2nd place (1st place:Aomori, 2nd place: Fukushima City, 3rd place: Mito City, 4th place: Saitama City),milk beverage2nd place (1st place: Kochi city, 3rd place: Tottori city, 4th place: Toyama city, 5th place:Okayama City), For eating outJapanese buckwheat noodles-UdonIs 3nd (1st:Takamatsu, 2nd place:Nagoya city, 4th place: Yamagata City, 5th place: Sendai City),Chinese noodles4th (1st: Yamagata City, 2nd: Fukushima City, 3rd: Sendai City, 5th: Morioka City),Western foodIs 1nd (2st:(I.e., 3rd place: Nagoya city, 4th place: Saitama city, 5th place: Kawasaki city), except for foodTowel1st place (2nd place: Mito City, 3rd place:Kumamoto-shi, 4th place: Saitama City, 5th place: Sendai City)[38].

Trade area

2004/(HeiseiAccording to the survey results of 16), Utsunomiya CityTrade areaIs Utsunomiya City and its neighborhoodMunicipalitiesIn addition, relatively distant local governments in the northwestern and eastern parts of the prefecture are also included in this area.The outline of the Utsunomiya city trade area is as follows[39].

Absorption rate of 30% or more
Utsunomiya City,Kawachi Town,Kamikochi Town,Karasuyama Town,Minami Nasu Town,Ujiie Town,Takanezawa Town,Haga Town,Ichikai,Ishibashi,Kamimikawa Town,Mibu Town
Absorption rate 20-30%
Kitsuregawa Town
Absorption rate 10-20%
Nikko,Kanuma City,Imaichi City,Fujiwara Town,Kuriyama Village,Yaita,Moka,Minamikawachi Town,Motegi,Shioya Town,Mashiko Town

* The name of the local government is the one at the time of the survey.

Financial institution

2009 years(Heisei21) As of March 3, the number of financial institutions (head offices and branches) in the city was 31, half of which werebankMet[40]..The total deposit balance is less than 4 trillion yen, of which 1/3 is other than banks.Financial institution OfdepositMet.On the other hand, the loan amount is about 2.16 trillion yen, of which about 1.74 trillion yenCertificate loanIt is a loan byBills discountedLending by was less than 1%[41].

Set up a window for head offices, branches, branch offices, etc. in Utsunomiya CityFinancial institutionThe list is as follows (as of March 2010).

Financial institution typeFinancial institution name
Local bankAshikaga Bank(28),Gunma Bank(2),Joyo Bank,Tsukuba Bank,Yamagata Bank,Toho Bank
Second regional bankTochigi Bank(31),East Japan Bank,Daito Bank
City bankMizuho Bank,Resona Bank
Trust bankMitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation,Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank<OldChuo MitsuiStore >
Credit unionTochigi Shinkin Bank(7),Kanuma Mutual Credit Bank(3),Karasuyama Shinkin Bank(7)
Labor unionCentral Labor Bank(2)
Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce
Official treasuryJapan Finance Corporation(Small and medium-sized, agriculture, forestry, and citizens are all integrated into one location)
Credit unionYokohama Kogin Credit Union,Hana Credit Union
Life insuranceSumitomo Life,Nippon Life,Wealthy life,Daido Life,Meiji Yasuda Life,Solar life,Asahi Life,First lifeな ど
Agricultural cooperativeJA Bank(26)
Number of window offices in parentheses (omitted if the number of offices is 1)

Long time agoAkita Bank,Fukushima BankThere were many branches of Tohoku regional banks, but many of them have withdrawn to date.

またSakura Bank(OldTaiyo KobeThere was also a store), but in the same prefectureOyama CityIntegrated into the Oyama branch of the store itselfAsahi BankTransferred to (currently Resona Bank).

Large-scale commercial facility

World War IILater, the department stores in the city became a long-established store with local capital.Ueno department storeAnd "Yamazaki Department Store", mainly two storesDowntownWas formed. Local in the 1960sFukudaya Department storeIn addition to opening stores, major capital stores in Tokyo, mainly electric railways, have entered the market one after another, and up to six department stores (Ueno, Yamazaki, etc.) are located from Baba-cho to Ikegami-cho.Tobu, Fukudaya,Cross shop,Seibu) AndMarui,MidoriyaIt has become one of the leading overstore districts in Japan, with many large stores such asYamazaki was involved in a fierce battle1971/ToTokyu Department StoreThe store was closed three years later after a business alliance with Mageshicho, but it did not bear fruit (Midoriya moved from Mageshicho to the former Yamazaki site).Bubble economyAt its peak1987/ToCross shopFrom a department store because of sluggish salesAll storesToBusiness formatMarui, which had a two-building system, also withdrew because it was difficult to expand the sales floor.

Located about 1991km east of downtown in 1JR Utsunomiya StationpreviousRedevelopmentIn the buildingIto-YokadoSystemRobinsonIs open.

After the collapse of the bubble economy, the amendment on May 1994, 5 eased the regulatory requirements for large stores, and Fukudaya moved from the central city area (Babadori 1-chome) to the suburbs (Imaizumi-cho) in the northern part of the city, free of charge. Large scale with parking lotShopping center"Fukudaya Shopping Plaza UtsunomiyaWas opened and was successful.

On the other hand, in the city center in 1997Utsunomiya Arayama ShrineThe former Bamba Aioi district was redeveloped andFashion buildingUtsunomiyaParcoHas opened.Although PARCO was sluggish in the first year, it achieved a certain degree of success by securing a customer base centered on young people.But,Bubble burstAfterEconomic downturnAt the same time, it became the backbone of the regional economy as the main bank of many commercial facilities in the region.Ashikaga BankHowever, the city's commercial activities have been in decline for several years in both the city center and the suburbs since the financial crisis. Ueno went bankrupt in 2000, Seibu withdrew in 2002, and Robinson withdrew in 2003. 2001,amsOpened at the site of Utsunomiya (former Yamazaki, former Midoriya = Enomachi)109UTSUNOMIYA also closed in 4, just four years later.In the suburbsJuscoVarious suburban stores were eliminated, led by the withdrawal of the store, and empty stores that were left unattended without new store openings and were almost abandoned became conspicuous.

With the withdrawal of these large stores, the city will simplify the requirements for opening stores in the ruins of large stores.Special zone for structural reformApply for "Utsunomiya Nigiwai Special Zone" to the national government, and on November 2003, 11, the first special zone applicationLapark Nagasakiya(Summer 2010 MEGA Don QuixoteRenewal) to the site of Seibu Department Store, and the second application on April 2005, 4Lara Square UtsunomiyaHas succeeded in attracting to the former Robinson site.afterwards,2019/Parco withdraws on May 5[42],2020/Lara Square will change operators on February 2stTonari UtsunomiyaRenamed to[43][44].

As of 2020, it is within the jurisdiction of the main office (former city area)Large-scale commercial facilityIs Tobu, MEGA Don Quijote (Nagasakiya),Tonari Utsunomiya, Fukudaya (Imaizumi Town),trial, Karuna shopping center, etc., but the station east area where development is progressing,SuburbRunUtsunomiya Ring RoadLarge-scale commercial facilities are expanding along the (Miyakan) line and near suburban stations on the JR and Tobu lines.FKD Shopping Mall Utsunomiya Interpark(East exit of Jakumiya station),Bell Mall(Yoto XNUMX-chome, towards the east exit of Utsunomiya Station),Joyful Honda(addressKawachiKamimikawa Town),Apita(Esojima Honcho, Esojima station square) etc. have opened, and the commercial competition between the city center and the suburbs is rather intensifying. On July 2007, 7, as part of the urban redevelopment, in the central area of ​​Babadori, including the site of the former Ueno Main Building,Utsunomiya Omotesando SquareHas opened.

2007/(Heisei19 years)May 11"Revised"City Planning Act] In additionLarge-scale retail store location lawandCentral city activation methodof"Town development 3 methodIn May 2009, Utsunomiya City will be in the medium to long term.Compact cityThe "5th Utsunomiya Comprehensive Plan" was formulated and started operation.

The large-scale commercial facilities in Utsunomiya City are as follows (as of 2022).

AddressCommercial facility name
Within the jurisdiction of the main officeBaba Town / Ikegami TownTobu Utsunomiya Department Store,MEGA Don Quijote La Park Utsunomiya,
Utsunomiya Omotesando Square
Within the jurisdiction of the main officeKawamukocho / Ekimae-dori-MiyamiraiPaseo,Tonari Utsunomiya,Utsunomiya Terrace
Main office jurisdiction (Imaizumi Town)Fukudaya Shopping Plaza Utsunomiya
Main office jurisdiction (Mutsumi)Super Center Trial Utsunomiya
Main office jurisdiction (shukugo)Paseos Utsunomiya East Store, Kamashin Shopping Center
Yonan (Esojimahoncho)Apita Utsunomiya store
Hiraishi (Yoto)Ito-Yokado Utsunomiya store,Bell Mall,Beisia Utsunomiya Yoto
Sugata River (Tsuruta Town)Paseos Tsuruta store
Suzumenomiya (InterparkFKD Shopping Mall Utsunomiya Interpark,
Inter Park Shopping Village,Joyful Honda Utsunomiya store *
Joyful HondaMost of the site of the Utsunomiya storeKamimikawa TownIn the regionAddressIs also Kaminokawa Town

Chain store / franchise store

Main stores in UtsunomiyaChain storeandFranchise storeIs as follows.

Home center
Clothing and miscellaneous goods specialty store
Drug store
  • Kawachi chemical --Ishii Town, Izumigaoka, Higashi Imaizumi, Iwazo Town, Shimokawamata Town, Tsuruta Town, Hyogotsuka, Yuinomori Asahi, Takihara, Kamitomatsuricho, Kamitomatsuricho, Higashiyanaze, Nishikawatamachi, Kitawakamatsuhara, Shimookamotocho, Tosai town
    Nakazato Town, Inter Park, Harigaya, Hiramatsu Honcho
  • Welcia --Kiyoharadai, Koedo, Tomatsurimoto, Hanafusa, Hiramatsu Honcho, Kasugacho, Godai, Hyogozukacho, Futaba, Yanazemachi (2 stores), Imaizumishinmachi, Yuinomori, Tomatsurimotocho, Komanyumachi, Tsurutacho
  • Matsumotokiyoshi --Esojimahoncho, Kawamukocho, Hosoya, Miyukigaharamachi, Yoto,Toyosatodai, Nogoyamachi, Yanazemachi
  • Sun drag --Ishii Town
family restaurant
  • Gust --Iwazomachi, Komanyumachi, Tsurutamachi, Nakamachi, Higashiyanaze, Miyanouchi, Kamitomatsuricho, Esojimamachi
  • Cocos --Motoimaizumi, Shukugo, Oso, Tsuruta Town, Fudo-mae, Toya Town, Kamitomatsuricho Town
  • Saizeriya --Ichinosawa, Iwazomachi, Kamiyokotamachi, Motoimaizumi, Miyazonocho, Kawamukocho
  • Denny's --Motoimaizumi, Esojimamachi
  • Bamiyan --Akebonocho, Tokujiromachi
  • Flying garden --Nakajima Town, Shimoto Matsuri, Shimohiraide Town, Nagaoka Town, Nishikawata Town, Higashiyanaze, Wakamatsuhara
  • Ringer hat --Yanazemachi, Yoto
  • Car and ramen --Nakaimaizumi, Koteyamamachi, Shimotomatsuri, Tsurutacho
  • Joyful --Yui no Sha, Yanazemachi, Shimotomatsuri, Tsurutacho, Shimookamoto, Koedo
fast food
  • Kentucky FC --Takaragicho, Nishikawada, Miyukicho, Higashiyanaze, Imaizumicho, Esojimahoncho, Interpark
  • Subway --Oso, Yanazemachi, Miyukigaharamachi
  • Freshness Burger --Interpark, Mageshicho, Yoto
  • McDonald's --Nishikawatamachi, Ekimae-dori, Tsurutamachi, Shimokawamatamachi,
    Imaizumi Town, Yanase, Izumigaoka, Ishii Town, Kamitomatsuricho,
    Yoto, Inter Park, Toyacho, Miyanouchi, Yuinomori
  • Mister Donut[Annotation 9] --Esojimahoncho, Imaizumicho, Yoto, Interpark
  • Mos Burger --Iwazomachi, Mine, Hosoya, Kitawakamatsuhara
  • Lotteria --Esojimahoncho, Kamitomatsuricho, Kawamukocho, Takiyacho
  • Nakau --Mageshicho
  • Matsuya --Mageshicho, Miyuki Honmachi, Yanazemachi
  • Yoshinoya --Kamiozomachi, Nakaimaizumi, Yuinomori, Hosoyacho, Nishikawatamachi
  • Pepper lunch --Yoto, Babadori
  • Horns --Honmachi, Tsuruta Town, Tomatsuri Town, Miyuki Town, Yanaze Town
  • Curry House CoCo Ichibanya --Nishihara Town, Higashiyanaze, Inter Park, Shimokawamata Town, Mine
  • Yuanji SushiGroup || Wakakusa, Miyukigaharamachi, Nishikawatamachi (2 stores), Enomachi, Higashiyanaze, Toyacho, Yoto, Uedo Festival, Shimokawamatamachi, Tsurutamachi (2 stores)
  • --Nagaoka, Joto, Nishikawada
  • Kappa Sushi --Takebayashimachi
  • Sushiro --Imaizumi Town, Tsuruta
  • Kura Sushi --Inter Park, Tsuruta Town
  • Hama Sushi --Nakato Matsuri, Izumigaoka, Toyacho
  • Gatten sushi --Nakajima Town
  • Good sushi --Yoto
  • Sushi Zanmai --Kawamukocho
coffee shop
  • Starbucks Coffee --Kawamukocho, Inter Park (2 stores), Imaizumicho, Yoto, Kamitomatsuricho, Yuinomori, Joto
  • Tully's coffee --Ekimae-dori, Yoto, Inter Park, Yuinomori, Motoimaizumi, Nishiichinosawamachi, Kawamukocho
  • Saint Marc Holdings --Esojima Honmachi (Saint Marc Cafe), Yawatadai (Kamakura Pasta), Kawamukocho (Kamakura Pasta)
  • Doutor coffee --Enomachi, Yanagidacho (in GS), Imaizumicho, Komanyumachi (in PA)
  • Excelsior Cafe --Takebayashimachi
  • CHAT NOIR-Mageshicho
  • Komeda's Coffee --Shimotomatsuri, Hiramatsu Honcho
  • Pronto --Kawamukocho
  • Coffee house --Interpark, Yoto, Kamitomatsuricho, Tsuruta Town
  • --Kawamukocho
  • --Interpark
  • --Baba-dori
  • Torisen --Shimookamotocho, Hosoyacho
  • York-Benimaru --Ishii Town, Nishikawata Town, Hosoya Town, Miyukigahara Town, Kitawakamatsuhara, Izumigaoka, Yanaze Town, Harigaya, Tomatsurimoto Town, Imaizumi Town
  • Tochigi Corp Co-op --Miyukigaharamachi, Koedo, Yoshino
  • Super Otani --Motoimaizumi, Esojimamachi, Hiramatsuhoncho, Shimookamotocho, Godai, Minamimachi, Shimotawaracho, Tsurutacho (2 stores),
    Kamitomatsuricho, Nozawamachi, Miyukigaharamachi
  • Tairai --Ishii Town, Izumigaoka, Shimookamoto Town, Takaragi Town, Hiramatsu Honcho, Takiya Town,
    Nishikawatahoncho, Yanazemachi, Wakakusacho, Tsurutacho, Midori, Yuinomori
  • Kamashin・ Karna || Yuinomori, Toyosatodai, Hiramatsu Honcho, Shukugo, Tomatsuri, Suzumenomiya, Oso
  • Business supermarket --Suehiro, Tomatsuri Town, Higashiyanaze, Tsuruta Town
  • Sanyu-Iwazomachi, Nakazatocho, Nakaokamotocho
  • Don Quixote --Yanazemachi, Babadori
Car supplies store
  • Yellow hat --Suehiro, Tsuruta Town, Shimotokami Town, Takebayashi Town
  • AUTOBACS --Komanyumachi, Miyanouchi, Yanazemachi
  • Tire building --Tsuruta Town, Shimohiraide Town, Yokota Shinmachi
Other business

Gyoza specialty store

In the cityGyozaThere are about XNUMX restaurants, including specialty stores, that are famous nationwide as the "Gyoza Town".

Incidentally,2005/(HeiseiIn July 17, the food theme park "Utsunomiya Gyoza Republic", which was decorated in the 7's, opened on the site of the former Jusco Utsunomiya store (Yanazemachi), and Utsunomiya Gyozakai member stores were occupying it.2006/(18)May 6Withdrew in less than a year, and in response to this, the Utsunomiya Gyozakai2007/(19)May 4UtsunomiyaCity center OfNagasakiya(Currently MEGADon Quixote) La Park Utsunomiya store has opened its own "Kurase" store, and in addition to the daily menu of 28 member stores, a new branch office has been established.[47][48]..Later, "Kirase" opened as a souvenir specialty store in Utsunomiya Station, and in April 2013, in the second restaurant area "SPICE" in Tobu Department Store.[48].

The main dumpling shops in the city are as follows.

Business namelocation(Gyoza
Utsunomiya MinminBabadori, Miyamirai (reopened in August 2022)[49]), Kawamukocho, Esojimahoncho, Higashishukugo
Masashi (Masatsugu)Babadori, Iwazomachi, Komanyumachi, Minamitakasagocho, Takinohara, Yanase
SatsukiBabadori, Tokujiromachi
Aogen Miso soupKawamukocho
In the sumTakaragicho
Utsunomiya KorakuTakaragicho
Utsunomiya GyozakanShukugo, Tokujiromachi, Higashishukugo, Ekimae-dori, Kawamukocho
UmiyaYamamoto, Ekimae-dori, Kawamukocho, Enomachi
Come onBabadori, Kawamukocho
Ramen specialty store HanayamaBabadori
TosenroYoto, Shimookamotocho
Utsunomiya dream dumplingsMotoimaizumi

Consumer electronics store

UtsunomiyaLarge electronics retail storeKojimaHas become a fierce battle area for consumer electronics mass retailers headquartered in[50]..Initially, Numaniu (Headquarters: Nishikawada in the city) also opened a consumer electronics mass retailer, but after the burst of the bubble, Kojima expanded nationwide and was listed on the stock market.K's Denki(head office:Mito),Yamada Denki(head office:Takasaki) Withdrew due to the opening of the Utsunomiya store, etc.Hard offConverted to a franchise such as[51]..Currently JRUtsunomiya StationbeforeYodobashi CameraBut again in the eastern and southern districts of the cityBest electric appliancesHas opened, and competition is intensifying.[50].

The main home appliance mass retailers in the city are as follows.Although it is not a consumer electronics mass retailer, it handles AV equipment, etc.写真The supplies store is also listed.

Business nameLocation (home electronics mass retailers, camera supplies stores)
KojimaKomanyumachi, Imaizumi
K's DenkiYoto, Inter Park, Tsuruta Town
Yamada DenkiMotoimaizumi, Esojimahoncho, Komanyumachi, Yuinomori
Yodobashi CameraEkimae street
Best electric appliancesImaizumi Town, Izumigaoka, Inter Park
Camera KitamuraImaizumi Town, Inter Park

Small retail stores in the city center

In the city centerOrion streetOn the west siderecordShops andOld clothesLined with shops, etc.Union streetIs attracting young people[52].

In addition, he won the national competition to compete for cocktail making skills.bartenderBecause there are many, "CocktailsIt is also on sale as a "city of".jazzSaxophoneplayer·Sadao WatanabeBecause it is the birthplace ofjazzPromotion in "City of the City" has also begun[50].

Major companies headquartered in Utsunomiya

The main companies headquartered in Utsunomiya City are as follows (in alphabetical order).


List of town names

District division is based on the main office of Utsunomiya City, Takaragi / Yonan branch office, 11 district citizen centers, and 2 regional autonomy centers (16 districts).[53][54][55].

Main office district

Takaragi district

Yonan district

  • Imamiya 1-4 chome
  • Esojima 1-5 Chome
  • Esojimahoncho
  • Otsuka Town
  • Kasuga Town
  • Higashiura Town
  • Higashiharamachi
  • Futaba 1-3 chome
  • Midori 1-chome-5-chome
  • Miyamoto Town
  • Yachiyo 1-2 chome
  • Yamato1-2 chome
  • Yonan1-4 chome

Hiraishi district

  • Ishii Town
  • Shimohiraidemachi
  • Wholesale town
  • Nakakubo 1-2 chome
  • Higashiminemachi
  • Hiraidemachi
  • Yanagidamachi
  • Yoto 1-8 Chome

Kiyohara district

Yokokawa district

  • Inter Park 1-chome and 2-chome
  • Esojimamachi
  • Kamiyokotamachi
  • Kawada Town
  • Saruyamamachi
  • Shimoguri 1-chome
  • Shimogurimachi
  • Jonan 1-3 chome
  • Sunada Town
  • Daishinden 1-chome
  • Daishindenmachi
  • Higashiyokota Town
  • Hiramatsu Honcho
  • Yaitamachi
  • Yokotashinmachi

Mizuhono district

  • Kamikuwajimamachi
  • Shimokuwajima Town
  • Nishiosakabemachi
  • Higashi Osakabe Town
  • Higashikinoshiro Town
  • Hiratsuka Town
  • Mizuho 1-3 chome

Toyosato district

  • Iwazomachi
  • Iwamoto
  • Kaidomachi
  • Kawamata Town
  • Kawarayacho
  • Shimokawamatamachi
  • Sekiboricho
  • Takebayashimachi
  • Toyosatodai 1-3 chome
  • Nagaokacho
  • Fujimigaoka 1-4 chome
  • Miyukigaharamachi
  • Yamamoto 1-3 chome
  • Yamamoto Town
  • Yokoyama 1-3 chome
  • Yokoyama Town

Kunimoto district

Tomiya district

Shinoi district

  • Iiyama Town
  • Ishinadamachi
  • Kamikoikemachi
  • Shinoimachi
  • Shimokoikemachi

Shiroyama district

  • Iidamachi
  • Otani Town
  • Kogashimachi
  • Komagai 1-2 chome
  • Komanyumachi
  • Shimoaraharimachi
  • Tagemachi
  • Tano Town
  • Nishinomiya1-2 chome
  • Fukuoka Town

Sugatagawa district

Suzumenomiya district

  • Inter Park 3-chome-6-chome
  • Kamimitacho
  • Kitawakamatsuhara 1-2 chome
  • Godai 1-3 chome
  • Satsuki 1-3 chome
  • Shimosorimachi
  • Shimoyokotacho
  • Shintomi-cho
  • Suehiro 1-2 chome
  • Suzumenomiya 1-chome-7-chome
  • Suzumenomiyacho
  • Takasago
  • Toyacho
  • Nakajima Town
  • Hagyudacho
  • Harigaya 1-chome
  • Harigayacho
  • Fujimi
  • Mitanagashimacho
  • Midorinomachi
  • Minamitakasago
  • Minami Town
  • Miyanouchi 1-4 chome
  • Mobara 1-3 chome
  • Mobaracho
  • Wakamatsuhara 1-3 chome

Kamigochi district

  • Ashinumacho
  • Imazatocho
  • Ueda Town
  • Kindacho
  • Kamikoguracho
  • Kanpakucho
  • Shimokogura Town
  • Matsukazedai
  • Takamatsu Town
  • Nakazato
  • Fuyumurocho
  • Matsuda Nitta Town
  • Miyayamadacho
  • Exemption Uchimachi

Kawachi district

  • Ainosawacho
  • Kanoyamachi
  • Kamiotsuka Town
  • Kamitawaracho
  • Sakazuracho
  • Sagehashicho
  • Shimookamotocho
  • Shimotawaracho
  • Shirasawacho
  • Takaraicho
  • Nakaokamotocho
  • Nagaminemachi
  • Higashiokamotocho
  • Furuta Town
  • Ryubukucho

Residential estate

  • Natsubodai housing complex / 3713-260 Nakaokamotocho
  • Okamotodai Heights / Shimookamotocho 2079-59
  • Kamaidai Heights / 2508-49 Shimookamotocho
  • New Fujimigaoka / Yokoyama Yokoyama XNUMX, XNUMX-chome, New Fujimigaoka housing complex Rose Town <Yokoyama XNUMX-chome>, etc.
  • Nihon Sumiken Josai New Town / Tano Town, Solicitation Development
  • Nihon Sumiken Takaragihoncho New Town / Takaragihoncho
  • Utsunomiya housing complex / green,Tobu Railway
  • Tobu CITY Utsunomiya / Nishikawatamachi, Tobu Railway


  • Miyamirai - 2020/Start more maintenance.Detail isLight Cube UtsunomiyaSee.
  • Utsunomiya Station West Exit Area Redevelopment-The area where the landscape is significantly deteriorated will be improved, such as ensuring spatial continuity from the station square to Tagawa, Miyanomiya, and the main street through integrated land use.
  • Utsunomiya Babadori West District Redevelopment-High-rise complex apartment "" completed in 2010.
  • Major district redevelopment- 2019/The high-rise condominium "Utsunomiya PEAKS" is completed.

Railway related

  • A light rail is under construction on the east side of Utsunomiya Station. (For more informationLater. )


  • Government-designated cityTransition to- 2003/May 6, Mayor of Utsunomiya at that timeTomiichi FukudaAnnounced in its statement of belief in the second term of the city administration that it will consider the transition to an ordinance-designated city that is expected to merge with neighboring cities and towns.[57].


Zip CodeApplies to the following. 4 collection and delivery stations are in charge of collection and delivery.

post office

  • Utsunomiya Central Post Office(07002)
  • Kamikawachi Post Office (07035)
  • Utsunomiya Sentecho Post Office (07053)
  • Tokujiro Post Office (07056)
  • Utsunomiya Nishiichi Post Office (07060)
  • Dojojuku Post Office (07063)
  • Kawachi Post Office(07067)
  • Utsunomiya Minami Post Office(07071)
  • Tochigi Prefectural Office Post Office (07098)
  • Utsunomiya Obata Post Office (07101)
  • Utsunomiya Kamigahara Post Office (07102)
  • Utsunomiya Nakatomatsuri Post Office (07107)
  • Tsuruta station square post office (07109)
  • Otani Post Office (07114)
  • Utsunomiya Kawamukai Post Office (07115)
  • Utsunomiya Imaizumicho Post Office (07119)
  • Ishii Post Office (07127)
  • Shinoi Post Office (07128)
  • Kawachi Tahara Post Office (07129)
  • Utsunomiya Ichijo Post Office (07154)
  • Mizuhono Post Office (07168)
  • Utsunomiya Hachimanyama Post Office (07170)[Annotation 12]
  • Utsunomiya Sakura Post Office (07185)
  • Utsunomiya Sekibori Post Office (07190)
  • Utsunomiya Hanawada Town Post Office (07197)
  • Koteyama Post Office (07200)
  • Utsunomiya Rokudo Post Office (07201)
  • Post office in Utsunomiya University (07208)
  • Utsunomiya Nakagawara Post Office (07211)
  • Utsunomiya Futaba Post Office (07213)
  • Okamoto Station Front Post Office (07214)
  • Kinushima Post Office (07215)
  • Utsunomiya Yaita Post Office (07225)
  • Utsunomiya Izumigaoka Post Office (07226)
  • Utsunomiya Yoshino Post Office (07229)
  • Tobu Utsunomiya Station Post Office (07230)
  • Utsunomiya Shukugo Post Office (07232)
  • Utsunomiya Fudomae Post Office (07239)
  • Utsunomiya Suehiro Post Office (07243)
  • Utsunomiya Nishikawata Post Office (07247)
  • Utsunomiya Okadai Post Office (07248)
  • Utsunomiya Tomatsuri Post Office (07250)
  • Utsunomiya Misaocho Post Office (07251)
  • Utsunomiya Higashimachi Post Office (07253)
  • Utsunomiya Hiraide Post Office (07254)
  • Utsunomiya Hosoyacho Post Office (07258)
  • Utsunomiya Oso Post Office (07260)
  • Utsunomiya Esojima Post Office (07266)
  • Utsunomiya Nozawa Post Office (07270)
  • Utsunomiya Shimoguri Post Office (07272)
  • Utsunomiya Koedo Post Office (07279)
  • Utsunomiya Komanyu Post Office (07280)
  • Utsunomiya Sannosawa Post Office (07282)
  • Utsunomiya Iwaso Post Office (07291)
  • Utsunomiya Midori Post Office (07295)
  • Suzumenomiya Post Office (07298)
  • Utsunomiya Fujimigaoka Post Office (07301)
  • Utsunomiya East Post Office(07303)
  • Utsunomiya Satsuki housing complex post office (07304)
  • Utsunomiya Miyukigahara Post Office (07305)
  • Mizuho Utsunomiya Post Office (07306)
  • Utsunomiya Hyogozuka Post Office (07307)
  • Utsunomiya Kiyoharadai Post Office (07308)
  • Utsunomiya Yanaze Post Office (07317)
  • Utsunomiya Japan Post (07318)
  • Utsunomiya Imaizumi East Post Office (07324)
  • Utsunomiya Kami Yokota Post Office (07726)
  • Simple post office in Utsunomiya Kiyohara Industrial Park (07748)[Annotation 13]

Phone Number

Utsunomiya covers the entire city except for a part of Mobara-choMAThe area code is "028".The following 15 buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Utsunomiya Bureau: 600, 616, 621 --627, 643, 650
  • 宇都宮中河原局:610 - 611、614、632 - 639、649(5xxx-9xxx)、651、908
  • Utsunomiya Hira station: 613, 660 --664, 683, 689
  • Tokami station: 647 --649 (1xxx)
  • Tochigi Shiroyama Post Office: 652
  • Shinoi Bureau: 669
  • Mizuhono Bureau: 656 --657
  • Dojojukumachi: 667, 670
  • Tokujiro Bureau: 665 --666
  • Esojima station: 615, 645, 658 --659, 684
  • Suzumenomiya Bureau: 653-655, 688
  • Tochigi Kawachi Bureau: 671, 673
  • Tochigi Tahara Bureau: 672
  • Kamikawachi Bureau: 674

Part of Mobara-cho is a small mountainMAThe area code is "0285".The detention station is Ishibashi station, and the city code is 51-53.



University / Graduate School
National University CorporationUtsunomiya University
Mine Campus
350 Minemachi, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of Education
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of International Studies
Graduate School of Education (Osamu / Sen)
Graduate School of Agriculture (Osamu / Hiroshi)
Graduate School of International Studies (Osamu / Hiroshi)
Utsunomiya University
Yoto Campus
1-2-XNUMX Yoto, Utsunomiya-shiFaculty of Engineering
Faculty of Regional Design Science
Graduate School of Engineering (Osamu / Hiroshi)
School corporation Funada Education AssociationSakushin Gakuin University908-4 Takeshitamachi, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of Business
Faculty of Policy Management
Faculty of Humanities and Culture
Graduate School of Business Administration (Osamu / Hiroshi)
Graduate School of Psychology (Osamu)
School corporation Utsunomiya GakuenBunsei University of Art8-15-XNUMX Kamitomatsuri, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of Fine Arts
Graduate School of Arts (Osamu / Hiroshi)
School corporation Suga GakuenUtsunomiya Kyowa University
Utsunomiya City Campus
3-18-XNUMX Odori, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of City Life
Utsunomiya Kyowa University
Nagasaka Campus
3829 Nagasaka, Shimoaraharimachi, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of Child Life Studies
Teikyo UniversityTeikyo University
Utsunomiya Campus
1-1 Toyosatodai, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of Science and Engineering
Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of Regional Economics
Faculty of Medical Technology, Department of Judo Therapy
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Osamu / Hiroshi)

Osamu: Master's Program Expo: Doctoral Program Specialized: Professional Degree Program

Junior college / vocational school

Junior college
School corporation Funada Education AssociationSakushin Gakuin University Women's Junior College908-4 Takeshitamachi, Utsunomiya CityEarly Childhood Education
School corporation Suga GakuenUtsunomiya Junior College3829 Nagasaka, Shimoaraharimachi, Utsunomiya CityMusic department
Department of Human Welfare
School corporation Utsunomiya GakuenUtsunomiya Bunsei Junior College8-15-XNUMX Kamitomatsuri, Utsunomiya CityDepartment of Regional Comprehensive Culture
Vocational school
TochigiTochigi Prefectural College of Health and Welfare2-1-XNUMX Yonan, Utsunomiya-shiFaculty of Health and Nursing
Faculty of Dental Technology
Faculty of Clinical Laboratory
TochigiTochigi Prefectural Agricultural College1145-1, Kamikomoriyamachi, Utsunomiya CityFaculty of Agriculture Main Course
Graduate School of Agriculture
  • For private vocational schools, see "" on the Tochigi Prefecture official website.List of private schools"checking.

high school

Tochigi Prefectural

Private high school

Junior high school

Public junior high school(25 schools) * Omitted "Utsunomiya City"

National middle school

Prefectural junior high school

Private middle school

primary school

Public elementary school(69 schools) * Omitted "Utsunomiya City"

National elementary school

Private elementary school

Special school

Facilities other than school education

Public vocational ability development facility based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Law
TochigiTochigi Prefectural Central Industrial Technology College[Annotation 16]Utsunomiya City Hiraide Industrial Park 48-4Department of Mechanical Engineering
Control system department
Department of Automotive Engineering
Architectural Design Department
Equipment system department
Certified vocational ability development facility based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Law
Steering meetingUtsunomiya Joint Higher Industrial Technology School848 Nakatomatsuricho, Utsunomiya CityWooden architecture department
Architectural Design Department
Advertising art department
Flower decoration department
Tochigi Prefectural Landscaping Higher Technical School(Closed in 2012)Ordinary vocational training: short course


The main cultural facilities located in Utsunomiya City are as follows.

Hall / Hall

Sports Facilities

Closed facility

Horse racing related facilities


Museums and art galleries



Sports team


News (Chinese)

Long time agoTochigi newspaperAlso existed.

National newspaperIt is a sales area ofAsahi Shimbun,Yomiuri Shimbun,Mainichi Shimbun,Sokoku Shimbun,Nihon Keizai Shimbun,Tokyo Newspaper,Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunThere are general bureaus and bureaus in the city.AlsoNews agencyAlso,Kyodo News,Jiji PressHas a branch office.


TVKanto wide areabecome,Nittele,TBS,Fuji Television Network, Inc,TV AsahiThere is a branch office (coverage base).


As a route network connecting Utsunomiya City and the suburbsTohoku Shinkansen,Tohoku Main Line(Utsunomiya Line),Sunlight,Tobu Utsunomiya LineThere is.Of these, the latter three lines have multiple stations within the city area and play a part in the city transportation network.In addition, the western part of the city and the eastern part of the city are covered by wide-area highways.Tohoku Expressway,National Route 4Runs north and south, and in the middle of the cityNational Route 119,National Route 121,National Route 123The road network centered on is maintained.

otherKanto regionLike each major city, there are no airports in the neighborhood, wide area transportation depends on these rail and road networks, and it is in the city.JR Utsunomiya StationThe number of users ofNorth KantoThe largest number in 3 prefecturesJR East120th place under the jurisdiction of[60].

City public transportationTransit BusIn recent years, based on the "Bicycle Town" concept promoted by the city, bicycle parking lots have been set up at the terminal bus terminals, and lanes dedicated to bicycle traffic have been set up on the roadside belts in the city center. Measures are being implemented to promote the combined use of public transport and bicycles[61].


There is no airport in the cityTokyo International Airport(Haneda airport),Narita International Airport(Narita Airport),Ibaraki Airport,Fukushima AirportIs the nearest airport.Of which, at Haneda AirportKanto Motor,Tokyo airport traffic OfLimousine busBut again at Narita Airport with Kanto MotorChiba KotsuLimousine buses are directly on board.There is no public transportation to / from Utsunomiya City that directly connects to Fukushima Airport.JRTohoku Shinkansen-Tohoku Main Line OfKoriyama StationからFukushima TransportationUse the limousine bus (with Fukushima Airport)sunlight-Kinugawa OnsenThe route bus that connects the city has been operated via the Sanno housing complex (Tokujiromachi) in the city, but the utilization rate was poor and it ended only with a test operation).


"Utsunomiya" is named in the city centerUrban terminal stationThere are 2 stations.one isMeijiIn a periodTohoku Main LineWith the opening ofJapan RailwayOpened by, thenMinistry of Railways,Japan National RailwayAndJR EastThe operator has transitioned toUtsunomiya StationAnd this is located at the eastern end of central Utsunomiya.The location of Utsunomiya Station was originally openedKawachiIt was a village area.The other isTobu Railway OfTobu Utsunomiya StationSo, this is about 45 years after the opening of Utsunomiya StationShowaEarly onTobu Utsunomiya LineIt was opened at the western end of central Utsunomiya with the opening of.

The number of users of JR Utsunomiya Station is the largest in the northern Kanto region and one of the largest in the north of the Tokyo area.South KantoAs a station within the JR East jurisdiction excluding the three prefectures of TokyoSendai Station,Niigata StationNext toJR HokkaidoEven if you include the areaSapporo StationAnd count the 4th most users.On the other hand, Tobu Utsunomiya Station is inferior to JR Utsunomiya Station by a large margin, but it is a prefectural government-class city in the three northern Kanto prefectures.[Annotation 17] Counts the largest number of users as a private railway terminal station located in[Annotation 18].

All JR lines that pass through the cityTokyo suburbsIn addition to being designated as, the Tobu Utsunomiya Line is also owned by TokyoMajor private railwayBecause it is a line, at all railway stations in the citySuica-PASMONon-contact type IC tickets such as these can be used.

East Japan Railway (JR East)
Tobu Railway

Once on the road section from Temmacho in the city to Oya via the current main street-Oya Kaido,Light railwayIs laid and is the main purposeOtani stoneIn addition to the transportation of passengers, some passengers were also transported.Besides, from Timber Town to Shinkawa-Niisato HighwayVia Niisato,TokujiroLines connecting to the city and lines heading to the southern part of the city have also been laid1964/(ShowaIt was completely abolished by 39).For details on this lineTobu Otani LineDescribe in the item of.

LRT (light rail)

Japan's first all-new line without extension / improvement of existing linesLight RailIs planned to open, construction started in May 2018, and construction started, but in January 5 it was announced that the opening time would be postponed to March 2021.[62]..Currently, construction is underway with the aim of opening in March 2023.


General route

Kanto Motor
In the cityYanaze Sales Office-Komanyueigyo-Utsunomiya Sales Office-Higashino Hiraide Sales OfficeIs installed.
From outside the cityKanuma Sales Office(Kanuma City)・Ishibashi Sales Office(Shimotsuke)・Moka garage(Moka) Line comes in.
  • Until March 2018, 9Tono KotsuWas in operation, but was merged with Kanto Motor on October 10st.
JR Bus Kanto
Utsunomiya branch(Location isHaga Town) Line comes in.Previously, it had a sales office in Ichinosawa in the city.
Abolished alternative bus
Kamikawachi alternative busSee.The operation contract is Kanto Motor.
Local traffic
Public transportation operated by local residents and supported by the city.

Express Bus

Horse chestnut(Narita Airport-Haneda airport
Kanto MotorChiba Kotsu-Tokyo airport trafficOperated
Tochigi No.(京都-Osaka
Kanto MotorKintetsu BusOperated
North Kanto Liner(Mito-Hitachinaka City
Kanto MotorIbaraki TransportationOperated
Fukushima / Utsunomiya-Nagoya Line (Nagoya city
Fukushima Transportation-Meitetsu busOperates.Kanto Motor handles ticketing business in Tochigi prefecture area[63][64][65].


Wide-area highways in the western and eastern parts of Utsunomiya CityTohoku Expressway,National Route 4-New Route 4Runs north and south, and in the Utsunomiya city area and the periphery located between themNational Route 119,National Route 121,National Route 123The road network centered on is maintained.As a city with a population of 50 or moreBypass roadThe number of lines is scarce, and the straight section is not so long as a whole.There are many bottleneck roads and highways with few lanes in the city, which lacks the convenience of automobile transportation.Even if you look at the data that quantifies the road maintenance status, it is average or low level compared to other core cities in Japan.[66]..Most of the bypass roads that pass through the city are logistics vehicles that pass through the citysunlight-NasuIt is maintained for the purpose of eliminating unnecessary traffic congestion in the city area due to vehicles for sightseeing, especiallyUtsunomiya Ring Road,Utsunomiya North RoadHas a strong personality.Roads developed for that purpose are often undeveloped except for the location of small-scale commercial facilities near railway stations and housing complexes (such as near Tsuruta Station and Takaragidanchi), especially the Utsunomiya Ring Road. Rural areas and forests spread out to the east of the area.
Of particular note is in the cityBicycle laneDue to the high installation rate, as of 2011, seven bicycle lanes with a total length of 7 km have been installed.[67].

The approximate distance from Utsunomiya (Ikegamicho) to the center of the neighboring major cities and the main connection routes are as follows.

General national road
Main local roads, general prefectural roads, etc.


Historic spot

Utsunomiya City was in 2003 (Heisei 15)Only depression and XNUMX viewsWas selected[68].



  • Romanchik Onsenkan(Niisato Town)
  • Utsunomiya Onsen Immortal Longevity Hot Spring (The Grand Spa Namdaemun) (Imaizumi XNUMX-chome)
  • Bonten-no-Yu(Imazato Town)
  • Tadaomi Onsen (Nissatomachi)


  • First market (held in January)
  • Utsunomiya Street Performance Festival (held on Saturdays and Sundays in mid-March)
  • Sakura Festival (held in early April)
  • Festa my Utsunomiya (held on the third Sunday in May)
  • Utsunomiya Cocktail Carnival (held in mid-May)
  • Yo Genki Festival (held in late May)
  • Depression only and fireworks display(Held on the second Saturday of August)
  • Orion Tanabata Festival (held in early August)
  • Furusatomiya Festival (held on the first Saturday and Sunday of August)
  • Festa in Otani(June or July)
  • Miyakko Festa (held in early October)
  • Japan Cup Cycle Road Race(Held on Saturday and Sunday in late October)
  • Utsunomiya Gyoza Festival (held in early November)
  • Miyanoichi (late October-early November)
  • Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine Festival (Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine #Festival(See)

Gourmet and others

A celebrity with a connection to Utsunomiya

Historical figures




ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン

News report





Fictional character

Works related to Utsunomiya


Official homepage of Utsunomiya City LibraryA literary work in which "Utsunomiya City" appearsSee also

  • Far Thunder- Kazuhei TatematsuWork of.Set in Utsunomiya City and its suburbs.
  • train - Miyuki MiyabeWork of.A work on the theme of loan bankruptcy.The woman searched by the hero's detective is from Utsunomiya City, and the cityscape of Utsunomiya is depicted.
  • Happy birthday - Kazuo AokiWork of.The hero's mother's parents' home is in Utsunomiya.


  • Orion street - Kazuyoshi Saito,Takashi HamasakiWork of.
  • Sakura-dori Jumonji- Crawling snowMajor debut work.
  • I've always liked --Kazuyoshi Saito's work.It is said that he spelled out his thoughts and memories of "her" (in the lyrics, "16 years old" and "our Madonna") who reunited at the alumni association, which was "local" (in the lyrics, "this town") for the first time in a long time. Music[73].. Promotion Video was shot on the roof of a building (bakery) on Orion-dori, Utsunomiya City.[74].

Movies, dramas

Works set in Utsunomiya

  • Dumplings you can kiss --A romantic comedy movie released on June 2018, 6.With the full cooperation of the Utsunomiya Gyozakai, most of the photographs were taken in Utsunomiya City.

Works taken in Utsunomiya

  • Funny criminal --At the time of airing on January 2018, 1, Bell Mall was filmed in the shopping mall setting of Higashioji, and "Miyari" in Utsunomiya City and "Yuzumo" in Motegi Town also appeared.
  • No. 4 guard --NHK starting in April 2017Saturday drama..The first episode was filmed on Orion Street and Kinu Street.
  • Partner --Season 6 Episode 1 at Tochigi Prefectural Assembly Building, Season 8 Episode 16 at Sakushin Gakuin University, Season 10 Episode 18 at Tochigi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, Season 11 at Otani Park, Season 14 Episode 1 at Utsunomiya University Faculty of Engineering, Movie version IV Taken at Utsunomiya University Mine Campus.
  • Shin Godzilla --In addition to the Tochigi Prefectural Government Building, it was shot on Kamigawara Dori in the setting of Ota Ward, Tokyo.
  • If a high school baseball girl manager reads Drucker's "Management"[75]
    • At Kiyohara Baseball Stadium in the city, the summer tournament and final scenes were filmed.The number of extras who played the role of the audience was about 1,000 on many days, and it was a large-scale shooting.
  • 20th Century Boy -Final Chapter- Our Flag[76]
    • Of Otani in the cityOtani quarryIn the ruins underground space, Kanna (one of the main characters)Airi Taira) The extremist "Ice Queen's faction" and Kanna's uncle Kenji (Toshiaki Karasawa)'S old friend Ocho ()Eiji Toyokawa) Was filmed in a dialogue about the armed uprising.
    • At the Tochigi Prefectural Assembly Building in the city, a scene was shot on the stairs of the red carpet of Tomodachi, who is in power.
  • captain
    • Most of the filming was done in Utsunomiya,2007/(19)May 8It was pre-released on Saturday at Utsunomiya Theater. On the pre-screening day of August 8, the leading team (,Takuya Ogawa,Miyazaki,Kosuke Nagai), In addition to Director Atsushi Muroga, Mayor Eiichi Sato of Utsunomiya will give a stage greeting at Utsunomiya Theater andMay 8ToTobu Utsunomiya Department StoreA talk event was held at, and he is the older brother of the original author.Chiba TetsuyaParticipated as a special guest.
  • WATER BOYS 2005 Summer
    • Locations were held at Green Stadium, Kawachi Dream Pool, Yonan Pool, etc.
  • Song of sugar cane field
  • Hachiko story
  • --The photo was taken in the center of Orion Street and the city.

Other,Utsunomiya Film Commission,Tochigi Prefecture Film Commissionchecking ...




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