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😷 | Izumi full-year financial results decrease for the first time in XNUMX years Corona impact Hiroshima


Izumi full-year financial results decrease for the first time in XNUMX years Corona impact Hiroshima

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Poplar is aiming for profitability in the next fiscal year while promoting a joint business with Lawson.

Izumi, a major local distributor, has announced its full-year financial results.Sales declined for the first time in XNUMX years due to the impact of the new Corona.Izu ... → Continue reading

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consortium(English: Consortium) OrJoint ventureA group of two or more individuals, businesses, groups, governments (or any combination of these) that jointly engages in activities for some purpose or toward a common goal. handresourceIt is formed for the purpose of storing.

Consortium TheLatinMeans "tie-up, joint, group".The origin of the word isconsors(partner) Is the etymology, and consors The con-(Together) and go(運 命), "ComradeMeans.


Each participant has his or her own legal status, and control of each participant in the consortium is generally limited to collaborative work, especially activities related to profit sharing.The consortiumAgreementFormed by, the contract describes the rights and obligations of each member.The consortiumNon profit organizationIs often said to be.More permanent joint activities are commonly referred to as "associations".

For example,Five Colleges, Inc. TheThe United States of AmericaOne of the oldest and most successful consortiums in. Participants at Five Colleges, Inc.Amherst College,Hampshire College,Mount Holyoke College,Smith college,University of Massachusetts AmherstIs.Another similar consortium success in Ohio Five Colleges of Ohio There are (participantsOberlin College,Ohio Wesleyan University,Kenyon College,College of Wooster,Denison University).These consortia pool resources such as human resources and equipment among member universities, and also link academic and administrative resources to each other.

As an example of a commercial consortiumAirbusThere is. Founded in 1970, it is a commercial aircraft manufacturer.Airbus is nowEADSIt is under the umbrella of. EADS itselfAerospatiale Matla(France),THE A(Germany), CASA (スペイン) Was born by the merger.These companies originally formed the Airbus Consortium, whose investment ratios were 37.9%, 37.9%, and 4.2%, respectively.BesidesBAE SystemsHad a 20% stake, but sold that amount in 2006.Airbus as a consortium distributes profits to each company according to the investment ratio, and business is also allocated according to the investment ratio.

Another example of a commercial consortium is a consortium formed by multiple banks when lending.In the UK, a consortium has acquired a sluggish football clubLiquidationThe method of preventing it from being done is often used.

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