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😷 | Hokuei Town, Tottori Prefecture announces infection of 5 employees 14th New Corona


Hokuei Town, Tottori Prefecture Announces Infection of 5 Employees 14th New Corona

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The town will close the office building from the 14th to the 16th, and will proceed with inspections of visitors and staff of local agencies.

Hokuei Town, Tottori Prefecture, announced on the night of the 14th that five town officials were infected with the new coronavirus.According to the town, in the main government building ... → Continue reading

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Office(Desakikikan) is mainlyCountry,Local government OfAdministrative agencyIn addition to the main office and the main office, it is located in a rural areaAuxiliary organizationThat is.simply出先It is also called (Desaki).

Local agency in the country

National Administrative Organization Law(Act No. 23 of 120) According to Article 9, "If it is necessary for a national administrative agency to divide the affairs under its jurisdiction, as provided by the lawLocal branch office(Article 9 of the National Government Organization Act), and the national local administrative agencies (including expatriate agencies)国会This must not be provided without the approval of (Local government law(Act No. 22 of 67) Article 156, Paragraph 4, first sentence), It is said that the expenses required for the establishment and operation of the national local administrative agency must be borne by the national government (paragraph 4, second sentence). ..However,judicialAdministration andDisciplineInstitution, regionImmigration Bureau of JapanBranch offices and branch offices and branch offices of branch offices,Police agency,Public-Private Personnel Exchange CenterBranch,quarantineorgan,Ministry of DefenseInstitution,CustomsBranch offices and monitoring offices, customs branch offices and their branch offices and monitoring offices,Tax officeAnd its branch office,National Tax TribunalBranch ofRegional Aviation BureauOffices and other aviation business offices,General Communication StationBranch offices, radio observatories, educational facilities,National hospitalIn addition, there is no application that the approval of the Diet is required for medical treatment facilities, meteorological offices, maritime security and rescue organizations, sea mark and waterway offices, forest management offices, and construction organizations that carry out construction exclusively at national expense (Local Autonomy Law). Exemption from the first sentence of Article 156, Paragraph 5).

Local agency of local public body

Local government lawThen,Ordinary local governmentIn order to divide the affairs belonging to that authorityOrdinanceAnd where you need itPrefecturesFor thatBranch office(roadIn this case, the branch office of the branch office is included. ) And local offices,市町村In that case, it is stipulated that a branch office or branch office can be established (Local Autonomy Law, Article 155, Paragraph 1).In addition, as required by laws or ordinances in addition to branch offices, etc.Health center,Police stationOther administrative agencies shall be established (Local Autonomy Law, Article 156, Paragraph 1).It is stipulated in the ordinance that the location, name and area of ​​jurisdiction of branch offices or local offices or branch offices or branch offices and other administrative organs must be specified (Local Autonomy Law, Article 155, Paragraph 2, Article 156, Paragraph 2). Item).In addition, when deciding or changing the position of a local agency or administrative agency such as a branch office, local office, branch office, branch office, etc.residentsTo be the most convenient to useTransportationCircumstances, otherGovernment officeAppropriate consideration must be given to the relationship with the Local Autonomy Law (Local Autonomy Law, Article 4, Paragraph 2, Article 155, Paragraph 3, Article 156, Paragraph 3).

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