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😷 | [New Corona] Spread prevention measures applied to Yokohama / Kawasaki / Sagamihara Requested by Kanagawa Prefecture and the national government

Governor Kuroiwa responds to interviews after the prefectural countermeasures headquarters meeting = 15th afternoon, prefectural office

[New Corona] Spread prevention measures applied to Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Sagamihara Requested by Kanagawa Prefecture and the national government

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In applicable areas, the restaurant's business hours, which are currently requested by 9 pm, will be shortened to 8 pm.

Kanagawa Prefecture is suitable for "priority measures such as prevention of spread" based on the revised Special Measures Law on the 15th over the new coronavirus infection. → Continue reading

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Sales(Eikyo) means performing business for the purpose of profit. From this point on, a specific act is practiced as sales. It is also used as a word that refers to a group of corporate activities. Each will be described in detail below.

Sales as an act

Sales as a human actProfit(In the usual senseprofitIt is said that the business is carried out for the purpose. "Operating" in the case of "running a liquor store" means "sales", and "sales" in the case of "business hours" often posted on the shop front just means this.

As explained earlier, the general wisdom isPerforming the same kind of actions continuously and repeatedly for the purpose of "profitable"Refers to.

  1. As a result, as long as it is for commercial purposesIf you couldn't make a profitBut it corresponds to business.
  2. Initially, as long as there is an intention to continue / repeatIf you quit onceBut it corresponds to sales[1].

Although these are businesses that are carried out for commercial purposes as well, there are cases in which it is particularly sales that it promotes activities such as selling some kind of product.

Sales as a profession

"Sales"Sales" is used in the words "sales person (sales person)" and "diving business".In a broad sense, it means the department in charge of negotiations with customers (sales department).

In addition,singer(EspeciallyEnkaSinger)EntertainerIs a relatively small box office (In-store eventIn some cases it is called business. Sales in this case are mainlytv set,radioな どMass mediaIt is used to contrast with the work that is exposed to many people through.

Legal business means repeating certain actions for commercial purposes. The problem with this conceptCommercial Code Article 502It is in the interpretation of business commerce prescribed in. The actions listed in Article 502 of the Commercial Code are not repeated until they are repeatedly and continuously performed for the purpose of profit.Business practiceIs said to be.

Sales as the name of all corporate activities

Legally, sales may be used as a term that refers to overall corporate activities such as corporate assets and their operating methods, rather than individual actions. People and companiesBusiness transferThe term "sales" does not mean the act of commercial purpose itself, but rather the equipment used for corporate activities andReceivable-debtSuch asKnow-howFacts with economic value such as customer information, customer information, and suppliers (“Goodwill"Also referred to as")[2].

Business day, business hours

The day of business (ie,Days OffNon-business days) are called business days, and the time from the start of business to the end of business is called business hours.In some cases, such as financial institutions and customs business operators, laws and regulations stipulate regulations on business days and business hours.In addition, as a legal term, especiallybusinessmanFor companies that are not (if assumed), the word "sales" may be avoided and different terms may be used.

The following are available for business days.

The following items correspond to business hours.


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