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😷 | [15th] 5 people in 19 cities and towns in Nagasaki Prefecture Corona infection total 1702 people

Photo Number of infected persons by municipality announced on 15th (left), hospitalization status of new coronavirus infected persons (as of 14:7 pm on XNUMXth)

[15th] 5 people in 19 cities and towns in Nagasaki Prefecture Corona infection Cumulative 1702 people

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A woman in Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi is staying outside the prefecture for work within two weeks, and the prefecture will inspect a total of 2 people, including close contacts.

Nagasaki Prefecture and others announced on the 15th that a total of 4 people were infected with the new coronavirus in 1 cities and 19 town in the prefecture.Cumulative number of infected people in the prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Hasami Town

Hasami Town(Hasamicho) isNagasakiAlmost the center ofHigashisonogi-gunLocated in the northern inland area, it is the only town in Nagasaki prefecture that does not face the sea.From the early Edo periodChinaAt the place of productionHasami wareIs known.


Located in the central part of the mainland of Nagasaki PrefectureSaseboAbout 20km east of the centerNagasakiIt is located at a distance of about 65km north of.The town area is 10.5km east-west, 7.0km north-south, and 33.0km around, with a total area of ​​56.0km.2Is.Adjacent to Sasebo City, in the eastern and northern parts of the town areaSagaIt forms the prefectural border.Surrounded by mountainsbasinTherefore, it is relatively hot in summer and cold in winter.

Since April 2005, 4, it is the only municipality in Nagasaki Prefecture that does not face the sea.[1]..Therefore, in Nagasaki PrefectureObonIs an eventSpirits sinkThere is no custom.

  • Mountains: Head of the curtain (Mt. Hara Meidake), Ichinomiya, Tabetto, Jin no Tsuji (Mt. Kamiroku), Mt. Futatsu, Mt. Konosu, Mt. Ohira
  • River:Kawatana River, Hasami River, Muraki River, Nonogawa River, Sarayama River
  • Tameike: Nebi Pond, Inokari Pond, Otsumi

Adjacent municipalities




Population distribution of Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Hasami Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Hasami Town (2005)
■Purple-Hasami Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Hasami Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Place name

TownshipIs an administrative area.Large printIs not installed.In addition to the 20 hometowns used as the official address notation, there are 22 hometowns used as the unit of the residents' association.Except for some, the two are the same, but there are differences in the address notation between Naganogo and Zhongshanxiang.

oldKamihasami Town
  • Isekigo
  • Onigigo
  • Orishikisego
  • Kanayago
  • Otaru Township
  • Shukugo
  • Nakaogo
  • Nagaogo
  • Nonokawago
  • Mitsunomatago
  • Muragigo
  • Yumutago
oldShimohasami Village
  • Kawachigo
  • Sarayamago
  • Shiorigo
  • Takebetago
  • Tanokashirago
  • Nagano Township
The names of the administrative districts are Konaganogo, Otsunaganogo,
Kyowago[2]Divided into
  • Zhongshanxiang
The name of the administrative district is Hiranogo.
  • Hiekobago


Modern times



  • 1999(Heisei11 years)May 7 - OsakaHirakataAnd citizen exchange city tie-up.
  • 2001(13) April-Sasebo City called for merger talks in Hasami Town[4].
  • 2002(14)
    • March-Higashisonogi-gun voluntary merger council is established.
    • 8 month to 9 month
      • Omura City passed the merger plan between Omura City and Higashisonogi Town, and Higashisonogi Town rejected it.
      • The merger plan for 3 towns in Higashisonogi-gun is the corresponding 3 towns (with Higashisonogi-cho)Kawatana Town,Hasami Town) Passed.
  • 2004(16)
    • March --Kawatana Town announces withdrawal from the merger council.The merger council will be suspended.
    • July-Kawatana Town returns to the merger council.Resumed merger council.
  • 2005(17) March --Abandoned the merger in 3 towns.Dissolved the council.
  • 2008(20)
    • 4
      • Sasebo City proposed a merger and consulted, but refused.
      • From Nagasaki PrefecturepassportThe business was transferred to Hasami Town, and Hasami Townspeople can now apply for and receive passports at the Hasami Town Office (main office).[5]
  • 2009(21)
    • 3
      • The Higashisonogi-gun merger council was re-established by the initiative of the residents.
      • The Sasebo Regional Wide Area Municipal Area Association, which had been a member since 1972, was dissolved.
    • June-Kawatana Town and Hasami Town propose to dissolve the council, and the merger is blank.
    • August --The dissolution of the council was passed in Kawatana Town and Hasami Town.Rejected in Higashisonogi Town.In this way, the three towns did not reach an agreement, and the council was suspended, but it was substantially dissolved.
  • 2010(22)May 10 - South KoreaJeollanam-doGangjin-gunConcluded a friendship and exchange city with.
  • 2019(31ReiwaFirst year)

Changes in administrative areas


Town administration


  • Current position-Masata Ichinose (September-1998th term, 10)

Town council

  • Hasami Town Council Constant 14 (2012(From the general election of town council members in October 24)



  • Mayor
    • Vice mayor
      • Administration Division --General Affairs Group (passport window), Life Safety Section, Computer Information Section
      • Planning and Finance Section --Planning Section, Financial Management Group
      • Tax department - Resident taxPerson in charge,Property tax係
      • Residents' Welfare Division - Family registerSection, Social Welfare Section, Child-rearing Support Section, Environmental Hygiene Section
      • Health promotion section --National Health Insurance and Pension Section, Health Promotion Section,Long-term care insurancePerson in charge (Regional Comprehensive Support Center)
      • Agriculture and Forestry Division --Agricultural administration, agriculture, forestry and civil engineering
      • Commerce and Industry Promotion Division --Business attraction staff, business and industry tourism staff
      • Construction Division --Management, construction staff
      • Water department --Management team, water supply staff, sewerage staff
      • Accounts Division - Treasurer
  • Parliament(Chair) Parliamentary Secretariat-Parliamentary Section
  • Board of education(Superintendent of schools)-Secretariat-Education and General Affairs Section,Social educationPerson in charge,Cultural propertyProtection clerk
  • Agricultural committee --General Affairs Section
  • Election Management CommitteeSecretariat-Election Section
  • auditSecretariat --Auditor

Government building

  • Hasami Town Hall (Main Office)
    • Location-Shukugo 660 Map
      • 1 floor --Tax Division, Resident Welfare Division, Health Promotion Division (Regional Comprehensive Support Center), Agriculture and Forestry Division, Construction Division, Water Supply Division, Accounting Division, Agricultural Committee
      • 2 floor --Mayor's Office, Deputy Mayor's Office, General Affairs Division, Planning and Finance Division, Commerce and Industry Promotion Division, Parliamentary Secretariat, Assembly Hall, Election Administration Committee, Audit Office
  • Hasami Town General Cultural Center (Wave Hall)
    • Location-Orishikisego 2064 Map
      • 1st floor-Board of Education Secretariat


  • Sasebo City Fire Department(Consigned to Sasebo City)
    • East Fire Department (1-16-19 Hirota, Sasebo City)
      • Hasami Branch Office (338-3 Shukugo, Hasami Town)

garbage disposal

  • Higashisonogi Health and Welfare Association (Higashisonogi Town, Kawatana Town, Hasami Town)
    • Secretariat (95-1 Kuramotogo, Higashisonogi Town)
    • Higashisonogi Cleaning Factory (Waste Disposal Plant, 282 Shiroishigo, Kawatana Town)
    • Higashisonogi Environmental Center (95-1 Kuramotogo, Higashisonogi Town, Higashisonogi Treatment Plant)

Sister cities/partner cities

  • Japanese flagHirakata City (Osaka Prefecture)
    • July 1999, 11 (Heisei 7) Citizen exchange city tie-up
  • Brazilian flagMaua[3]City (Sao Paulo, Federal Republic of Brazil)
    • May 1988, 63 (Showa 4) Sister city tie-up
  • Republic of Korea flagGangjin-gun (Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea)
    • October 2010, 18 Friendship Exchange Alliance

Prefectural government

Prefectural assembly

Prefecture agency

  • Prefectural North Promotion Bureau(Sasebo City)
    • Administration Department, Tax Department, Commerce, Industry and Fisheries Department
    • Construction Department
      • Prefectural North Dam Management Office
        • Nonogawa Hydraulic Dam Management Office (643-3 Yumutago)
    • However, this is not the case with the Agriculture and Forestry Department and the Health Department.See below.
  • Prefecture Promotion Bureau(Isahaya)
    • Agriculture and Forestry Department
    • Health Department (prefectural center)Health center)
  • NagasakiCeramic industryTechnology Center (Hiekobago 605-2)



  • There are no public medical facilities.
    • etc.

National politics

House of Representatives

National office

  • Not in town.


Hasami wareKnown as the production center of.Adjacent Arita Town is also porcelain (Arita ware) Is famous as a production area, but this Hasami ware is different from Arita ware.Hizen porcelain such as Arita and Hasami was introduced in the early modern period.Imari PortBecause it was shipped fromImari wareWas called.Currently, about 13% of the daily tableware used in ordinary households nationwide is produced in Hasami Town.There are about 400 offices related to ceramics in the town, and about 2,000 people in the town are involved in ceramic-related work.

In addition, we will also focus on modernization of agriculture, such as prefectural farmland maintenance and rural comprehensive maintenance model projects.Land improvement businessImplemented.About 650% of the 83ha paddy field has been reorganized.An integrated rice and wheat work system has been established that connects work with large agricultural machines and rice centers.The surplus labor force of farmers generated by this isLocal industryIt is linked to employment in the ceramics-related industry, and continues to develop as an integrated agricultural and industrial industry.

Major companies

In Hasami Industrial ParkDigital cameraLocation of manufacturing factory. Started operation in March 2010[1].



Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular


Private (operator isSchool corporation)


Private (operator isSocial welfare corporation)
  • Konosu Nursery School (Konosu, Naganogo)
  • Matsuba Nursery School (Matsuba, Yumutago)
  • Roaring nursery school (Kanayago)
  • Hasuike Nursery School (Hasuike, Shukugo)
  • Byakugo Nursery School (Byakugo, Orishikisego)



Nearest airportNagasaki AirportorSaga AirportHowever, there is no direct public transportation from Hasami Town.It should be noted thatFukuoka AirportRegarding, in the town blockHasami Arita Bus StopHighway bus that stops at "SaseboIt is possible to go by using the flight via Fukuoka Airport.


There is no railway line that goes through the town.The nearest station from the town hall isKyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)Sasebo Line-Matsuura RailwayNishikyushu Line OfArita StationAnd then the Sasebo LineMikawachi Station,Omura LineKawatana StationIs the nearest station from all over the town.Local buses from the town hall to Mikawachi Station and Kawatana Station (Seibu bus) Is passing.



Prefectural road

Bus route

General route bus

Express Bus

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Famous people 


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  1. ^ Until March 2005, 3, 31 towns (in addition to our town)Kitamatsuura-gunSachihara TownandYoshii Town) Was applicable, but Sechibaru Town and Yoshii Town were incorporated into Sasebo City and disappeared as local governments.
    * Reference: Municipal transition para para map complete version Nagasaki Prefecture 2001/4/1
  2. ^ Formerly known as Hei Naganogo
  3. ^ a b PortugueseNotation Maua
  4. ^ otherSeihi Town,Saikai Town,Oshima Town,Sakito Town,Yoshii Town,Sachihara Town,Uku Town,Ojika Town,Sasa Town,Kosasa Town,Higashisonogi Town,Kawatana Town12 towns in Japan were called for similar merger talks
  5. ^ In principle, procedures cannot be done at other counters.For more informationAbout passport application / issuance(Hasami Town website),Nagasaki Passport InformationPlease refer to (Nagasaki Prefecture website).
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