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😷 | [New Corona] Kawasaki on the 16th, 73 people infected 11 new people at a pay nursing home with a cluster outbreak

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[New Corona] Kawasaki on the 16th, 73 people infected 11 new people at a pay nursing home with a cluster outbreak

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Of these, 11 residents were newly positive at the pay nursing home in Takatsu Ward, where clusters (infected population) were occurring, and 2 new users were positive at the outpatient care facility in Miyamae Ward, for a total of 28 and 44, respectively. It was.

Regarding the new coronavirus infection, Kawasaki City was newly confirmed on the 16th with 10 men and women under the age of 90 to 4s ... → Continue reading

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Takatsu Ward

Japan > Kanagawa > Kawasaki City > Takatsu Ward

Takatsu Ward(Takatsu) isKawasaki CityMake up 7Administrative districtOne of the.


  • It is located in the central part of Kawasaki City.TamagawaLowlands along the coast and hills to the south and west of it (Tama HillsIt is composed of the eastern end).
  • Summer: Is hot,Winter:Is cold.However,TokyoThe urban climate is not as good as in the city center.
  • There are many residential areas, but there are relatively many large-scale factories, and there are also semi-industrial areas.MizoguchiLarge-scale commercial facilities are also located in the surrounding area.
  • Ward office TheJRMusashi Mizonokuchi Station ・TokyuClose to Mizonokuchi Station,Police station TheTakatsu StationClose bypost office TheKajigaya StationIt is dispersed in the immediate vicinity.

Adjacent local governments



Before modern times


  • 1889(Meiji 22) 8 villages mergedTachibanajuTakatsuIs established. (Mizoguchi Village,Futago Village,Kuji village, Shimosakunobe Village, Hisamoto Village, Suwa Kawahara Village, Kitamigata Village, Sakado Village)
    In addition, 7 villages merged and the countyTachibana villageWas established (Chitose Village, Shinsaku Village, Shibokuchi Village, Suenaga Village, Hisasue Village, Aketsu Village, Kanigaya Village), and in the southwestern part of the current Takatsu Ward (Tachibana district).
    In addition, NogawamuraMiyasaki VillageIn addition, Kamisakunobe VillageMukaoka VillageEach of them was incorporated into Takatsu Ward, and part of it is now Takatsu Ward.
  • 1912(45th year of Meiji) TokyoThe boundary with and is organized, and the area south of the Tama River (Unane,Seta(Each part of the above and almost the entire area of ​​Shimonoge) will be incorporated, while the areas north of (Kuji, Futago, and each part of the Suwa River) will be withdrawn.
  • 1925(Taisho 14) TokyoEbara-gunTamagawa Village(CurrentSetagaya) And Takatsu VillageFutako BridgeIs hung, and the passing of two children is abolished.
  • 1927(Showa 2) Nambu Railway Nambu Line (currentlyJRNambu Line)Kawasaki Station-Noborito StationTakatsu Village will be connected to Kawasaki City by rail.After that, the factory expansion will begin in earnest.
  • 1927 year (Showa 2 year) Tamagawa Electric RailwayMizonokuchi Line (currentlyTokyu Denentoshi Line)ButFutakotamagawaen StationからMizonokuchi StationIs stretched to.On the track line, the Tama River crosses the Futago Bridge in common with the road.
  • 1928(Showa 3) Takazu Village enforces the town system.
  • 1937(Showa 12) Takatsu-cho will be incorporated into Kawasaki City on April 4st, and Tachibana-mura will be incorporated into Kawasaki City on June 1st.
  • 1938(Showa 13) The entire area of ​​the current Takatsu area will be incorporated into Kawasaki City.


  • 1953(Showa 28) Tokyu CorporationKeita GotoThe chairman announces the Southwest China area development plan.
  • 1962(37) Tama Garden CityThe first land readjustment project was completed in Nogawa Daiichi district.Since then, housing development led by the Tokyu Group will proceed in the southern hills.
  • 1965(40) Third KeihinOpens.
  • 1966(Showa 41) The section between Mizonokuchi Station and Nagatsuta Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line opens.At the same time, the combined use of the Futago Bridge track and road will end, and it will become a road-only bridge.
  • 1972(47) Takatsu Ward (including the area of ​​the current Miyamae Ward) was established with the transition of Kawasaki City to an ordinance-designated city.
  • 1977(52) With the opening of the Tokyu Shintamagawa Line (currently part of the Tokyu Denentoshi Line), it is directly connected to Shibuya.After that, access to the city center will improve with the extension of the Hanzomon subway line.
  • 1979(54) Kawasaki Shimin Plaza opens to commemorate the transition to an ordinance-designated city.
  • 1982(57) The southwestern part of the wardMiyamae-kuIt is divided into.
  • 1989(XNUMX) Kanagawa Science Park opens.otherMay 4aBamboo yabuで1 billionA wad of yen is found ().
  • 1997(9) Mizoguchi Station North Exit Redevelopment Building opens and the civic center is refurbished.In addition, various public facilities such as the Takatsu Ward Office have also been relocated.


  • 1975 249,429
  • 1980 283,996
  • 1985 152,726
  • 1990 165,081
  • 1995 172,196
  • 2000 182,112
  • 2005 201,792
  • 2010 217,360
  • 2015 228,141

Town name

In Takatsu Ward, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.In addition, the town name of Kawasaki CityChomeSince Arabic numerals are widely used in, the town name column is unified with Arabic numerals.


Large apartment

  • Mizoguchi Garden Aquas Aqua Wing
  • The Tower and Parks Garden City Mizonokuchi
  • Mayfair Parks Mizoguchi
  • Dresse Futago Shinchi
  • Verista Mizoguchi
  • Cosmosa Garden Futako Tamagawa
  • Rural station terrace

Residential estate

  • Akashiho Housing
  • Kanigaya Yarigasaki Residence
  • Kamisakunobe housing
  • Kamisakunobe 2nd house
  • Sakado housing


  • There are many factories in the machinery and food industry, and the Shimonoge area (and adjacent)NakaharaSmall and medium-sized town factories are gathered in the Miyauchi area).Also,NEC Platforms,Knorr foodLarge-scale factories such asCanon,Asuka Pharmaceutical,Fujitsu generalR & D bases are scattered throughout the ward.A global manufacturer of precision measuring equipmentMitutoyoThe head office is located in Sakado in the northeastern part of the ward, and a museum that is open to the public is also open.
  • Responsible for advanced technology research base and founding support functionKanagawa Science Park(KSP) is installed.
  • Geographically located in the center of the city and alsoNational Route 246(Mt. Ooyama Highway),National Route 409-Prefectural Road 9(Fuchu Kaido) Passes through and is located in Miyamae Ward, which is adjacent to Takatsu Ward.NogawaJRMusashino Line OfKajigaya Freight Terminal StationBecause of this, it has an excellent location as a distribution base that deals with the city and various parts of the country.Nippon Express,Tonami TransportEtc. have set up distribution bases for courier services to and from all parts of the city.AlsoSagawa Express TheSetagayaSet up a distribution base for in-house delivery services.The base of Nippon Express was called "Musashi-Mizonokuchi Branch" because it used to handle cargo at Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station (now called "Kanagawa Higashi Branch Kawasaki Kita Logistics Center" due to the reorganization of the base).
  • Opening bookstores mainly in Kanto and HokkaidoBunkyoIt is the birthplace of the company and has its head office in Mizonokuchi.
  • In the Edo period, paddy fields were cultivated using Nikaryō Waterway, and when Tokyo became more urbanized after the Meiji period.Tamagawa pearPeri-urban agriculture has expanded, and pears were transported by the Tama River water transport and the Nambu Railway, but have recently been declining due to the expansion of the Tokyo metropolitan area and soaring land prices.Most of the pear gardens have been converted into residential areas, but some have survived as tourist farms.
  • Commercial areaYakurazawa returnIt was a post town on (Mt. Ooyama Highway)twin(Around Futako-shinchi Station / Takatsu Station)MizoguchiA shopping street including old houses from the Edo period has been formed (around Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station and Mizonokuchi Station).Especially in Mizonokuchi, the redevelopment building in front of the station at the east exitNOCTYTwo buildings were built, and the tenants of the same buildingMarui(Marui Family Mizonokuchi) and others are expanding their trade area outside of Takatsu Ward.On the other hand, along Route 246, etc.Roadside storeIn particular, home appliances are competing with the stores in the shopping district in front of the station.Selling daily necessities to local residents due to the rapid increase in populationconvenience storeAnd foodsupermarketSmall and medium-sized stores such as are scattered throughout the ward.


University/Junior college

high school

Junior high school

primary school

* Due to the history of the Miyamae Ward, there are areas where students attend elementary and junior high schools in Miyamae Ward.

Special school

Foreign school



Central station:Mizonokuchi Station,Musashi Mizonokuchi Station


Each line runs around Mizonokuchi station.


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites



  • TamagawaRiver play on the riverbed, various sports
  • Takatsu Sports Center


  • Kawasaki Municipal Commemorative Tamagawa Fireworks Festival
  • Takatsu Ward Citizen's Festival


Mizoguchi,twin,Kuji,Kuji Cylindrical diversion,Unane,Midorigaoka Cemetery See each article for photos.

Celebrity from Takatsu Ward

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