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😷 | Minato-ku girls who “graduated” due to corona sickness are returning to “harbor” again.

To the "port" again ...

Minato-ku girls who "graduated" from the corona wreck are moving back to "harbor" again with the number of Instagram followers as a weapon

If you write the contents roughly
However, in May of the following year, the state of emergency was lifted and restaurants resumed operations.

"Minato-ku girls" playing with rich men at luxury stores in Minato-ku, Tokyo.It has a gorgeous image, but it is a big fan of the corona. → Continue reading

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October(Gogatsu) isGregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 31 days.


in Japan,Lunar month septemberTheSatsukiCalled (Satsuki), and nowNew yearAlso used as an alias for May. "Satsuki" is this monthrice plantingSince it is the month of the month, the term "Sanahetsuki" has been shortened.There is also a theory that the word "sa" itself has the meaning of rice planting, so "Satsuki" alone becomes the "month of rice planting."In addition, Sakai also has the meaning of rice ears dedicated to God.

"Japanese calligraphy, Etc., "May" is written as "Satsuki", and "Satsuki" was written as "Satsuki" later. The expression "Satsuki" is originally another name for lunar calendar May that appears in Chinese books. 『Elegance"according toAncient chinaThen, each 12 months was called "陬如寎有皋和相壯GEN Yang辜涂" (sui is the real character of waki).

Also"SatsukiIs the name of the flower. There is also another name for "iris moon".

In addition, May of the old calendar corresponds to June to July in the new calendar,rainy seasonIs the season. Samidare is another name for the rainy season, and Satsukibare originally means the rainy season.

Such as English name May TheRoman mythologyGoddess of FertilityMyr (Luo: Maya). There is no abbreviation in the only English name in 12 months (Because the abbreviation of the English name is represented by 3 letters, there is no abbreviation in May of 3 letters originally).

March in Japan

Spring:The latter half of. There are 5 consecutive holidays on 3rd, 4th and 5th of May, along with 3th of April which is also a holiday and Saturdays and Sundays around it.Golden weekIt is time to be called.

Okinawa,Amami archipelagoThen from the beginning of May every yearrainy seasonBecomesKyusyuThen, the rainy season may start from the end of May at the earliest.


  • Ina Ezuki (Inaetsuki)
  • Various (five-colored moon)
  • Ugetsu (Ametsuki)
  • Kengogetsu (Month of the horse)
  • Tsukimizuzuki (Moonless Moon)
  • Satsuki (Satsuki)
  • Sanaezuki (Sanaetsuki)
  • Samidarezuki (May rain month)
  • Shagetsu (Shatsuki)
  • Tachibana (Tachibana)
  • Chuka (Naka Natsu)
  • Baigetsu (Umetsuki)
  • Well orchid (Yurantsuki)

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2022 October(Satsuki
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


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