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😷 | Kobe Medical Professional Support Fund You can donate even if you pay your hometown tax

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Kobe Medical Professional Support Fund You can donate even if you pay your hometown tax

If you write the contents roughly
Also announced a new logo mark with a megaphone in the message.

About "Kobe Medical Professional Support Fund" that financially supports medical professionals who respond to the new coronavirus, Kobe City ... → Continue reading

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Logo type

Logo type (logotype), Commonly known as "logo''(British: Logo) Is stylized and decoratedText-StringBy the way, the organization nameCompany name・ Product name, magazine name, book name, etc.Print・ Used when displaying[1].


GreekLogo of Tyupos (λογότυπος) From the logo = word, Type = TypeConsisting of, originally 1単 語ForLigatureI meant print.

Logotype andマ ー クThe one that was designed by combiningLogoCalled. This is a combination of logo and markJapanglishIt is assumed[2].. Although the word logomark exists in English, it does not mean a combination of logotype and mark, but refers only to the mark.[3].. Also, English logo refers to the combination of logotype and logomark.[3].

If the logotype is a company name,Signboard-Business card・ Envelope ・ Report paper ・receipt OfSlipFor product names, such as items, on the package, for magazine names and book titles, on the front cover, spine cover, etc.PrintAnd used.Also, promotionAdsIt is also used for public relations purposes.

Used for logotypeTypefaceCan be different from that of a general character that is intended to be used in any sequence. It is easy to understand that something that has been greatly deformed for the purpose of differentiating the object is conspicuous, but in generalfontEven if it looks like you just used, you can actually adjust the character spacing and height,LinesIn many cases, balance adjustments such as adjusting are included.Therefore (although it is often confused that many of them are evaluated as excellent), logo design and typeface design are considered to be different design fields.If you make a big change, it will be advertised by issuing a press release etc., but even if it seems that you have been using the same item for many years such as a long-established department store, there are actually some that have undergone subtle renewals, compared to old items etc. It can be very different.

For organizations such as companies,Corporate identity Logotypes are sometimes used to impress as part of (CI) (note that there is a misunderstanding that the logo is confused with CI itself).The parent company and the subsidiary may have different logotype designs.[4].YamahaとYamaha MotorIt looks exactly the same to strangers, like (not irrelevant, but a separate company),triviaThere are some differences.

Logo is商標By registering as, it is possible to protect from trademark (as an identification mark for own and other goods / services) unauthorized use.If the design is just like decorating the lettersCopyrightIt is considered to be out of the scope of protection. However, there is a common misconception that it is copyrighted.[5][6].


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