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😷 | [Breaking news] Three new infections with the new corona [Kochi]


[Breaking news] Three new infections with the new corona [Kochi]

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A woman in her 70s in Kochi City worked at a facility for the elderly where a cluster occurred.

Today (22nd), it was announced that three new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Kochi prefecture.Infection ... → Continue reading

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Women in their thirties


Kochi(Kochishi) isKochiLocated in the middleCity.. Kochi PrefecturePrefectural office locationso,Core cityIs specified in.

oldTosa District-Nagaoka-Agawa-gun.


Former parents of ChosogabeOriginating from Daikosaka Yamashiro Kai Castle,Kazutoyo YamauchiSince entering the prefectureTosa Domain Ofcastle townIs a city that has developed as

While being the central city of central Kochi Prefecture, ShikokuThe Pacific OceanIt is also the central city on the side. It has the largest commercial area in the prefecture and at the same time occupies 47.5% of the prefecture's population.Primate CityIt is also a (universal concentrated city). Post-warGreat Showa mergerWas the only city in the prefecture. Great Showa merger begins1953At that time, Kochi Prefecture was the only prefecture in which only one city was in force.

In Japan,liqueurOne of the cities with the highest consumption of food. The specialtySkipjack OfSearedYosakoi Naruko Danceand so on. The elements that are considered to be Kochi citizens are:Female TheHachikin(Hachikin: A courageous woman who is said to be "stronger than "4 men""),Male Thestubborn kochi man(Great bone phase: stubborn, but with respect).

Sunday marketRegular beginning withCity(So-called "street city". Although the venue, form and management method are different,MondayIs open every day except in the city), "Slow lifeThere is also a view that the orientation is strong.1998Established in the center of the city in 10Hirome marketIs operated by local capital and you can enjoy the use of a variety of stores (mostly restaurants and grocery stores) compared to the compact structure, so visitors mainly from holidays from outside the city It is crowded with.

Origin of place name

The area around Kochi Castle was a terrain surrounded by rivers such as Kagami River. For this reason, Kochi Castle initiallyKawachuIt was called "Yamashiro," but borrowing the sound, "Kochi"Yamashiro" was renamed and eventually abbreviated as "KochiBecame a castle."


Kochi PlainLocated in the western part of the city, the plain extends from the city center along the Kagami River to the southeast. The southwestern part of the city is hilly and the north is mountainous. In the southThe Pacific OceanNear the center of the cityUrato BayIs cut.



Main mountain


Main river


Main lake
  • ()
Main pond
  • Sumiyoshi Pond


TypicalPacific climateIt has a warm, rainy, and sunny climate all year round. It has the highest amount of precipitation among Japan's prefectural capitals, and is the second-highest in sunshine hours. Kochi city, where the meteorological observatory is located, is surrounded by mountains on three sides (some of Urado Bay on the south side), so it has an inland climate. Sunny weather continues in winter and snowfall is rare. Radiation cooling becomes stronger due to the terrain, which makes it harder to cool in the morning and evening, but it gets warmer during the day because it gets sunny. In the summer, there is much rain due to the rainy season, typhoons, and the seasonal winds of the Pacific High.

Climate of Kochi (1981-2010)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F23.5
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F11.9
Average daily temperature ° C (° F6.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F1.6
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−7.6
rainfall mm (inch)58.6
Average number of rainfall days13.113.516.514.715.919.120.118.818.513.712.012.3188.2
Average monthlyDaylight hours188.4173.1184.1191.7185.6142.4175.7205.8162.0182.4170.3192.72,154.2
Source 1:Normal value (value for each year/month)
Source 2:Value of 1st to 10th in observation history (value throughout the year)


List of town names

If the town name is marked with "○", the housing is displayed in all areas, "△" is displayed in part of the housing, and "No" indicates that the housing is not displayed.

Take to the streets
  • KamimachiXNUMX-XNUMX-chome
  • Honcho-suji
  • Mizudori-cho
  • Torimachi (street)
  • ○ Tojin Town
  • ○Yorikicho (more town)
  • ○ XNUMX, XNUMX and XNUMX Takamachi Town (Takajo Town)
  • ○Honcho XNUMX-XNUMX-chome (honmachi)
  • ○ Masugata
  • ○Tobiyamachi XNUMX-XNUMX chome (Obiyama)
  • ○ Tracker muscles XNUMX and XNUMX (Otesuji)
  • ○Hiroshiro Town
  • ○ Eikokuji Town
  • MarunouchiXNUMX, XNUMX chome (out of the circle)
South street
  • ○ Nakanoshima
  • ○Kutanda
  • ○Nenenbacho
  • ○Farmer town (Nonunmachi)
  • ○ Jomi Town
  • ○ Sakai Town
  • ○ Minami Harimaya Town XNUMX-XNUMX Chome (Minami Harimaya Cho)
  • ○ Hirokadai
North Street
  • ○ Sakuraimachi XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • ○ Harimaya-cho XNUMX-three-chome (Harimayacho)
  • ○ Hoeicho
  • ○ Yayoi Town
  • Ogura Town (Oguracho)
  • ○ Shinonome Town
  • ○Hinode Town (Hinodecho)
  • △ XNUMX-three Chiryo-cho (Chiyoricho)
  • Aoyagi Town (Aoyagicho)
  • △ Inari Town
  • △ Wakamatsu Town
  • ○ Takasane
  • ○ Sugii style
  • ○ Kitakanada
  • ○Minamikanada (Kana Minami)
  • ○Fudaba
  • ○Minami Goza
  • ○ Kitagoza
  • ○Minami Kawazoe (Minawazawa)
  • ○ Kitagawazoe
  • △ Kitakubo
  • △ Minamikubo
  • △ Ebinomaru
  • ○Nakahoeicho
  • ○Nanhoeicho (Minami Hoeiko)
  • ○ Futaba Town (Futabacho)
  • ○Iriake Town
  • ○ Dougashima Town
  • ○ Kotobukicho
  • ○ Central water supply
  • ○ Saiwaicho
  • ○Isesaki Town
  • ○Sagami Town
  • ○ Yoshida Town (Yoshidacho)
  • ○ XNUMX-Atago Town, XNUMX-chome (Atago Town)
  • ○Okawasuji XNUMX and XNUMX (Okawasuji)
  • ○Ekimae Town (Ekimaecho)
  • ○Aioi Town
  • ○ Koyo Town
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX Kitahonmachi (Kitahonmachi)
  • ○Shinhonmachi XNUMX-XNUMX chome (Shinhonmachi)
  • ○Showa Town
  • ○ Izumi Town (Izumicho)
  • ○ Shioda Town
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX Hishima-cho (Hijimachi)
  • ○ichi Eita-cho, XNUMX-chome (Sakaedacho)
  • Iguchi Town
  • Heiwacho
  • Sannomaru
  • Miyamae Town
  • Nishimachi
  • △ Daizencho
  • Yamanobata (Yamano Hanachou)
  • ○ Sakurababa
  • ○ Johoku Town
  • Kitahachitan Town
  • ○ Takaracho (Takamachi)
  • ○ Ozu Town (Ozucho)
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX, Echizen-cho (Echizenmachi)
  • New mansionXNUMX and XNUMX chome (shinyashiki)
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX, Hattancho (Hattancho)
  • Higashishiroyama Town
  • Shiroyama Town
  • Higashiishitate Town
  • Ishidate Town
  • Tamsui Town
  • Nawate Town
  • Kagamigawa Town
  • Shimoshima Town
  • Asahimachi XNUMX-XNUMX-chome (Asahimachi)
  • Akaishi Town
  • Nakasuka Town
  • Asahi Ekimaecho (Asahi Ekimaecho)
  • Motomachi
  • Minamimoto Town (Minamimoto Town)
  • Asahikami Town (Asahi Kamachi)
  • Suizencho
  • Motomiya Town
  • Uemotonomiya Town (Kamihongucho)
  • Otani
  • Iwabuchi
  • Torigoe
  • Tsukanohara
  • Nishitsuka Nohara
  • Nagaoyama Town (Nagaoyamacho)
  • Asahi Tenjin Town (Asahi Tenjincho)
  • Sasaki Town
  • Kitabata Town
  • Yamate Town
  • Yokouchi
  • Mt. Mt. Kuchihosoyama
  • Odate
  • Rendai
  • Fukui Town
  • △ Fukui Ogimachi (Fukui Ogimachi)
  • ○ Fukui Higashi Town (Fukui Higashimachi)
  • ○ Doi Town
  • ○ Yakuchi Town
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX, Shioshinmachi (Ushio Shinmachi)
  • ○Nakata Town
  • ○Kitashinta Town
  • ○ Nitta Town
  • ○Minamishinta Town (Minami Shintachi)
  • ○Ume no Tsuji
  • ○ Pier Doriichi-XNUMX-chome (just like Sanbashi)
  • ○Tenjin Town
  • ○Fukuyama Town (Hitsuzancho)
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX, Shioyazaki-cho (Shioyazaki Machi)
  • ○ One-hundred stones town, four-four (hyakkucho)
  • Minaminomaru Town (Minami no Marucho)
  • Minamitakeshima Town (Minamitakeshimacho)
  • Takeshima Town
  • △ Kitatakeshima Town
  • Kitatakami Town
  • Takami Town
  • Rokusenji Town
  • Condominium Town (Harami Higashimachi)
  • Conscious Town (Harami Nimachi)
  • Fukaya Town
  • Minami Nakayama
  • Kitanakayama
  • Kozaki
  • Koishigi Town
  • Ohara Town (Oharacho)
  • Kawanose Town
  • Minamikawanose Town
  • ○Hagimachi XNUMX-XNUMX chome (Hagimachi)
  • Pond
  • Niida
  • Tanezaki
  • △ Totsuichi XNUMXst-XNUMXth Street (Toozu)
Mount Godai
  • Gyuko
  • Mt. Godai (Godaisan)
  • Rooftop
  • Takasu
  • ○ Kazushima XNUMX- XNUMX (Kazurashima)
  • ○ XNUMX--XNUMX, Takamachi Shinmachi (Takasu Shinmachi)
  • Takasu sandy ground
  • ○Takasu Honmachi
  • ○Takasu Shinki
  • ○Takasu XNUMX-XNUMX-chome
  • △Takasu Higashi Town
  • ○Takasu Nishi Town
  • ○ Takasu Zekai
  • ○ Takasu Otani
  • ○Takasu Oshima
  • Ichinomiya
  • Sonorino
  • Shigekura
  • Kureno
  • ○ Hajime Nishinocho XNUMX-XNUMX-chome (Azono ni town)
  • △ XNUMX-Shinanokitamachi XNUMX-chome (Azono Kitamachi)
  • ○Shinano Higashi Town (Azono Higashimachi)
  • ○Sainonaka Town (Azono Nakamachi)
  • ○Shinano Minami-cho (Azonominamimachi)
  • ○ XNUMX--XNUMX, Ichinomiya Nishimachi
  • ○ Shinane Ichinomiya XNUMX and XNUMX-chome
  • ○Ichinomiya Minamimachi XNUMX-XNUMX Chome (Ichiminamimachi)
  • ○ Ichinomiya Nakamachi XNUMX- XNUMX chome (Ikkunakamachi)
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX, Ichinomiya Higashimachi (Ichihigashimachi)
  • ○ Tokuya Ichinomiya
  • Mt. Atagoyama
  • Maezato
  • Higashi Qinsenji Temple
  • Naka Qin Senji Temple
  • Misono-cho
  • Nishi Qin Senji Temple
  • Kita Qin Senji Temple
  • Utsuno
  • Mitani
  • Nanatsubuchi
  • ○ Kaganoi XNUMX, XNUMX chome
  • ○Mt. Atagoyama Minamimachi (Atagoyama Minamimachi)
  • ○Hinami-machi XNUMX-XNUMX chome (Hadaminamimachi)
First month (Mikazuki)
  • Higashikuma
  • Nakakuma
  • Nishikuma
  • Minami Kuma
  • By any chance
  • Nakamone (Nakamama)
  • Mannan Minami
  • Shibamaki
  • Engyoji
  • XNUMX-XNUMX Hitotsubashi-cho (Ichibashicho)
  • Mizukiichi-XNUMXrd Street
  • Mizuki Mountain
  • Asakura
  • Soanji Temple
  • Gyokawa
  • Harihara
  • Uesato
  • Ryoke
  • Karaiwa
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX, Akebonocho (Akebonocho)
  • ○ XNUMX-XNUMX Asakurahonmachi (Asakura Honmachi)
  • ○ Wakakusa Town
  • ○Wakakusa Minami-cho
  • ○ Uraisu
  • ○ Makiyama Town (Makiyamacho)
  • ○ Hariki Higashi Town (Harigi Higashimachi)
  • ○Otani Park Town (Ota ni Koencho)
  • ○Asakura Minamimachi (Asakura Minamimachi)
  • ○Asakura Yokocho (Asakura Yokomachi)
  • ○Asakura Higashi Town (Asakura Higashimachi)
  • △Asakura Nishimachi XNUMX-XNUMX Chome (Asakura nishimachi)
  • △ Hariki Kitaichi, XNUMX-chome (Harigikita)
  • ○ Hariki Honmachi (Harigihonmachi)
  • △ Hariki Minami (Harigi Minami)
  • Hariki Nishi
  • Kamobe
  • Kanda
  • △ Kamobe Takamachi
  • ○Kamobe Kamimachi
  • ○Kamobe XNUMX-three-chome (Kamobe)
  • Nagahama
  • Yokohama (Yokohama)
  • Seto
  • Seto Nishimachi XNUMX- XNUMX chome (Seto Nishimachi)
  • Seto Higashicho XNUMX-chome XNUMX (Seto Higashimachi)
  • Miyahama Nagahama
  • XNUMX-XNUMX Shinmachi, Yokohama (Yokohama Shinmachi)
  • ○Yokohama Nishimachi (Yokohamani town)
  • ○Yokohama Higashimachi (Yokohama Higashimachi)
  • ○Seto XNUMX-XNUMX Chome (Seto)
  • ○ Seto Minamimachi XNUMX-XNUMX chome (Setominamimachi)
  • ○ Yokohama Minamimachi (Yokohama Minamimachi)
  • Nagahama Makie picture stand XNUMX and XNUMX chome (Nagahama Maeda Dai)
  • Kera (Kera)
  • Shiomidai XNUMX-XNUMX-Chome (Shiomidai)
  • Mirror Okochi
  • Mirror Obama
  • Kaori Kaori
  • Kagami Imai
  • Mirror grass peak
  • Kagami Shiraiwa
  • Kagamikariyama
  • Kagami Yoshihara
  • Kagamibuchi
  • Kagami leaving slope
  • Nana Kagami Takero
  • Mt. Kagamishiki
  • Kagaki No Mata
  • Mirror Yokoya
  • Kagami Masuhara
  • Kagatsuyama (Kagami Kazurayama)
  • Kagami Ume no Ki
  • Kagami Koyama
  • Tosayama Shobu
  • Tosayama Nishikawa
  • Kajitani Tosayama
  • Tosayama
  • Takakawa Tosayama
  • Towayama Kuwao
  • Tosayama Toami (Tosaya Matsuami)
  • Hirose Tosayama
  • Tosayama Higashikawa
  • Tosayama Nakagiri


Kochi City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Kochi City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Purple-Kochi City
Green-All over Japan

Kochi City (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

本市の人口はここ数年減少傾向にあるが、県全体に比べれば小幅に留まっている。県内人口占有率は平成17年国勢調査で43.83%、平成22年調査で44.92%、高知県推計人口調査の平成23年2月1日付で45%を突破するなど、集積が進んでいる。平成24年5月1日現在、都道府県内人口占有率が45%を超えている市町村は、Tokyo Special WardExceptKyotoKyoto City,MiyagiSendai cityAnd there are only 3 cities, Motoichi.

Adjacent municipality




  • 1889(Meiji22 years)May 4 --The city system is enforced in the upper streets, Kochi streets, south streets, and north streets under the direct control of Tosa-gun.It becomes Kochi City.The area at that time was 2.80 km2, Population 21,823 (Population density 7,794/km2)Met.
  • 1904(Meiji37 years)May 5 - Tosa Electric RailwayOpened (the oldest existing tram in Japan).
  • 1920(Taisho9 years) --The population at the 1st census was 49,329.The city area at that time was 5.76 km2(8,564 people/km2).
  • 1924(Taisho 13)May 11 -Railroad between Kusaka Station and Kochi Station (currentlyDosan Line) Opens and is connected to Susaki Station.
  • 1936(Showa11 years)-Implemented town name and lot number changes throughout the city.
  • 1937(12th year of the Showa)-The exposition of the Tokusa Tokoku is held.
  • 1945(20)May 7 - Kochi air raid.. 401 dead, 12000 affected houses.
  • 1946(21)May 12 - Nankai earthquakeDamaged by the outbreak.
  • 1956(Showa 31)-Abolished Urato Bay cruise ship.
  • 1958(Showa 33) April-Completed the current city hall main government building.
  • 1966(Showa 41) August 8-Carry out the first residential display in Kochi City (each part of the Shimochi district and Kamimachi district).
  • 1970(45)May 8~May 8 -Due to the effect of Typhoon No. 10 on the coast of Tosa Bay, an extraordinary storm surge occurred at the time of high tide, so seawater crossed over the seawall and river revetment or destroyed it, flooding the area around Kochi City and then the mayor of Sakamoto. Called for evacuation on TV.
  • 1972(47)
    • August 8-Indication of residences in Kochi, Nangai, and North Streets.As a result, the address of the city hall was changed from 1 Obiyamachi, Kochi City to 105-1-45 Honmachi, Kochi City.
    • September 9-A landslide occurred at 15-chome, Hijima-cho due to torrential rain. 11戸が全半壊して生き埋めとなった10人が死亡、3人が重軽傷XNUMX people were killed and XNUMX were seriously injured when XNUMX houses were completely destroyed and buried alive.[1].
  • 1976(51)May 9~May 9 --In Kochi City, the rainfall became heavy from the afternoon of the 12th, and the rainfall of 18 mm was observed in one hour until 1:89.5, and the total rainfall in Kochi City reached 1,305 mm.As a result, the damage was concentrated in the Kagami River basin, and all the rivers in Kochi City were flooded.Five landslides are dead and missing[2].
  • 1998(Heisei10 years)
    • May 3 - Kochi Expressway OfKochi IC~Kawanoe JCTThe space opens.
    • August 4- Core cityMove to.
    • May 9~May 9 -Submerged by heavy rain mainly in Otsu and Takasu districts. On the 24th, it recorded an hourly rainfall of 112 mm. An accident occurred in which the manhole lid came off and two people were killed.
  • 2000(12) --The population of this year's census was 330,654.The area at that time was 144.95 km2(2,281 people/km2).
  • 2001(13)
    • May 3 -3:28 pm,Geiyo EarthquakeOccurrence. Seismic intensity of less than 5 was observed in Honmachi, Hachimachi.
    • May 6 -Computerization of family register office work.
    • May 7 -The contact section of the Citizen's Section of the Citizen's Life Department is integrated and the "Central Contact Center" is established, and the branch office is abolished.
  • 2008(20)May 2 -Display of housing in the northern part of Shimochi area (common name: Yaemon).
  • 2015(27) September-Moved to the temporary city hall to maintain the new city hall[3]
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)May 2 -Commenced operations at the new city hall.

Changes in administrative areas




Prefectural government agency

Municipal administration

municipal office


City council

Composition (34 constants)
Parliamentary groupNumber of seatsSeat occupancy
Civic club924.47%
Japan Communist PartyKochi City Council720.58%
Maintenance and Nakamichi Club720.58%
Kochi City CouncilKomeito617.64%
New town future38.82%
Mountaineering society12.94%
Seiwa Club12.94%

Prefectural assembly

  • Constant number: 15 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 12st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 5th
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Oishi sectIchito Ritsushi no KaiIndependent
Ryugo KuwanaLDP
Masayasu YamazakiKomeito
Kotaro UedaLDP
Fumitaka MitsuishiLDP
Shigeo SakamotoKenminkaiSocial DemocratsRecommend
Nakane SachiJapan Communist Party
Masayoshi KuroiwaKomeito
Masakazu NishimoriKomeito
Sachi TsukajiJapan Communist Party
Yusuke TadokoroKenminkaiParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Minoru YonedaJapan Communist Party
Takauchi NishiuchiLDP
Tomihiko KiraJapan Communist Party

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Kochi Prefecture 1st Ward(Part of Kochi City, etc.)NakataniLDP9Constituency
Kochi Prefecture 2st Ward(Part of Kochi City, which does not belong to 1 ward)Hirota HajimeConstitutional Democratic Party1Constituency
Yuji YamamotoLDP10Proportional revival

National agency

Cabinet Office

National Police Agency

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Justice

Immigration Control Agency
Prosecutor's office

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Japan Pension Service
  • Kochi East Pension Office
  • Kochi West Pension Office

Ministry of Agriculture

Forestry Agency

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Japanese Meteorological Agency
Japan Coast Guard

Ministry of Defense

裁判 所


Cultural facility

Science museum
Concert hall

In addition, there are library rooms at the contact centers around the city.

Literature Museum
  • Kochi City Youth Center
  • Kochi Industrial Promotion Center

Medical facility

amusement facilities

SportsFacility, zoo,Food stall
Movie theater

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city


sister city
Friendship city
Partner city


sister city

International organization


Honorary Consulate-General[5]
Honorary Consulate



Kochi CastleHarimaya BridgeAroundCity centerIs formed and is a typical downtown area in the areaObiyamachi Shopping Street(Obiyamachi Arcade) and Kyomachi Shinkyobashi Shopping Street[6].

Main shopping street
  • Obiyamachi Shopping Street-Total length 714m. It is composed of 1 Obiyamachi Shopping Street, 2 Obiyamachi Shopping Street, and Ichibangai Arcade.
  • Obisan Road
  • Ohashi Street Shopping Street
  • Masugata Shopping Street
  • Harimayabashi Shopping Street-Total length 120m
  • Kyomachi Shinkyobashi Shopping Street
  • Uemachi Shopping Street
  • Atago Shopping Street
  • Nakanobashi Shopping Street
  • Fish shelf mall
  • Manten Shopping Street
  • Vegetable garden shopping street

Department storeAbout onceToden Seibu Department StoreThere was also, but after being renamed to Kochi Seibu2002After closing in DecemberKochi DaimaruOnly is located.

Headquartered company

Financial institutions headquartered in Kochi until recentlyInternet bankingWas not provided,2006In August, Shikoku Bank started the service.


Mass media

Newspaper company


Major TV stations
Major radio stations

Relay station

Main transmitter/relay station


Kochi City is called "Kochi City University Scholarship Scholarship Student"奨 学 金There is a system. In addition, the scholarship must be returned.



Junior college


Vocational school

  • RKC Cooking School
  • Kochi Medical School
  • Kochi Foreign Language Business College
  • Kochi Kaisei College
  • Kochi Medical Association Nursing College
  • Kochi Information Business College
  • Kochi Welfare College
  • Kochi Bunka Fashion College
  • Kochi Barber Beauty College
  • International Design and Beauty College
  • National Hospital Organization Kochi Hospital Nursing School
  • Shikoku Medical Engineering College

high school


Junior high school

  • Kochi City Seibu Junior High School
  • Kochi City Otsu Junior High School
  • Kochi City Kera Junior High School
  • Kochi City Asahi Junior High School
  • Kochi City Yokohama Junior High School
  • Kochi City Kagami Junior High School
  • Kochi City Haruno Junior High School

primary school

  • Kochi City Harimayabashi Elementary School
  • Kochi City Fourth Elementary School
  • Kochi City No. XNUMX Elementary School
  • Kochi City Enoguchi Elementary School
  • Koyo City Koyo Elementary School
  • Kochi City Asahi Elementary School
  • Kochi City Asahigashi Elementary School
  • Kochi Shioe Elementary School
  • Kochi City Shioe East Elementary School
  • Kochi municipal elementary school
  • Kochi City Showa Elementary School
  • Kochi City Hata Elementary School
  • Kochi City Hatsutsuki Elementary School
  • Kochi City Yokohama Elementary School
  • Kochi City Nagahama Elementary School
  • Kochi City Urado Elementary School
  • Kochi City Sanri Elementary School
  • Kochi Municipal Godaiyama Elementary School
  • Kochi City Takasu Elementary School
  • Kochi City Fushida Elementary School
  • Kochi City Izumino Elementary School
  • Kochi City Ichinomiya Higashi Elementary School
  • Tochi Elementary School, Kochi City
  • Kochi City Yokohama Shinmachi Elementary School
  • Kochi Municipal Terashishiomidai Elementary School
  • Kochi City Yokouchi Elementary School
  • Kochi City Kagami Elementary School
  • Kochi City Haruno Higashi Elementary School
  • Kochi City Haruno Nishi Elementary School
  • Kochi Elementary School

Elementary and junior high school

  • Kochi Municipal Compulsory Education School Yukugawa Gakuen- 2016In April, Kochi City Yukugawa Junior High School and Kochi City Yukugawa Elementary School were closed and integrated.
  • Kochi City Compulsory Education School Tosayama Gakusha- 2015It will be annexed in elementary and middle in April.2016Kochi City Tosayama Junior High School and Kochi City Tosayama Elementary School closed and integrated in April

Facilities other than school education

driving school
  • Driving School Tosa Driving School
  • Kochi Driving School
  • Kochi Driving School
  • Kochi Tanesaki Driving School
  • Kochi Central Driving School
  • Kochi New Driver Academy
Certified vocational trainingFacility


Air route


There is no airport in the city.

最 寄 り の 空港


In the suburbs of Kochi City, the JR line is called "train" and the Tosaden traffic line is called "train" or "Toden" (because the JR line in Kochi prefecture is not electrified). City center stations:Kochi Station

JR logo (shikoku) .svgShikoku Passenger Railway(JR Shikoku)
Tosaden Transportation(Tram


Bus terminal

Transit Bus

Buses via general roads for all sectionsTosaden TransportationAnd its regional subsidiariesPrefectural traffic-Kochi Eastern TransportationOperated by a single group.なお、かつてはIn the pastTosa Electric RailwayKochi Prefecture TransportationIt was operated by two groups (and the above two regional subsidiaries), but in October 2, the two companies merged.

Kochi Airport Limousine Bus is operated by Tosaden KotsuKochi Eastern ExpresswayOr the route via Nangoku Bypass,Kochi station square sightseeingThere is a route via the Kochi-Tobu Expressway operated by.

Express Bus

  • To Honshu- Tokyo,Nagoya,京都,Osaka,Kobe,Okayama,HiroshimaThere are routes that depart and arrive from. mainlyJR Shikoku Bus・ Tosaden Kotsu will operate jointly with other companies on the destination side. In addition, Kochi Ekimae Kanko operates routes to and from Tokyo. AlsoKotohira busIt is also possible to connect to the company's Tokyo / Nagoya departure / arrival routes using the transfer shuttle bus operated by.
  • Kyushu-Currently, there is no direct route between Kyushu and Kochi, but you can either transfer to the Takamatsu-Kochi route and the night coach "Sanuki Express Fukuoka" to / from Fukuoka, or the Kotohira bus transfer shuttle bus to / from Fukuoka. Transfer the route,Fukuoka-Kitakyushu --Can be used between Kochi.
  • Shikoku-Locations of the other 3 prefectural offices (Tokushima-Takamatsu-Matsuyama) And each has a direct line. There is also a line connecting Sukumo City and Kochi City.



National road

City road

Otesuji is the main street from Kochi Station,Harimaya BridgeFrom the middle point to (National Route 32) to the west to the Otesuji Gate of Kochi Castle, Otesuji 1-chome-about 1 km between Otesuji 27-chome, the official route name is Kochi City Road Kochi-gai Route XNUMX. .. The width is XNUMX metersMedian stripIs 4.7 meters.1945(Showa 20) DecemberPacific WarWar damage and the next1946(Showa 21) DecemberNankai Great EarthquakeSince it suffered catastrophic damage, it was completed as a green road / firebreak by the war damage reconstruction project. It was further reviewed as a symbol road for citizens, and from 1986 (Showa 61), underground wire construction was carried out, sidewalks were improved, and a modern urban landscape was created.[7].. Vegetated in the median stripCamphorIs 3 meters from the prewar period, and is located in the central eastern part.Canary palmIs planted, and underneath it is a planting zone. On the sidewalk sideGriffith's ashBlooms white flowers from early JulyHirado TsutsujiWill bloom white, red, purple and other colored flowers from late March[7]. "Sunday marketAlso known as the street, one kilometer east of Otemon, on the south side of the road.Pedestrian heavenAs a result, about 600 stores have opened tents facing each other, and various products are lined up to serve as a place for citizens to talk.[7].. The history of the cityGenroku3 years(1690), But with the passage of history, the place where the city was opened changed,1948It became established in Otesuji in (23). Most of the products opened are diverse, mainly agricultural products, and in addition to fruits and vegetables, salted dried fish, plants, bonsai, garden stones, etc., watermelon, pumpkin, gourd, morning glory seedlings are also exhibited, and farmers teach us how to grow them. It is one of the atmosphere of the street city[7].. In addition, "" which will be held for 8 days from August 9th to 12thYosakoi FestivalIt is also famous as the headquarters competition hall[7].. August 1986, 61 (Showa 8) as "city" and festival road "based on historical and dearnessRoad dayIn addition, "Road Day" executive committee established by the former Ministry of ConstructionTop 100 Roads in JapanIs also selected as one of[8].
Green road
  • The road that extends north from Chuo Park to the Enoguchi River is commonly known as the Green Road, and many food stalls appear nearby, especially on weekend nights.



Sea station


Scenic spots, famous places, historic sites

Main historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

Historic site

Ryoma Sakamoto,Itagaki Retirement,Shojiro Goto,Fukuoka Takashi,Mountain contents hall,Takeichi Hanheita,Uemori Emori,Katsura OmachiThere are birthplaces and mansion traces of people who were active from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period.


Festivals and events

Otesuji in Kochi CitySunday market, Kamimachi XNUMX-chome, in front of the prefectural office, Atagomachi, Kochi Port, and in the summer, "Saturday night market" is also held in Obiyamachi.

Products / local cuisine


Main sports team
NameCompetition itemLeague LeagueHeadquartersOperating company/groupEstablishment
Shikoku Bank Baseball ClubbaseballJABA(Adult baseballShikoku Bank General GrandShikoku Bank1929
Showa Clubサ ッ カ ーKochi Prefecture Soccer LeagueKochi City Nagahama Park GrandKochi Toyopet1969
FC Yanagimachiサ ッ カ ーKochi Prefecture Soccer LeagueKochi City Nagahama Park Grandau shop Tenjin store1982
Llamas Kochi FCサ ッ カ ーShikoku Soccer LeagueKochi Prefectural Haruno Sports Park Sports SquareSpecified non-profit corporation llamasKochi Football Club1993
Rosarise KFCサ ッ カ ーKochi Prefecture Soccer LeagueSports Park SakawaKochi Prefectural Kubokawa High School OB1994
Kochi Fighting DogsbaseballShikoku Island League(NPBKochi City Baseball StadiumKochi Fighting Dogs2005
KUFC tropicalサ ッ カ ーShikoku Soccer LeagueKochi Prefectural Haruno Sports Park Athletic FieldKochi UniversitySoccer club2016
Kochi United SCサ ッ カ ーShikoku Soccer LeagueKochi Prefectural Haruno Sports Park Sports SquareKochi United Sports Club Co., Ltd.2016

Entertainment / Entertainment

Major amateur theater companies

Native celebrity

Government / business world

MeijiUntil the term
TaishoAfter the period






Famous "horse" from

Works set in Kochi City


TV drama



* In Kochi CityManga KoshienIs being held. In addition to the location of the Ryuichi Yokoyama Manga Memorial Hall, the manga artists from Kochi City are as described below.

Local song


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