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😷 | Newly infected junior high school students in Suzuka and high school students in Toba


Newly infected junior high school students in Suzuka and high school students in Toba

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In addition, an infection was confirmed in a student attending a high school in Toba City on the 24th, but a new infection was found in a woman working in a long-term care facility with a family living together, and a survey of contacts such as workplace personnel and school personnel was investigated. Is being done.

Mie Prefecture announced on the 25th that 90 men and women from preschoolers to 36s were infected with the new coronavirus.new… → Continue reading

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Family living together


Toba(Bypass) isMieLocated in the southeastCity.



Shima PeninsulaAt the northeast end ofWestTheIse City,southTheShima cityContact with. The north and east face the sea,Ise bayThe Pacific OceanIt is in a position to divide. The climate is warm and beautifulRias coastThe entire city areaIse Shima National ParkIs specified in[1][2][3].

Toba Port TheFishing portAnd is an important presence in both maritime traffic.Irago SuidoOn the opposite bank acrossAtsumi Peninsula(Most areAichiTahara),Isewan FerryTo contact by. Of the four inhabited islands,KamishimaIn TaharaCape IragoIs closer to the port of TobaIrago PortIt is connected to both parties by sea mail.



Climate of Toba (1981-2010)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F1.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)77.1
Average monthlyDaylight hours159.8156.4172.5179.2176.4140.5174.2198.1143.5151.3153.9166.41,972.2
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency[4] *Daylight hours are 1987-2010 normal values

Town name


Toba Port#HistorySee also The early modern periodOr later,ShimakuniThe political, economic and cultural center ofToba Domain Ofcastle townHas developed as.MeijiAnd beyondShima regionFlourished as the administrative and economic center of the country.



Population distribution of Toba, Mie, Japan.svg
Toba City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Toba City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Purple-Toba City
Green-All over Japan

Toba City (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Mayor:Kinichiro Nakamura Term:2017May 4 - 2021May 4(plans)

Successive mayors

Bath tax

Despite having a hot spring inn[6][7], Hot spring development is private sector initiative[6]The citysourceI do not have[8]Toba City did not collect a bath tax because there are many inns that carry hot water.[6][7]..Since the city was able to reach a consensus on the usage ratio after repeated discussions with the private sector,2007(19) Started collecting bath tax from April[6].2006Until (18), bath tax revenue was 0[7]However, the income in 2019 (Heisei 31 / Reiwa first year) is 1 yen, which is the 7362th place in Japan (7st place in Mie prefecture).[9].

Toba City has established the "Toba City Mineral Spring Source Conservation and Maintenance Subsidy Grant Regulations", which stipulates that the usage is 5% for tourism promotion, 3% for mineral spring source protection, and 1% for firefighting facilities and environmental hygiene facilities.[7][10]..Of this amount, the amount for protecting the mineral spring source will be subsidized to the Toba City Hot Spring Promotion Association.[11], The remaining 7% was saved as the "Toba City Tourism Promotion Fund" and a mechanism was introduced to use it for tourism promotion projects as appropriate.[11][7]..The use is limited to those specified in the tourism basic plan and action program, and the fund will be managed by the Finance Division.[12]..This mechanism has come to be called the "Toba method".[13].

Having a fund has the advantage of not falling into a single-year or budgetary principle.[11][7]. For example,Great East Japan EarthquakeWas able to launch a tourism campaign immediately using the fund when[12]..In addition, the establishment of the fund has increased the number of staff in charge of tourism administration and the budget related to tourism.[12]..The City Tourism Division thinks that it is necessary to show the results and results properly because the fund is easy to use.[12].

National agency

Prefecture agency


Toba City Assembly (Pearl Assembly)

Toba city council quorum Ordinance quorum 14 No. of staff 14[14] Term: May 23, 5 to April 1, 27

  • Chair: Yasuo Nomura Inauguration: May 25, 5
  • Vice Chair: Hiroko Sakakura Inauguration: May 25, 5

2011Since 23, Toba City Council has positioned the June regular meeting as "Pearl Assembly"[15].. The pearl king from Toba, Kokichi Mikimoto and MikimotoWord record Ofパ ネ ルIs installed inside and outside the parliament, and each parliamentarian wears pearl products and attends the parliament to appeal the birthplace of pearl farming.[15].

*In addition, the constituencies of the lower house election areMie Prefecture 4th ward'[16], Mie Prefectural Assembly election constituency is "Toba City constituency" (constant: 1)[17], Has become.



The sea of ​​the various Rias coast,tourismFishing industryIt is used for both sides. Large in the cityHotelFrom smallGuesthouseThere are many lodging facilities.

Toba's fishing industryToba Isobe Fisheries CooperativeHas jurisdiction[18].AquacultureThen.Oyster(Uramura oyster) AndpearlIs famous. Other than seafoodLobster,Abalone,SeaweedAnd so on. It's a rare city in JapanFisheries research institute"Toba Fisheries Research InstituteThere is[19].LivestockThen.Kamo beefAre being raised.

Fishing port

Ama Town Regulations

In the Shima area, which produces abundant shellfish, etc., as described above, dives and collects them.AmaFishing has been popular since ancient times. A restaurant that sells marine products and tales of marines, and demonstrations at Mikimoto Pearl Island are also tourist resources. Of the 2000 female nationwide, Toba City has the largest number, approximately 500 (as of 2010). "Toba-Shima's technique of ama fishing"Intangible folk cultural propertyIn response to this designation, Toba City Council unanimously passed the "Ama's Town Ordinance" on October 2017, 10, and it came into force on the same day. Work on promotion of ama fishing and succession culture by fostering successors[21][22].. Ama fishery and pearl farming were evaluated in 2017Japanese agricultural heritageCertified by[23].

Headquartered company

Japan Post Group

(As of 2012 year 12 month)

  • Toba Post Office(Toba)-Collection and delivery station.
  • Toba Nishikicho Post Office (Toba)
  • Nagaoka Post Office (Osashicho)
  • Toba Kagamiura Post Office (Uramura Town)
  • Kamo Post Office (Iwakura Town)
  • Toba Sakate Post Office (Sakate Town*Sakate Island
  • Toba Toshi Post Office (Toshi Town *Toshijima
  • Momotori Post Office (Momotori Town * Toshishima)
  • Toba Sugashima Post Office (Sugashima Town*Sugashima
  • Toba Kamijima Post Office (Kamishima Town*Kamishima
  • Obama Simple Post Office (Obama Town)
  • Toba Ikegami Simple Post Office (Ikegami Town)
ATMs are installed at each post office except the simple post office, and the Toba Post Office provides a holiday service. The post offices on remote islands are open only on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

*The postal code for all of Toba City including remote islands is "517-00xx(Toba Post Office pick-up/delivery staff/Ise City(Part of Asama Town) is also applicable).

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


sister city



City center station:Toba Station

Tokai passenger railway Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
Sangu Line: (Ise City)- Toba Station
Kinki Nippon Railway Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)
M Toba Line: (Ise City)- Ikenoura Station - Toba Station
M Shima Line:- Toba Station - Nakanogo Station - Shima Akasaki Station - Funatsu Station - Kamo Station - Matsuo Station - Shiraki Station -(Shima city

Transit Bus

  • Seagull bus(Toba Municipal Route Bus)-Start operation on October 2009, 10. (Switch from Mie Kotsu city line)
  • Mie traffic -Lines connecting with the suburbs, andCAN busRun.

Express Bus


toll road
Regional high standard road
General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road





College of technology


high school


Junior high school

Closed school

primary school

  • (Closed in 2009)
Closed school
  • (Closed in 2007, closed in 2009)
  • (Closed in 2017[27]

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Tourism industry TheTourist cityAlthough it is a core industry of Toba City, which has been advocated as “No. Approximately 2007 million tourists arrived in 461[28]And in Mie prefectureIse City,Kuwana City3th place after[28].

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots




Celebrities associated with

Military commander






A work set in Toba City


  • On the coast of the cityHamamatsu Relay StationThrough the radio waveShizuoka Oftv setThere are areas that can be cross-bordered.
  • 2007From (19)Town revitalizationAs part of the, the government and local restaurants cooperateTobagaBecomeLocal gourmetWas born.
  • MediaIs generally affected byIt is often pronounced by raising "to" like "ba", but locallyTobaIt is said that it is correct to pronounce on a flat plate like ". (However,Toba StationThe announcement at "is high"It is pronounced as "ba". )]
  • Pokemon (company)And Toba City decided to jointly develop a business on June 2017, 6 Mainichi Newspaper[42]Reports. According to the article, it is planned to attract foreign tourists to and around the city for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.


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