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😷 | "Prevention of spread" application area Start field survey of restaurants


"Prevention of spread" application area Start field survey of restaurants

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On the other hand, Governor Ohno also visited the terrace dining "Michela" of Royal Pines Hotel Urawa in Urawa Ward, Saitama City on the 26th with the staff of the prefecture to confirm the infection countermeasures.

Before Golden Week, Saitama Prefecture and other prefectures will target restaurants in the area covered by "Priority Measures to Prevent Spread" from the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Saitama Prefecture's TV station, "Tele-Tama, which is good for you," delivers "news that is good for you," such as daily incidents, accidents, and topics of the town.

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Royal Pines Hotel Urawa

Royal Pines Hotel Urawa(Royal Pines Hotel Urawa,British: Royal Pines Hotel Urawa) IsSaitamaSaitamaUrawa-kuNakamachi OfUrawa Century CityInCity Hotel.

Solare Hotels and ResortsLtd.Is a wholly owned subsidiary of.


oldNakasendoAnd the old facing the city hall street intersectionUrawaFormer city hall site (Urawajuku(Part of),Matsushita Industries(2005Special clearing) And was built by Urawa CityUrawa Century CityIs the anchor tenant of.

20 stories above ground, 3 stories below ground, 97m high in the area of ​​the former Urawa city,Tower mansionIt is the highest-rise commercial building except for the hotel, and it is the highest-rise hotel in the northern Kanto region since its opening.

The only hotel in the prefectureHaneda airportDirectly connected toExpress BusIs operating[Source required].Saitama Stadium,Saitama Super ArenaConvenient access to city spots.

200 guest rooms, a restaurant with a chef who won the world championship, a roof garden, a party venue that can accommodate 1500 people and hold international conferences (Mount FujiIt is popular as a comprehensive grand hotel that houses a sky banquet, etc.) and museums.

Head Office

Until then Matsushita KosanMoriguchi-Myoko Pine Valley-Wakayama Marina City・ Royal Pines Resort (Gold Coast) 4 hotelsPrince HotelAlthough it was outsourced to the hotel, it was directly managed as its own brand "Royal Pines Hotel" from this facility, which is the last hotel.After that, due to the termination of the contract with Prince Hotel, the Prince Hotel owned by Matsushita Kosan was renamed to "○○ Royal Pines Hotel" one after another until 2003, and the "Royal Pines Hotel Chain" was formed in the early 2000s.

Royal Pines Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 by the investment fund Atos Capital, which embarked on the restructuring of Matsushita Kosan in 2004, and the hotel management rights of Moriguchi, Wakayama, and Urawa were transferred to the company, leaving Matsushita Kosan's capital. Became.Also, a hotel in Urawa Century CitySectional ownershipAlso aboutSecuritizationIt was decided to be done.

After that, in 2012, "Moriguchi Royal Pines Hotel"Tokai sightseeingAcquired and withdrawn. In October 2013, Kuroshio Ichiba Co., Ltd. (Wakayama City) decided to acquire Royal Pines Co., Ltd. for the purpose of acquiring Wakayama Marina City, so Urawa Royal Pines Co., Ltd. was established and transferred on August 10, 8. ..Due to the dismantling of the chain, it has been referred to as the "Royal Pines Hotel" in advertisements since October 31.The Myoko Pine Valley, which was sold in 2013, will be available until April 10.PineOnly the name "" survived.

January 2016MarubeniSystemREIT-United Urban Investment CorporationIs the real estate of Urawa Royal Pines Hotel through Japan REIT Advisors Co., Ltd.Trust beneficiary rightWas acquired from the limited liability company URP and became a hotel management partner.Solare Hotels and ResortsAnnounced that[2].

Along with this, the operating company Urawa Royal PinesSolare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.Became a wholly owned subsidiary of[3].

(Solare means "passion of the sun" in Italian. 52 places in Japan, 7,488 place overseas, 1,700 rooms, about XNUMX employees. Accommodation, food and drink, weddings, banquets, shops, public baths, spas, etc. A hotel management company that directly manages, outsources operations, asset management, franchise management, etc.)


  • 1976(Showa51) --The city hall function has been completely relocated.It will be a vacant lot and will be the Urawa Municipal Central Parking Lot until the hotel construction work is decided.
  • 1999(Heisei11 years)May 10 - Urawa Royal Pines HotelOpened as.
  • 2006(18)May 6 - Ministry of the EnvironmentOrganized by "14th Asia-Pacific Environmental Conference (Eco-Asia 2006)"[4][5].
  • 2008(20)May 8-May 8 - United Nations-Ministry of Foreign AffairsOrganized by "20th Conference on Disarmament in Saitama"[6][7][8][9].
  • 2010(22)May 8-27th-"22nd United Nations Conference on Disarmament in Saitama" held[10][11][12][13].
  • 2013(25)May 11 -64thNine capital prefecture summit meetingAnd the 8th Metropolitan Coalition Forum held[14].
  • 2015(27) September 9-The 28st in-house dessert contest is held.Award-winning works (1 work with the highest award, 1 works with the highest award) from October 2May 11Sold up to[1][15].
  • 2016(28)
    • February 2-United Urban Investment Corporation announces that it will acquire the beneficiary rights of the hotel's real estate trust from the limited liability company URP.[2].
    • April 4-Solare Hotels and Resorts acquires shares in Urawa Royal Pines, an operating company, and becomes a subsidiary of the company.[3]..The hotel name has not changed.
  • 2017(29) April 4- Urawa Station~Haneda airportThe highway bus that connects the buses has changed to arrive and depart from the hotel.It was the first hotel in the prefecture to be directly connected to Haneda Airport.[16][17][18].
  • 2019(31) January 1-Hotel nameRoyal Pines Hotel Urawachange to[19].

On-site facilities

20 floor
  • Sky banquet hall
19 floor
  • Earl Pea Earl (Restaurant)
  • BAR
  • Top lounge
18 floor
  • Saiko (Chinese food)
7st floor-18nd floor
  • Guest room
6 floor
5 floor
  • Shikisai (Japanese cuisine)
  • Arakawa (tempura dish)
  • Akamatsu (Shunsai)
4 floor
  • Royal Crown (Large Banquet Hall)
  • Royal Princess (Middle Banquet Hall)
3 floor
  • Urawa Museum of Art
  • Gold room (medium banquet hall)
  • Platinum room (medium banquet hall)
  • Tokiwa / Takasago (small banquet hall)
2 floor
  • Bridal salon
  • temple
  • Photo room
  • Beauty salon
  • Dressing room
  • Bridal costume room
  • Bridal gift SHOP
  • Sakuraso, Fuji, Fist, Yamabuki, Satsuki, Azalea (small banquet hall)
1 floor
  • Michela (Buffet Restaurant)
  • Katerina (party space)
  • La Mora (Pastry & Bakery Shop Cafe)
  • Hibiya Flower Bed (Flower Shop)
  • Rieve (ladies' wear)
  • Abiste (accessory shop)
Underground 1 floor
  • Tygris
  • Kyoto Kimono Tenyo
  • Boutique Pororoca
  • Hairdressing shop Kowafeld Excel
  • Yomiuri / Japan Television Culture Center Urawa (Yomiuri cultureUrawa)
  • IT preschool
  • Ladder sports
2nd basement floor, 3rd basement floor
  • Municipal parking lot (286 cars)

Directions and Parking



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Infection control

Infection control(Kansenkanri), or medical epidemiology,Medical facilityWithininfectionRefers to efforts aimed at preventing epidemics, with an emphasis on practiceEpidemiologyIs a field.public healthActivities and infection control/medical epidemiology have a lot in common, the former is aimed at society as a whole, while the latter generally deals with problems limited to a specific medical institution (group). Also known as "infection control activities," "infection prevention and management activities," and "infection control activities."Infection control teamIt is counted as one of the basic medical safety management systems of hospitals as an activity that many occupations in the facility work together.

Infection control can be roughly divided into two.

  • Preventive activity
  • Trend measures
    • Investigation activities and countermeasures (eg outbreak countermeasures) that are targeted at outbreaks that have occurred or are suspected to have occurred in a specific medical institution.

Infection control in medical institutions

Occurrence monitoring

Surveillance refers to grasping the occurrence status of infectious diseases on a daily basis. To facilitate comparison between facilities and regions,Bloodstream infection-Urinary-tract infection-Nosocomial pneumoniaThe criteria of the National Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System (NNIS) are used to define the main nosocomial infections such as.

actually,Infection control teamPersonnelPatient chartInvestigate orpatientData is collected by directly observing and determining the presence or absence of symptoms and signs peculiar to infectious diseases. Bacterial laboratory data from the bacteriological laboratory is also an important source of information. In recent years, automation of bacterial laboratory data andElectronic medical recordAutomation is increasing the automation of data extraction, enabling staff to spend more time collecting clinical data. Nosocomial infectionAbout 1/3 of these are preventable[1]Infection surveillance and prevention activities are becoming increasingly important by hospital staff. According to the CDC Nosocomial Infection Control Project (SENIC), by focusing on infection surveillance and prevention activities, the incidence rate of nosocomial infections could be reduced by about 32%.

Preventing the spread of infection

Nosocomial infectionOf each pathogen to prevent transmission and protect health care workers themselves from infectionTransmission routeAccording to(I.e.Stand upprocedureNeed to be done.

Standard precautions centered on hand washing

Vienna OfSemmelweiss(1847) AndDuffel Bag OfOliver W. Holmes(1843), the unique research published byNosocomial infectionRelated to[2].Center for Disease Control and PreventionIn response, the (CDC) reported that "the most important way to prevent the spread of pathogens was effective hand washing".[3].

Handwashing is compulsory at most medical institutions, and in the United States it is not simply a matter of common sense, but is also compulsory by various local and local governments. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards in the United States[4]Requires employers to have hand-washing equipment available at all times, and wash their hands and other skin with soap and water or run mucous membranes under running water if they come into contact with blood or other potentially infectious substances. We are asking you to guarantee that you can wash.

In Japan, “National University Hospital Hospital Infection Control Guidelines” by the National University Hospital Infection Control Council[5]And other guidelines were formulated in 2002.

  • It is recommended to wash your hands and wear gloves before and after touching the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, damaged skin and mucous membranes regardless of known infections. Depending on the procedure, masks, goggles, face shields, and gowns are also used.
  • Calls for the prohibition of recaps to avoid punctures and cuts due to needles, scalpels and other sharp instruments, proper placement of medical waste containers for safe disposal immediately after use, and the adoption of needles with safety devices. ..
  • When environmental surfaces such as floors and walls are contaminated, wear gloves and wipe with a paper towel and disinfectant. Store contaminated linen properly until cleaning to prevent contamination of the environment.
  • Patients who may be contaminated with blood should be kept in a private room.

Isolation precautions

In addition, if the causative pathogen is known, it is unique to each.Transmission routeTake appropriate quarantine precautions accordingly.

Air (spray nucleus) infection isolation

  • Healthcare workersN95 maskWear.
  • In the patient's individual room environment, operating room, bronchoscopy room, and respiratory function testing room, forced more than 1 times per hourventilationKeeps negative pressure.To the outside of the hospitalHEPAExhaust through a filter.If structurally impossible, use a portable air purifier with a built-in HEPA filter and ventilate 12 times.
  • Wear a surgical mask when passing through public areas to transfer patients, or wear an exhalation filter during endotracheal intubation.

Isolation of droplet infection

  • A surgical mask is worn for activities within a radius of 1 m from the patient.
  • When separating individual rooms and groups, beds are placed 2m apart.
  • Wear a surgical mask when passing through public areas to transfer patients.

Contact infection isolation

  • Wash hands and wear gloves before and after contact with the patient and contaminated surfaces.
  • Wear gowns where there is potential for full body contact with the patient or contaminated surfaces.
  • Medical equipment used in private rooms should be dedicated as much as possible.


The contact surface of the patient's room and common areas touched by the patient's hands is cleaned by daily wiping. Clean walls and floors that are not touched once a day. In areas where MRSA, VRE, and Clostridium difficile carriers come into contact, daily sterilization is performed by wiping with a quaternary ammonium salt or alcohol. Of reusable medical equipmentdisinfection-SterilizationThe method must be selected according to each possible pathogen.

Personal protective equipment

(Personal protective equipment, PPE) is clothing and equipment worn by medical personnel to protect themselves from danger. What is the danger in the medical field?Viral hepatitis,HIVBlood, saliva, and other body fluids that may contain pathogens such asaerosolExposure to. Personal protective equipment aims to prevent exposure by creating a physical barrier between those infectious agents and health care workers.

In the United States, OSHA standards require health workers to wear protective equipment to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens when their exposure to blood and other infectious agents is adequately predicted.[6]

Protective equipment: hats, shoe covers, face shields (for mouth-to-mouth breathing)MASKS-goggles・There are types such as. Which combination and how to use is usually determined by the rules set for each medical institution. Most instruments are completelydisinfection-SterilizationConsidering the high cost of doing so, it is designed to be disposable. OSHA standards require that protective equipment be immediately removed and disinfected or disposed of upon leaving a site exposed to infectious agents.[7]

Vaccination of medical staff

Healthcare workers who may be exposed to infectious diseases during work should:vaccineCan be used to protect yourself from infection. Usually usedHepatitis B-influenza-Mixed three(Measles/varicella/rubella)New three kinds of mixture(Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis)Meningococcus-Shingles virusWith vaccines such as these, medical staff and emergency personnel are vaccinated according to facility rules, recommendations, occupations, and individual wishes.In general, the preventive effect of vaccines is not perfect, but side effects are also seen, so vaccination decisions should be made based on sufficient information.[8]

Survey during an epidemic

When infection monitoring finds that the incidence of infections is higher than normal, the infection control team will investigate to determine (1) whether it is a real epidemic or (2) a false epidemic due to contamination of the bacterial testing process. Or (3) determine whether the normal incidence just happened to rise randomly. If it is (1), it will be necessary to investigate the factor that triggered the fashion and eliminate it in order to stop the fashion. It is usually due to lack of correct procedures, but sometimes other factors such as construction work are involved.

Infection control and medical epidemiology training system

There are several educational systems to acquire infection control. The occupational background is often nurses, sometimes clinical laboratory technicians (especially clinical microbiology), and doctors (usually infectious disease physicians). Training courses specialized in infection control and medical epidemiology are offered by the following professional organizations: Those who want to be involved in infection control as a doctor often go through clinical training in the department of infectious diseases.

In the United States,CBIC) Examines the professional background and work experience of health care workers, checks the level of knowledge through standardized departmental examinations, and then licenses infection control personnel. Two years of activity experience is required for application, and renewal of qualification is required every five years.

In the United States, CDC and the American Society for Medical Epidemiology (SHEA) have jointly conducted hospital epidemiology (infection control in hospitals).Our Courses Is held every year, and there is also a course from the Association of Infectious Control Practitioners (APIC).

Infection Control Team and Infection Control Committee

  • The infection control team is the actual work force in a medical institution, and the infection control committee is in charge of managing the infection control team (Fig. 1).

Infection control profession


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