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😷 | Vaccination of elderly people begins in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture


Vaccination of elderly people begins in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture

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In Katagami City, group vaccinations will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays when the staff of the City Medical Association will be dispatched.

Vaccination of the new corona has begun in various parts of the prefecture.Inoculation for the elderly began today in Yuzawa City ... → Continue reading

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This is a news account of the AAB Akita Asahi TV station in Akita Prefecture.
Politics, economy, sports, events in the prefecture, etc.
We will tell you various information about Akita.

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Katagami City

Katagami City(Katagami) isAkita CityNorthwest ofOga CityA city located in the southeast of.


Hachirogata,Sea of ​​JapanFacing.

areaIs the smallest city in Akita prefecture, but as the population of the entire prefecture continues to decline,CensusIn the result2000 eraUntil the first halfBasic Resident RegisterIt was one of the few local governments in Akita prefecture where the population is increasing.The population of the Basic Resident Register has been on a gradual decline since 2005.

The former Iitagawa-cho area is a residenceRice fieldIs a large proportion.In recent years, suburban commercial facilities have been opened one after another along National Route 7 and National Route 285 in the Iizuka area.In the former Showa-cho area, although the population decline will not be stopped,JR Okubo StationThe area is being developed, and housing and medical care are being developed.While the number of large suburban stores is increasing, it is also a feature that the shopping district remains as it is.

The place name on Katagami is "Japan's third generation"and"Japanese name Juju』(In the book, above) and above Hachirogata (above the lagoon).


Hachirogata Adjustment PondHas an undecided boundary[1].

  • Mountain: Futarasan
  • Rivers: Toyokawa, Umafumi, Senogawa
  • Lake:Hachirogata
  • Sea: Detohama beach

Adjacent municipalities




  • Tenno fishing port
  • Egawa fishing port



Iitagawa district

Showa district

Tenno district

  • Goyo Electronics Headquarters / Tenno Factory- Hitachi Kokusai ElectricGroup company.Electronic equipment manufacturing.
  • Nippon Denko-A subsidiary of DN Writing.Lighting equipment manufacturing.
  • Okawa MotorAkita Information Center- KagawaAlthough it is a bus operator based in Japan, it has opened an information center in the same area as the spouse's parents' home of employees who worked at the head office for the purpose of attracting agricultural personnel from the Tohoku and Hokkaido areas to travel to Shikoku. ..
  • Maxvalu
  • Terata
  • nice
  • Itoku

post office

  • Iitagawa Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Okubo Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Tenno Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Shimoabukawa Post Office
  • Kamikitano Post Office
  • Detohama Post Office
  • East Lake Simple Post Office
  • Osaki Post Office
  • Tsukiki Post Office



代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First-third generationMitsuo Ishikawa2005th of February 42017th of February 4oldTenno Townlong
4 feeKazunari Fujiwara2017th of February 42021th of February 4
5 feeYudai Suzuki2021th of February 4

Government building

  • Main government building
  • Iitagawa Branch Office-Former Iitagawa Town Hall
  • Showa Branch Office-Former Showa Town Hall
  • Tenno Branch Office-Installed in the building of the city's Tenno Welfare Center at the same time as the current city hall was established.
  • Oiwake Branch Office-Former Tenno Town Hall Oiwake Branch Office → Former City Hall Tenno Government Building Oiwake Branch Office

At the beginning of the merger, the branch office system was temporarily adopted (the Tenno government building where the mayor's office was set up was treated as the main government building), and 10 years after the merger.2015In May (27), a new main government building was constructed in the Tenno area.[2][3]..With the start of operations at the new government building, the existing Iitagawa government building and Showa government building have been moved to branch offices, respectively.[2]..In addition, the Oiwake branch office under the Tenno government building became a branch office under the direct control of the main office, and was in line with the Iidagawa and Showa government buildings.Then, a new Tenno branch office was opened near the former Tenno Government building.

The living areas of the three towns before the merger were that the former Tenno town was closer to Oga city and Akita city, and the former Iitagawa town and Showa town were.Gojome Town-Hachirogata Town-Igawa TownIt is closer to the so-called Koto district, and the establishment of wide-area unions and JAs composed of local governments was almost in line with this.2010According to the main government building basic plan formulated in March, it will be newly built in the Tenno area (however, it is conveniently located from the Iida River and Showa areas), and at the latest.2013To be operational in AprilSpecial merger bondThe policy was to start construction while it was available.At this point, the planned construction site was not determined, although it did not exclude the possibility of either city-owned land or private-owned land.

The old Tenno Government building is over 40 years old and does not meet the earthquake resistance standards, so after the main government building started operation, it was demolished together with the second government building, and then sold together with the parking lot site. The facility was built.

The Iitagawa Government Building, which is less than 30 years old, intends to sell it or use it as a public rental space.

The Showa Government Building was built during the time of the last town mayor, Tetsutaro Senda, and although it is a new building and is considerably larger than other government buildings, it is a little too small to be a new government building, so it is a public rental space. It was intended to be used in such cases. Construction work until 2018, the Showa area on the second floorKindergarten,NurseryPublicAuthorized child institutionHowever, it was installed. The first floor will continue to serve as the contact point for the Showa branch office.

After the main government building went into operation, it was considered to ensure convenience by setting up a general counter center (tentative name) in the Iidagawa / Showa area, but as mentioned above, the branch office, which is the local agency of the main government building. Was said.


Population distribution by age in Katagami City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Katagami City (2005)
■Purple-Katagami City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Katagami City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Cultural facility

  • Private management



Central station: Futada Station

East Japan Railway(JR East)



Highway national road
General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road
Bicycle path

Sights and historic sites

Main festival


Born in Iitagawa Village

Born in Iitagawa Town

From Showa Town

Born in Tennocho

Born in Katagami

No applicable person (born after March 2005, 3) with an independent article in the Japanese version of Wikipedia

Phone Number

  • The area code is 018.The accommodation stations and area numbers are as follows.
    • Oiwake (Accommodation station equipmentAkita CityInstalled in)… 870-4, 872-0, 873
    • Tenno ... 870-6, 872-1, 878
    • Iida River (Showa area also has this area code) ... 854-8, 855-5, 877
    • Hikari phone…825-3,4、827-3〜9、838-4〜9、853-0,3〜9、874-7〜9、893-3外


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