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😷 | Akita Kanto Festival to be held in the sports park in 2021 Akita


Akita Kanto Festival to be held in the sports park in 2021 Akita

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It is planned at three facilities, "Soyu Stadium", "PRESTO Yabase Stadium", and "Akigin Stadium".

The Kanto Festival Executive Committee of Akita City was held on the 27th, and in 2021 based on the current situation of the spread of the new coronavirus infection ... → Continue reading

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Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Hardball Baseball Field

Yahashi Sports Park > Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Hardball Baseball Field

Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Hardball Baseball Field(Akita and baseball)AkitaAkita City OfYahashi Sports ParkInBaseball field..Currently in the stadiumNameplate TheAkita City Yabase Baseball StadiumIt is written as.The facility is owned by Akita City and is operated and managed by the Sports Promotion Division of the Akita City Board of Education.2016(28)May 4FromAkita Satoshi Shinpo Naming rightsTo getPRESTO Yabase StadiumIs used.


1941January,Akita Municipal Yahashi StadiumCompleted as (Akita Shiei Yabase Kyujo).

Yabase stadium became the center of baseball in Akita prefecture after the war.high school baseball,Adult baseballな どAmateur baseballIn addition to the official games being held to this day,2002UntilProfessional baseballThe official game was also held.Especially in professional baseball, Akita PrefectureMinami Akita DistrictWakami Town(CurrentOga City) FromHiromitsu Ochiai(Chunichi DragonsFormer director) was activeLotte OrionsWhen I was enrolled in Lotte, sponsored by LottePacific LeagueOfficial games were held almost every year.

However, the field at that time was very narrow with both wings 90m and mid-sized 112m, which was 10m narrower than the standard for holding official professional baseball games, and there were problems such as many home runs, especially in professional baseball.[Source required]..For this reason, in Akita City, in line with the 50th anniversary of the completion of the stadium.1990Large-scale renovation work such as outfield expansion and scoreboard renovation was carried out.1991Resumed service from the season.It has become a baseball stadium with fields that meet the professional baseball holding standards of 100m on both wings and 122m for mid-level players.The Yabase stadium was completely closed in the 1990 season due to this renovation work, but the official game against Lotte Orions scheduled for the same yearKintetsu BuffaloesThe war was held as an alternative at the former Akita Prefectural Stadium (completed in 1974).

In addition to Lotte, in the official professional baseball gameOrix Blue Wave,Hiroshima Toyo CarpEtc. also held sponsored games.However, the Yabase stadium has been in service while expanding and remodeling the stand at the time of opening, so it is significantly deteriorated and narrowed, and because it faces the main road, it is used for large-scale renovation and professional baseball.Night gameIt was difficult to install additional lighting equipment to accommodate the event.In addition, at Yabase Stadium, all seats on the main stand behind the back net and the infield stand on the XNUMXst and XNUMXrd bases are so-called "chaise longue" bench seats, so reserved seats will be set up for holding professional baseball games. I couldn't.For this reason, in most of the official professional baseball games in recent years, the infield stands were "all seats free".Furthermore, because the rooms inside the main stand, such as the locker room (waiting room), are very small, players were sometimes forced to change clothes outside the stand. Was also very unpopular.In this way, Yabashi Stadium was gradually becoming unsuitable for holding professional baseball.[Source required]..Under these circumstances, competition groups and civic groups in the prefecture requested the city to rebuild the Yabashi stadium, develop a new municipal baseball stadium, and hold a professional baseball / J-League night game with mobile lighting vehicles, and signed and raised funds. There were also movements such as doing (some will be described later).

2003, The prefecture is in the Mukaihama district on the west side of the cityAkita Prefectural Baseball Stadium(Komachi Stadium) was completed.It was developed as a facility to replace the former Akita Prefectural Stadium, which was also aging, and was equipped with lighting equipment that can accommodate 25,000 people and can handle professional baseball.Along with this, at Yabase Stadium2002The official professional game will be held with the season.Since then, it has been used for official amateur games such as high school and working people, and for general use.

However, the aging and narrowing of the Yabase stadium remains remarkable, and there are many problems in holding official amateur games.[Source required],Also2007Held62th National Sports FestivalSince it was used as a venue for (Akita Wakasugi National Athletic Meet), drastic measures were required.Because of this, the city2005 OfNational High School Baseball Championship Akita TournamentLarge-scale renovation work was carried out after the end (August)[1]..The main, XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base side stands have been completely renovated, and in addition to exterior repairs, various rooms such as locker rooms have also been expanded.In addition, after replacing all the seats on the stand, the installation method has been improved to widen the passage, and slopes have been installed in various places inside the stand such as toilets.Barrier-freeMeasures were also taken.In addition, the scoreboard was renovated to a magnetic reversal type and other facilities were expanded, and the service was resumed from the 2006 season.As a result of this renovation, the number of people accommodated has decreased from 19,560 to 16,421.

January 2015Naming rightsTheAkita Satoshi ShinpoAcquired, and from April 2016, 4, with a contract period of 1 years, "PRESTO Yabase Stadium”(PRESTO Yabase Kyujo) is used[2].

May 2017, 5, the stadium itself for the first time in 16 years,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesThis is the first official professional baseball game to be held at this stadium (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles vs. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles)Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) Will be held[3] Met.Since the stadium faces Sanno Odori, which has a lot of traffic, there is concern that foul balls that have gone out of the stadium will hit people or cars. The policy was to place a net between the extended cranes and put a net between them, but it was changed to the Akita Prefectural Baseball Stadium because the possibility that the crane car would fall over with the net in strong winds could not be wiped out.[4].

Main episode

Audience injury accident
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month was held on X NUM XKintetsu BuffaloesversusSeibu LionsIn the war, of KintetsuKohei ShimamotoThe foul ball hit by the spectator hit the face of the audience (student), causing an injury that sewed three stitches.[5]..The cause was that the ball could not be avoided due to the large number of spectators.[5].
Kaneda vs Traber
1991May 5In the Lotte vs. Kintetsu battle, LotteKazumi SonokawaKintetsu, which was extremely high in the internal angle attackJim TraverTriggered by assaulting Sonokawa, the two teams got into a mess and developed into a big brawl.Traber was sent off for violence and the brawl subsided.
However, as soon as Traber, who couldn't fit, went up again, he rushed to Lotte Bench on the first base side.Both teams rushed to the stop again, but Traber fell forward near the back net with too much momentum.At this time, Director Lotte, who was just in the place where he fellShoichi KanedaI immediately kicked Traber's face.However, Kaneda was left unquestioned, probably because the referee could not see the whole story, and only Traber was sent off.
Mobile lighting car purchase concept
Professional baseball in Akita CityJ League"Meeting to realize night games by the hands of citizens", a citizen group aiming to hold night games1995From October1998Fund-raising activities were carried out until June.This is the baseball field in Yabase Sports ParkAthletic fieldToMoving lighting carIn order to introduce simple night game lighting by Akita, the group first collected 1 million yen from citizens and citizens of the prefecture to purchase one lighting car, and then purchased five cars necessary for holding professional baseball. To work on the city.
At the Akita City Council in December 1, one year and nine months after the start of the fundraising, the amount raised was "about 9 million yen", which was answered by the superintendent of education in Akita City.[6].However, problems such as safety and running costs became a bottleneck, and the requirements for the J-League official game stadium were relaxed (it can be held without lighting), and the construction plan for the Akita Prefectural Baseball Stadium was materialized. After that, the amount of donations was sluggish, and the donations were eventually cut off at 20,346,914 yen, and all the collected donations were deposited with the Akita City Athletic Association and pooled.[Source required]
This over 2,000 million yen2004, Was used as part of the cost of installing lighting equipment on the multipurpose ground of Yabase Sports Park.[Source required]At the Akita City Council in February 2004, the mayor'sNorihisa SatakeStates to install lighting equipment in the sports park "using citizen donations for lighting"[7].

Equipment outline

  • Ground area: 12,067m2
  • Both wings: 100m, mid-sized: 122m (before renovation in 1989, both wings 90m, mid-sized 112m)

These three values ​​are nominal, but they don't match when compared to other stadiums.Hiroshima City Stadium(Both wings: 91.4m, mid-sized: 115.8m, ground area: 12,160m2) Is close, so the ground area is1990It seems that it was before the renovation of.[Source required]

  • Infield: Sat, Outfield: Natural turf
  • Scoreboard: Magnetic reversal type with LED
  • Capacity: 16,421 (Infield: Bench seats, Outfield: Lawn seats)
  • Lighting equipment: None



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