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😷 | Governor Denny to postpone request for urgent declaration in Okinawa to extend until May 5

Photo Governor Denny Tamaki, who states that he will not make a request to the government regarding the issuance of a state of emergency = 27th afternoon, prefectural office (representative photo)

Governor Denny to postpone request for Okinawa's urgent declaration to be extended until May 5

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According to the people concerned, it is expected that the concrete contents of the support measures will be provided to the car rental industry and wholesalers who have been hit by the corona virus.

At a press conference on the 27th, Governor Tamaki Denny of Okinawa Prefecture is holding restaurants in all prefectures following the spread of the new coronavirus infection ... → Continue reading

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Wholesale(Grated) isProductsdistributionIn the process of製造·harvest(Fresh produce)WhenretailLocated in the middle ofEconomy(Sale) Perform activitiesIndustry.

単 にWholesale(Grated)And for products other than fresh foodWholesaler(Tonya, no)It is also said that it has traditionally been organized according to the type of products it handles (eg, drug wholesalers, rice wholesalers).


Wholesale isManufacturing industry(ManufacturerFrom)ProductsPurchasing orMarketからFoodstuffBuy,Retail companyToProductsIt is a business format that sells (wholesale) products, but what kind of products can be produced by being located between the manufacturing industry and the retail industry?製造Whether it has been done or will be manufactured in the future情报We are in a position to know both information about what kind of products are sold, and from the manufacture of products.消费Leading todistributionOccupy an important position in the process.However, in the process of product distribution, in the middleMargin(Rizaya)Because it is a business format that earns money, it is also an element that pushes up product prices for consumers.

However,mass productionAs a manufacturer that assumesProduction lotUnits andTransport palletunit,MarketBut in general, such as case unitsretail store(EspeciallyPrivate store) And thatcustomerProducts in excess unitsBuying and sellingBut in the middlebufferAs a (buffer), the wholesale business will subdivide according to the demand of each retail store.In addition, each manufacturer and market is prescribedRegionThey may be densely populated in, or they may be scattered in different areas.distributionIt is difficult to have a base as a route outside or to reach the end such as a retail store.For this reason, the wholesale business plays the role of bridging regional demand with those manufacturers and markets as one of the distribution bases.Due to this position, the wholesale business is constant.stockIt also plays a role in ensuring stable distribution without interruption.

On the other hand, due to the increase in scale and nationwideization of retailers, the number of purchases directly from manufacturers without going through wholesale is increasing, and the weight of wholesale trade is relatively decreasing.MedicineThe wholesale industry is being reorganized for some products such as.

The manufacturer and production area are directlyconsumerTo interact with "Direct salesThis is mainlyMail orderTakes the form ofhome deliveryDevelopment andsettlementDiversification of means or distant causesInformation societyCustomer management and shipping operations are not automated due to the development ofLabor savingThere are also changes such as ease of use, so even if it is a wholesale businessIndividualIt is also possible to find a business format that directly responds mainly to consumers.

Accumulation area for each major product

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CoronaWhat is (Corona)2019From the endEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Is a term that refers to disasters and crisis situations caused by[1].

"CoronaOut ofコ ロ ナ"Is"New coronavirus'[2],MisfortuneIs a word that means "disaster" or "disaster" or "unfortunate event"[3]Then, it is a compound word that is put after various nouns[4](Other examples: water damage, war damage, etc.).

As the epidemic of new coronavirus infection spreads,2020(Reiwa 2nd year) It has been widely used in newspapers and online since the middle of March.[5][Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

New Word Award 2020 selected by Daijisen

Shogakukanby"New Word Award Selected by Daijisen In "2020", "Corona Sorrow" was selected as the runner-up,DaijisenA commentary by the editorial department was posted on the announcement site.

Served as a special selection committee member regarding the reasons for selectionMeiji UniversityMakirō Tanaka, a professor of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, said, "It is a word that expresses the current situation in the world, and it is an important word for sharing the desire to overcome this, find a new lifestyle, and manage to survive. I made it the runner-up with support for that feeling. "

In addition, TanakaJapanese languageFrom this point of view, it is worth noting whether "○○ 禍" will be derived as a coined word component in the future.[6].


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