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😷 | [New Corona] Prime Minister's remarks affect local government office work Ebina City has advanced the inoculation schedule and re-enclosed documents

Photo Ebina City staff = Ebina City, who opens the envelope containing the documents related to vaccination and re-encloses it.

[New Corona] Prime Minister's remarks affect local government office work Ebina City has advanced the inoculation schedule and re-enclosed documents

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Aikawa Town has already sent out vaccination tickets for the elderly, saying that it will "adjust whether individual vaccinations can be enhanced."

Regarding the vaccination of the new coronavirus to the elderly, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that the vaccination would be completed by the end of July. → Continue reading

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Vaccination ticket

Aikawa Town

Aikawa Town(Aikawa Town)KanagawaLocated in the north ofAiko-gunBelongs totown.

The population is about 4.


In the center of townNakatsugawaFlows, and in the westTanzawa areaIt has become.Directly belowIsehara faultIs located.

Adjacent local governments


Before the war, on the flat land that spreads over the terracesarmySagami airfield was located.Sagamihara Town OfMunitions factory,Zama Town OfMilitary academy,Ayase Village-Yamato Village OfAtsugi Navy Airfield,横 浜 市Asahi ku-Seya-ku OfNavy warehouse facilityAdjacent to such, it played a part in the Kanagawa military city concept.1966On this siteInland Industrial ParkWas built and many factories and offices entered the market.

Within the prefectureAtsugi,Sagamihara CityIt is a commuting area to the central and northern areas of the prefecture.Bed townAs a strong economic tie.

HereSagami numberSuperviseKanto Transport BureauKanagawa Transport BureauThere is a Sagami Motor Vehicle Inspection and Registration Office.


If you think of place names such as Aina, Aiko, Ayukawa, and Aikawa as a seriesRenewal of DahuaThere is a previous recordSagami countryIt is one of the oldest place names.Sengoku periodThe earliest,Nagao KageharuIn the rebellion, Kageharu of the rebel armyMr. ToyoshimaWas a leading base forOzawa Castle(Kosawa)Dou OtaHas been captured by.Shingen TakedaIn connection with the invasion of OdawaraHojoFought withBattle of Mimasetoge(Mimase) is believed to have been around Mimase in Aikawa Town, and there is a historic site of the Mimase Battlefield.

From the terrain that was originally unsuitable for rice production, centered on the western Hanbara basinsericulture, Light industry such as silk reeling and plying,Miya carpenterIt was known as the Bon-gwan of migrant craftsmen.The Hanbara shrine carpenter was praised for his skill along with the Hida carpenter, such as being involved in the restoration of Edo Castle.Gunma Prefecture in the plying industryTomiokaThe light industry, which imitated the machine of the above and used hydraulic power as auxiliary power, flourished.With the completion of the inland industrial complex, it has transformed into a machinery industry, a residential area, and a distribution base, and continues to this day.

South AmericaSince many factory workers come from such sources, advanced efforts in compulsory educationサ ッ カ ーIt is also known that local sports such as are popular.

  • 1889May 4 Municipal systemIs enforced.Aikawa Village was established by merging Hanhara Village and Tashiro Village.
  • 1940April 4 The town system is enforced and becomes Aikawa Town (primary).
  • 1955January 1 With Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun (primary)Gao FengcunMerged.Aikawa Town (secondary) was established.
  • 1956September 9 Aiko-gunNakatsu VillageIs incorporated and continues to the present.
  • 1966 An inland industrial park is created.


Population distribution of Aikawa, Kanagawa, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Aikawa Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Aikawa Town (2005)
■Purple-Aikawa Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Aikawa Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Friendship city





East to westGourdIt is in shape, with housing, industry and commerce concentrated in the eastern Nakatsu area.Administrative facilities are located in the central Takamine district, and tourism resources are spread over the western Hanbara district and the northern Mimase district.

school education

high school

Junior high school

primary school

Social education

Park / athletic facility



There is no railway line in the town.Just east of townJR EastSagami LineIs running and on the same lineHara Toma Station-Shimomizo Station(Sagamihara CitySouth ward) Is near our town.However, because it is separated by the Sagami River, it is not convenient from the Sagami Line to the town.Therefore, Hon-Atsugi Station is actually the nearest station.Since there are many fixed-route buses bound for Hon-Atsugi Station, Hon-Atsugi Station is generally used.

In addition, the road passing through the town is congested, which hinders the speed and punctuality of bus operation, and the extension of the railway will bring about a dramatic improvement in the public transportation network, and the prefecture including Kanagawa and Aikawa towns. The "Kanagawa Prefectural Railway Transportation Capacity Enhancement Promotion Conference", in which all municipalities and economic organizations participate, has been held for Odakyu Electric Railway since 2007.Karakida Station --Consultations are underway for the extension between Kamimizo StationOdakyu Tama LineIs requested to consider extending to Aikawa Town and Atsugi City (northern part), but Odakyu replied that it is very difficult to construct a new line due to construction cost and profitability problems.[1].

Bus route


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Festivals and events


Famous people


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  1. ^ The time required to reach Hon-Atsugi and Ebina stations is from Aikawa Town Hall, and to Kamimizo and Fuchinobe Stations from the Minowa Tsuji bus stop near the town hall.[2]


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