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😷 | India's "optimism" and "Hindu supremeism" that gave rise to the worst corona outbreak

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India's "optimism" and "Hindu supremeism" that gave rise to the worst corona outbreak

If you write the contents roughly
It is said that half of it occurred in India, but will India be forced to make the biggest sacrifice in the world even with the new corona?

"(The situation in India where the new coronavirus is rampant) is beyond the realm of sorrow." World Health Organization (WHO) ... → Continue reading

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyOrthocoronavirus subfamilyBelongs toウ イ ル スOf these, it is a tentative name given to those that are medically and publicly important.[1][2][3][4].

In particularHuman coronavirusIt is often used in. (Human) Coronavirus against humanityEndemic diseaseIs believed to becoldCauses (common cold) -like symptoms,(English edition)Is prevalent as a serious infection, often accompanied by pneumonia[1][2][3][4].

Virus type

The following viruses were positioned as new coronaviruses before their official names were given.

Types of new coronaviruses that are pathogenic to humans
Formal nameOther namesSusceptible host[† 1]First discovery location (discovery year)Infection
SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)[† 2][5][6]2019-Ncov

SARS virus 2

Human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19)

Bat,Scale armorChugoku-Wuhan(2019)New Coronavirus Infection (2019) (COVID-19)[† 3][4][7]
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV)[† 4]Middle east virus

MERS virus

Camel flu virus

camel,BatSaudi Arabia-Jeddah(2012)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)[8][9].
Human coronavirus HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1)New Haven Virus[Annotation 1]A mouseHong Kong (2005)Mild respiratory tract infection, rarely severe pneumonia
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1)[† 2]SARS virusChinese cabbage,BatChugoku-Foshan(2002)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)[9]
  1. ^ (English edition)May not be succeeded.
  2. ^ a b This virus is not a different speciesSARS-related coronavirusIs considered to be one of the stocks of.
  3. ^ Synonyms include 2019 coronavirus pneumonia,Wuhan pneumoniaThere is a syndrome.
  4. ^ (English edition),(English edition)Including stocks of.

All of the above four viruses belong to the genus Betacoronavirus (betacoronavirus) Belongs to.


Known for the "new" of the new coronavirusViral family classificationBelongs toIt means a new pathogen.That is, the new coronavirusCoronavirus familyIt means a new pathogen belonging to (or its subclass).There is no intention of a completely unknown new pathogen. The use of the word "new XX" was introduced in 2015WHOIt complies with the new infectious disease naming scheme decided by.[10] [11] [12]

Historically, pathogens have often been named after location, individuals, or specific species, but these practices are no longer endorsed by WHO.[10] [11] [12]

The permanent official names of viruses and diseases are, respectively.ICTVとWHO OfInternational Classification of Diseases (ICD)Is determined by.

Detailed explanation


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Human coronavirus NL63 Some strains of (HCoV-NL63)New Haven Coronavirus Be careful not to confuse it because it is called (HCoV-NH).


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List of the best in the world

List of the best in the world(Sekaiichi no Ichiran) is also a list of the best, largest or smallest of the same kind of things.

In the following fieldsThe best in the worldFor more information, see each article.



  • Largest in the worldContinent - Afro-Eurasia: A general term for the continents of Africa and Eurasia, which are connected by land.
  • The largest continent in the world in the strict sense- World island : IslandsAfro-Eurasia continent body, not including.
  • The largest continent in the world when considering the continents of Africa and Eurasia as different continents- Eurasia : areaAbout 5492 millionkm2.. 37 of the total land area%Occupy

Island / peninsula

Mountainous landforms

地球World's No. XNUMX
A mountain with a summit that is the farthest from the center of the earth in the world. The altitude is 6,267m, but the earth'sDiameterIs the largestlatitudeSince it is located near point 0 (01 degrees 28 minutes 09 seconds south latitude), it is about 2,100 m higher than Everest at higher latitudes.
The altitude is 4,205 m, but it is 10,203 m from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, which is much higher than Everest.
6,893m above sea level[4].. However, experts have divided opinions on whether or not the mountain is active, and no conclusions have been reached.
  • The tallest active volcano in the world if Ojos del Salado was not an active volcano
- Yayako( ãƒãƒª-Argentina flag アルゼンチン): 6,739m above sea level.


Freshwater area


  • The most transparent lake in the world in the history of observation Lake Mashu(Japanese flag Japan)
41.6m. Currently it is the second most transparent in the world, but it was the most transparent in the world.1931(Showa 6) A maximum of 41.6m was recorded in the measurement at that time. This record is still unbroken.

River, waterfall

The widest place is about 275km[Question].


  • The largest area in the world,Desert(In the case of a desert in a broad sense including a cool desert) → AntarcticaAntarctic desert (ice field in central Antarctica)
Total area about 1382km2[10].
  • The largest desert in the world (high temperature desert) → Sahara: Total area about 910 million km2Yu[10].

Underground space / cave

There are many aliases such as "Crystal Cave" and "Crystal Cave". Inside the cave with a total length of 27m and a width of 9mSelenite(selenite, Selenite) giant crystals are filling up.ChihuahuaThe town of(English edition)It is in.

Other terrain

Natural phenomenon

Crustal movement

Volcanic activity

- Siberian trapsMade (Siberian Plateau Basalt)PaleozoicPermian OfVolcanoActivity ([[en, Siberian platform]). Volcanic productAccumulationTotal area about 1,500,000km2. (Russian flag ロシア)
- Columbia PlateauMadeCenozoicMioceneFrom the endPlioceneEarly volcanic activity (North AmericaWest Bank area). Total volcanic product area 160,000km2(United States flag The United States of America).
――About 50 years ago (Earth History Chronology # 100 million years ago to 10 years agoSee also)Eruption of Toba volcano(Sundaland).magmaEruption volume about 2,800km3[13].Lake TobaSee also ( Indonesia).
  • Homo sapiensThe largest catastrophic eruption since the departure of (modern humans) from Africa (about 10 years ago)
--Taupo Volcano (now) that occurred about 2 years agoLake TaupoSupervolcano (predecessor of)New ZealandNorth Island). Magma eruption volume 1,170km3.
  • HoloceneThe largest catastrophic eruption (in the last 1 years)
--Kikai Volcano that occurred about 7300 years ago (Onikai Caldera) Eruption (scientific name: Akahoya eruption, K-Ah) (Japanese archipelago OfKyusyuOffshore). Magma eruption 170km3.
  • Historical periodThe biggest catastrophic eruption and the biggest casualties in the volcanic disaster
- 1815 OfMount TamboraEruption ( Indonesia OfSumbawa). Magma eruption volume 150km3.. About 9 people died.
- 19025 of the monthPlay mountainEruption (West Indies). About 3 people died.
The number changes depending on the classification method. Based on one theory, No. 1 United States (174), No. 2 ロシア (156), 3rd place Indonesia (139), 4rd place Japan (123), 5rd place チリ (109). A total of about 1500 in the world[14].


Meteorological phenomenon

■List of weather recordsSee also.


  • World's lowest temperature observation point in a permanent residence (city)
- Oimyakon(Russian flag ロシア):1933May 2To -71.2 ° C.
  • The point where the world's lowest surface temperature was observed → Dome ANear (Antarctica):2010May 8To -93.2 ° C.

Atmospheric pressure, atmospheric circulation

1968May 12At 1,083.8hPa.Krasnoyarsk region OfCentral Siberian PlateauIt is inAgata (65 degrees 53 minutes north latitude 93 degrees 24 minutes east longitude)InSiberian high pressureRecord.
870hPa.1979May 10,Okinotorishima(Japanese flag Japan) Recorded in the southeast.
1999May 5142m / s (512km / h).OklahomaBridge Creek.
  • The world's largest tornado
1898May 5A tornado with a height of 1,528m and a diameter of about 3km occurred.New South WalesEden[Source required][16].
2004May 5A tornado with a width (damage width) of about 4 km passes through.NebraskaHaram.
  • The earliest typhoon in the world
  • Typhoon No. 31 (Pabuk) in 1 → Tropical depression on December 2018, 12.2019May 1It was confirmed that there was a typhoon with a strong wind region.

Precipitation, snowfall

Precipitation amount
1966May 8Recorded heavy rain only on 805m square.New HampshireGreen field.
  • World's No. XNUMX Short Precipitation → Guadeloupe(I.e.
1970May 111 in 38 minutemmRecorded.CaribbeanIsland of. French territory.
1952May 3からMay 3Recorded 1,870 mm.Indian OceanIsland of. French territory.
1861Recorded 7 mm in July.MeghalayaCherrapunjee.
  • World's highest rainfall in the year → Cherrapunjee (Indian flag India)
1860From October1861Recorded 7 mm through July.
It is a record certified by Guinness World Records, but there are many unclear points such as the timing.[17].
  • World's highest average annual rainfall → Cherrapunjee (Indian flag India)
1971から2000Recorded 10,449.3 mm.
  • Guinness World Records certified by Guinness World Records as the world's highest average annual rainfall → Tutunendo, ã‚³ãƒ­ãƒ³ãƒ“ア)
Choco prefectureIt is said that it recorded 11,770 mm at the Tsutsun End (Tutun End), but there are many unclear points such as the timing.[17].
  • Over 10 years of observation, the total annual average minimum rainfall is the highest in the world → Aswan( Egypt):1951 - 1978The average of 0.5 mm.
1946(21)May 1210 cm (at that timeNational railway(Observation by) is recorded. At the timeNiigataSekiyama Village, Nakakubiki District (currently Niigata Prefecture)Myoko CityLarge printSekiyama)[18].
  • SnowfallWorld's largest quantity → Mt. Ibukiyama (Japanese flag Japan)
1927(2)May 2Recorded 11.83m[18][19].. However, some have questioned that it was the result of the wind.
1971May 2から1972May 2Recorded 31.1m.State of WashingtonMountain.
1917(Taisho 6)May 6, OldOsato-gunNagai VillageWith a diameter of 7Size8 minutes (29.6 cm in diameter,Whale scale(Measured by),Kita Saitama DistrictNakajo VillageAnd weighs 900Momme It is said that (3.4 kg) hail fell[20][21].
In South Dakota2010May 7Maximum diameter 8.0in(Approximately 20.32 cm), in Nebraska2003May 6It is said that hail of 18.75 in (about 47.63 cm) has fallen on the ground.[22].

Other natural phenomena

1958May 7(Local timeUTC-9),ア ラ ス カ 州 OfLituya BayRecorded about 524m[23][24].. However, due to the earthquakeMountain collapseByFjordIt is water caused by the fall of earth and sand and ice blocks in the sea, which is different from the tsunami in the narrow sense.



England·Bangor UniversityA research team led by Nobu found that the age at death was 507 years old, and it is determined that it is the oldest animal in the world.[25].InvertebrateEven if it is the best in the world.
vertebrateThe oldest isGreenland shark392 years old[26].
He has lived for 18 months since he was decapitated.Guinness World Records certification.
It has been certified by the Guinness World Records for capturing 23 animals in a lifetime of 11 years and 28,899 months.
1956May 10Born in 2016, he celebrated his birthday and turned 60 years old.Certified as Guinness World Records.


  • Guinness World Records certified, lived the longest in the worldMale → Kimura Jiroemon(Japanese flag Japan): 116 years 54 days
  • Guinness World Records certified, lived the longest in the worldGemini
-(Brother), (Brother): Both men.
  • Guinness World Records certified twin women who lived the longest in the world → Narita Kin(sister),Kanie Gin(sister)(Japanese flag Japan)
  • Two people facing each other
- Edna Parkerと(English edition)(United States flag The United States of America): 227 years old and 142 days.
height, weight
Height 225.1 cm (at the age of 13 certified by the Guinness World Records).1995Born July 9nd.State of WashingtonLives in. Due to a chromosomal abnormality, it has been treated and has stopped growing at 2014 cm since 234.
male.Height 54.6 cm. Guinness World Records certified on February 2012, 2[27].. Until then it was considered the best in the worldGul Mohammed(Height about 56 cm, weight 17.0 kg, India) ranked second.
  • The shortest adult (female) in the world in record history → Pauline Masters: Height about 59 cm.
Other physical characteristics
130 cm.Russian FederationVolgogradVolgogradbirth.Guinness World Records certification.
Female.The total length is 601.9 cm.Guinness World Records certification.
  • The person with the longest eyebrows in the world → (Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) 19.1 cm Guinness World Records Certification[29].
  • The person with the longest chest hair in the world → (Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) 23.5 cm Guinness World Records certified.[29]
  • The person with the longest ear hair in the world → (Indian flag India) 18.1 cm Guinness World Records Certification[29].
  • The person with the longest nipple hair → (Italian flag イタリア) 17 cm Guinness World Records Certification[29].
physical ability
Family tree
  • The longest family lineGeneticsPerson confirmed in → Hufthausen and Lange (German flag Germany)
ABC NewsAccording to Manfred Huchthausen and Uwe Lange, about 3000 years ago.Bronze AgeHave a common ancestor in[30].Lower Saxonyで1000-700 BCLiechtenstein used incave OfboneFrom, characteristic and rareDNAThe pattern was discovered and proved to be the longest family in the world[30].
Confucius(552 BCSeptember 9-479 BCThe family tree "Confucius Family Tree" (March 3) is considered to be the longest family tree in the world.[31], 2009 yearsConfuciusIt is the 2560th year of birth[32].500 BCIt has been recorded from to the present day, and it is registered in the Guinness World Records as the longest in the world, and the record is being updated.[33].
According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the word "Emperor" appeared in Japanese literature in the 7th century.[34].CIAby"The World Fact BookIn the item of "INDEPENDENCE" of1947There is a description of May 5 (the date of enforcement of the Constitution of Japan), followed byEmperor Jimmubased on660 BCMay 2Is listed as a "mythological date"[35].. (Here, "INDEPENDENCE" refers to "the date" when "sovereignty" was achieved, or "some significant nationhood event", etc.[35]. )

February 1947, 5 (Meiji constitutionAdopted as a modification toCurrent constitution); Prominent past date: February 660, 2 BC (Emperor JimmuThe mythical date of the founding of the country by); November 1890, 11 (Constitutional monarchyMeiji Constitution that stipulates
3 May 1947 (current constitution adopted as amendment to Meiji Constitution); notable earlier dates: 11 February 660 BC (mythological date of the founding of the nation by Emperor JIMMU); 29 November 1890 (Meiji Constitution provides for constitutional monarchy)][35]

According to "Kotobank", "Mansei line"(Especially the imperial line continues in the same lineage)[36] on the other hand,Northern and Northern DynastiesThere is a time when the imperial line was in conflict[37].
  • Reign period
  • Head of statePerson with the longest reign as (excluding mythical and legendary persons)
→ (Musoma Kanijo, WestTanzania・ Patriarch): It is said that he reigned for more than 98 years (1864-1963).
  • A more reliable person with the longest reign as head of state (excluding mythical and legendary persons)
→ Pepi II(Egypt 6th Dynasty): 94 (However, there is also a 64 year theory).
→ Elizabeth IIUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandKing (queen) (British flag The United Kingdom):1953, Enthroned at the age of 25,2019May 2Reigned in 66 years.
However, although the date of birth is not clear,モロッコGrand VizierEl Haji Mohamed El Mokuri(1851?? ~1957May 9Death)Islamic calendar116 years old (Gregorian calendarHe died at the age of 112.5).
CurrentlyElizabeth II.Canadian flag カナダ,Australian flag Australia, New Zealand16 countries such as.
He became king twice, becoming one president, two prime ministers, an untitled head of state in Cambodia, and a number of exiled government leaders in various positions.
Achievement at the youngest and oldest
Birth at 5 years 7 months 21 days.It was once recognized as a Guinness World Record, butethicsCurrently, there is no item itself due to the problem.
The age at the time of obtaining a bachelor's degree is the oldest in the world. At the age of 95(English edition)Graduated from (Kansas, USA). Female.
  • The oldest astronaut in the world to go to space → John Glenn Glenn
77 years old in 103 daysspace shuttle-Discovery Board the STS-95.
In August 2009, he died in the 8th and 90th grades (7-year elementary school in Kenya). male.EldoretI attended Kapkenduiywo Elementary School.
  • The oldest person in the world who traveled around the world using public transportation → Saburo Soji(Japanese flag Japan)
A man who traveled around the world at the age of 105-106, connecting to regular regular transportation. Guinness World Records certified on August 2012, 8.Also famous as an educator.
Period / continuation
  • A person who has been sitting on the pillar in the world for a long time → Simeon Stylites(Simeon Stillites)
459He sat down for about 39 years until he died. As of 2009, it is also the longest unbroken record in the Guinness World Records.[39].

Building / Building

Transportation facilities are "Transportation facilities sectionSee


The total length is 8,851.8km.
Volume 330 million m3(Height 54m, area 18.2ha)[41].

Temples, churches, castles, palaces

Building / Skyscraper

高 さ

(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku), 301.8m.



■塔The total height (top height) of the (tower) often means the spire height (the ground clearance of the tip of the antenna or the like at the top) due to its structure.
Overall height 646.38 mBranch line typeSteel towerso,radio tower.. Completed in 1974. The tallest in the world until it collapsed in 1991BuildingBut it was also.afterwards,Burj Khalifa With the advent of (829.8 m), it is no longer the number one building in history.
Overall height 634 m. Completed in 2012.
Overall height 628.8 m. Completed in 1963.
By material
  • The tallest in historySteel tower → Warsaw Radio Tower (ポーランド)
  • The tallest steel tower in the world → Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan)
  • The tallest self-supporting tower in history → Same as above
  • The tallest branch-type steel tower in the world → KVLY TV Tower (former name: KTHI TV Tower) (The United States of America)
  • The tallest in the worldMade of wrought ironSteel tower → Eiffel tower(French flag France).Overall height 324.00 m, building height 300.65 m. Completed in 1889.
The part of the steelless towerSpecial steelbyMonocoque structureAnd the height is 100.00 m.Steel frameThe base of the building is 31.00 m high, and the total ground clearance is 131.00 m. Completed in 1964.
By use
  • The tallest in historyradio tower → Warsaw Radio Tower (ポーランド)
  • The tallest radio tower in the world → Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan)
  • The tallest free-standing radio tower in history → Same as above
  • The tallest branch-type radio tower in the world → KVLY TV Tower (former name: KTHI TV Tower) (The United States of America)
  • The tallest in historyTourismTower → Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan)
  • The tallest tower for research and research in history → (English edition)(The United States of America)
Overall height 465 m.United States Department of EnergyNevada National Security Site OfBranch line typeSteel tower.. Completed in 1962. Closed in 2006, dismantled in 2012.
Ground height 273.8 m, underground depth 15.0 m, total building height 288.8 m [47].Chugoku OfGuangzhouCompleted in 2020Hitachi GroupElevator test tower[47].
The height above sea level alone is 298.3 m. Completed in 1992.
Overall height 192 m. Completed in 1965.mainlyReinforced concrete structure.
Overall height 180 m. Completed in 1970.Perfect Liberty cultTower.
  • The tallest in the worldarch → Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Gateway Arch (The United States of America)



  • Highest in the worldBuddha statue → Laykyun Sekker Great Buddha(Myanmar flag Myanmar) A statue of Buddha with a total height of 129.5m (image height 116m, pedestal 13.5m).
    • The tallest Buddha statue in the world (including the pedestal) → Spring Temple Buddha Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) The total height is about 208m. The image height is about 106m.
  • Highest in the worldbronzeMan-made building → Ushiku Daibutsu(Japanese flag Japan) Overall height 120m. The image height is about 100m.
  • The world's largest bronze reclining Buddha statue → Nanzoin(Sasaguri Town) (Japanese flag Japan) Total length 41m. The image height is about 11m.


Square / park / meeting place

Theme park

プ ラ ン ト


Gates / doors / walls / roofs




  • An artificial structure that physically connects dots. The harbor is an artificial structure (Port). The bay as a natural object is "æµ·. "



* Bridges that are continuously built over a long section on the groundviaduct It's called (viaduct).








  • World's smallest screw processing → Equivalent to M0.3[59]
  • World's smallest resin screw processing → M1.2[60]
  • The smallest in the worldElectromagnetic clutch → Ogura ClutchMade by MC0.4 type, diameter 19 mm.




Output 1,260 million kW.. Japanese averageNuclear power plantEquivalent to 10 units.
Although it is located in an earthquake-prone area, the reactor isContainment vesselOld-fashioned withoutRussian type pressurized water typeMoreover, the operation and facilities have been aging for more than 30 years.[66][67]..また、1988年に発生したIt also occurred in XNUMXbig earthquakeAt that time, many of the operators abandoned the site and escaped[68]..from these things,International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) describes it as "one of the most dangerous nuclear power plants in the world"[67] In many cases, it is introduced as "the most dangerous in the world".[66][68]..隣国Neighboring countryトルコ"Old, no matter when it explodesAtomic bombSince the 1980s, he has been appealing for the suspension of operations.[66][68].
  • The most power in the world消费Toaccelerator("World's highest" output "accelerator") → LHC . twenty fourTeVAccelerated toprotonA 14TeV collision experiment is also possible by making them collide head-on.

Space development

5,565 pieces (as of 2011).内訳は、廃棄人工衛星1,389個、ロケット機体や破片4,176個The breakdown is XNUMX abandoned artificial satellites, XNUMX rocket aircraft and debris.[69].
(Reference) 2nd place The United States of America(4,780 pieces), 3rd place Chugoku(3,153 pieces), 4rd place France(462 pieces), 5rd place Japan(188), other countries (819)[69].

However, including intentional space debris sprayingProject WestfordThe United States of America, which carried out the above, ranked first with 4 million units.

China ignores the protests of each country involved in space exploration,2007May 1, Aged Fengyun No. 1 CBallistic missileArtificial satellite destruction experiment bySatellite attack weaponBlasted as a target of (experiment), more than 2,841 observable ones[71][72] Generated an extraordinary amount of space debris (space debris)[70][71]..An orbital altitude of 850km, which poses a major threat to space development (a stable altitude that does not fall naturally for hundreds of years,Kessler syndromeObstacles scattered around (a space where there is concern)[69][70][73], The number has been increasing to support the theory of Kessler syndrome, and it has increased to 2010 in September 9.[74].
  • Artificial object farthest from the earth → Voyager 1 .. As of November 2018, 11, about 15 million km (216) from the earthAU) Away[75], The relative speed with the sun continues to move away at 17.000 km / s.



Video / sound

  • en: Suzhou Harmony Times SquareLarge screen-the world's largest videoscreen.. Height 32m, width 500m, area 16000m2.
    • It is also the longest video screen in the world.
  • Screen installed in "SUPER PLEX G" of the movie theater "Lotte Cinema World Tower" --- The world's largest movie screen.



  • Longest flight record → 226ft 10in (69.1388m)
2012XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,(English edition)(United States flag The United States of America) Is an indoor windless environment, and records by flying a paper airplane (origami airplane) made without cutting A4 size paper (Guinness World Records certification). * For the source and details, see "Paper plane #world record"checking.
  • Longest flight flight time record → 27 seconds 9
2009April 4, Takuo Toda (Japanese flag Japan) Is in an indoor windless environment, A5 sizesugar caneRecord by flying a paper airplane (origami airplane) made without cutting processed paper (Guinness World Records certification). * The source and details are the same as above.
The total length is 653.02m.2011Set up on August 8th and certified as Guinness World Records[78].
Capacity 540kL (for 1L of soy sauce)PET bottleEquivalent to 54 bottles). Both height and diameter are 9m. The thickness is 9 cm for the side plate and 11.5 cm for the bottom plate. Weight 45t. Quantity 1 unit. The location isOitaUsuki City.. Strictly speaking, owned by Oita Soy Sauce Cooperative, a subsidiary of Fundokin Shoyu[81].
2002Seeing the completion of brewed soy sauce for 3 years after it was completed2007Guinness World Records certified in April[79][82][83].
20461 pieces. Held from November 2012, 11 to February 10, 2013.Guinness World Records Certification[84][85][86].

Nation / region

Territory / territory area

  • Mongolian Empire --The country with the largest territory in history (1206–1368). At one point, it created a world empire that spanned most of the Eurasian continent, and more than half of the world's population at that time was under control.
  • British Empire --The largest in historyColonyCountry with. About 3 million km2.
  • Kingdom of Portugal --The largest sea area in historySea controlThe country that held the.


戦 争

  • Battle of Jutland --The largest naval battle in history in terms of the total tons of warships and the total tons of ships that participated in a single battle.
  • British-Zanzibar War --The shortest war in world history.1896May 8It is said that the war started at 9:0 and ended at 9:40 (the exact time is from 38 to 45).
  • Three Hundred and Thirty-Five Years War --The longest war in world history. NetherlandsとIsles of scilly(Land's endAn island 45km southwest of. It has been an English territory since the 10th century[87], In the form of a declaration of war on only part of England)International lawCollision on. It occurred in 1651, but this fact was forgotten until the ancient documents were collated in the mid-1980s, and a peace treaty was signed in 1986.
  • Second World War --The largest war in the history of the world in terms of scale, number of people mobilized, cost, and number of deaths.The battle was fought all over the world, mainly in Europe, Africa and Asia.At the timeGreat powerCentered onPermanent nationAll nations exceptAxis powersOrAlliesBelonged to and fought.
  • Red Army --The largest military ever. Estimated total mobilization of 3,440 million people, including reserves and logistical support during World War II.




  • Ienaga textbook trial(Japanese flag Japan)-The longest civil lawsuit in the world, 32 years from the first proceeding to the Supreme Court decision.Guinness World Records certification.



Currency / stamp

By the way, there used to be 10 in AmericaDollarThere was a bill (same as above, over 1,180 million yen). Not for general distributionMinistry of Finance-Federal Reserve BankIt was a gold security used for exchanges between people.PortraitIt is,Woodrow WilsonThe 28th President of the United States.Game of LifeAlso appeared in.
  • 10 垓HungarianBanknotes (10 billion trillion for banknotes)Hungarian: EGYMILLIÁRD B.)-The world's highest (par) banknote.1946,ハンガリーWorst in world historyinflationIt was issued at that time. 890 yen for about 1 million sheets.
  • 100 trillionZimbabwe dollarBanknotes (4th generation) -Banknotes with the highest number of 0s at face value (14). 10 is omitted for 0-page Pengř banknotes.
  • Yugoslav dinar --The fastest interval in the worlddenominationThe currency in which was made. The 23rd.
  • Swiss francBanknotes-The most difficult banknotes in the world to forge. Anti-counterfeiting technology is applied in 19 places.
  • (zh) Consistent ticket-the largest banknote in the world.1375ToLightIssued in.Length 338mm x Width 220mm
  • Maple leaf gold coin(Canadian flag カナダ)-The largest distribution volume in the worldGold coin.
  • Kangaroo gold coin(Australian flag Australia)-The largest gold coin in the world.Diameter 80 cm, thickness 13 cm, weight 1,012 kg[90].
  • 5 Swiss franc coins, 500 yen coins-the world's highest amount (money value) for general distributioncoin.
  • United Nations Summit Commemorative Stamp-The Largest in the Worldstamp.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIssued by. 69.5 mm x 315 mm.
  • --The smallest banknote in the world.1915ToロシアIssued in.Stamps were diverted to banknotes due to lack of supplies.Length 30 mm x width 24 mm.



National language / official language

  • Mother tongueThe language with the largest number of speakers in the world → Chinese..About 12 billion people speak.しかし地域による方言差が激しく、一般的に中国語と呼ばれるHowever, there are large differences in dialects depending on the region, and it is generally called Chinese.MandarinとShanghai,Fujian,CantoneseThere are considerable differences, and communication is not possible as it is.ただし、北京語に代表されるHowever, it is represented by MandarinOfficial dialectIs between all dialects (for example, most northeastern)HeilongjiangAnd most southwestYunnanEven between dialects. ) It is said that communication is possible, and even if the number of speakers is limited to more than 10 billion, it is said to be the language with the largest number of native speakers in the world.
  • Foreign languageThe language with the largest number of speakers in the world learning as → English(American English).It is the language used in the most countries and regions in the world, and the number of countries used is more than 80.


  • syllableIs the most popular language in the world (one of them) → English --About 30,000 syllables.
  • Language with the fewest syllables in the world (one) → Hawaiian --35 syllables.


Phoneme characters (alphabet, etc.)
Syllabary characters (kana, etc.)
  • The fewest characters in the worldTable syllabary(one of).hiraganaとKatakana --The number of basic characters is 48 (including ゐ / ヰ and ゑ / ヱ which are not used in modern language).
  • (One of the syllabaries) with the largest number of characters in the world → Suzuyama Norm Yi Script --800 characters or more.
Logogram (Kanji, etc.)
Number of strokes for one character
  • Character with the largest number of strokes in the world → The world's largest kanji dictionary and the world's largest kanji dictionaryDaikan Japanese DictionaryIn the kanji that has a source in, "𠔻"When"𠔻64 pictures are the most. OtherBian Bian Noodle"Byan"FontThere are variations in, and some have more than 64 strokes.native scriptThen.tight (Taito 16px 1.png) 84 strokes are the most. It is said that it actually existed as a surname,Hiroyuki SasaharaAccording to the theory, it is also said that it is the two letters of "Taito".
  • The most characters in the worldLigature → ï·º If disassembled, صلى الله عليه و سلم- Shaddaと 呼 ば れ るConsonant15 characters excluding phonetic symbols and spaces.

単 語

  • The longest word in the world → Ornicopy theobibliopsychocry starroscio-
    trogyrocerobletonooenoscapulinaniac --310 characters. A word used by a writer in the Middle Ages. Meaning is "bird, oracle, scripture, ghost, crystal fortune-telling, shadow, atmosphere, birthday constellation, meteor, wind, sacrifice, human and fish guts, fire, scorching iron, altar smoke, Rats, rooster grain picking, snakes, herbs, springs, water, canes, raw bread, rough wheat, barley, salt, lead, dice, arrows, palmistry balance, sieving, hanging rings, accidentally Smoke, jewels, pebbles, stone mounds, mirrors, gray letters, dreams, palmistry, nail gloss, rings, numbers, passages of books, handwriting, laughter, abdominal talk, walking in a circle, wax, wells Discovery method, wine, palmistry. A cheat who claims to be able to predict or foresee by the changes, interpretations, and signs that occur in the above organisms or inanimate objects, or phenomena. "
  • The longest word in the world (one of them) → lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleip-
    Ancient greeceComedy writerAristophanesWas actually used in "Assembly of Women".Greek170 characters,Latin182 characters (the above is Latin).意味はMeaningmullet,Brain,vinegar,honey,pickles,Bone marrow,AnisetteStewed dishes consisting of 17 types such asfricasseeRepresents.
  • Words that were sometimes regarded as the longest practical English words in the world → pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis --As a longest wordCoined word(Longest words # coined words)[91], The actual terminology is pneumoconiosis (Pneumoconiosis), Or silicosis (Silicosis).
  • The longest in the world略 語 → SOMKHPBKJCSSDPMWDTB.Perak Malay Government Savings and Loan Association Co., Ltd. under Terroir Anson, Perak, Perak, West Malaysiameans.There is no abbreviation for this abbreviation.



  • (I.e.Method with the most types of words representing XNUMX pentads --72 species.Invented in China, it was once commonly used in Japan.


Person's name
  • The longest in the worldNamePerson (as far as known) → Wolf +585 Senior, Commonly known as Hubert Wolfe-a German immigrant living in Philadelphia who has a name that is about one sheet of A4 paper.[94].
Place name
station name
Organism name
  • Scientific name of the longest organism in the world → Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides Soldier flyCreatures.
  • The longest printed scientific name of the organism in the world → Tobacco mosaic virus Scientific name of (Dahlemense Strain) 1185 characters.It is listed in the chemical product abstract of.


Art / entertainment

Literature and theater

  • Continuous performance (Long run) Is the longest drama in the world → "Mousetrap(Agatha Christie). Since its premiere in 1952, it has been performed more than 2 times.
  • Theatrical company that has been performing for the longest time → Comedy Francaise
  • A stage actor who played the most roles in the world. → Kansaburo Nakamura (17th generation).. 804 role.
  • Round-trip letter with the shortest content in the world → Victor HugoBut"Les MiserablesA letter asking the publisher about its sales at the time of publication.
Hugo wrote only "?" And the publisher replied "!".


A painting

  • (en | en) --The largest portrait in the world.
  • MARRY ME --The world's largest GPS painting.The total length is 7,163.67km (4,451 miles).Guinness World Records Certification[97].
  • Mona Lisa --The most insured painting.Guinness World Records certification.


  • performance incomeThe best movie in the world → Avatar(The world's largest box office revenue without re-screeningAvengers/End Game)
  • The world's largest movie series with box office revenue. → Marvel Cinematic Universe.. Over $ 23 billion in 200 works.
  • The world's largest box office anime movie series. → Shrekseries. Cumulative total of 4 works over $ 30 billion, certified as Guinness World Records.
  • The movie with the highest rate of return on the world's production cost (at the time of theatrical release) → Blair Witch Project
  • The movie that made the most deficit in the world (at the time of theatrical release) → Final Fantasy
  • Anime movie with the most advance tickets sold → Movie Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Giratina and Ice Sky Bouquet Shaimi --238 sheets, certified as Guinness World Records.
  • The longest-running movie series in the world → Universal monsters.. Continued since 1923. 2021 works as of 103
  • The most made series in the world with the same castmovies → Kwan Tak HookIs at least 77 worksYellow flying fox, And starred in 68 of them (Guinness World Records certified)[98])(Hong Kong flag British Hong Kong).
  • Feature-length anime movie series of the same hero → Doraemon movie work.. As of 2020, 40 are ongoing
  • The movie with the longest show time → The Cure For Insomnia (en, directed by). Approximately 85 hours (8 hours a day, 11 days to finish watching even if you watch it all through). Most of the content is a reading of 4000 pages of self-made poems by LD Globan.1987It was only screened once at.
  • From the beginning of the main storytitleThe longest movie in the world until it comes out. Last movie (Dennis Hopperdirected by). It takes 30 minutes to get the title.
  • End rollThe longest movie in the world. → Venom(Director) (20 minutes)
  • The number of extras that appear in one movie. → Gandhi(Richard AttenboroughDirector) (300,000 people)
  • The movie with the most credits in the end roll. And the movie with the largest number of performers in the world. → Kamen Rider 555 Paradise Lost(4,070 people in total including extras)
  • The number of heroes that appear in one movie. → Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle(199 people)
  • Dragon road/ Ryukoya-The movie with the largest amount of unused NG film in the world.Guinness World Records certification.
  • Eyes wide shut --The movie with the longest shooting period in the world (400 days or more).Guinness World Records certification.
  • Shining ――The movie with the largest number of takes in one scene (1 takes).Guinness World Records certification.
Director / Actor
  • Stephen Spielberg --The world's best-selling movie writer.
  • Haruki Akagi --The world's oldest movie starring actress. "Go to see pecorus mother(2013) Age at the time of appearance is 88 years 175 days (as of September 2012, 9 on the crank-in date), certified as Guinness World Records.

Recording media (CD, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)

  • The best-selling cell video work in the world → The Lion King.. 5,500 million.
  • The longest audiobook in the world → "Takaaki Yoshimoto Fifty Degree Lecture" (Takaaki Yoshimoto) (115 CDs), Guinness World Records certification.
  • The longest recording time CD in the world. → (French version) Conductor / Sankt Florian Altmonte Orchestra Anton Bruckner : Symphony No. 3(1873Manuscript) (Gramola 99044) (89 minutes 03 seconds).[99]
  • A work that includes the longest one-cut video in the world. → "Memory of 0" Blu-ray version (productionVicom-Shizuoka Asahi TV) (Shinkansen 0 seriesThe video from the driver's seat is the longest in the world (5 hours 37 minutes 33 seconds) one-cut video). 2009 Guinness World Records certification.


TV show, commercial

  • The longest-lived TV program in existence → Meet the Press .1947May 11More than 70 years have passed since the start of broadcasting.Guinness World Records certification.
  • TV program with the most derivative works in the world → Ultraman 27 works. 2013 Guinness World Records certification. Record updated with 2015 works in 33.
  • Interview show of the longest life in the world by the same moderator → Tetsuko KuroyanagibyTetsuko's room.. Broadcast started in February 1976. It was certified as a Guinness World Record for 2 times in 2011 years for the broadcast on April 4, 27, and achieved 35 times for the broadcast on May 8961, 2015, and self-renewal (ongoing).
  • The longest-lived music program by the same video jockey → Billboard TOP40(Mari Nakamura)-Started broadcasting on October 1983, 10, Guinness World Records on June 4, 2012 is 6 years, 26 months and 28 days.
  • The same person on live broadcastModeratorNumber of times I served → Morita Kazuyoshi Hour I can laugh!(Tamori) Broadcast started in the fall 1982 reorganization (October 10), and ended in the spring 4 reorganization (March 2014).Guinness World Records certified 3 times.
  • Longevity in the worldTelevision Animation → Sazae.. As of September 2020, 10, 22 years and 51 months, 0 broadcasts. The content is a reusable past original.
  • World's longest-lived classical music program → Untitled concertAs of 2009, the Guinness World Records certification is 1969 years from July 7, and 40 years including the one from 1964 before the title change, which was not subject to certification.
  • Per companyCMExclusiveAgreementLength of period → Shima Iwashita(Menard)-28 years.
  • Single game work that broadcast the most commercials →Solatorobo and then to CODA.. 100 streets and 100 bottles. 8 hours in total.
  • Appear on live TV for the longest time of the weekchairperson → Russian national television Vladimir Solobyov. 26 hours a week.2019Guinness World Records certified on October 10st[100].. conventionallyMino Montaso,200710Self-updated to 22 hours 15 seconds.
  • TV program最高 のPrize moneyForehead → Who Wants to Be A Super Millionaire(Who wants to be a millionaire?), $ 1,000 million.
  • The most expensive quiz show in the world → Trans-American Ultra Quiz
  • Quiz program with the largest number of participants in the world → National High School Quiz Championship, About 7 people at the 13th tournament, which was the most.
  • A single animation series with the largest number of characters in the world → Go! Anpanman From October 1988 to March 10, the total number of characters including the TV anime and theatrical version is 2009, and it is certified as a Guinness World Record.
  • The TV drama that cost the most to produce the pilot version → LOST, $ 1,200 million.
  • The longest-lived talk show continued by the same moderator → Welcome to the newlyweds! - Fumie Katsura (6th generation)Has served as the moderator since the start of broadcasting on January 1971, 1, when he was calling "Katsura Saegusa", and as of the broadcast on June 31, 2015, it was certified as a Guinness World Record in 6 and 7 days.
  • The most exposed TV star in Japan in the world[101] → Akashi familyWas certified as a Guinness World Record in 1999.



  • Wikipedia --The world's largest comprehensive informationWebsite.. Supports over 10,000,000 articles and over 250 languages.Guinness World Records certification.
  • Huff post --The largest in the world.
  • QVC --The largest in the world.
  • Uechi Yusuke OfBlog"Yusuke Kamiji" -The most visited and the most commented individual in the world in a dayBlog.. The former is2008May 40 hours from midnightUnique userNumber 230,755.The latter has a total of 2007 comments on articles posted between June 6 and January 2012, 1.Both are certified as Guinness World Records.
  • JapaneseMobile phoneCareer(Docomo,au,Softbank)-The highest communication charges per household in the world[102].
  • Millet Technology ――Sales of 24 million smartphones in 211 hours.2015Certified as Guinness World Records[103].

Magic tricks, illusions, performing arts

  • The youngest illusionist in the world → Yamagami Brothersmagician.Guinness World Records certification.

Game puzzle

  • Feliks Zemdegs - Rubik's CubeThe person who prepared 6 faces earliest. 4.22 seconds.
    • Graham Parker-The person who took the most time to prepare six Rubik's cubes. 6 years[104].

Card games

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Official Card Game ――The most soldTrading card game(Over 251 billion cards), the trading card game tournament with the largest number of participants (competition of the same work, 4364 people).Guinness World Records certification.

ボ ー ド ゲ ー ム

Computer games


Approximately 45 in 2000, the 38,000th anniversary of its birth, and 50 from 2005 countries in 43, the 39,670th anniversary of its birth.Guinness World Records certification.


Nagae civilizationSanxingdui Ruins belonging toChugoku,Guanghan), An archaeological relic with a total height of 261 cm, an image height of 172 cm, and a total weight of about 180.kg.
An archaeological relic excavated from the Sanxingdui site, it is 64.5 cm high, 138 cm wide, and weighs about 100 kg.Bronze crowned vertical maskLike, a long frame decoration that originally extends upward (crown) Should have been attached, and it is presumed that it was an even larger mask.
Height 70m, width 50m.2002Completed on April 4th.M21 network(Japanese NPO corporation) Collection.
Launch altitude about 800m, flowering diameter about 800m[105][106], The diameter of a regular four-dimensional ball is about 4Shaku(Approximately 120 cm), weight approximately 420 kg[105][106], Fireworks for launch, height 5.2m, thickness 1.8cmsteelMade[105].1985(Showa 60) September 9th, Japan's "Katagai Festival(Niigata PrefectureOjiyaKatagai TownHeld), of Katagai Smoke Industry[107] Succeeded in launch, and later on the day, "World's largest launch fireworksAsGuinness World RecordsRegistered in (Guinness World Records)[105].. Since then, it has become a staple at the Katakai Festival.[105][106][108].
  • Four-shoulder ball-the heaviest fireworks in the world
Weight 464.826kg[109].2014(26) October 10, Japan's "11th Konosu Fireworks Festival" (SaitamaKonosu), The diameter of the four-shaku ball is 105.5 cm, and the weight of this four-shaku ball is 464.826 kg.The heaviest fireworks in the world (LARGEST AERIAL FIREWORK SHELL) ”was registered in the Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records)[109].
  • Fireworks ball with a diameter of less than 1 cm-the world's smallest fireworks
Ball size A little less than 1 cm in diameter, launch altitude about 2 m, rubber-likepolymerAdditive-type launch fireworks,2005(17)National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyExplosion Safety Research Core (Takehiro Matsunaga)[110] Developed by a research team led by). Filed a patent application under the name of "Indoor Fireworks" on May 2005, 5, and obtained a patent on November 2, 2006 (Japanese Patent Laid-Open No.2006-308260 )[111][112][113][114][115].
  • Kaleidoscope inside the Tower of the Earth-the largest in the worldkaleidoscope
47m high塔The center of the interior with a diameter of about 40 m is a kaleidoscope, and the mirror image is reflected on a sphere with a diameter of about 40 m inside the building.[116][117][118].2005 Japan International Exposition(Aichi Expo)Nagoya cityPavilion[116].. For more information"Facilities at Aichi Expo #Japan Zone"checking.

(For the size of the facility, see this article#Building / Building-See Other)

  • Chiron II --ProjectablestarIs the largest in the worldplanetariumProjector, the world's most advanced planetarium projector
TokyoNishitokyo OfTama Rokuto Science CenterIt was installed in July 2012 and has about 7 million stellar projections.
Photo booth
  • Number of photo booths placed in one store →HEP FIVE8 units of "Egnum" on the 40th floor.Guinness World Records certification.


Luxury goodsDecorations

The mosqueUnited Arab EmiratescapitalAbu DhabiIt is still under construction in the suburbs of2007Opened in.The total area of ​​the carpet is 5,627 m2[119][120], Total weight about 45 t(woolAbout 30 t,cottonAbout 15 t)[119]..It was so big that it was made into nine parts and then sewn together on site.製作費9万Production cost 1 millionUAE Dirham[119](Approximately 9 million yen).
QatarThe capital ofDohaLow-rise building in[122].2010Guinness World Records certified on October 6st[121].
Mass 3,106carat (621.2g).It is divided and processed, and does not exist as a rough stone.
Mass 545.67 carats (109.13 g).ThailandRoyal family(Chakri Dynasty) Owned.
  • Diamond, which has long been widely known as the largest in the world Koh y Noor
British Royal FamilyNow owned, it is polished and weighs 105 carats (21.6g).Mughal EmpireIt wasn't cut when I owned it, and it was bigger.
Mass 65.08 carats.The United States of America OfSmithsonian Museumall.
Mass 500 carats (100 g).
222m in length.Guinness World Records certification.
  • World's Largest Amethyst Geode-Uruguayan Empress
  • The tallest stationery in the world- fountain pen
スイス-Callan dashCompany2010Limited fountain pen announced in1010 diamond], 1 million yen per bottle.The world's highest price for a stationery with a manufacturer's suggested retail price.However, products with added value for some reason are genuinePublic auctionThere is room for a price that exceeds this when hung on such items.


  • Highest mobile phone sales within 24 hours on a single online platform-Xiaomi-April 2015 [125][6]
  • Tobacco with the highest tar content in the world-55 mg of "Garam (non-filter)" (it does not exist because it was discontinued in May 2005)
    • The world's highest content of the current product is 16 mg of "Djarum Super 46"

Food and drink

  • The largest in the history of recordsegg -Weight of 2589gOstrichEgg
2008ToスウェーデンAn ostrich bred at a zoo in Japan.
  • The largest in the history of recordsChicken eggs -A chicken egg with a major axis of 9.415 cm, a minor axis of about 6 cm, and a weight of 198 g.[126]
2007March 3ChugokuJiangsuJiangdu(Chinese version)One found in Masu Village[126] There is a possibility.The Guinness World Records as "the world's largest chicken egg" has a major axis of 7.9 cm, a minor axis of 6.4 cm, and a weight of 176 g, which is 22 g lighter than the above.Also, the largest record in Japan is2011(23) February 2NaganoAzuminoOkazaki Ohan breed weighs 192g at Mt. Ariakeyama farm in Komatsu breeding farm in Tokyo, and this one with evidence footage is on the Guinness World Records.[127].


It gives off a foul odor like a mixture of rotten vegetables, burnt toast, and sewers.
  • The most toxic substance among the chemical substances made by mankind → VX gas

The best in the universe

"The best in the world" is basically used regardless of whether it is "the best in the universe", so it is not necessary to indicate the best in the universe, but for reference, some "the best in the universe" and "the best in the solar system" Data is also shown. Since the entire universe is unobservable, what happens to be within the range currently observed at the location of humankind, and based on incomplete observations that are not exhaustive, etc. Including / centered on).

Solar systemThe best in
  • Solar systemHighest mountain / volcano → AsteroidVestaAn unknown mountain in the crater "Rheasilvia".
  • Solar systemvolumeLarge mountains and volcanoes → Olympus Mons on Mars
  • The largest in the solar systemvalley → MarsMarineris Canyon: Total length about 4,000km, depth about 7km, width up to about 200km.
The best in the universe
55 of the total mass of the universe%It is said that hydrogen occupies. It also exists in the universeatomIt is believed that more than 90% of the total number of hydrogen is hydrogen. However, this finding is an estimate of the universe that is currently known.Dark matterIs not considered.


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