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😷 | [Breaking news] Nagasaki medical area is an "emergency situation" ... 20 new coronavirus infections confirmed in Nagasaki Prefecture


[Breaking news] Nagasaki medical area is an "emergency situation" ... 20 new coronavirus infections confirmed in Nagasaki Prefecture

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Four medical institutions in Nagasaki City, including Nagasaki University Hospital, have announced that they are facing an emergency situation in which the entire medical care may collapse.

On the 30th, 20 new coronavirus infections were discovered in Nagasaki Prefecture.The infection was confirmed in Nagasaki City ... → Continue reading

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Nagasaki University Hospital

Nagasaki University Hospital(Nagasaki Hospital,English: Nagasaki University Hospital) IsNagasakiNagasakiIn SakamotoUniversity hospital.Faculty of medicineとFaculty of DentistryAffiliated hospitalNagasaki UniversityRenamed from the hospital attached to the Faculty of Medicine and School of Dentistry.The only one in Nagasaki prefectureUniversity hospitalIs. In 2014, the number of patients was 303,453 outpatients, 100,364 outpatients, 263,869 inpatients, and 7,958 inpatients.[1].


Edo Period

  • 1857(Ansei4 years)
  • 1859(6th year of Ansei)
    • May 8 --Pompe conducts a corpse dissection experiment of a convict on death row at Nishizaka Execution Chamber for 3 days with permission.46 students,SieboldDaughter rice also participated.
  • 1860(MannobuFirst year)
    • May 4 --Pompe requests the construction of a hospital.The name of the hospital is decided as a nursery school.
    • May 5 - Deputy officialTadatomo Takagi Sakuemon is Shimonagasaki Village Kojima[Annotation 3]..Township Oaza Sako (currently Nishikoshima, Nagasaki City) Nagasaki City Sako Elementary School) 425 tsubo of field was decided as the construction site, and the construction of the nursery was started.
  • 1861(BunkyuFirst year) - The number of years of foundation is counted based on this year.
    • May 8 - YojoshoIs completed.
      • The vice-principal is Pompe, and the president is Ryojun Matsumoto.
      • It was the first modern Western-style hospital in Japan with 8 hospital rooms, 124 beds, an operating room, an isolation room, a bathroom, and a cooking room, and a lecture room and a dormitory in a separate building.
    • May 8 --Held a nursery school opening ceremony and a medical school opening ceremony.
    • May 8 --Started medical treatment.
  • 1865(Keio4st year) April-Bugyo Hattori Nagato Mamoru opens a nursery schoolSeitokukanRenamed (Seitokukan).The medical school will be its affiliated institution.


  • 1868(MeijiFirst year)May 10 - NagasakiMedical schoolAndhospitalIs renamed.
    • The principal is Choyo Sensai, and the vice-principal is Mansvelt.
    • Established two departments, university and elementary school, and established medical school rules, hospital rules, pharmacy rules, etc.
  • 1869(2th year of Meiji)May 7 --With the name change from Nagasaki Prefecture to Nagasaki PrefectureNagasaki Prefectural Hospital Medical SchoolIs renamed.
  • 1870(3th year of Meiji)May 2 --Nagasaki Prefectural Hospital Medical School is under the jurisdiction of the university.
  • 1871(4th year of Meiji)
  • 1872(5th year of Meiji)May 8 --Nagasaki Medical School changed its name to the XNUMXth University District Medical School.
  • 1873(6th year of Meiji)May 4 --Renamed to Fifth University District Medical School due to school district change.
  • 1874(7th year of Meiji)
    • May-The 5th University District Medical School is renamed Nagasaki Medical School.
    • May 10 - The role of the conquestPublicly announced Nagasaki HospitalTroopsAbolished Nagasaki Medical School to make it a hospital.StudentsTokyo Medical SchoolTransferred to.
    • May 11 --With the abolition of Nagasaki Medical SchoolLand[Annotation 4]Office (branch) bureau hospitalBecomes
      • The sick soldiers of the Conquest Army were taken to Nagasaki and admitted to the Tateji Office (branch) bureau hospital.
  • 1875(8th year of Meiji)
    • May 4 ――With the end of the role of Seidai, the Tateji Office (branch) bureau hospital became the jurisdiction of Nagasaki Prefecture.Nagasaki HospitalRenamed to.
    • May 5 --Inaugurated as the director.
      • Around this time, discussions on the revival of Nagasaki medicine began, and it was decided to receive government assistance for three years.
  • 1877(10th year of Meiji)May 12 --The name change from Nagasaki Hospital Medical School to Nagasaki Medical School is permitted.
  • 1878(11th year of Meiji)May 1 --Nagasaki Hospital Medical School changed its name to Nagasaki Medical School.Director of Health Institute Yoshida also serves as the principal.
  • 1882(15th year of Meiji)May 5 --By enacting the general rules of medical school, Nagasaki Medical School will become Nagasaki Medical School (a school that teaches ordinary medical departments).
  • 1887(20th year of Meiji)- Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki HospitalIs renamed.
  • 1888(21th year of Meiji)May 4 --Nagasaki Medical School was abolished and renamed to Fifth High School School of Medicine.
  • 1891(24th year of Meiji)May 9 --Fifth High School School of Medicine, Department of Medicine and Pharmacy moved from Kojima to Urakamiyamazato-mura, Nishisonogi-gun (current location).Separate classroom on Kojima[Annotation 5]The hospital remains.
  • 1901(34th year of Meiji)
    • March 3-Fifth High School School of Medicine becomes independentPublic Nagasaki Medical CollegeBecomes
    • December --The headquarters, pharmacy, and clinic are completed in Urakamiyamazatomura.
  • 1902(Meiji 35) April --Moved to Urakamiyamazato Village (current location) and held the opening ceremony of Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Hospital.


  • 1922(Taisho11) April 4-Transferred all the premises and buildings of Nagasaki Prefectural Hospital to the country Public Nagasaki Medical College ClinicIs renamed.
  • 1923(Taisho 12) March 3-With the abolition of Nagasaki Medical College and the establishment of Nagasaki Medical CollegeNagasaki Medical University ClinicIs renamed.


  • 1945(Showa20 years)
    • May 8 - Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki cityAs a result, both the medical university and the affiliated hospital were severely damaged, making it difficult to provide education, medical treatment, and treatment in Urakami.
    • Immediately after the bombing in August
      • Nagasaki Medical University Headquarters and Affiliated Hospital were temporarily set up in the Nagasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tateyama.Emerging Good National School[Annotation 6]Started patient care as a temporary camp.
    • September --The university headquarters and the affiliated clinic office are relocated to the Nagasaki University of Economics (currently Nagasaki University Faculty of Economics) building.
    • May 9 --Dozens of instructors and students gathered at the former Omura Naval Hospital to engage in medical care for inpatients.
    • May 10 ――Emerging Good Relief Hospital became Nagasaki Medical University Hospital, and Associate Professor Chorai became the director.
    • Early November-Nagasaki Medical University Headquarters moved from Nagasaki College of Economics to Emerging Good National School.
  • 1946(21)
    • May 2 --The Emerging Good National School (495 children) hands over the school building to the Nagasaki Medical University Hospital and moves it to Kotaiji Temple.
    • April-Nagasaki Medical University Headquarters, Affiliated Clinic, Affiliated Medical DepartmentIsahayaMoved to Isahaya Branch Hospital, former Sasebo Navy Hospital in Eishomachi.
    • May 4 - GHQMilitary tribune Colonel Samsa gives President Furuyano a former Omura Naval HospitalMinistry of Health and WelfareAnd ordered to move to Isahaya within 15 days.
    • May --Canceled lectures and medical examinations at the former Omura Navy Hospital.
    • Emerging good national schoolThe First Affiliated Hospital, Former Sasebo Navy Hospital Isahaya BranchSecond Affiliated HospitalMedical treatment started as.
  • 1949(24)
  • 1950(25)
    • May-Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagasaki University[Annotation 7]Moved from Isahaya to Nagasaki.At first, it moved to the Faculty of Economics school building, and in December of the same year, it moved to the Showamachi school building (currently). Attached elementary school) Moved to.
    • May 10
      • Nagasaki University Hospital Office and several clinical rooms (departments of the hospital) will return to the former campus (current location) of Urakami for the first time in 10 years from the Shinshinzen Elementary School building in 6 days until October 4.
      • The outpatient clinic will be left at Shinshinzen Elementary School.
    • May 10 --Nagasaki University Headquarters moved from Isahaya to a part of the outpatient clinic attached to Shinshinzen Elementary School.
  • 1951(26)
    • Renamed the Second Clinic to Isahaya Branch Hospital, Faculty of Medicine Hospital.
    • May 12 --The Nagasaki University Headquarters and the affiliated outpatient clinic at Kozenmachi Elementary School (15 Kozenmachi) have moved to Kozenmachi 35, and Kozenmachi has returned.
  • 1955(30)May 10 --Nagasaki University Headquarters moved from Kozenmachi to Ohashimachi (currently Bunkyo Campus).
  • 1958(33)
    • March --Closed Isahaya Branch
    • May 6 --The outpatient clinic in Kozenmachi has returned to the main building (Urakami). (Because the outpatient clinic building in the main building was completed)
  • 1961(36)May 12 --Held a ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nagasaki University Hospital.
  • 1980(55) April --The Faculty of Dentistry is newly established at Nagasaki University.
  • 1982(57)May 4 --On the premises of the hospital attached to the Faculty of MedicineNagasaki University School of Dentistry HospitalInstalled.[Annotation 8].


  • 2003(Heisei15 years) --Integrated medical school hospital and dental school hospital,Nagasaki University School of Medicine / Dental HospitalIs renamed.
  • 2004(16)- National University CorporationConversion.
  • 2009(21) April 4- Nagasaki University HospitalRenamed as (current name).
  • 2010(22) April 4- Lifesaving CenterInstall[PR 1]
  • 2015(27)May 8 --Designated as "Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Support Center", which is the center of radiation emergency medical care in the event of a nuclear disaster[2].
  • 2016(28) April 4-Established "Advanced Radiation Emergency Medicine Support Center" and "Nuclear Disaster Medicine / Comprehensive Support Center".
  • 2018(30) April 4-Critical CenterAdvanced Critical Care CenterReorganized into.

Clinical department

Respiratory medicine,Hematology,Gastroenterology,Anesthesiology,Respiratory surgery,Digestive surgery,neurology,Collagen disease / rheumatology,Endocrinology / Metabolism Internal Medicine,皮膚科,Urology,Nephrology,Cardiology,Cardiovascular surgery,Orthopedics,Plastic surgery, Breast and endocrinology surgery,Ophthalmology,Neurosurgery,Otolaryngology,Radiology,Pediatrics,Pediatric surgery,Obstetrics and gynecology,Psychiatry and Neurology,Emergency department,矯正 歯 科,Pediatric dentistry,,,Oral Surgeryな ど

Related facilities, etc.

  • Nagasaki University Hospital Hydrangea Nursery School

Designation of medical institutions


Employee suicide

2015 year 3 month,Nagasaki District CourtIn November 2009overworkとPower harassmentBysuicideTo pay the bereaved family the occupational accident benefit of the staff who didLabor Standards Inspection OfficeCommanded to[4].



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注 釈

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