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😷 | Blow with corona Snow crab is left over ... Buy and support Hokkaido


Hit with corona Snow crab is left over ... Buy and support Hokkaido

If you write the contents roughly
How about seafood dishes that can help you in your daily life?

The number of snow crabs sold has dropped sharply! Buy and support the "new corona" Hokkaido This year's Golden Week holidays.I'm feeling stressed ... → Continue reading


The genre is wide-ranging from entertainment to life information! #Hokkaido It's a unique media sent from a particular point of view.

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SeafoodWhat is (kaisenryori)?Marine ProductsA general term for dishes that use.


In a narrow sensesashimiな どCookingRefers to dishes that do notMaterialDepending on the case, the minimum required processing is also included.

As for seafood dishes as a name, Chinese restaurants mainly for Japanese people have come to call themselves seafood dishes as their selling point, and it seems that this has turned to spread to Japanese restaurants and Western restaurants that handle seafood. .. (In Japan, where dishes that do not heat seafood are not uncommon, it means fresh seafood.seafoodBecause I didn't have to sing

Fresh todayseafood,SeaweedIt is often used to mean cooking using marine products such asJapanese-Western food-ChineseRegardless of the genre.It can be said that it is a dish that makes the best use of the characteristics of the ingredients and does not use complicated cooking methods.

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