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😷 | Supporting people in need of living with the new Corona, etc .... Setting up a consultation desk even during consecutive holidays.


Supporting people in need of living with the new Corona, etc .... Setting up a consultation desk even during consecutive holidays.

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The Life Support Division of Kanazawa City Hall has a window open even during consecutive holidays so that people who are having trouble living due to the effects of the new corona can consult by phone or directly.

In Kanazawa City, we have set up a consultation desk even during consecutive holidays so that people who are having trouble living due to the influence of the new corona can feel free to consult. → Continue reading

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Kanazawa City Hall

Kanazawa City Hall(Kanazawa Shiyakusho)Japan OfLocal governmentIsKanazawaFacility where the organization ofGovernment office).

Location &

First Main Government Building
Second main government building[1]
  • 1-1 Kakinokibatake, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Equipment outline

First Main Government Building
Second main government building[1]
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete construction (partlySteel frame)
  • Site area: 7,756m2
  • Total floor area: 12,179m2
  • Number of floors: 3 floors above ground, 1 floors below ground
  • Completion:2020(Reiwa2 years) --Same yearMay 5Started the business[2][3].

Government building

The building is divided into three floors: the main building, the new building, and the window center.In addition, it should be noted.2020With the completion of the second main government building in Kakinokibatake, the name of the former city hall was changed to the first main government building.

First Main Government Building

7FCommittee room, all-members council room, parliamentary waiting room (Japan Communist PartyKanazawa City Council Members, Sosei Kanazawa), Parliamentary Audience Seat
6FCity councilChamber, Parliamentary Secretariat, Parliamentary Library, Vice-Chairman's Office, Parliamentary Waiting Room (LDPKanazawa City Parliamentary Group, Parliamentary Group Mirai)
5FInformation Policy Division (ICT Promotion Office), Staff Union, Document Legislation Specialist Office, Machinaka Business Promotion Office
4FMayor's Office, Deputy Mayor's Office, Secretary's Office, International Exchange Division, Public Relations Division, Cultural Policy Division, Planning and Coordination Division, Finance Division, City Policy Bureau Director's Office, General Affairs Bureau Director's Office, Audit Committee Office, Audit Secretariat, Representative Audit Committee Office , Audit Secretary General's Office, Personnel Division, Repair Division, Forest Restoration Division, Agricultural Committee Secretariat, Agricultural Infrastructure Development Division, Agricultural Promotion Division, External Auditor's Office, Agriculture and Forestry Bureau Director's Office, Municipal Administration Information Corner, 405 Meeting Room, 404 Meeting Room, meeting room (Kenroku)
3FSupervision section, electronic bidding room, election management committee, municipal housing section, general affairs section, administrative management section, document law section, crisis management section, crisis management supervision room, road management section, road construction section, inland water maintenance section, green And Flower Division, Landscape Policy Division, Historical Building Maintenance Division, Historical City Promotion Office, Cultural Property Protection Division, Housing Policy Division, Building Guidance Division, Transportation Policy Division, Walking Environment Promotion Division, Urban Revitalization Division, City Planning Division, Design Technology Office, Urban Development Bureau Director's Office, 301 Meeting Room (Disaster Prevention Countermeasures Office)
2FTourism Exchange Division, Promotion Promotion Division, Corporate Location Division, Craft Policy Promotion Division, Commercial Promotion Division, Manufacturing Industry Support Division, Economic Affairs Bureau Director's Office, Labor Policy Division, Welfare General Affairs Division, Welfare Bureau Director's Office, Child Policy Promotion Division, Health Policy Division , Health Bureau Director's Office, Women's Counseling Support Office, Citizen's Counseling Office, Human Rights Women's Policy Promotion Division, Citizen's Collaboration Promotion Division, Citizen's Bureau Director's Office, Property Tax Division, Bike Reception / Tax Certification Counter, Municipal Tax Division, Tax Division, Fixed Asset Evaluation Examination Committee, Meeting Room (Red Plum), 202 Meeting Room, Citizen's Hall, Press Room, Cafe Yuai
1FCitizen's Section, Medical Insurance Section, Corporate Bureau, Welfare and Health General Counter, Long-term Care Insurance Section, Longevity Welfare Section, Disability Welfare Section, Life Support Section, Welfare / Employment Support Corner Kanazawa, Accounting Section, Accounting Manager's Office, Government Building Information Place, security room (overtime window),Hokoku BankKanazawa City Hall Branch
B1FParking lot (visitors / public cars), restaurants, shops, barbers
B2FParking lot (visitors / public cars)

Second main government building

Main departments to move in, etc.[1]

Facilities outside the government building

Only major facilities are listed.

Citizen Center

  • Morimoto Civic Center: 33, Minamimorimotomachi, Kanazawa
  • Kaneishi City Center: Kanazawa CityKanaishidori TownNo. 3 No. 4
  • Saigawa Civic Center: 6-9 Suemachi, Kanazawa
  • Yasuhara City Center: 1067 Kita, Fukumasumachi, Kanazawa
  • Nukadani Citizen Center: 1-1-XNUMX, Nukadani, Kanazawa
  • Oshino Civic Center: 464-XNUMX, Yokaichi, Kanazawa
  • Asakawa Civic Center: 3-XNUMX Tagaminosato, Kanazawa
  • Izumino Civic Center: KanazawaIzuminomachi15-5-1 (Izumino Welfare and Health Center XNUMXst floor)
  • Motomachi Citizen Center: 12-12-1 Motomachi, Kanazawa (XNUMXst floor of Motomachi Health and Welfare Center)
  • Shinkanda Civic Center: 3-10-XNUMX Shinkanda, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Shinkanda Joint Government Building)
  • Station West Civic Center: 4-25-1 Sainen, Kanazawa City (Kanazawa City Health Center XNUMXst floor)
  • Minato Civic Center: 5-9-XNUMX Minato, Kanazawa
  • Omi Town Civic Center: 88 Aokusamachi, Kanazawa (Omimachi Ichibakan4st floor)
  • Honmachi Civic Center: 5-3-2 Honmachi, Kanazawa City "Rifale" XNUMXnd floor


  • Hokutetsu bus"Korinbo (in front of the Fourth High School Memorial Museum)"
  • Kanazawa Flat Bus"City Hall / 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art" (Zaimoku Route) "City Hall / Kakinokibatake" (Kikukawa Route)

Around the facility


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Coordinate: North Latitude 36 Degrees 33 Minutes 40.6 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 39 min 23.7 sec /36.561278 degrees north latitude 136.656583 degrees east longitude / 36.561278; 136.656583 (Kanazawa City Hall)


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