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😷 | Attention due to corona damage NTT East shares company car


Attention due to corona damage NTT East shares company car

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The usage fee is about 1 yen per minute and about 20 yen per hour, and rental and return will be done at the parking lot on the premises of the NTT East Itsutsubashi Building in Wakabayashi Ward.

Due to the spread of the new corona infection, attention is being paid to moving by car to avoid denseness.Under these circumstances, company cars are used for business ... → Continue reading

 KHB East Japan Broadcasting

This is a news account of "Higashinippon Broadcasting" (TV Asahi series) in Miyagi prefecture.
Under the theme of "Getting to know Miyagi's" I want to know "as soon as possible!", We will deliver the events of Miyagi and the interests of the citizens of the prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.
KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting is looking for incidents, accidents, happening videos, etc. as "everyone is a photographer".

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Wakabayashi Ward

Wakabayashi Ward(Wow)Sendai cityMake up 5Administrative districtOne of them.


Hirose RiverとNatori RiverIs the southwestern border, and the east isSendai TaiwanFacing.It is a low-lying land as a whole.In the center of the wardNational Route 4Sendai bypassIs traversing, and the west side from the vicinity of Sendai Bypass isResidential areas, The eastern side is a paddy field.In the Arahama area before the Great East Japan Earthquake, there was a village surrounded by rice fields and forests, but it disappeared due to the tsunami.


Until the establishment of the current Wakabayashi Ward, this area was never united.The western end of the wardEdo PeriodIt was part of the castle town of Sendai, and to the east was a rural village in the suburbs.Wakabayashi Ward established the southeastern part of the city as a ward when it became an ordinance-designated city.WakabayashiDate MasamuneBuilt byWakabayashi Castle(Current:Miyagi Prison).The first place in the open call for participants for the ward name was Higashi Ward, the second was Minami Ward, the third was Hirose Ward, and Wakabayashi Ward was fourth.Higashi Ward and Minami Ward were excluded due to the policy of not taking an orientation, and Hirose Ward was rejected because it was ranked higher in each ward and the upper and middle reaches were more suitable for Hirose's image.[1].

In the vicinity of Wakabayashi Ward Office (former nursery school)Kofun periodToTomitsuka Tumulus,Nekozuka TombMany ancient burial mounds were built.Nara periodUnder the current KinoshitaMutsu Kokubunji Temple,Mutsu Kokubun NunneryWas erected.From around here in the Middle AgesMr. KokubunHas risen and dominated most of the current Sendai city area.Date MasamuneWhen he built the castle town of Sendai in the early Edo period, people in this area are nowKokubun TownWas moved to.The majority of the wardMiyagi-gunBut in the southNatori-gunIn the Muromachi period, it belongs to the present Okino district.Okino Castle) Was constructed to make it a castle.Suda Genbu no Yakata in the Imaizumi area (Imaizumi Castle) Was found.Along with the Koriyama district of Taihaku Ward, this area has a history older than the current center of Sendai city.


  • 1990 129,436
  • 1995 128,942
  • 2000 129,717
  • 2005 129,942
  • 2010 132,306
  • 2015 133,498


The eastern half of the ward is a paddy field, and rice cultivation is flourishing.In the northern part of the ward, the Oroshimachi district, which is the distribution base of Sendai City, is located in the same district.

Financial institution

In addition to the fact that financial institutions outside the prefecture have been expanding into wholesale towns and Taiwa town districts for a long time,Sendai Subway Tozai LineAround the time of the opening, from Rokuchonome to the Arai area, the relocation of financial institutions with head offices outside the prefecture and new entrants are progressing. Is showing).

Companies with head offices, branch offices, branches, sales offices, and factories


  • Wakabayashi Post Office(Collection and delivery stationYu Yu window(Installation station)
  • Sendai East Post OfficeWholesale Town Branch- Yu-PackEstablished at the site of the former JPEX Miyagi branch office Sendai Oroshimachi branch as a base specializing in sorting.We do not carry out window operations.
  • Sendai East Post OfficeWakabayashi Branch Office-Annexed to the Wakabayashi Post Office.Like the wholesale town branch office, it is a Yu-Pack sorting base.
  • Sendai Imaizumi Post Office
  • Sendai Okino Post Office
  • Sendai Kamiiida Post Office
  • Sendai Kawaramachi Post Office
  • Sendai Kokucho Post Office
  • Sendai Shintera Post Office
  • Sendai Tomizuka Post Office
  • Sendai Hoshunin Maecho Post Office
  • Sendai Minamikoizumi Post Office
  • Sendai Yakushido Post Office
  • Sendai Yamatomachi Post Office
  • Sendai Renbo Post Office
  • Sendai Wakabayashi Post Office
  • Sendai Eastern Industrial Park Simple Post Office


primary school

Kojo Elementary SchoolMinistry of educationPromoted byAchievement improvement frontierIt is a designated school (frontier school).

Junior high school

high school

Seiwa Gakuen High School Sendai Daiichi High School

Junior college

Medical institution





Sights and historic sites

Native celebrity


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