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😷 | Vaccination for the elderly 25 municipalities in the prefecture, starting in May

Photo Scheduled start time of the first inoculation for the elderly

Elderly vaccination 25 municipalities in the prefecture, start in May

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In the week of the 17th, inoculation is planned to proceed even on small remote islands such as Yonaguni Town, Kitadaito Village, and Aguni Village.

Regarding vaccination of the new coronavirus for the elderly aged 65 and over, 25 municipalities in the prefecture are in the middle of this month ... → Continue reading

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Kitadaito Village

Kitadaito Village(Kitadaitoson)Kitadaito IslandOki DaitojimaIs an administrative divisionOkinawa Ofvillage.ShimajiriBelong to.


Kitadaito IslandOkinawa main islandIt is the easternmost island of Okinawa Prefecture, located about 360km east of Okinawa.The island-specific landscape made of raised coral spreads, and the flat inland landscape gives a continental impression.Also,Minami Daito IslandIs adjacent to.

Okidaitojima is the whole islandPhosphate rockWas miningRasa IndustriesPrivate land and received a loan from the company that stopped miningUS Army in JapanJima Range (Oki Daitojima Shooting Bombing Ground) Is used.Therefore, ordinary people cannot enterUninhabited island.

  • Kitadaito Island --11.94km2
  • Okidaitojima ―― 1.15km2

Reservoir group

NaturalIkenumaHowever, there are not so many on Kitadaito Island, as opposed to the many on Minami Daito Island.There is a large freshwater pond in the center of the island[Note 1]Due to the action of, the water level fluctuates with the ebb and flow of the tide.This pond was a valuable water source in the days when only rainwater was used as the water source.DesalinationNow that the water supply has been improvedAgricultural waterIt is not used for anything other than.

In addition, including the East Reservoir located at the easternmost point of Okinawa Prefecture,Sugar making工場For agriculture such as Akaike in front ofReservoirThere is 274ha (5% of the cultivated area of ​​the island)sugar canefield OfIrrigationIs used for.

There are 16 large and small ponds on Kitadaito Island.2010(22)May 3"Kitadaito Village Reservoir GroupAsMinistry of Agriculture OfXNUMX selections of reservoirsWas selected to[2].

These pondsOsprey,Tobi,Sashiba,Heronな どMigratory birdIs the position to rest the feathersBird watchingIt is a suitable place for.Every year on Sugarcane Day (4th Sunday of April), children's associations, parents and islanders maintain the surrounding area.[2].



All areas unless otherwise specified are Kitadaito Island.


Population distribution of Kitadaito, Okinawa, Japan.svg
Kitadaito Village and Age-Specific Population Distribution (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kitadaito Village (2005)
Purple-Kitadaito Village
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kitadaito Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipalities


Village council memberThe fixed number is 5 people.This is japanLocal councilAmong the number of MPs inWakayamaKitayama VillageThe least along with[3].


Elementary and junior high school is in Taisho 7 (Taisho XNUMX)1918) Opened in June as a branch school of private Minamidaitojima Normal High School.1921, Approved as an independent school and became a private Kitadaitojima Jinjo Elementary School.1928, Higher department is added, and it becomes a private Kitadaitojima ordinary high school,1941 OfNational School OrdinanceThen, because it is a private school, it is not allowed to call itself a national school, so I went to Kitadaitojima Rensei School. In 1946, it became a public school due to the enforcement of the village system of Kitadaito Village, and was renamed Kitadaito Elementary School.1952Was renamed to its current name[4][5]..The current school building2005construction[6][7].

In Kitadaito Village, in addition to elementary and junior high schools1993"Nakayoshi Juku", Japan's first village-run cram school, was established in Japan.[8][9]..The cram schoolOldness and creation businessEstablished with a budget of 1 million yenReinforced concreteHas a house for teachers at the cram school[10].2013FromVideo conferenceIntroduced the system, far awayTokyo UniversityStudents are teaching study[10][11].

There is no high school in the village, and students who go on to school go to high schools outside the island such as the main island of Okinawa.[12]..Every year in the villageMay 11, At the annual festival of Akiha Shrine, a boy in the third year of junior high school is with his fatherOkinawa angular strength, The girl student with her motherArm wrestlingThere is a custom of taking[13][14][15].



Long time agoPhosphorus miningWas the center of the industry, but nowsugar caneProduction and sugar production andFishery:-TourismIs the center of the industry.Also, as a crop rotation of sugar canepotatoIs also produced[16]..It is customary to serve goat dishes during celebrations such as marriage.GoatIs kept a lot[17][18].

Around the islandJapanese Spanish mackerel,Yellowfin tunaIt is a good fishing ground.However, in the past, there was no port on the island where berthing could be done, and all fishing boats were lifted and lowered by cranes, and there was a restriction that only about 1 ton of boats could be used.[19]..Therefore, the prefecture is constructing a new Minamidaito fishing port (Kitadaito area) using the construction method of excavating the cliff in the southeastern part of the island.[19][20], Two of the three berths went into service on November 2017, 11[21], Full-scale opening on February 2019, 2[22][23].

As for sightseeing, there are not as many tourist spots as Minamidaitojima, and the number of tourists visiting is relatively small.Accommodation is Hamayusou Ufuagari Island, Nirokuso[Note 2]There are only two houses[24].

Unlike Minamidaito VillageChamber of CommerceIs not organized.In addition to the many izakaya and entertainment facilities on Minamidaito Island, there are few shops.There used to be pachinko parlors and movie theaters in the village, which were mainly used by seasonal workers during the sugar-making period, but the former1972In the latter, a TV station was opened1975, Each is out of business[25].

There is no bookstore in the village, and residents mainly buy books through online shopping.once in a year,LibroA one-day bookstore rented from the village facility has been opened by the Riubo Book Center store.[26][27].

Specialties and special products

Special products using the island's marine products and agricultural products include tuna section, salted Spanish mackerel, pickled nanban, sprinkle, potato bread using potatoes, rag cookies, potatoes, and islands.Moon peachUsedMoochyEtc.[28].

There is a movement to develop new products in the village, and in 2015 we used non-standard potatoes from the village.Distilled spiritsDeveloped[16]..Also, the whole islandDolomiteTerrain that is composed of[29]Dolomite using石 鹸[30]And I used the shell ginger that can be taken on the islandHerbal tea[31],Incense stick[32]Etc. are outsourced to a cosmetics company for sale.

Financial institution


The postal code in Kitadaito Village is901-39xx.

The post office is open from 9:00 to 12:30 on Saturdays (except on holidays).[33].



(As of 2012 year 7 month)

  • Kitadaito Airport - Naha Airport(Direct: Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, Via Minamidaito: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes[34]. )
    • Ryukyu Air CommuterOperates once a day.
    • On the outbound or inbound journey depending on the day of the weekMinamidaito AirportVia. As of February 2018, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are in the form of Naha → Kitadaito → Minamidaito → Naha, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are in the form of Naha → Minamidaito → Kitadaito → Naha.[35]..There are special cases where the fare for via flights is the same as for direct flights (excluding some fares).
    • The equipment used isBombardier DHC-8-Q400CC(50 passengers)[35].
    • Long time agoJAL Mileage BankAlthough it was not eligible for mileage accrual, it became eligible for mileage accrual from July 2012, 7 (the same section is 18 miles (same for via Minamidaito Airport)).[36].
  • Kitadaito Airport-Minamidaito Airport (about 15 minutes)[34]
    • It is the shortest regular route in Japan (about 13km in a straight line).The flight time when flying straight to Minamidaitojima depending on the wind direction is 3 minutes[35]..The shortest flight distance in Japan and the highest fare per distance (normal one-way fare is 8,500 yen (3,000 yen for children)[37]).
    • Kitadaito-The outbound or inbound route of the Naha Line goes through Minamidaito Airport, and as of February 2018, Kitadaito → Minamidaito on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, and Minamidaito → Kitadaito on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. East flight is set[35].
    • The operating company, aircraft used, and JAL Mileage Bank mileage accrual are the same as for the Kitadaito-Naha route.[36].


  • Naha Port(Tomari Port South Bank) --Kitadaito Island (North Daito PortWest area, Esaki area, North area), Minamidaitojima
    • Daito Kaiunof"DaitoHowever, one flight (5-1 flights a week, 1-2 flights a month) operates almost every 5 days.It takes about 6 and a half to 14 and a half hours.
    • It operates between Naha and each island in a single stroke, but the order of calls on the island side changes from voyage to voyage.In addition, the flight schedule will be changed frequently without notice (the final departure decision will be made on the morning of the day).
    • Basically, the west area is used, but among the west area, Esaki area, and north area, the port is anchored at the port where the waves are calm at that time (the arrival schedule will also be broadcast on the village broadcast).It is also known that people and cargo land in baskets suspended by cranes because the waves near the quay are so severe that they cannot berth.[38].

Village transportation

There are no buses or taxis in the village[12]..Hamayusou on Ufuagari IslandCar rental,BicycleIs rented out[32].


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

  • Daitogu ――It is located near the center of the island and is the object of worship of the islanders.
  • Kitadaito Folklore Museum-Exhibits historical materials on the development of the island.
  • Cape Kurobe-Once located in the northwestern part of Kitadaito IslandAlbatrossThe cape where the habitat lived.
  • Landing Park-A park at the site of the landing port.
  • Nagahagu-A limestone cliff that rises like a folding screen with a cliff. As a "special plant community of long curtain cliff walls and cliff cones"Natural treasureSpecified.
  • Tenguiwa
  • Makkuro Cape-The easternmost cape in Okinawa Prefecture.
  • Phosphate rockRemains of a storage --- The site of a storage near the West Port, which was built when it was busy mining phosphate rock.Currently in ruins[39][40].2016, Along with quarries and truck tracks, as "Kitadaitojima Phosphate Mine Ruins"Historic siteSpecified to[41][42][43].
  • Rainbow Stone- limestoneA stone that invades the gaps between dead animals and limestone to create a translucent striped pattern such as red and yellow.
  • Reservoir group (Oike, Akaike, East Reservoir, etc.)- XNUMX selections of reservoirs
  • Okinawa Sea-A digging-type seawater pool near the airport.It was named "Okinawa Sea" because it resembles the coast of the main island of Okinawa.[40].


tv set

In 1975 (Showa 50), reception became possible with the opening of a broadcasting test station on Minamidaito Island.[44], It became possible to watch the broadcast for about 2 hours at night, but at this time it was a videotape broadcast from Naha, which was about a month behind the original broadcast.[45]..At this relay station1984May, broadcasting satelliteYuri No. 2BySatellite broadcastingSince the experimental broadcast of the program was started, simultaneous broadcasting with other regions was finally realized.[46]However, it was only NHK BS[47]..In the Daito IslandsCable TVAlso1974It was open from 1984 to XNUMX, but this was to set up a VCR in the central area of ​​the village and broadcast the programs broadcast there to the TV receivers of each household.[48]..Local news in Okinawa prefectureCommercial broadcastBecause the program was not broadcast, many households had their relatives send the video-recorded program on the main island of Okinawa and played it locally.[48].

1998,Tokyo Ogasawara IslandsIs being sent and used forCommunication satelliteBroadcasting using[49][Note 3]..This made it possible to watch terrestrial stations including commercial broadcasters, but since the radio waves were originally for Tokyo (the entire Ogasawara Islands belong to Tokyo), Okinawa'sPrefectural broadcastNot Tokyo (Kanto wide area) Was broadcast (however, commercial broadcasters have affiliated stations in Okinawa PrefectureTBS TV,Fuji Television Network, Inc,TV AsahiOnly 3 stations).Information in Okinawa Prefecture is transmitted by telephone line (satellite line) and displayed in subtitles at any time.

In Okinawa Prefecture2006Is started fromDigital terrestrial broadcastingThen, a submarine cable was laid between the main island of Okinawa and Minamidaito Island.NHK Okinawa・ Two days before the end of analog broadcasting for all three Okinawa commercial stations2011A digital relay station was set up with Minamidaitojima on July 7nd.Until the opening of the terrestrial digital broadcasting relay station, the entire area was covered by satellite broadcasting for terrestrial digital broadcasting, along with Minamidaito Village.

TV relay station (TV unit is CH)
Relay station
(Remote control key ID
Kitadaito(Output 3W)4240444648


1954, Radio broadcasting starts on Kitadaito Island[50][51].

In an era without television broadcasts, radio was a necessity for the island to know what happened outside, especiallyTrannyThe penetration rate was remarkable[50].1985According to a village survey on January 1, out of a total of 1 units in Kitadaito Village, the number of radios spread was 173, and the penetration rate reached 184%.[52].

master station Medium wave broadcasting (AM)NHK Radio First BroadcastAnd commercial broadcastersRyukyu Broadcasting(RBC) ・Radio OkinawaIt is,2007May 4ToSouth Daito Relay StationWas opened by FM waves, and good reception became possible day and night.[Note 4].

On the other hand, the master stationUltra short wave broadcasting (FM)NHK-FM broadcasting-FM OkinawaThere are no plans to install a relay station for either.However, for NHK-FM broadcasting2011Simultaneous Internet distribution from September to PCs and October to smartphones, and FM Okinawa2017From OctoberradikoWith simultaneous internet distribution by[53]Listening is possible.

In addition, radio broadcasting by satellite broadcasting (BS / CS)Shortwave broadcasting(Radio NIKKEI) ・ NHK International Broadcasting (NHK World Radio Japan) Can be received all day.


  • Mobile phones are from NTT DoCoMoMOVA-FOMA(FOMA Plus AreaCompatible models) orau, Softbank available. Since 2014, 4G LTE of each company has become available.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Since the underground of Kitadai Higashijima is a permeable bedrock, saltwater seawater permeates, but freshwater groundwater floats above saltwater due to the difference in specific gravity, and it looks like a lens-shaped mass called a "freshwater lens". It is in a state of being.
  2. ^ 1982The only guest house on the island that was founded.
  3. ^ Ryukyu between the main island of Okinawa and Minamidaito IslandTrenchHowever, it was technically difficult to lay the submarine cable because it is 400 km away, but construction work was carried out in early 2011 to lay the optical submarine cable.
  4. ^ In the case of medium waves, it is difficult to receive good reception at night due to interference with broadcasts outside Japan, so in Okinawa prefecture it is with the northern part of the main island of Okinawa.Sakishima IslandsThe same measures are taken in.The Sakishima Islands can be reached from the main island of Okinawa to the seabed.Optical fiberAlthough it is connected by a cable, the transmission from the main island of Okinawa to the transmission station on Minamidaito Island is sent via a communication satellite.


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