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😷 | [Follow-up] Confirmation of new coronavirus cluster at Tagami Hospital in Nagasaki City ... 24 people including medical staff and patients


[Follow-up] Confirmation of a cluster of new coronavirus at Tagami Hospital in Nagasaki City ... 24 people including medical staff and patients

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The Nagasaki Medical Association has announced the "Medical Crisis Situation Declaration", saying that the number of hospitalized patients is increasing rapidly, and is calling for thorough infection prevention measures.

On the 4th, a total of 13 people, including 11 medical staff and 24 patients, were infected with the new coronavirus at Tagami Hospital in Nagasaki City ... → Continue reading

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Infection prevention measures

Nagasaki Medical Association

Nagasaki Medical Association(Nagasaki Kenishikai,English name : Nagasaki Medical Association) IsNagasakiMake a member of a doctorCorporation.

Head office location

NagasakiNagasaki3-27 Morimachi

Board Member

  • Chairman Yasushi Mamoto
  • Vice Chairman Fumihiro Akashi
  • Vice Chairman Akira Takahara
  • Permanent Directors Masayuki Morisaki, Hotaka Uedo, Takahito Tsurifune, Mikihisa Muta, Ikuo Kinoshita, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Satoshi Hoshiko, Shunta Amamoto (as of June 2012.6)

County Medical Association

  • Yasuhiko Oku, Chairman of Nagasaki Medical Association
  • Sasebo City Medical Association Chairman Jiro Kubo
  • Isahaya Medical Association Chairman Koji Sato
  • Omura City Medical Association Chairman Shigeatsu Oo
  • Shimabara City Medical Association Chairman Susumu Kojima
  • Keiji Kakizoe, Chairman of the Hirado Medical Association
  • Shigeo Ura, Chairman of Goto Medical Association
  • Susumu Miyata, Chairman of Higashisonogi Medical Association
  • Nishisonogi Medical Association Chairman Yoshiyuki Koga
  • Keisuke Baba, Chairman of Nanko Medical Association
  • Kitamatsuura Medical Association Chairman Hide Oshibuchi Exhibition
  • Kunio Eda, Chairman of the Iki Medical Association
  • Tsushima City Medical Association Chairman Kuji Fuji
  • Nagasaki UniversityToshifumi Matsuyama, Chairman of the Medical Association

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