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😷 | [New Corona] Kanagawa / Miura City Vaccine mass inoculation elderly people, picked up by bus on holidays

Photo Miura City Hall

[New Corona] Kanagawa / Miura City Vaccine mass inoculation elderly people, picked up by bus on holidays

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A detailed itinerary with boarding locations and operating hours will be distributed to all households along with the coupons shipped on the 28th of this month.

Miura City will operate a free shuttle bus to the vaccination site on holidays for mass vaccination of the elderly starting on the 23rd.Specified ... → Continue reading

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PostingIsAds-PropagandaFor the purposeFlyer,FlyerIn each private houseMailboxThe act of putting it directly into.


The main industries of use are restaurant,Mail order,Unnecessary item collection,real-estate company,Long-term care service,Beauty salonWide range.As an example of publicity that is not for commercial purposes, it may be carried out by local governments (regional event information and announcements, water outages and turbid water due to waterworks, and traffic regulation announcements).

Posting is an advertising method that has been regaining attention in Japan, where the population is aging.Some nuisance companies may have caused problems.Sex shopBy etc.Pink leafletAs of 2020, there are almost no areas where pink leaflets are distributed due to various laws and regulations.

It can be said that the electronic version of posting is an advertisement mail by e-mail.This isス パ ムThe amendment implemented as a countermeasure against (junk mail) prohibits the sending of advertising mail (specific e-mail) to targets who do not consent to reception.Detail isAct on Proper Transmission of Specific E-mailSee.

Legal controversy

  • According to the Supreme Court rulings such as April 20, 4, the land is surrounded by fences and fences (when the site of an apartment or apartment building is surrounded by fences, etc.). If you enter the post on the premises or the collective post in the building to put a villa, etc., you will be guilty of trespassing.However, it is considered that putting a villa, etc. in a mailbox in contact with a public road in a private house does not satisfy the constituent requirements for a burglary.
    Incidentally,BurglaryRegarding, what kind of entry is considered to be "invasion" is divided into the infringement theory and the peace infringement theory.There is a view that posting behavior clearly conflicts with the theory of infringement, but does not conflict with the theory of peaceful infringement because it is not accompanied by destruction or mayhem.
  • While regulations on sending emails have been tightened, legislation for posting, which can be said to be a paper version, is insufficient, and in many cases the sender is a third party other than the advertiser.RejectionAnd because the responsibility for returning is ambiguous, it is easy to cause trouble.For this reason, the act of forcibly pressing a leaflet or the like against a person who has clearly expressed his intention to refuse receipt is virtually left unchecked.
  • Posting to those who have stated refusal to receive isLittering,ExtortionThere is a possibility of hitting.

For organizations that can comply with compliance and manage quality appropriatelyAll Japan Posting Association"Good posting mark" is given by[1].


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