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😷 | XNUMX new coronavirus infections in Kumamoto prefecture


XNUMX new cases of coronavirus infection in Kumamoto prefecture

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The 36 newly infected people are 27 in Kumamoto City, 3 in Ozu Town, 1 in Yatsushiro City, XNUMX in Arao City, XNUMX in Tamana City, XNUMX in Kikuyo Town, XNUMX in Mifune Town, and XNUMX in Mashiki Town.

Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City announced on the XNUMXth that they have confirmed XNUMX new coronavirus infections.Infection confirmation in the prefecture is XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Kumamoto City 27


Kikuyo(Kikuyomachi) isKumamotoIn centraltownso,KikuchiBelongs to.In recent years, in Kumamoto CityBed townThe population growth rate is one of the highest in Japan.


A town adjacent to the northeastern side of Kumamoto City.In the south central part of the townShirakawaIs flowing westward, and on the coastRiver terrace(Terrace cliff) is spreading.Also in the northHorikawaIs flowing, and there are many in the basinWaterwayIs stretched around.Belonging to Kikuchi-gun, but in the town areaKikuchi RiverThe tributary of is not flowing, and it is not a member of the Kikuchi River basin alliance.


It takes about 15km to reach the center of Kumamoto City in 20 minutes by train and 30 minutes by bus, so the character of a commuter town is strengthening and the population is increasing rapidly.Especially residential areaForest of lightSince the start of the sale, the population growth rate of the town is the highest among local governments in Kumamoto prefecture.

  • 2003May 10から2004May 9Annual population growth rate up to: 4.43%
  • 2000Census: Population growth rate is 7.9%, second in Kumamoto prefecture.
  • 2005Census: Population growth rate is 14.4%, ranking 11th in all municipalities.
  • 2010Census: Population growth rate is 16.4%, ranking 4th in all municipalities.
Population distribution of Kikuyo, Kumamoto, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kikuyo Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kikuyo Town (2005)
■Purple-Kikuyo Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kikuyo Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


ItemvaluePrefectural rankingSurvey year
population36,38311/47As of July 2009
2.371/472008 - 2009
13,51811/47As of July 2009
Personnel per household2.6935/47As of July 2009
40.047/472005 years(Census)
Elderly populationProportion16.647/47As of July 2009
94.047/47As of July 2009

Adjacent local governments

Place name

  • Kubota (formerly Tsuda Village)
  • Tsukure (formerly Tsuda Village)
  • Haramizu (former Haramizu Village)
  • Shinkawa (formerly Hakusui Village)
  • Toji (formerly Hakusui Village)
  • Baba Kusunoki (formerly Hakusui Village)
  • Musician (formerly Hakusui Village)
  • Forest of light1-chome to 7-chome (2007, separated from Tsukure)
  • Shinzan 1-3 chome (2008, separated from Tsukure / Haramizu)
  • Suginamidai 1-2 chome (2008, separated from raw water)
  • Musashigaoka 1-3 chome (separated from Tsukure in 2009)
  • Musashigaokakita 1-3 chome (2010, separated from Tsukure)
  • Koyodai (separated from Tsukure in 2011)
  • Hanatate 1-3 chome (separated from Tsukure in 2011)
  • Okino 1-4 chome (2013, separated from raw water)


Town history (modern history)

  • August, 1914 Hohi Main LineOpened,Sanriki StationOpening
  • August, 1920 Haramizu StationOpening
  • August, 1971 Kumamoto AirportOpen port
  • March 1987 Opened Sunly Kikuyojuya
  • April 1992 Kikuyo Bypass opens
  • June 1998 Sansan Park opened
  • March 1999 Opening of Kokutai Road Nanboku Line and Tohoku Line
  • October 2001 Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Kumamoto Factory begins operation
  • January 2002 Opening of new license center
  • May 2002 Due to the collapse of Kotobukiya, Sunley's business is taken over by Jusco.
  • April 2004 Population exceeded 4
  • June 2004 You Me Town Hikarinomori opens
  • October 2004 Kumamoto Kita Post Office opened (Kikuyo Post Office revised / relocated)
  • October 2006 FUJIFILM Kyushu new factory starts operation
  • April 2015 Population exceeded 4[1].

Changes in administrative areas

  • 1889May 4 With the enforcement of the town / village system, the following towns and villages, which correspond to the current town area, have been established.
  • 1896April 4 Koshi-gun due to the enforcement of the county systemKikuchiTransferred to.
  • 1955April 4 Tsuda Village, Haramizu Village, and Hakusui Village merge on an equal footing to form Kikuyo Village.
  • 1969May 1 Kikuyo Village enforces the town system and becomes Kikuyo Town.
  • 1991May 6 KikuchiOtsu TownAnd boundary changes.


Successive chiefs

From "History of Kikuyo Town" published in 1995[2]

代Chief nameTerm of officeRemarks
1Takuhei MatsuokaMarch 1955, 4-March 1, 1959
2Saito and turtleMarch 1959, 4-March 1, 1966He passed away in the middle of his term, the 8th Mayor of Haramizu Village
3 (village mayor)
1 (Mayor)
Mitsugu SakamotoMarch 1966, 10-March 15, 1978Town system came into effect in 1969 during his inauguration
2Kiyoji TominagaMarch 1978, 10-March 15, 2006
3Mitsuo GotoOctober 2006, 10-Incumbent (14th term)

Great Heisei merger

AroundKoshi Town-Nishigoshi Town-Otsu TownとmergerHowever, in 2005, Higashi Kumamoto City established a statutory council to enforce the city system, but because Ozu Town withdrew from the council, it was decided to suspend the council in October 2004, and the merger was unsuccessful. ..There are no plans for a merger for the time being, indicating the direction of continuing independent town administration.


Main facilities

See belowShopping center-station-空港Etc. are excluded.

Municipal facility

  • General Exchange Terminal Sanfure-A facility centered on hot springs in Suginamiki Park.
  • Townlibrary
  • Towngymnasium
  • CenterPublic hall
  • Sanrigi Townsman Center
  • Western Townsman Center
  • Eastern Townsman Center
  • Nanbu Townsman Center
  • Hikarinomori Townsman Center "Caropia" --A complex facility with four functions: a regional center, a western branch, a gymnasium, and a child-rearing support center. Opened in March 4.Moved the business trip function of the government office from the Musashigaoka branch[4]
  • Fureai no Mori Training Center
  • Fureai Welfare Support Center

Other facilities


  • Gross domestic product in the town block 2,718 billion yen (2012Every time)[5]
    • In 2001, it was about 791 billion yen, which is increasing year by year.

Major companies headquartered in Kikuyo Town


Agriculture is flourishing mainly in the southern and eastern parts of Kikuyo Town.Especially in the southShirakawaThe surrounding area isKumamoto metropolitan areaIngroundwater2004 for groundwater conservation as it plays an important role in rechargeKumamoto-shias well as the Otsu TownAt the same time, we signed an "Agreement on Promotion of Paddy Flooding in the Middle Shirakawa River" to pay subsidies to farmers who fill the paddy fields that are closed.Also,CarrotsHas been designated as a production area by the country, and is shipped nationwide under brands such as "Kumamoto Chojin Ginseng" and "Kikuyo Ginseng".In addition, in Kikuyo TownMascot characterMade this carrot a motif.

  • Main special products
    • Carrot (fruit carrot)


There were no remarkable results in the industrial field until the 50s, but from January 1987, the end of the Showa period.Tokyo Electron KyushuKumamoto factory starts operation.And in 2002, in the second techno park (later renamed)Sony SemiconductorSince Kyushu (currently Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing) started operation of the factory, semiconductor-related companies have entered the market one after another.Especially built on the site of the Kumamoto factoryFujifilmThe Kyushu factory is the best.The reason why semiconductor factories have entered the market one after another is that the groundwater required for the factories is abundant.Kumamoto Airportas well as the Kyushu ExpresswayIn an interview with the media, the companies that have entered the market point out that the Kumamoto interchange is nearby and the transportation is convenient, and that it is close to China and South Korea and can easily become a base for Asian strategies.

Main factory

* Tokyo Electron Kumamoto Office (former Kumamoto Factory) closed in October 2008 and relocated its headquarters to Koshi City.

Headquartered company


In the early 1980s, Musashi Plaza was located in the adjacent Musashigaoka, Kumamoto City.NikonikodoMusashigaoka store,KotobukiyaKusunoki store (currently all closed, but Musashi Plaza will be renovated200612(Reopened) or in the center of Kumamoto cityTsuruyaThe townspeople went out to buy things that weren't available at local stores, but in 1987, the Kotobukiya Kikuyo store (Sunly, later)JuscoSince the opening of Kikuyo → Aeon Kikuyo), it has become less common to go out to the city.After the bankruptcy of Kotobukiya, the Kikuyo store was one of the highest-selling stores in the Kotobukiya line and was one of the main stores like the Uto and Tamana stores. Jasco with the storeAEON) Was purchased and reopened, but due to the deterioration of buildings and facilities and the development of plots in the Kumamoto metropolitan area, the number of customers decreased due to the start of construction of competing facilities in the surrounding area, so as of February 2020, 2. After a year of large-scale renovation work, it was closed, and in March 29, Carino Kikuyo (an anchor store)Dream Mart) Was reborn.Furthermore, in 2004, the Kumamoto Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation was developing it.Forest of lightAbout 120 tenants andCine computerAlignedYoume TownHas opened, and many restaurants and fashion-related stores have expanded into Hikarinomori. In 2013Tokyo Electron KyushuDeveloped a large-scale commercial area on the site of the factory[7],Kikuyo MEGA MALLAsHI Hirose,Don QuixoteEtc. are unfolding.

Main commercial facilities

Communication environment

Cable TV

  • Kumamoto Cable Network(JCN Kumamoto)
    • The service area, which was previously only in Kumamoto City, has expanded to the surrounding area since 2005 with the development of Hikarinomori.


* However, the eastern part of the town (around Haramizu Station, etc.) and the southern part (around Kumamoto Airport) are outside these service areas.

Sister cities/partner cities







There are no high schools in the town, either public or private.Regarding public high schools, Kikuyo Town is a prefectural central school district under the "Rules for School Areas of Kumamoto Prefectural High School".Public high school in Kumamoto cityas well as the Mifune High School,Uto High SchoolYou can go to school[9]..Also, it belongs to the prefecture north school districtOtsu High SchoolAs a special case, Kikuyo Town is also a school district.[9].

Junior high school


primary school


Facilities other than school education



Most of the runway is in Kikuyo Town (the terminal building isMashiro machi).



Transit Bus

In October 2008, the Takesako Line via Sanrigi on the Kumamoto Electric Railway Bus was suspended, and on November 10, 2015, the route east of the Sanrigi area was shortened or abolished due to the reorganization of the Sanko Bus route network.[10]As a result, in the northern, eastern, and southern areas of the town, the buses as public transportation are the Sanko Bus E3-5 and community buses.Caroppy(In areas where public transportation is blank, it is supplemented by a shared taxi (reservation required) from Kikuyo Town).Once in the Domei area, one or two round trips a day, 1 childrenSakuramachi BT - Kumamoto Rehabilitation HospitalThe line was in service, but was abolished on September 2020, 9.

In the town, I used the buses of the above two companies on Sunday-Friday.Community busIt operates the "Caroppy".

Express Bus

The nearest bus stop isMusashigaoka Bus StopOr (both are in Kumamoto City).In particular, the Musashigaoka bus stop is for Fukuoka and Nagasaki departing from and arriving at Sakuramachi BT.HonshuAll highway buses bound for the direction stop.



Kyushu ExpresswayPasses through the western part of the town, but there are no facilities in the town.The nearest interchange isKumamoto interchange.

General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sightseeing spot

  • Mr. Kikuyo Sugi Namiki Park (Mr. Furea, General Exchange Terminal)

Historic site


  • Envoy Festival
    • A strange festival that carries a portable shrine around the area and finally destroys the portable shrine.Twelve districts in Kikuyo-cho, Nishihara-mura, and Mashiki-cho rotate every year.
  • Sokotsuru Shrine Annual Festival
    • Held once every 25 years in the gun alleyFestival.. in recent years2009It is done in, next2034Is planned.

Sports Facilities

People from / related



Person with connection

Zip Code

869-1101 Oaza Tsukure
869-1102 Oaza Haramizu
869-1103 Oaza Kubota
869-1104 Oaza Totsugi
869-1105 Oaza Babagusu
869-1106 Large Magate
869-1107 Oaza Karakawa
869-1108 Hikarinomori 1-7 chome2007May 8追加
869-1109 Niiyama 1-3 chome2008May 3追加
869-1110 Suginamidai 1-2 chome2008May 3追加
869-1111 Musashigaoka 1-3 chome2009May 10追加
869-1112 Musashigaokakita 1-3 chome2010May 3追加
869-1113 Hanatate 1-3 chome2011May 3追加
869-1114 Koyodai2011May 3追加
869-1115 Okino2013May 2追加
869-1100 Other than the above areas
869-1192 Kikuyo Town Hall
861-8799 Kumamoto Kita Post Office

Since 2007, due to the vastness of Oaza Tsukure and the increase in population.Act on Residential DisplaybyHouse displayWe are proceeding with the business.Therefore, a new zip code is assigned to the district where the residential address was displayed, but Hikarinomori is different from the residential address because it is a change of the town name due to land readjustment.


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