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😷 | 《New Corona》 2 people are positive in 109 days 5 people, the most mutant strains in 30 days


《New Corona》 2 people are positive in 109 days 5 people, the most mutant strains in 30 days

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Ota City announced that it will close the relevant municipal school on both the 6th and 7th, following the positive results of school officials.

Gunma Prefecture, Maebashi, and Takasaki City are newly affected by the new coronavirus infection on both days 5 and 6, with a total of 10 male and female under 90 to 1s ... → Continue reading

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Ota City

Ota City(Ota) isKanto regionNorth of,GunmaSouthernTogeIn the districtCity.

人口は約22万人で、群馬県内ではTakasaki,Maebashiに続き3番目に多い。県内では西に隣接するIsesaki Cityと と も にSpecial city at the time of enforcementIs specified in.

SUBARU OfCastle townAndNorth KantoThe bestIndustrial cityIs. AdjacentKiryu,TochigiAshikagaWithRyomoForm a region. The area at the time of the enforcement of the city system in 1948 (Showa 23) was the former Nitta-gun. The current city area is oldYamada District-Nitta Districtの区域で構成される。人口増加率は県内有数の伸びを示している。伊勢崎市(人口は約21万人・県下4位)とわずかの差で拮抗しており、両市とも人口は増加している。



Central TokyoAbout 80km northwest ofPrefectural office locationIsMaebashiAbout 30km east ofTakasakiIt is also located about 40km east of.

Edo PeriodToDaikoin OfMonzen-cho-Nikko Regular Use Road OfPost town(Otajuku) Developed as.

TaishoAfter the period, it is the current SUBARU and its predecessor.Nakajima airplane・ Fuji Heavy IndustriesCastle townHas achieved dramatic development as. According to the Industrial Statistics SurveyHeisei 25The shipment value of industrial products, etc. is 2 yen, ranking 3491th in Japan. this is,Hiroshima cityBoasting a scale comparable toHamamatsu city,Kyoto City,KitakyushuExceeds government-designated cities such asKanto Inland Industrial AreaIt is an industrial city that represents. The ratio of transportation equipment to the shipment value of manufactured products of industrial products exceeds 7%, and Sakamoto Kogyo, Shigeru Kogyo, Toa Kogyo, centering on SUBARU (former Fuji Heavy Industries),IchitanIn addition to the bases of related manufacturers such asHino MotorsIt can be said that it is a center of the automobile industry such as the Nitta Factory.


In the southeastern part of Gunma prefectureKanto PlainLocated in the north (Upper hair karutaIs described as "Gunma prefecture in the shape of a crane dance"craneLocated on the neck of the), to the southTone RiverでSaitamaKumagaya,FukayaAnd northeastWatarase RiverでTochigiAshikagaAnd both prefecturesPrefectural borderIt is located in the area between. The altitude of the city is 30-40m lowland in the south, southwest, northeast, and east, 40-70m in the central and western areas such as near the city, and 223-XNUMXm in the northwest, but the altitude is XNUMXm in the north of the city.JinshanTowering, northwestTobu Kiryu LineMore eastYabutsuka hot springThe vicinity is the Hachioji hill, which is less than 100m-200m.


Ota City until the Middle Ages

    • Primitive, ancient
  • On flat land on the east side of KanayamaPaleolithic,Jomon PeriodMany villages are created.
  • First in the prefectureEarthenwareWas confirmed at the Ishidagawa site.
  • In the middle of the 4th century, the oldest burial mound in Ota City was built, and thenOta Tenjinyama Kofun,Bessho Chausuyama TumulusMany ancient burial mounds are built. From the end of the 5th century, large scale on the southern slope of Mt. HachiojiHaniwaA kiln is built.
  • Based in Nittaso in 1333Nitta YoshisadaRaised troops and attacked Kamakura to destroy the Shogunate.Rebellion in Kyoto, adjacent territoriesTakashi AshikagaAt the same time, he will take charge of the military of the new administration, but eventually it will be divided into the North and South Dynasties and will fight for a long time.The main stream of the Nitta clan disappears with the fall of the Southern Court, but later Tokugawa calls himself a sidestream.

Municipalities at the time of the enforcement of the municipal system

Former Ota City

Former Yabuzukahoncho

Former Nitta Town

Former Ojima Town

Iwajuku ruinsThe area was about 3 years old, as revealed by the archaeological excavation ofPaleolithicHumans lived from.

The origin of the city name isPost town"Otajuku(Otajuku) ". Before that, "Nittaso(I'm sorry)Was called.


Ota Town

Former Ota City

New Ota City


Successive mayors

Yo (formerly Ota City)NameYomiganaInauguration dateRetirement date
FirstNarita SakubeiBecame1948May 51948May 12
2Nakamura TobeeNakamura Tobe1949May 21949th of February 8
3Denjiro MutoMuto Denjiro1949th of February 91953May 9
4Horikoshi SetsuyoshiHorikoshi Setsuyoshi1953th of February 91957May 9
5Hideo TakekawaHideo Takekawa1957th of February 91959May 4
6 - 9Munehito TajimaTajima Munehito1959th of February 61975May 6
10 - 14Hisao TozawaHisao Tozawa1975th of February 61995May 6
15 - 17Masayoshi ShimizuMasayoshi Shimizu1995th of February 62005May 3
Yo (New Ota City)NameYomiganaInauguration dateRetirement date
First-XNUMXMasayoshi ShimizuMasayoshi Shimizu2005th of February 4Current position (5th term)

Heads of 3 towns just before the merger

In this section,JIS X 0213: Contains the characters specified in 2004 (the second character of "Akira Yamazaki") (Details).
  • The first mayor, Sakubei Narita, was the final mayor of Ota Town.1947May 4I am working from.
  • In addition, from the birth of the new Ota City due to the Great Heisei Consolidation on March 2005, 3 to April 28, 4, the oldNitta TownIs longAkira Yamazaki(Akira Yamazaki) served as the mayor's executor.
  • Mayor Nitta when Nitta Town is closed
    • Akira Yamazaki(Akira Yamazaki)
  • Mayor Ojima when Ojima Town was closed
    • Kunimori Aizawa(Aizawa Kunie)
  • Mayor Yabuzuka Honmachi when Yabuzuka Honmachi was closed
    • Hiroshi Kiryu(Kiryu Hiroji)

municipal office

City hall (main government building)1998It was renovated in 10 and became a modern building with 1 basement floor and 12 floors above ground. The building type government buildingTakasaki City HallIs similar to.

Ota City Hall Main Government Building
373-8718 Hamacho, Ota City, 2-35
The former Ota City Hall was designated as the main office of Ota City Hall, and the government buildings of the other three towns were general branch offices, but from April 3, 2008, they were changed to government buildings. The data is as follows.
Nitta Government Building (former Nitta Town Hall)
370, Nitta Kanaicho, Ota City, 0392-29
Currently there are departments related to agriculture
Ojima Government Building (former Ojima Town Hall)
370 Kasukawa-cho, Ota-shi, 0495-520
Currently there is a board of education, and education-related departments enter
Yabutsuka Honmachi Government Building
379-2304 Obara-cho, Ota-shi, 459-1
Moved from 661-1 Obaracho (former Yabuzukahoncho government office).Currently, there are departments related to development projects, Ota City Land Development Corporation, and Yabuzuka Hommachi Administration Center.

City emblem / city emblem

The city emblem of the old Ota city (established in 11) was abolished, and the city emblem of the new Ota city was decided by citizens' votes.2005May 6Was established in.

The city coat of arms is closely related to the cityMr. Nitta OfFamily crestIt is a design with "Ota" in hiragana in "Ochukuro", which is 2005.May 7Was enacted in. The designer is unknown.

マ ス コ ッ ト

It is a character with the motif of four districts in Ota city,"Otan"Is the name. They sell stuffed animals and badges at city halls. Also,Ota StationThere is a stone statue of "Otan" on the premises, which is also used as a meeting spot for citizens.

Special zone for structural reform

2003In April, the concept of a special English education zone in Ota CitySpecial zone for structural reformIt was approved as the first issue. This is from elementary school to high schoolIntegrated education schoolEstablished and teaches in English except for Japanese (English)Immersion education). Ota City plays a central roleSchool corporationOta International Academy (Chairman isMasayoshi ShimizuMayor) was established and approved,2005Since AprilGunma International Academy(The first principal is Eugene E. Cooper) will open. In the first year, first graders (capacity 1) and fourth graders (capacity 90) are enrolled. Education officials at home and abroad are paying attention to this advanced initiative.


City council

Immediately after the merger, it was composed of 73 people because the members of the old municipality were used as city council members.2007May 4Was re-elected to 38 people, about half of them in the city council elections.2011May 4There were 34 people in the city council elections.2015Decrease to 30 people in the election

Parliamentary structure (as of July 2015, 5)
Parliamentary nameNumber of members
Sosei Club10
Ota Seiken Club6
Ota Club5
Fairnessク ラ ブ4
Japan Communist Party2
Masatomo Ota Club2
Civic Association1

Gunma Prefectural Assembly (selected by Ota City)

  • Constant number: 5 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 11) to September 2023th, 4 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Chiyo AbeDecreeParty membershipIndependent
Yakumaru KiyoshiKomeito
Masanobu HozumiLDP
Yasuyuki YagidaLiberal GunmaParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Kentaro AkiyamaLDP

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Gunma Prefecture 3st Ward(Ota City, which does not belong to the 2nd ward,Tatebayashi,Ora-gun)Hiroyoshi SasakawaLDP3Constituency
Kaichi HasegawaConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival
Gunma Prefecture 2st Ward(Ota City (formerly)YabuzukahonchoArea),Kiryu(Former Kiryu city area),Isesaki City,Green city(OldKasake Town-Omama TownArea),Tamamura Town)Ino ToshiroLDP3Constituency

sister city


In Ota City, the old municipalities are divided by region.

地区Old cityApproximate position
Ota districtOta CityCentral / eastern
Ojima districtOjima TownSouthwest
Nitta districtNitta TownWestern part
Yabuzukahonmachi districtYabutsukamoto TownNorthwest

Area code

  • Ota area,Ojima district,Nitta districtIs "0276(Ota MA)
    • Ota district → "22 ・ 25 ・ 26", "31 --33, 37", "38 --45"
    • The Nitta area is "56, 57" and the Oshima area is "52", but now it is used in the entire city except the Yabuzuka area, including "55".
      • In addition, "20, 30, 40, 60"Oizumi Town,OramachiIt is used in common with (Tatebayashi MA). (* "52"-"59" are used as vacant numbers not only in Ota City but also in Tatebayashi and Ora districts.)
    • However, part of the northeasternmost market town and Takase townTochigiAshikagaof"0284(Ashikaga MA), the south bank of the Tone River in Maegoya-cho in the former Ojima area (currentlySaitamaFukayaMaegoya) is "048"(Fukaya MA).
  • Yabuzukahonmachi districtIs "0277"78, 79" (Kiryu MA)
    originallyKiryu wide areaTherefore, it is "0277", but there is no talk at this time that the area code will be changed to "0276".

Zip Code

  • Ota district: "373-00XX","373-08XX"(Ota Post Office)
  • Nitta area: "370-03XX(Kizaki Post Office)
  • Ojima area: "370-04XX(Ojima Post Office)
  • Yabuzukahoncho area: "379-230X"(Yabuzuka Honmachi Post Office)
    • Yabuzukahonmachi area except the last two digitsGreen cityKasagake areaSame as "379-23It is.
    • The Kasakake area of ​​Midori City is "379-231X'

Address notation

* There is no change in the Ota area.
* SUBARU main factory is "Ota City"Subaru Town. "
* The Ojima area and the Yabuzukahonmachi area are as follows, with only the "town" added to the conventional large name.
  • Ojima Anyo-ji Temple, Ojima-cho, Nitta-gun
    Anyojicho, Ota City
  • Daibara, Yabuzukahonmachi, Nitta-gun
    Obara Town, Ota City
* All Nitta areas are marked with "Nitta", followed by the large name before the merger.
  • Noi, Nitta-cho, Nitta-gun
    Ota City Nitta City Noi Town

However, there are exceptions.

  • Part of Ojima Horiguchi, Ojima-cho, Nitta-gun (Minamigaoka housing complex)
    Minamigaoka-cho, Ota City
    • Ojima Horiguchi, Ojima-cho, Nitta-gun (other than the above)
      Horiguchi-cho, Ota City
  • Taishi-cho, Ojima-cho, Nitta-gun
    Taishi-cho, Ota-shi (I didn't add it because "towns" overlap)
  • Nitta-cho, Nitta-gun Oaza Sorimachi
    Nitta Sorimachi-cho, Ota-shi (Nitasorimachicho "town" is doubled)

In addition, Ooaza, Nitta, and Yabuzukahonmachi have been abolished. (Because the town was added after the large name in accordance with the ordinance of the former Ota City)


Population distribution of Ota, Gunma, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Ota City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Ota City (2005)
■Purple-Ota City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ota City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

As mentioned above, the population growth rate is one of the largest in the prefecture. It competes with Isesaki City (population of about 21, 4th in the prefecture) adjacent to the west by a small margin, and the population of both cities is increasing.


SUBARUCastle townProbably because of this, the dependence on automobiles is high, and traffic congestion during rush hours is heavy. RailroadTobu RailwayOta StationからTasukiThe route extends in four directions, making it one of the transportation hubs in the eastern part of the prefecture (Toge).Limited expressRyoIs with Ota StationYabuzuka Station(partKizaki StationStop at) and stop atAsakusa StationHowever, the connection to central Tokyo is not good. Therefore, many people change to the Tokyo Metro (Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line) at Kitasenju Station. In addition, it takes about 80 minutes to reach Asakusa, and it costs more than 2,000 yen including the limited express fee.Kumagaya Station,Kagohara StationからJR Takasaki LineSome citizens use. (Approximately 70 minutes from Kumagai to Tokyo Station, approximately 65 minutes to Shinjuku Station, both 1,140 yen)

2007There are no highways in the city untilTohoku Expressway-Tatebayashi IC,Sano Fujioka IC,Kanetsu Expressway-Higashimatsuyama IC,North Kanto Expressway-Isesaki ICI used to use a nearby interchange,2008May 3ToNorth Kanto Expressway Kiryu Ota ICStretched toTakasaki JCTでKanetsu ExpresswayYou can now connect toNagano(Fujioka JCTでJoshinetsu ExpresswayVia) andNiigataI was able to go there in a short time. further,2011May 3With Ota Kiryu ICSano Tanuma ICThe entire line will be opened on the same expressway.Iwafune JCTでTohoku ExpresswayIt is also possible to connect withTohoku region,IbarakiYou can now go to. However, it may be faster to use the Kan-etsu Expressway from the Hanazono IC or Higashimatsuyama IC, and the Tohoku Expressway from the Tatebayashi IC to the city center. Of course, it takes an hour on a general roadMaebashi,TakasakiIt took about 30 minutes to get there. Furthermore2014ToToge wide area highway(National Route 354) Will open all lines, which will increase the convenience of east-west transportation within the prefecture.2016Passes through the western part of the city from southeast to northwestNational highway No. 17 Jobu roadIs open to the center of Tokyo and Saitama prefectureKanetsu ExpresswayShibukawa Ikaho ICWith improved access toIkaho Hot SpringAccess to is also improved.


Road Station


In the cityTobu RailwayIs running on 3 lines (in 4 directions), but all regular trains departing from and arriving at Ota StationOne manIt is driving and there are few passengers during the day. As mentioned above, it passes through the city probably because it is highly dependent on cars.Tobu Kiryu LineAbout 6% of the people along the railway line do not use the railway even once a year.[4].. If you go to TokyoTobu Isesaki LineTake the limited express "Ryomo" to Kitasenju Station in about 70 minutes.Also adjacentSaitamaKumagaya OfKumagaya StationからJR Takasaki LineMany passengers use.

There are 9 Tobu Railway stations in the city,TochigiNikkoIt is the second most common station after 13 stations. In addition, the municipalities that have three Tobu Railway lines in the same city are in the same prefecture as Motoichi.TatebayashiOnly.

More than 20 peoplespecial areaandCityamongJRThere is no station in addition to Ota CityIbarakiTsukuba City,SaitamaKasukabe,SaitamaSoka,TokyoSetagaya,TokyoMeguro,TokyoBunkyo ku,TokyoNerima-ku,TokyoChofu City,TokyoNishitokyo,KanagawaYamato,Kanagawa PrefectureAtsugi,AichiToyota City,OsakaToyonaka City,OkinawaNahaThere is. It is also common that the JR railway lines themselves do not pass through these except for Meguro Ward, Bunkyo Ward, and Yamato City.

In the old Otamachi era, there was a "train ring road concept centered on Otamachi" as a plan for Nakajima Aircraft.[5].HosenmuraA train line was laid between Ota and Hosen to complete 1000 houses in the Yura and Fujiagu districts, and eventually it was a circular railway plan connecting Ojima-Sawano-Koizumi-Ota.[6][7].. However, because the Tobu Railway Koizumi Line was realized, it became a dream ring road.

Tobu Railway

■Isesaki Line
■Kiryu Line
■Koizumi Line


Once in the cityTobu BusThere were multiple routes, but nowTobu RailwaySystemAsahi Motor Corporation(Ota Sales Office)byOta Station - Kumagaya StationThere is only one line.

Currently, Ota City is the main route busCity Liner Ota(In the cityYajima taxiIn addition to (consigning operation to)Demand bus(Reservation-based bus) We operate "Okagai City Bus" and free municipal bus.

othersBUS terminal OtaThere are long-distance buses from to various places.

Transit Bus

  • Ota StationSouth Exit- Kumagaya StationFront entrance (Asahi Motor Corporation)
  • Ota City Shuttle 500 Ota Station South Exit- BUS terminal Ota --Kumagaya Station South Exit (Yajima taxi)
    • It corresponds to the Shinkansen timetable and is also connected to the final Shinkansen (down).
  • Ota Station South Exit- AEON MALL Ota(Yajima Taxi)
  • Ota Station North Exit-Akatsuki Nitta High School (Municipal City Liner Ota)
  • Ota Station North Exit-Ojima Historical Park (Municipal City Liner Ota)
  • Ota Station North Exit-City Circulation Line (Municipal City Liner Ota)
  • Ota Memorial Hospital --In front of Motojima Hospital --Ota Station North Exit --AEON MALL Ota - OramachiGovernment office (Ora Town Public Bus)
  • Ota Memorial Hospital --In front of Motojima Hospital --Ota Station South Exit --BUS Terminal Ota-- Oizumi TownOffice- ChiyodaGovernment office (Wide area public bus Aozora)

Welcome city bus(Consignment to demand bus / Yajima taxi)

A pre-booked welfare bus that runs throughout the city for people aged 75 and over and people with severe intellectual and mental disabilities. If you make a reservation by telling the usage time and destination by the day before, it will pick you up from your home to the shops / hospitals in the city, the nearest station, etc. At first glance, the system seems to be costly, but in the morning and evening, the driver who drives the school bus drives the city bus during the day, and the waste is eliminated by combining it with another business.

Initially it operated free of charge,20124For 100 yen one way[Annotation 2] Charged. While expanding to vulnerable people who meet certain conditions and lowering the hurdles, it has become possible to specify predetermined stops (near home and near destination).

Municipal free bus (Otan bus)[8]

Operation started on April 2018, 4. Use a school bus vehicle.

  • West bus system
  • East Bus System: AEON MALL Ota- Ryumai StationSouth Exit-BUS Terminal Ota
  • Nagikawa / Torinosato Line (via Morita / Godo area): AEON MALL Ota --Morita Administration Center --Ota Memorial Hospital
  • Hosen / Nitta Line (via Pal Town Josai no Mori): Joyful Honda Nitta Store --Hosen Administration Center --Ota Memorial Hospital

BUS Terminal Long-distance bus route to / from Ota



Main offices

"Subaru"Known by the brand name ofSUBARU OfCastle townFamous as. There are many SUBARU employees and their families, and many companies in the city also use Subaru cars. There are many factories of SUBARU and its affiliated companies in the city.

NEC Gunma, the predecessor of NEC personal computersNEC OfDesktop personal computerと(I.e.Was being developed and produced. The main force isPC-9800 seriesMet. The Michelin Ota site is one of three R & D centers in Europe, the United States, Japan and the world.

More2008May 3ToNorth Kanto Expressway-Kiryu Ota ICとOta Yabutsuka ICHas opened, and factories have expanded around both interchanges.

  • SUBARUGunma Factory (Subaru Town), Gunma Factory Yajima Factory (Shoya Town)
  • Mitsubishi ElectricGunma Works (Iwamatsucho)
  • Sapporo beerGunma Factory (Nitta Kizakicho)
  • Sapporo Beer Gunma Shochu Factory (Seradacho)
  • Hino MotorsNitta Factory (Nitta Hayakawacho)
  • Sawafuji Electric(Nitta Hayakawacho)
  • AGFKanto (Seradacho)
  • KikkomanGunma Factory (Seradacho)
  • MeidenshaOta Office (Nishishinmachi)
  • KOKUYOGunma Factory (Nitta Sorimachicho)
  • Michelin(Uekinocho)
  • Ogihara(Takabayashi Toshimachi)
  • Ichitan(Shindocho)
  • Momentive Performance (former name: GE Toshiba Silicone) Ota Office (Nishishinmachi)
  • NEC Personal Computer (former name: NEC Personal Products) (Nishiyajimacho)
  • TeacherNorth Kanto Logistics Center (Nitta Ocho)

Industrial park

  • Eastern Industrial Park (in Higashishinmachi) (UD Trucks,Sanwa Shutter IndustrySuch)
  • Western Industrial Park (in Nishishinmachi)
  • Ojima Industrial Park (in Seradacho) (Bosch,Sannova)
  • Ojima Daini Industrial Park (inside Seradacho) (Ajinomoto AGF, Kikkoman)
  • Nitta Chubu Industrial Park (Nitta Kizakicho, Nitta Sorimachicho) (KOKUYO, Oji Steel)
  • Nitta Seibu Industrial Park (Nitta Hayakawacho) (Hino Motors, Sawafuji Electric)
  • Yabuzuka Industrial Park (in Ohara Town)


Shopping mall

  • AEON MALL Ota(Former Aeon Ota Shopping Center) (Ishihara Town, opened on December 2003, 15)[9])
  • Power mall ota(Iizukamachi)
  • Nico Mall Nitta(Noi Town, Nitta City)
  • Ota Higashi Shopping Mall (Uekinocho)
  • Shimotajima Shopping Mall (Shimotajima-cho, opened on December 2004, 16)[10])
  • Komaigi Shopping Center (Komaigicho)


  • ionOta store (AEON MALL Otauchi, Ishiharacho)
  • A CorpBrace (Noicho, Nitta City), Nitta Store (Nitta Hayakawacho)
  • Beisia Ojima store (Anyoji Town), Ota Mall store (Power Mall Otauchi, Iizukacho)
  • trial Ota Yura store (Yuracho)
  • Torisen Ota Arai store (Arai Town), Higashi Yajima store (Higashi Yajima Town), Shimotajima store (Shimotajima Town)[11], Josai no Mori store (Josaicho)[12], Ohara store (Ohara Town)[13]
  • Fressey Hosen store (Takaramachi)
  • AvanceYabutsuka store (Obaracho)
  • Coop Gunma Arai store (Arai Town), Yabutsuka store (Ohara Town)
  • YamaguchiOta Niragawa store (Dainogocho)
  • YaokoOta Komaigi store (Komaigicho, opened on April 2007, 19)[14])
  • Berg Ryumai store (Ryumaicho), Ota Uekino store (Uekinocho)[15]

Home center

  • Joyful Honda Nitta store (Noicho, Nitta city)
  • Cainz Home (Ota Mall store (Power Mall Otauchi, Iizukacho)
  • Viva Home Yabutsuka store (Obaracho)
  • KomeriHard and Green Nitta Store (Nitta Kizakicho), Ota Oshima Store (Oshima Town)
  • Nitori Ota store (Minamiyajimacho)

discount store

Consumer electronics store

Movie theater

  • AEON Cinema Ota (AEON MALL Otauchi, Ishiharacho)

Financial institution


Even after the Meiji era, Daikoin Kanayama was crowded with vacationers from all over the world. It was one of the destinations for suburban trains from Tokyo.Kofun periodEastern culture, "Taiheki] OrKenmu's new governmentImpact onTokugawaOrigin ofHikokuro Takayama OfBakumatsu OfAspirantThere are historical facts such as the influence on.

SUBARUCastle townBecause it is, "During Subaru"(Ise shop)[16], "Subaru Sable" (New Tiger)[17] such asSouvenir sweetsThere is.

In recent years, in Ota cityYakisoba shopSince many of them are open, the city's tourist association started selling it as a "yakisoba town".Ota yakisobaKnown as.

Many in the cityHistoric siteThere is a "walking tournament" being held.

Ota City Northern Athletic ParkIn the springMoss phloxBut from autumn to winterilluminationIs seen,North Kanto ExpresswayYou can also see from.

In Yabuzuka-cho in the northwestern part of the city,Japan Snake CenterIs the only one in JapanYamakagashiAgainst the poison ofserumManufactures and stores.

Historic sites / famous places

Historic sites are scattered throughout the city, but the Ojima area is especially called "the birthplace of Mr. Tokugawa".Serada Toshogu ShrineThere are historic sites such as "Ojima Historical Park". Enkiridera Mantokuji is also featured in overseas media as the only two Enkiridera in the world.

Leisure / entertainment district


  • Yabutsuka Onsen(Yabuzuka Town, Yabuzuka Honmachi area)
  • Hot spring facilities
    • Ota Kanayama Onsen / Sleeping Hot Spring (Shimokobayashi Town, Ota Area (Ota Area)AEON MALL OtaAdjacent to))
    • Euland Nitta (Nitta Kanaicho, Nitta area)
    • Ojima / Tone no Yu (Bizenjima-cho, Ojima area)
    • Natural hot spring Yurakubu (Uekinocho, Ota area (former Corona no Yu, in Ota Smile Town))

Special product


  • Ota Moss Phlox Festival (early April-early May) One million moss phlox, one of the largest in eastern Japan, has been planted and is becoming a popular tourist destination.
  • Yassegawa Cherry Blossom Festival (early April)
  • Ota Festival (7rd Saturday and Sunday of July)
  • Nitta Festival (8nd Saturday and Sunday of August)
  • Yabutsuka Festival (8st Saturday of August)
  • Ojima Neputa Festival(July 8th and 14th)
  • Aviation Pageant (Ojimacho area) (November 11)
  • Izumo Shrine Ebisu Lecture (Isasumi Shrine precincts) (November 11th and November 19th)


Held on January 1st every yearAll Japan Business Team Ekiden Competition(New Year Ekiden) is the 354th relay station (4th ward → 4th ward) in front of the main government building of Ota City Hall from Isesaki City via National Route 5, and exits to Kiryu City via the prefectural road Ota Kiryu Line. Take a course.

Sports team


The Board of Education headquarters is located inside the Ojima Government Building.

University/Junior college

Vocational school / others

high school

Compulsory education school

Junior high school

primary school

Universities / junior colleges and vocational schools that once existed

High school that once existed

  • Private Nitta Agricultural High School (Kizakicho, opened in 1948) → Nitta Agricultural High School (closed in 1951)[22]
  • Private Kanayama High School Housekeeper High School (Ota Town, opened in 1948) → Kanayama High School (closed in 1952)[23]

Special school

Training facility

Famous people

Historical figure

Politician / business person


Cultural person






Person with connection

public facility



Radio stations

City appears and related works


"History of Ota City" History Edition, Modern Times (Ota City, 1996)


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  1. ^ The following year, the former Ota City (1963-2005) had a reorganized population of 96,810.
  2. ^ Initially, there was a plan to divide the available area into zones for 300 yen one way.


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