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😷 | 1005 people in Osaka Corona infection killed 50 people, the highest number ever

Photo People in masks walking in front of JR Osaka Station = 7th morning

1005 people in Osaka suffered from corona infection, 50 deaths, the highest number ever

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According to Kadoma City, a cluster (infectious disease group) occurred at a pay nursing home in the city.

Osaka Prefecture announced on the 7th that 1005 people were infected with the new coronavirus and 50 people died, the highest number ever.New infection ... → Continue reading

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Kadoma(Kadoma) isOsaka OfKitakawachiLocated in the areaCity.

OsakaAdjacent to thatBed townTo formSatellite cityAt the same time as one ofOsaka metropolitan areaInUrban employment areaIt is also included in the center of.

There are various theories that the origin of the place name has changed from "Katanuma" and "Kadoma (a word that represents the land in front of the gates of Kadoma / Funadamari, temples and shrines)".Muromachi PeriodUntil the beginning, "Fugenjiso" was used, and at the end of the Muromachi period, the current name was used.Sengoku periodWas called "Kadomaso".


Adjacent local governments


There is a current cityKawachi Plain The20th century BCPreviouslyKawachi BayIt was in the sea called.15th century BCAroundJomon PeriodIn the latter half of the year, part of the land in the city area began to appear, and a periodly life began at the Nishisanso site in the western part of the city.3th century BCBefore and afterYayoi PeriodIn the first half of the year, it became possible to settle down, and at the Furukawa site, there were square girder tombs, and at the Owada site.BronzeHas been confirmed.
Ancient times
8st centuryof"Record of Ancient Matters/Japanese calligraphy"according toEmperor Nintoku Lake KawachiFlow toYodogawaIn order to protect this region around Lake Kawachi from the repeated flood damage (Mamutanosukune),Ibarata TsutsumiWas built.This is the first river embankment in Japan on record and is considered to be a large-scale hydraulic work.Matta Sukune is the ancestor of Mr. Ibarata as the guardian deity of this bankHikoyai no Mikoto(Emperor JimmuMiyano-cho, which is dedicated to the prince)Tsutsumine ShrineIs the origin of.The remains of the Ibarata embankment are left in the precincts.After the completion of the Ibarata embankment, the agricultural land in this region developed rapidly.The Fugenji burial mound was built in the city.In addition, the presentObaiji TempleIn the vicinityIse ShrineServed toSaimiyaIs reported to have stopped by on his way home from Jingu.
中 世
Heian periodIn the latter half, also in KawachiImperial court,Temple,samuraiSuch asManorWas made.Owada Sho, Mabushi Sho, Kishiwada Sho (which still remains as place names), etc.Kawachi eight placesWas run as.
Kamakura Period-Muromachi PeriodBy that time, almost the entire area was cultivated as agricultural land, and the environment as a village was set up, forming an environment close to the present.In the Muromachi periodMuromachi ShogunateThe name "Kadoma" comes out as a place under direct control.
The early modern period
More than 8% of the Edo Shogunate is due to its proximity to Kyo and Osaka and the importance of its location.HeavenIt became.From generation to generationFutami Daimyo OfMr. NagaiRuled over this land.In this era(I.e.In the latter half of the Edo period, it developed as a rich water town village with the inundation of water, and was created as wisdom to survive in lowlands.rapeseed,cottonCultivation,lotus rootCultivation has become active.In the late Edo period,Old house・ The Ibarata family's (Matagunji) and many other wealthy farmersHeihachiro Oshio's RebellionJoined.
Lotus root cultivationIshikawaとOkayamaAs a result of introducing excellent types and making improvements, the name of "Kawachi lotus root" spread all over the country.1910(43th year of Meiji)Keihan trainWith the opening of the city, the city has changed, and efforts have been made to develop it as an industrial city, such as by attracting factories.
1933(Showa 8), Matsushita Electric Appliances Mfg. Co., Ltd. (currently:Panasonic) Built a factory, and after that, the companyCastle townDeveloped as.
1963(Showa 38), the city system was enforced with about 6 people.
High economic growth period OfOsaka metropolitan areaThe population of the city increased rapidly due to the expansion of the city, and the population growth rate of 60% was recorded from 65 to 178.1970It reached about 14 people in their generations.However, this rapid population growth is furtherUrbanizationWhile promoting, it has significantly reduced rural agriculture and various things that have never been experienced before.Urban problemsCaused.Especially in recent years, unemployment and crime have increased due to the hollowing out of industry due to the overseas relocation of factories.Even today, the city is one of the poorest cities in Osaka Prefecture.poverty-finance-crimeI have various problems such as.The city is to remedy these problems1971(Showa 46) Formulated the first comprehensive plan.Since then, we have formulated plans while responding to changes in the times.2010From (22), the XNUMXth comprehensive plan[2]Is being promoted.
The Fifth Comprehensive Plan defines the future city image as "People / Town" Energetic "Experience City Kadoma" against the background of future population decline and transition to a mature society. The content aims to strengthen power, disaster prevention and safety, revitalize industry, etc. through public-private competition, and is working with further soundness of the underlying finances.[3]..The planning period is from 2010 (22) to 2019 (31), and urban development isFurukawabashi Station-Kadomashi StationNorthwestern part of the surrounding area大 和田 駅Northeastern part of the surrounding area,Daini Keihan RoadChubu around the roadside,Kadoma Minami StationIt is mainly held in the southern part of the surrounding area.In particular, the "Happiness Town / Kakiuchi Town / Nakamachi District Town Development" plan in the northwest is an integrated junior high school (Kadoma City Kadoma Hashana Junior High School) ・ Parks, plazas, municipal gymnasiums, etc., are positioned as a new face of the city, proclaiming the development of base districts and the regeneration of public facilities.

Chronological Table

Transition of administrative divisions

Merger talks with Moriguchi City

2005Adjacent to each other (17)MoriguchiIt was discussed to merge with, and the new name is "Moriguchi Kadoma City(There were other candidates for "Matsushita City"),2004In a referendum on the merger in September, the merger virtually disappeared due to the result of the merger partner Moriguchi City (oppositions accounted for 9% of the votes), and the merger council was dissolved (Kadoma City voted). It was not established due to insufficient voter turnout, and the votes were not counted).



First generationTaneo Nakatsuka1963May 81973
2 feeSanjiro Nakata19731985
3 feeTojun19852005
4 fee2005th of February 72016May 6Died while in office
5 feeKazutaka Miyamoto2016th of February 7Incumbent


As a result of administrative and financial reforms such as the reduction of staff and the improvement of the storage rate of the National Health Insurance business, the situation has improved from the one-time crisis, but the increase in livelihood protection costs is conspicuous.

Heisei 24 year
  • Financial capability index 0.69
  • Standard financial scale 265 yen
  • Ordinary account Revenue scale 575 million yen
  • Ordinary account expenditure scale 541 yen
・ Personnel expenses 73 yen
・ Relief expenses (living protection expenses, etc.) 192 yen
・ Public debt costs (repayment of debt) 48 yen
  • Current account ratio 99.7% (109.6% excluding reduced revenue compensation bonds and extraordinary financial measures bonds)
  • Soundness judgment ratio
・ Real deficit ratio 0.0%
・ Consolidated real deficit ratio 1.66% (only recorded in the prefecture)
・ Real debt service ratio 6.9%
・ Future burden ratio 46.2%

Balance of local bonds, etc.

1 Local bonds for ordinary accounts 468 yen
Current amount of local bonds per capita is 36 yen
2 Local bonds for special accounts 458 million yen

Total of local bonds, etc. 927 million yen (consolidated accounting)

Kadoma Citizen's balance of local bonds, etc. 72 yen
Heisei 18 year
  • Financial capability index 0.75
  • Standard financial scale 248 yen
  • Ordinary account Revenue scale 439 million yen
    • Of which, municipal tax (local tax) 187 yen
    • Local allocation tax 50 yen
    • Local bonds 23 million yen
  • Ordinary account expenditure scale 438 yen
    • Personnel expenses 104 yen
    • Relief expenses (living protection expenses, etc.) 135 million yen
    • Public Debt Expenses (Repayment of Debt) 47 million Yen
  • Current account ratio 103.1% Extremely rigid
  • Real debt service ratio 13.0%
  • Local bonds per capita Current amount 34 yen Only local bonds for ordinary accounts
  • Number of employees per 1000 population 6.97 Osaka Prefecture Municipalities Average 7.91
    • Breakdown 880 general employees (including 271 skilled labor workers) 32 educational civil servants (0 firefighters because they belong to a partial-affairs association) Total 912
  • Average monthly salary per city employee 34 yen Numbers that do not include all employee allowances
  • Status of staff salary Average (annual amount for ordinary account) Salary 430 yen Staff allowance 8825 yen Term-end / diligence allowance (private bonus) 119 yen
    • Average staff salary 750 yen 
  • Laspeyres index 97.8
  • Average term-end / diligence allowance payment amount per Kadoma City employee 210 yen (4371)
  • Kadoma City Employee Average retirement allowance 2757 yen (as of April 1, 2007, 4 months)

Balance of local bonds, etc.

1 Local bonds for ordinary accounts 449 yen
2 Local bonds for special accounts 444 million yen
Main breakdown Public sewerage business special account 392 million yen
3 Debt for partial-affairs associations related to 1 million yen
Moriguchi City Kadoma City Fire Fighting Association 2 million yen (debt x burden ratio)
4 Debts related to debt guarantees in the third sector, etc. 47 million yen
Kadoma City Land Development Corporation

Total of local bonds, etc. 945 million yen (consolidated accounting)

  • Kadoma Citizen's balance of local bonds, etc. 72 yen

Wide area office work

public agency


City council

  • Constant number: 20 people[5]
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 1st year)-November 2023th, 5 (4th year of Reiwa)

The parliamentary group composition as of May 2019, 5 is as follows.

Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsAffiliated party
Green wind club5Osaka Restoration Society
Japan Communist Party2Japan Communist Party

Osaka Prefectural Assembly(Kadoma constituency)

  • Fixed number: 1 person (fixed number reduced from the prefectural assembly election in 2015)
  • Term: May 2019, 5-April 1, 2023 (no vote)
  • Seiki Yasue (Osaka Restoration Association)

National election

House of RepresentativesSmall districtThen, Moriguchi City,OsakaTsurumi ku,Asahi kuWith6th Ward of Osaka PrefectureMake up.


Major companies headquartered in Kadoma City

Commercial facility

  • AEON Furukawabashi Station(Suehirocho, former Daiei)
  • DaieiOwada store (Nozatocho / Daiei → Former Sakae → Gourmet City)
  • Kansai SuperKeihan Owada store (commonly known as Teramachi)
  • IzumiyaKadoma store (in Shinbashicho, Kadoma Plaza)
  • lifeKadoma store (Shimagashira 3-chome)

Financial institution

Incidentally,Designated financial institution TheMitsubishi UFJ BankとSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationRotation system.

Japan Post Group

(As of 2012 year 12 month)

  • Kadoma Post Office(Ichibancho) --Collection and delivery station. ★
  • Kadoma Motomachi Post Office (Motomachi)
  • Futashima Post Office (Kuwazai Town = Ginkgo Biloba)
  • Kadoma Okimachi Post Office (Okimachi) ★
  • Kadoma Shimoshima Post Office (Shimoshima Town)
  • Kadoma Miyano Post Office (Miyanocho)
  • Kadoma Sumoto Post Office (Sumotocho)
  • Kadoma Kamisima Post Office (Sengoku Nishimachi = Sengoku Nishimachi) ★
  • Kadoma Shimomabushi Post Office (Ebatacho)
  • Kadoma Kogawabashi Post Office (Kofukucho) ★
  • Kadoma Tokiwa Post Office (Joban Town)
  • Kadoma Shinbashi Post Office (Shinbashi Town) ★
  • Kadoma Tsukide Post Office (Tsukidecho)
  • Osaka Branch Osaka Monorail Kadomashi Station Branch Office (Shinbashicho) (ATM only / Holiday service available)
  • Osaka Branch Keihan Furukawabashi Station Branch Office (Suehirocho) (ATM only / Holiday service available)
ATMs are installed at each other post office, and holiday services are provided at the post offices marked with a star.

* The postal code in Kadoma City is "571-00xx(In charge of collection and delivery at Kadoma Post Office).

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


sister city

International organization


Honorary Consulate-General
  • Malaysia flag In OsakaMalaysiaHonorary Consulate-General



Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 22 census, it decreased by 1.02% to 130,368 people, and the rate of increase / decrease was 43th among 28 municipalities and 72th among 49 administrative districts.

Kadoma City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Kadoma City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Kadoma City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kadoma City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Main facilities


Although it is a city with a population of 10 or more, it is in the cityUniversity(Junior collegeIncluding)private Ofhigh school-Junior high school,Special schoolThere is no.All public elementary and junior high schools are equipped with air conditioners.2013May 4At that point, the earthquake-resistant construction of the entire school has been completed.Also, at all junior high schoolsLunch(Own school cooking method) is being implemented.

primary school

Junior high school

high school

Vocational Development Junior College

Special school

As mentioned earlier, in the citySpecial schoolDoes not exist.


As mentioned earlier, in the cityUniversity(Junior collegeDoes not exist.The population is the largest in a city where there are no universities in Osaka prefecture.[6].

Sports team

Main public facilities, commercial facilities, famous places, historic sites, festivals, geography, etc.

Sights and historic sites

  • Gantokuji Temple(Midocho) --The main hall is designated by the prefecture.Tangible cultural property
  • Obaiji Temple(Doyamacho) --Bodaiji Temple of the Ibarata Family
  • Lifestyle Institute (Kofukucho) --The statue of the principal idol, Holy Kannon
  • Hozoji Temple (Shirogakicho) --The statue of Amida Nyorai, the principal idol
  • One restTomb of Mother Church (daughter) (Mitsushima)
    Once upon a time this placeMr. KusunokiIt is said that it was a territory of (Masumi Kusunoki's retreat).
  • Monument of the Shidehara Brothers (Ichibancho)
    Satoshi Tan-Kijuro ShimeharaAn award monument built on the site of the birthplace of the brothers.The title isYoshida Shigeru.
    The Shidehara family was originallyIwashimizu Hachimangu OfMoneyIt is said that it was a house that built Kadoma Ichiban Village.ShoyaMet.
  • Yoshishi Ako・ Muramatsu Kibeimon monument (Shimoshima Town)
  • Kaoru YasuiBirthplace of the doctor (commonly known as Joshojicho)
  • Tomb of Mori Jusai (Kamijima Town)
  • Kizaemon monument (Kuwazai Town)
  • Former Navy radio transmission station site (Kuwazaishinmachi)
  • Nishisanso Ruins (Kadoma)
  • Hashinamiguchi Ruins (Honmachi)
  • Fugenji Ruins (Kofukucho, Kakiuchicho)
  • Furukawa Ruins (Midocho, Furukawacho)
  • Owada Heritage Site (Joshojicho, Miyanocho, Nozatocho)
  • Mitsushima Ruins (Mitsushima)
  • Sumoto Ruins (Kitasumotocho)


  • Kadoma Festival
  • Kadoma International Film Festival
  • Bentenike Park Spring Carnival
  • Bentenike Park Fureai Thanksgiving
  • Lovely Town Furukawa Bridge
  • Kadoma City Volunteer Festival
  • Kadoma City Kids Carnival


Railway line

The railway lines are unevenly distributed in the north and southwest ends, and there is a railway blank area from the central part to the eastern and southeastern parts.



Famous people

Person with connection


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  11. ^ The descendants lived in the Shingon Dojo in Neyagawa, but at the beginning of the Meiji era, the dojo was abandoned due to the abolition of Buddha, and when the later Shinganji was acquired and relocated to Kadoma, the Bodhisattva monument also moved to this area, so the direct contact is There is no.
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  13. ^ I moved because my guardian and wife lived there.I spent my last years in Kadoma.

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Paid nursing home

Paid nursing homeWhat is (Yuryo Rojin Home)?Elderly Welfare ActAt all times, one or more peopleOld manTo be admitted,Providing services such as long-term careFacility for the purpose ofNursing home)so,Welfare facilities for the elderlyIs not.Installation is a notification system.

The long-term care services provided include bathing, excretion, meal care, and meal provision.It is a system established as a necessary measure to maintain the physical and mental health of the elderly and to stabilize their lives in order to promote the welfare of the elderly.By the way, there is no definition of "old man" under the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly.

The average pay nursing home has about 50 rooms, and a private room with a toilet of about 18 square meters is standard.The bathroom, including the living / dining room and mechanical bath, is shared.In many cases, it is run by a private company, and the lump-sum payment is paid (whole life) with various pricing (millions of yen-tens of millions of yen).RentThere is a method and a whole life building lease method.

2000 OfLong-term care insurance methodSince the enforcement, it has been established one after another by private businesses in various industries other than the long-term care field.2013Currently, 8,499 facilities have been established nationwide.According to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare statistics, there were 2000 facilities in 349 and 2018 in 13,354.[1].


For installation, it is necessary to notify the prefectural governor, the ordinance-designated mayor or the mayor of the core city (Article 29, Paragraph 1).However,Housing for the elderly with servicesAsPrefectures-Ordinance city-Core cityIf you have registered with, no notification is required (Elderly Living LawArticle 23).

So-calledAddress land exceptionIs the subject of.Building Standards LawThere are 12 types due to usage restrictions byRestricted areaOut ofIndustrial areaCan't be built.It can be built in 11 other areas of use.

Definition and transition

1963Was established inElderly Welfare ActAccording to (Act No. 38 of 133), the pay nursing home is legally positioned as a facility for the purpose of accommodating elderly people and providing school lunches and other facilities necessary for daily life. However, notification after the establishment of a pay nursing home was obligatory.At this time, those that always accommodate 10 or more elderly people were subject to notification as a pay nursing home.

After that, there was a problem with the treatment of residents due to the deterioration of the management of pay nursing homes, so in order to make the guidance by the government more effective,1990Part of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly has been amended, and (1) provisions to change the notification of facility installation from the conventional post-notification to advance notification (Article 29, Paragraph 1), and (2) granting the prefectural governor the right to order improvement. Provisions to be made (Article 29, Paragraph 8), (3) Penal provisions for failure to notify the installation (Article 40, Item 3), etc. have been established as new regulations.

However, while the number of pay nursing homes has continued to increase year by year, the number of small facilities claiming that they do not fall under the category of pay nursing homes has increased because they do not "provide meals" themselves.2005In addition, the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly has been amended, and the definition has been revised, such as the abolition of the requirement for the number of residents. It was included.

2015Currently, in Article 29, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly, pay nursing homes are (1) moving in elderly people (so-called "moving-in service"), and (2) "care for bathing, excretion or meals" for the elderly. , "Providing meals", "Housework such as washing and cleaning" or "Health management" (so-called "nursing care services", not necessarily including services under long-term care insurance) It is defined as a facility to provide.In addition, even if a third party provides services such as nursing care under a consignment contract, it falls under the paid nursing home business, but there is no direct consignment relationship between the occupancy service provider and the nursing care service provider. Cases are not excluded uniformly, and service providers such as nursing care services are practically services among all third parties, such as those who have been subcontracted by a person who has made a consignment contract with the occupancy service provider. It is understood that the person who provides the service is included.Regardless of whether or not there is a notification to the prefectural governor, those that are permitted to provide occupancy services and nursing care services are treated as "paid nursing homes" by definition, so even if there is no notification, the prefectural governor, etc. Will receive guidance based on the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly.


Many complaints about pay nursing homes regarding lump-sum payments, quality of long-term care services, etc. have been received at the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.In particular, the aim is to enact the so-called "" law, in which the usage fee is refunded while deducting a certain amount when the contract is canceled due to leaving the office or dying within 90 days after moving in.[2]..However, even if the law is enacted, the problem of protecting the lump-sum payment will still remain if the contract is canceled due to leaving or dying after 90 days.[2].Tokyo UniversityHonorary professorでaccountingExpertsSatoshi DaigoPoints out that lump-sum payments should be protected[2].

Incidentally,2011In the ordinary Diet sessionElderly Welfare ActWas amended, and the "short-term cancellation exception" for pay nursing homes was enacted.[3]..The date of promulgation is the same yearMay 6, Law No. 72.

Types of paid nursing homes

Paid nursing home with long-term care (general type specific facility resident life care)

It is a residential facility for the elderly with services such as long-term care, and even if long-term care is required, you can live in the room of the paid elderly home while using the specified facility resident life care provided by the paid elderly home. It is possible to continue.Nursing care services are to be provided by the staff of pay nursing homes, and pay nursing homes that have not been designated as living care for residents of specific facilities cannot be labeled as having long-term care.

In 2006, a system for disclosing nursing care service information was introduced, and basic information items (self-reported information) and survey information items (objectively confirmed by investigators) for paid nursing homes with nursing care (living care for residents of specific facilities). Information) can be viewed on the Internet.

Paid nursing home for the elderly (living care for residents of specific facilities using external services)

It is a residential facility for the elderly with services such as long-term care, and even if long-term care is required, you can live in the room of the paid elderly home while using the specified facility resident life care provided by the paid elderly home. It is possible to continue.The staff of the pay nursing home will confirm the safety and make plans, and the nursing care service will be provided by the outsourced nursing care service office.Paid elderly homes that have not been designated as long-term care for residents of specific facilities cannot be labeled as having long-term care.

Residential type nursing home for the elderly

It is a residential facility for the elderly with services such as living support, and if nursing care is required, the resident's own choice will be to use the nursing care services such as home-visit nursing care in the area while using the living room of the pay nursing home. It is possible to continue living in Japan.When the degree of long-term care becomes severe, it is said that long-term care insurance costs will be higher than those for living care for residents of specific facilities.

Healthy pay nursing home

It is a residential facility for the elderly with services such as meals, but if nursing care is required, the contract must be canceled and the person must move out.The number is very small nationwide.

Specified paid nursing home

It is a pay nursing home stipulated in Article 29 of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly (1)Medical lawPrescribed in hospitals and welfare law for the elderlyNursing home for the elderly,Special elderly nursing home,Retirement homesOrLong-term care insurance methodStipulate inNursing care health facilityIt is installed in a place adjacent to. (2) Those with a capacity of less than 50 people. (3) Those that meet all the requirements that the usage fee is relatively low and that, in principle, no money other than the usage fee is collected from the resident.Independent administrative agencyWelfare Medical OrganizationIs eligible for financing.

Housing for the elderly with services

As long as it fits the definition of a pay nursing home, it is also treated as a pay nursing home.

Industry group

There are the National Association of Paid Elderly Homes (Arihokyo) as an industry group of paid nursing homes, and the National Association of Homes with Nursing Care (Keihokyo) as an industry group of nursing homes.
The National Association of Paid Elderly Homes is an organization stipulated in Articles XNUMX and XNUMX of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly, and is subject to business designation and restrictions on the use of names. No admission fee or annual membership fee for "Kagayaki Tomo no Kai"[4].. This association also publishes books such as "Standard occupancy contract and standard management rules for pay nursing homes" and "Standard usage contract and commentary for long-term care for residents of specific facilities".[5]..As a business, this association also has a resident fund system for the preservation of rent.[6].
The National Association of Homes with Nursing Care expresses opinions and requests to government agencies such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and holds workshops and seminars specializing in the operation of homes with long-term care.[7].


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  • Miyo Nagaoka "Trap of Nursing Business" Kodansha's New Book, 2015


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