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😷 | [New Corona] Addition of prevention of spread "Why after consecutive holidays" Kanagawa 8 municipalities, sigh from the restaurant business

Photo Kamakura Komachi Street, which was crowded with many tourists during the Golden Week holidays = Kamakura City on the afternoon of the 4th

[New Corona] Addition of prevention of spread "Why after consecutive holidays" Kanagawa 8 municipalities, sigh from the restaurant business

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The Shonan area and the Miura Peninsula were crowded with many tourists during the Golden Week holidays, and some were concerned that "some customers come from" prohibition "areas such as Yokohama."

Newly added on the 2th, when the prefecture decided to expand the target area for the second time over the "priority measures such as prevention of spread" of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading

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Shonan(Shonan) isKanagawaWesternSagami BayIt is a name that refers to the coastal region.EtymologyOnceChugokuExisted inChangsha countryWas inDongting LakeAnd flow into itXiao RiverとXiangjiangAround the confluence ofXiaoxiangBecause it resembled the southern part, it is said that one letter was taken from Xiaoxiang and (Dongting) Hunan to make it Shonan.[1][2]..Currently"Sagami countryOften used to mean "southern".In this case, geographically, of the current Kanagawa prefectureMusashi countryBelonged toKawasaki Cityと横 浜 市Many of them in the former Sagami ProvinceSeishoCalled "Odawara cityIn central and southeastern Kanagawa prefecture, excluding the surrounding areaMiura PeninsulaGeneral municipalities on the northwestern coast (due to local governments and boundaries)Samukawa Town,Ninomiya townAlso included)Miura-gunFrom Hayama TownNaka-gunRefers to Oiso Town and Ninomiya Town.


The beginning of "Shonan"

The first appearance of "Shonan" in domestic literature is "Japanese name], It is Changsha country Shonan prefecture that once existed in China.In Shonan, medieval ChinaZen BuddhismDeveloped and was the center of it.In Japan today, "Shonan" is mainlyKanagawaSagami BayRefers to the coast, but protected Zen BuddhismKamakura Shogunatewas thereKamakuraIs still Zen BuddhismThe Rinzai SchoolandRinzai Buddhist templeLarge ofMotoyamaIsKenchoji Temple,Round TempleIs the location ofKamakura PeriodToDream window solitary stoneIt is also a land that has a very close relationship with Zen Buddhism, which has become the center of Zen Buddhism in Japan.

These ancient temples that originated in the Kamakura period remain in the urban areas and inland areas of Kamakura, but the name Shonan is now evoked by the sunny beaches of Sagami Bay and its prosperity.surfingIt is an image of a sacred place.They were formedPacific WarAfter1961(Showa36 years) August,Kugenuma coastEnjoyed surfing inAtsugi baseBelongingUS Army in JapanThe fact that the pilot taught local youths triggered the spread nationwide, and it was largely called "the birthplace of surfing in Japan." In 1978Southern All StarsBut,Enoshima,Chigasaki"Shonan place name such as"Sinbad without permission』Debuted and expanded the image of Shonan that continues to the present[3].

HeiseiIn the period, Kanagawa Prefecture will utilize the sea as a place for leisure and sports, "Kanagawa Sea Project"[4]Was expanded.This willShonanThe definition of is a name that refers to coastal districts rather than municipalities in Kanagawa Prefecture.Shinshonan / ShotoとSeishoConsists of.

As mentioned above in KamakuraEnoshima,ChigasakiEtc. are rich in name value and tourism resources and have a high ability to attract tourists, and the image formed by the media in the Showa period remains.MeijiMountains and rivers weave back in timeSagami RiverThe main focus was on the landscape of the west, but in the Showa period, "sea," "sun," and "young people" came to be associated with it.

Origin of "Shonan"

There are two origins of the word "Shonan"[5]..One is the Midwestern part of Kanagawa PrefectureRegulatory countryasSagami countryAnd the "phase" is "SanzuiWas added to mean "sho", which means "southern part of Sagami Province".Others are from ChinaChangsha country(CurrentHunan Province) It is named after Shonan prefecture.

Historically, "Shonan" originally flowed through what is now Hunan Province, China.XiangjiangIn the southern part of the country, there used to be Shonan prefecture in Changsha, and in the Middle Ages it was the home of Zen Buddhism.It is thought that "Shonan" in Japan also spread with the influx of Zen Buddhism.[Source required]The Kamakura Shogunate that protected Zen BuddhismHojo Tokune FamilyIs the first in JapanZen templeIt is said that the area around Kamakura, which houses Kenchoji Temple and Engakuji Temple, was named after "Shonan" in China.[*1]..In fact, the monk of EngakujiDream window solitary stonePeople and architecture bearing "Shonan" are scattered around the area.Also,Edo Periodentered in1664AroundMuromachi PeriodMoved from China to JapanChinese peopleDescendants ofOdawaraStay inUiroBecame a merchant (a person named Takayuki) and founded himselfOiso OfShigitatsu-anOn the stone monument built inShonanIt is said that the inscription "Kiyochi" is the origin of the name in the area around Kanagawa Prefecture today.This stone monument is a replica made and is located in the garden of Shigitatsu-an, and the real thing is managed by Oiso Town.[*2].

"Shonan" from the Meiji period to the early Showa period

"Shonan," which was named after Oiso in the Edo period, was used as the name of a political association and merged village in the Meiji period.at that time,Sagami RiverThe west areaShonan..The area east of the Sagami RiverXiangdongorShinshonanIt was the recognition.It is thought that "Shonan" in the Meiji era was limited to the area west of the Sagami River, which has a landscape of mountains and rivers.[*3].

Meiji RestorationWas popular in Western Europe at that timeSea bathingResort areaAlso flowed into Japan, as a suitable resortHayama,Zushi,Kamakura,Fujisawa,Chigasaki,Samukawa,Hiratsuka,Oiso,NinomiyaAttention is paid to the coast of Sagami BayVillaIt becomes the ground and Shonan culture sprout.

1897, In TokyoAkasakaMoved to ZushiTokutomi flowerHowever, the nature of Zushi is described as "National newspaperWill be introduced as "Shonan Toshiyo".Next time1898 OfNew YearからNew Year's EveFor up todiaryAs "Shonan miscellaneous brush"essayCollection "Nature and Life" (1900) Published[*4]To do.With this as a starting point, "Shonan" was originallySagami RiverFrom the west bank, it changes to represent the coastal area of ​​Sagami Bay.

In 1930 (Showa 5) before the Pacific War, Kanagawa Prefecture promoted tourism development.Popular cultureFrom the opposite bank of Enoshima, aiming forOisoStarted designing a road of 16.7 kilometers along the coast. It was completed in 1936 (Showa 11) and was called "Shonan Promenade Road" (""Kanagawa Prefecture Katase Oiso Line"reference).This name is ShonanWide area place nameContributed greatly to the spread of.After the warMiura PeninsulaEastern (Tokyo BaySide)Yokosuka,MiuraExtend fromNational Route 134It became the mother body of the western half, and Route 134 came to be regarded as "the main street of Shonan".[3].

Chronological Table

Before the Edo period

Meiji Era

  • 1891(Meiji 24) July: Arisugawanomiya purchases Martino villa in Hayama and makes it Arisugawanomiya villa.[6]/(Atami Imperial VillalikeSpaThis was the first time in history for a royal family to set up a beach villa (apart from villas in recreational areas).[6].
  • 1892(25th year of Meiji)
  • May: At HayamaKitashirakawanomiyaThe villa starts construction[6](This is the first new construction of a royal beach villa in history).
  • May : Empress EishoStayed at Arisugawamiya Bettei in Hayama[6].
  • 1893(26th year of Meiji)
  • 1894(Meiji 27) February: At HayamaRoyal familyVilla (Hayama Imperial Villa) Completion[6].
  • 1896(Meiji 29) June: Completion of Hayama Imperial Villa South Annex[6].
  • 1897(Meiji 30): Kenjiro Tokutomi moves from Akasaka to Zushi Yanagiya.
  • 1898(Meiji 31): "Shonan Toshiyo" (Kenjiro Tokutomi) is published in "Kokumin Shinbun".
  • 1900(Meiji 33): "Nature and Life" (Kenjiro Tokutomi) including "Shonan Zushi" was published, and Zushi's nature and Sagami Bay as seen from Zushi.Mount FujiIntroducing landscapes such as Western paintings.
  • 1902 (Meiji 35):Enoshima Electric Railway OfFujisawa Station-Katase Station (currentlyEnoshima Station) Opened between.
  • 1910 (Meiji 43): Fujisawa Station of Enoshima Electric Railway-Komachi StationOpening period

Taisho era

Showa period

Heisei period

Range of "Shonan"

The range of "Shonan" is originally the topography, but it is called variously depending on the person and the times, and the range in the administration etc. is as follows.


Administrative district of the prefecture
Weather category
License plate
Estimated populationTotal
(2021 8 年 月 日 1)
Odawara city××○
Minamiashigara city××○
Samukawa Town○○○
Oiso Town○○○
Ninomiya town○○○
Nakai town××○
Oi town××○
Matsuda town××○
Yamakita town××○
Kaisei town××○
Hakone town××○
Yugawara town××○
Manazuru town××○


Hiratsuka City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Samukawa Town, Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town
Great Heisei mergerMerger promotion area of ​​the period[*9][7]
Shonan area: Hiratsuka City, Hadano City, Isehara City, Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town, Nakai Town and its surrounding areas[*10]
Shonan East Area: Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Samukawa Town and its surrounding areas[*11]
oldKamakura Shonan School District[*12]
Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Kamakura City, Samukawa Town

oldKamakura District

CurrentKamakura cityThe whole area,ZushiThe whole area,Hayama TownNorth,横 浜 市Out ofTotsuka ku,Sakae,Izumi kuThe entire area ofSeya-ku,Konan-ku,Kanazawa ku,South wardSome areas ofFujisawaSouthwestern part (Nishitomi, Daigiri, Fujigaoka, Mirokuji, Watauchi, Muraokahigashi, Kawana, Katase, Kataseyama, Katasemejiroyama, Katasekaigan, Enoshima, Oaza Otomi, Kozuka, Miyamae, Takatani, Karasawa), laterZushiThe whole area,Hayama TownNorthSagami countryMiura-gunTransfer to横 浜 市Kanazawa kuSome areas ofMusashi countryKuraki-gunTransferred to.
oldShonan Village
CurrentSagamihara CityGreen DistrictOf which Kokura[*13], Hayamajima[*14]Both districts. "Sagami RiverNamed because it is in the "south" of "", it is far from the current Shonan area.[8].

The main thing that bears "Shonan"


Shonan Village[*15]
Yokosuka,Hayama Town[*16]
Shonan Institute of Technology
Nihon University Shonan Campus
Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
Tama University Shonan Campus
Bunkyo University Shonan Campus
Kanagawa University Shonan Hiratsuka Campus
Tokai University Shonan Campus
Shoin University Shonan Campus
Industrial Management University Shonan Campus
Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan High School
School corporationShonan Gakuen(Kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school)
School corporationShonan Shirayuri Gakuen(Kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school)
Shonan Gakuin High School


Shonan Bellmare(FootballJ LeagueTeam)home town
Hiratsuka City, Fujisawa City,Atsugi, Chigasaki City, Odawara City, Hadano City, Isehara City,Kamakura city,Minamiashigara city, Samukawa Town, Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town,Oi town,Kaisei town,Nakai town,Hakone town,Matsuda town,Manazuru town,Yamakita town,Yugawara town
Shonan Seaside Country Club(ゴ ル フ 場)
Tetsuhide KunimotoAnd Shonan Co., Ltd.[9] OfCrown name
Shonan Pantle,Shonan Adela,Shonan Pandora,Syonan Kampetc.
Shonan Hiratsuka Maruyu Baseball Club(Adult baseballClub team)
Shonan International Marathon
A marathon event held in Shonan.

Transportation / economy

Shonan Monorail - Shonanmachiya Station,Shonan Fukasawa Station,Shonan Enoshima Station
Kamakura City, Fujisawa City
Shonan Electric Railway(Keikyu CorporationOne of the parent companies of
Yokosuka City,Zushi[*17]
Shonan Keikyu BusKeikyu Express BusSubsidiary of
Kamakura City, Zushi CityKamakura Sales Office, Yokosuka CityHoriuchi Sales Office (Partly in Yokohama)
oldShonan Horsecar Railway(laterShonan RailwayThroughShonan orbitWill be)
Hadano City, Nakai Town, Ninomiya Town
Shonan train(Although it is not an official name, it was a nickname for the Shonan Denki Railway train in the early Showa period, and after the warTokaido Main Line OfMedium distance trainNickname.Tokaido Line (JR East)reference)
Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Hiratsuka City, Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town, Odawara City, Manazuru Town, Yugawara Town.The train goes directly to Shizuoka prefecture.
Shonan style
The first Shonan train of the Japanese National Railways (not the area)80 series) Derived from the design of the second production vehicle.StreamlineWith the design of the two front windows, it became a trend in Japanese railway vehicle design from the 2s to the 1950s, and had an unprecedented influence.JR EastFujisawa StationOn homeKioskHowever, in addition to being an almost full-scale replica of the 80 series, vehicles of this design are still active on private railways nationwide as of 2017. The magazine of the same name, first published in 1998, is completely irrelevant[*18][*19].
Shonan color
The common name for the paint color that was first adopted by the first Shonan train (80 series) of the Japanese National Railways, with the area around the window painted orange and the top and bottom painted dark green.This paint color became the standard color for express and suburban trains running on DC electrified sections during the JNR era, and could be widely seen mainly in the areas west of the Kanto Koshinetsu region of Honshu. As of 2018, JR EastGunma-Tochigi-NiigataArea andJR West JapanSanyoSlightly seen in the area,Third sector railway OfShinano RailwayIs adopted as a revival color.The band color of the stainless steel vehicles currently active in the Shonan train area, which is the birthplace, has been changed to a slightly brighter color, but the combination of "orange and green" is still alive.
Shonan[*20](Shonan trainLimited express[*21])
Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Hiratsuka City, Ninomiya Town, Odawara City.
Shonan Shinjuku Line
Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Hiratsuka City, Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town, Odawara City, Zushi City.Kamakura City is the Tokaido Main LineYokosuka LineIn both cases, Zushi City has only the Yokosuka Line system, and the others have only the Tokaido Main Line system.
Shonan Express(Odakyu Enoshima LineTrain types that once existed in Japan)
Yamato City, Fujisawa City (excluding local governments along the Odawara Line)
Shonan number
Yokohama Shonan Road
Fujisawa City (excluding Yokohama City, the starting point)
Shinshonan Bypass
Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City
Shonan Shindo
Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City (Kanagawa Prefectural Road 30 Totsuka Chigasaki Line)
Hiratsuka City, Samukawa Town (Kanagawa Prefectural Road No. 44 Isehara Fujisawa LineSeparate line)
oldShonan Promenade Road
Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Hiratsuka City, Oiso Town
oldShonan Road
Zushi City, Kamakura City, Fujisawa City
Shonan Bridge
Shonan Port
Shonan Shinkin BankHead office
Yokosuka City.This name comes from the former Yokosuka Shinkin Bank annexing the Kamakura Shinkin Bank.

Agricultural products

Developed by Kanagawa PrefectureTomatoSo, you can eat it raw or cooked deliciously.There are two colors, red and gold.
TV Asahi"Rice Japan"[10]But it was picked up.
Shonan Gold
Developed by Kanagawa Prefecturecitrus OfVariety.
Shonan Red
Developed by Kanagawa PrefectureRed onion.
House cultivated in ShonanMandarin orange.

Processed goods

Mandarin orange juice made in Kanagawa prefecture.
Mandarin sorbet made in Kanagawa prefecture.


Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan Kaigan Park
Shonan Park Cemetery Chigasaki Cemetery
Shonan Kamakura General Hospital
Kamakura city
Shonan Hospital
Former Shonan Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Fujisawa-in
Fujisawa City, Yokohama City, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, etc.
Kamakura cityOfuna Stationな ど
oldShonan Waterworks Co., Ltd.
Kamakura City, Fujisawa City
A private water supply that existed until it was acquired by Kanagawa Prefecture in 1933 (Showa 8).

Shonan Heights

 A large-scale development residential area in Kudencho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama.

Sakae Shonan Katsuradai district

 It is a large-scale detached residential area developed from the 40s to the 50s, and consists of the Shonan Katsuradai Neighborhood Association area and the adjacent Neopolis Neighborhood Association area, and the number of plots is about 1,700.

 Inuyama-cho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama, Katsura Taipei, Katsuradai Naka, Katsuradai Nishi XNUMX-chome, Katsuradai Nishi XNUMX-chome, Katsuradai East, Katsuradai Minami XNUMX-chome, Katsuradai Minami XNUMX-chome, etc.[11]

Characteristics of each region

Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Samukawa Town

In the administrative area of ​​the prefecture, it is included in the "Shonan area", and Enoshima andUbajimaThe coastal landscape centered on (Uba Rock) is a typical image of so-called "Shonan".Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan High School,privateShonan Gakuen(幼稚園 - 高等学校)は藤沢市に位置し、EnodenDeveloped in the Taisho era along the railway lineResidential areasIsKugenuma,KataseThere are also relatively large mansions in the area.

However, the northern part is far from the sea and is an industrial and rural area far from the modern image of "Shonan".Geographically and from the atmosphere of the town, it is virtually possible to call it Shonan.Tokaido Main LineIt can be said that it is only in the coastal area south of the university, but the name of the campus, the name of the condominium / apartment, etc.Real estate"Shonan" and "Shonan" in a fairly wide range for strategic reasons.ShinshonanIs applied.

Odakyu Enoshima Line in the northern part of Fujisawa CitySotetsu Izumino Line-Yokohama Municipal Subway OfShonandai StationThere is, to the westKeio UniversityWith Shonan Fujisawa CampusBunkyo UniversityThere is a Shonan campus.Also in the slightly southern RokukaiNihon UniversityThere is a Shonan campus (formerly Fujisawa campus), but both are located in the countryside and hills far from the coast.

In the area that straddles the western part of Fujisawa City and the northern part of Chigasaki City, "Shonan Life TownCalled "New townHowever, it was developed in the northern hills, not in the coastal areas.

The image of Showa's "Shonan" is well established in the general publicYuzo KayamaWas born in Yokohama but raised in Chigasaki, and againSouthern All Stars OfKeisuke KuwataIs from Chigasaki City, and now Chigasaki Beach is also called "Southern Beach".

1940(Showa 15),Fujisawa Town Katase TownWhen Katase-cho called for a merger, a proposal was made to change the city name to "Shonan-shi" as a condition, but it did not come true and there was a history of becoming "Fujisawa-shi" (Katase-cho merged with Fujisawa-shi). Of1947).

1956(Showa 31),Samukawa Town FujisawaとChigasakiAfter the merger, he approached the story of "Shonan City", but it did not come to fruition.

Some areas of Chigasaki and Samukawa on the east side that have been in contact with the Sagami River since the Meiji eraXiangdongWas called. "XiangdongMeans east of the Sagami River, which is likened to the Xiang River[Source required]Is[*22].


In the prefectural administrative area, there are administrative agencies that have jurisdiction over the Shonan area, such as the "Shonan area prefectural government general center", which is a branch office of the prefecture, and the "Shonan automobile inspection registration office" that issues Shonan numbers. It is located in many places and can be said to be the center of the Shonan area from an administrative point of view.Politically merged as "Shonan City"Government-designated cityThe mayor Hiratsuka, who was the leader, was defeated in 2003, and the concept was frustrated.

The coast is not suitable for swimming due to the topographical reasons of sudden deepening, but due to the image strategy of "Shonan", a beach was opened in recent years due to coastal construction.Overlooking Sagami BayShonandairaIs known as a place where you can get a bird's-eye view of the Shonan coast.Night viewBeautiful and on a sunny dayTokyo Sky TreeCan be seen up to.It is famous as a date spot in the Shonan area. Kanto Three Great Tanabata FestivalOne of "Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival"ButMay 7It will be held for 3 days centered on.サ ッ カ ーJ League"Shonan BellmareIs home toHiratsuka StadiumIs.In the western part of the cityTokai UniversityShonan CampusKanagawa UniversityThe Shonan Hiratsuka Campus (formerly Hiratsuka Campus) exists.

Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town

In the prefectural administrative area, it is included in the "Shonan area".Edo Period, Takayuki is in OisoTokaidoOn the stone in the line, "WrittenShonanBecause I carved a word praising the scenic spot as "a clear land"Birthplace of ShonanThe monument is preserved in the Oiso Town Folk Museum in Shiroyama Park.

OisoRitual systembeforeAustralianMaster (Isocho)National constructionAlthough it is an area controlled by, he served the imperial court with the development of a centralized system.MigrantIs thought to have emigrated, such as Mt. Korai and Takaku Jinja, etc.Asia continentSpread the culture fromGoguryeoSome place names are derived from the migrants from.After the Meiji eraIto Hirobumi,Yoshida ShigeruSet up a villa.Ninomiya is a small beach and does not attract tourists, but it has a warm climate and convenient transportation.Yoshiaki TsutsumiThere is also a mansion.

"Shonan" in the Meiji era was "the area west of the Sagami River with a landscape of mountains and rivers", near Oiso and Ninomiya.Shonan Horsecar Railway, Shonan Oiso Hospital in Oiso Town, Shonan Milk Co., Ltd. in Ninomiya Town, etc.[12]Existed.


Included in the "Shonan area" on the prefectural administrative area,IseharaEtc. at the foot of the mountainMt. OoyamaIs called "Shoyama" or "Shodake" in the Edo period.In terms of economy, it is closely related to Hiratsuka City, which has excellent vehicle traffic.Odakyu Odawara Line,National Route 246Tie withAtsugiThe relationship with the central area of ​​the prefecture is deepening.


HadanoIs included in the "Shonan area" in the prefectural administrative district, but is surrounded by mountainsHadano BasinIn and moreOiso HillsIt is separated from the Shonan coastal area, and the cooperation is geographically and economically divided.Therefore, in general, there is almost no treatment of "Shonan".

Odawara city

The prefectural administrative area is not included in the "Shonan area" and connects Oiso and Odawara.Seisho BypassIt is called the "Nishisho area" in Shonan.Odawara City has expanded the city area due to the merger of cities, towns and villages, and the coast of OdawaraSeishoIt is the largest ratio in the region.

It has a strong unique color, including castle towns, and has strong characteristics of resorts and tourist spots that make use of the sea and mountain rivers, but even now, some areas of Odawara City, which are not media or administrative but have a wide range of topography,ShonanMay be recognized as.

Odawara cityKozuThe district is until 29KozuIt was a town.In the Kouzu district of Odawara City, it is connected to Oiso Town and Ninomiya Town, which are said to be Shonan.Oiso HillsThe terrain has "the area west of the Sagami River, which has a landscape of mountains and rivers."During the Meiji era, villas for political and business people were set up mainly in the hills overlooking the sea from Kouzu.As a summer and cold weather areaOhte Shigenobu,Keisuke Otori,Yasuaki Katoetc,Ethnic familyAnd political and business leaders set up villas.Yoshiki TokugawaIs a big bird villa,Saionji public aspirationThere was also human interaction such as staying at Kato villa.Many writers also visited often.In the national railway eraKozu Motive Power Depot Train BaseToShonan trainWas assigned.What is the paint used for this train with orange around the window in green?Shonan colorWas also called.

There are many things in Odawara that bear "Shonan"[*23]did.

Kamakura City, Zushi City, Hayama Town

It is called "Yokosuka Miura area" without being included in "Shonan area" in the prefectural administrative area.The current Zushi city area was in the early Showa periodShonan Electric RailwayIt will be along the railway line. Strong impression of growing up in "Shonan"Yujiro IshiharaHas been living in Zushi since the age of nine. "City of history" and "Imperial residence, Etc., and are called "Kamakura," "Zushi," and "Hayama," respectively, instead of "Shonan."

Yokosuka City, Miura City

It is called "Yokosuka Miura area" without being included in "Shonan area" in the prefectural administrative area.The Sagami Bay side has been called "Shonan" for more than 1000 years, and has prospered as a fishing port under the direct control of the Shogunate since the Kamakura period.Tokyo BayThe nearest station was Zushi Station even before Zushi City was separated from Yokosuka City so as to draw a line from the side.The center of Yokosuka City borders Tokyo Bay instead of Sagami Bay, and does not fall under the basic definition of Shonan, "Sagami Bay coast."Economic activityYokohama Yokosuka Road,Keikyu LineIt has a deep connection with Yokohama, which is connected by.Yokosuka City facing Sagami BayMiuraIn the western part, residential areas and summer resorts that appeal to "Shonan" have been seen in recent years, such as the Akiya coast that borders Hayama across Chojagasaki.Shonantakatori,Shonan Village,Shonan Shinkin Bank, Located in the center of Yokosuka cityShonan Gakuin High SchoolThere are many examples of adopting Shonan for place names and company names, and in the old days there was the Shonan Electric Railway in the early Showa period.Professional baseball teamYokohama Bay Stars(At the time of 2010) The second army team is from 2000 to the end of the 2010 seasonShonan SealexBased in Yokosuka.

Minamiashigara City and Ashigarakami District / Ashigarashimo District

,Ashigarakami District,AshigarashimoIs called "Shonan area" without being included in "Shonan area" in the prefectural administrative area, and is not generally treated as "Shonan", but it is an area to which the "Shonan number" of the automobile registration number mark is applied.

Sagamihara City

It is called the "prefectural central area" without being included in the "Shonan area" in the prefectural administrative area.Both the Kokura district of Shiroyama-cho and Hayamajima of Shiroyama-cho used to beShonan VillageThere was an administrative district called.This occurred in 1889 due to the merger of the former Ogura Village and the former Hayama Island Village, and in 1955 it merged with the former Kawashiri Village and the former Misawa Village to form the former Shiroyama Town and disappear. In 2007, the former Shiroyama Town was incorporated into Sagamihara City along with the former Fujino Town, and continues to this day.The origin of the old village name is "a village on the south side of the Xiang River, named after the Sagami River, which is called the Xiang River by literati."[13]Is.Currently, the name of the elementary school in Kokura, Shiroyama-cho, which was founded in 1906.[14]Keep its name on.

Yamato City, Ebina City, Zama City, Ayase City

Yamato,Ebina,Zama,AyaseIs called "Shonan area" without being included in "Shonan area" in the prefecture administrative area, and although there is almost no treatment of "Shonan" in general, it is a secondary subdivision area "Shonan" application area in the weather forecast area. ..


AtsugiIs not included in the "Shonan area" in the prefectural administrative area and is called the "prefectural central area". Generally, "Shonan" is rarely treated, but it is one of the home towns of Shonan Bellmare.

National Route 134

Extend along the seaNational Route 134Has been featured in various movies, dramas, and songs, and is known as one of the leading drive courses, with many spots that have the image of "Shonan" such as Hayama Imperial Villa, Kamakura High School Mae Station, Enoshima, and Karasuhataiwa.

Merger plan by Shonan / Kamakura area

The merger of Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Hiratsuka City, Chigasaki City, and the surrounding area is one of the "expected mergers" promoted by Kanagawa Prefecture as the Shonan eastern region.[15][*24][16]Introduced.

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  1. ^ There is a theory that this area was as spectacular as the southern part of Xiang River, which is also a scenic spot, and because it is the southern part of Sagami Province, it should be abbreviated as "Sonan". There is also a theory that it is related.
  2. ^ The etymology is also said to be Buddhist.ChugokuShonan region (Dongting LakeSince the region of Hunan) is a region where Buddhist Zen has developed, the characters "Shonan" can be seen in Zen-related classics and events. "Blue Cliff Record"Shonan Conflict Record" andSaihoji Shonan-teietc.
  3. ^ "Shonansha" (based in Oiso)Freedom Civil Rights MovementPolitical association for),Shonan Village(CurrentSagamihara CityShiroyama TownKokura and Hayamajima districts), etc. (Source: "Where is" Shonan "?").
  4. ^ As an example of the nature that Zushi described in this essay, "I hoped from Zushi over Sagami Bay.Mount Fuji,phasebeansMountain range ".
  5. ^ "Kanagawa Prefecture's local agency"Shonan Regional Prefectural Government CenterArea of ​​jurisdiction.
  6. ^ Yokohama regionWeather stationSecondary subdivision of.Yokohama Local Meteorological Observatory List of areas by municipality
  7. ^ Kanto Transport BureauKanagawa Transport BureauThe local agency of "Shonan Motor Inspection Registration OfficeJurisdiction.
  8. ^ The goal was to merge by 2005, but it was blanked out due to the change of chiefs of participating local governments, and it virtually disappeared.
  9. ^ "Area" when promoting the merger of cities, towns and villages in Kanagawa Prefecture.
  10. ^ However, Nakai Town overlaps with the western part of the prefecture.
  11. ^ However, Kamakura City overlaps with the Miura Peninsula area.
  12. ^ Prefectural high schoolSchool district.Kanagawa Prefectural Shonan High SchoolAlso belonged until 1980.This school district was divided into "Kamakura Fujisawa School District" and "Chigasaki School District" by the subdivision of the school district in 1981, and the prefectural high school school district itself was abolished in 2005.However, it remains as a district for district principals' associations and club activities.
  13. ^ "Ogura".The postal code is 220-0115.
  14. ^ "Hayamajima".The postal code is 220-0114.
  15. ^ The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesInternational research bases including training centers for private companies and private companies.
  16. ^ It straddles Yokosuka City and Hayama Town, but its zip code is 240-0107 and it is treated as part of Yokosuka City.
  17. ^ Origin横 浜 市except for.
  18. ^ The content has nothing to do with railroad cars.
  19. ^ After that, a book titled "Railway Shonan Style" was published by the same publisher in 2011, but the content is incomplete with conspicuous typographical errors.
  20. ^ 2021 Year of 3 MonthTimetable revisionPreviouslyShonan liner
  21. ^ Before the timetable revision in March 2021Home liner
  22. ^ In 1883, a money lending company with a wealthy person in the Samukawa / Chigasaki area as an investorXiangdongCompany ”was established. 1925, "Chigasaki-cho, Koza-gunXiangdongIt was also used as the name of "Cultivated Land Consolidation Association" and is now in Chigasaki City.XiangdongIt remains in the name of the bridge, "Bridge". (Source: "Where is'Shonan'?")
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  24. ^ Kamakura City is also listed in the Miura Peninsula area plan.


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