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😷 | Infection spread at bakery factory, new corona in Kyoto announced to a total of 12 people on the night of the 8th

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Infection spread at bakery factory, new corona in Kyoto announced to a total of 12 people on the night of the 8

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A new infection was found at the Yamazaki Baking Kyoto Plant in Uji City, bringing the total number of infected people to 1.

On the 8th, two people infected with the new coronavirus died in Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City, and 2 people from preschoolers to their 90s ... → Continue reading

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Uji city

Uji city(Uji) isKyotoLocated in the south ofCity[5].

Kyoto basinLocated in the southeastern part of[5],Kyoto City,Otsu CityAdjacent to[5].populationIs about 18 people.Next to Kyoto City, in Kyoto PrefectureSecond city.


UNESCOworld HeritageBe accompaniedByodo-in Temple,Ujigami ShrineCultural assets such asUji teaKnown for special products such as.Very big to the westOgura PondThere was,Hideyoshi ToyotomiIt became a reclaimed land, and now it is a farmland, a residential area, and a commercial and industrial area.Commuting rate to Kyoto City is 29.1%(22 census).

Origin of place name




Main mountain


Main river


Main pond


Population distribution of Uji, Kyoto, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Uji City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Uji City (2005)
■Purple-Uji City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Uji City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

1960年代前半から京阪神の住宅都市として脚光を浴び、市内各地で宅地造成が相次いで行われた。これにともない著しい人口増加がはじまり、1979年8月には15万人を、1998年9月には19万人を超えた。市が策定し2011年から実施している「第5次総合計画」では、「第1次総合計画」から盛り込まれている『みどりゆたかな住みたい、住んでよかった都市』という都市像を引き続き基本理念としつつ、国全体で減少傾向と予測される人口動向に対応し、市街化地域を拡大しないほか大幅な人口増加を前提としない(計画終了年度の2021年における設定人口は18万人あまり)など、情勢に即した計画が策定されている[6]..Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 22 census, the population increased by 0.01% to 189,609, and the rate of increase / decrease was 26th among 5 municipalities and 36th among 9 administrative districts.


  • Average age: 42.1 years (2005 census)[7])

Adjacent municipalities/administrative districts

Kyoto Prefecture FlagKyoto
Shiga prefecture flagShiga



Before the Edo period

After the Meiji era

Changes in administrative areas



Successive mayors

Uji cityAfter World War IIBorn and perfectGeneral electionIt is a city that was established after the arrival of the times.Therefore, the mayor of UjielectionFrom the 1stPublic electionMet.ElectionThere is no era.

ChiefThere are many ways to count algebra (history), but in this section, we will explain by adding a and b.In the display column, two types are listed under the names "dai (a)" and "dai (b)". a is an algebra based on the method of counting each time there is an appointment (inauguration fee), and b is an algebra based on the method of not counting consecutive appointments by the same person.Uji City uses method a (other examples:Hachioji City,Hirosaki[1],Hamamatsu city[2]), and many local governments adopt the method of b (example:Mayor of Kyoto[3],Ogaki[4]), A simple comparison without recognizing the difference between a and b is misleading.In addition, there is a method to count the same person as 1 even if there is a return bloom, but at present, Uji City does not apply.

Teens aTeens bNameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Publicly elected mayor
11Heiji Yamazaki[Note 2]1951(Showa26 years) April 41954(Showa 29) January 101 term 4 years not completed.
22Jinshiro Ikemoto(Ikemoto Jinshirou)March 1954, 29 (Showa 11)1958(Showa 33) January 111st term 4 years expired.
33Yoshinobu ShinjoMarch 1958, 33 (Showa 11)1962(Showa 37) January 11The first term has expired for 1 years.
4March 1962, 37 (Showa 11)1966(Showa 41) January 11The first term has expired for 2 years.
5March 1966, 41 (Showa 11)1970(Showa 45) January 11The first term has expired for 3 years.
64Kumao Tagawa(Tagawa Kumao)March 1970, 45 (Showa 11)1974(Showa 49) January 3Not completed the first term and four years (because of illness resignation).
75March 1974, 49 (Showa 4)1976(Showa 51) January 11The first term and four years have not expired (due to sudden death).
86Masao Shimada(Masao Shimada)March 1976, 51 (Showa 12)1980(Showa 55) January 121st term 4 years expired.
97Masao Ikemoto(Masao Ikemoto)March 1980, 55 (Showa 12)1984(Showa 59) January 12The first term has expired for 1 years.
10March 1984, 59 (Showa 12)1988(Showa 63) January 12The first term has expired for 2 years.
11March 1988, 63 (Showa 12)1992(Heisei4 years) April 12The first term has expired for 3 years.
121992 (Heisei 4)/12/191996(8) April 12The first term has expired for 4 years.
138Isamu Kubota1996 (Heisei 8)/12/192000(12) April 12The first term has expired for 1 years.
142000 (Heisei 12)/12/192004(16) April 12The first term has expired for 2 years.
152004 (Heisei 16)/12/192008(20) April 12The first term has expired for 3 years.
162008 (Heisei 20)/12/192012(24) April 12The first term has expired for 4 years.
179Tadashi Yamamoto(Yamamoto However)2012 (Heisei 24)/12/192016(28) April 12The first term has expired for 1 years.
182016 (Heisei 28)/12/19January 2020, 2 (12nd year of Reiwa)Second term.
1910Junko MatsumuraJanuary 2020, 2 (12nd year of Reiwa)Incumbent

municipal office


Discussion on merger and transfer to Kyoto City for the establishment of Uji City

Merged with the current Uji city as much as possibleMunicipalitiesSince all of them were small towns and villages, there was a momentum for the merger from early on.

Uji-cho, Kuse-gun, which will later become the center of the merger1922(Taisho11 years), the countyOkubo VillageAnd passed the merger resolution and the submission of the escalation to the prefectural governor.On the other hand, a similar resolution was passed in Okubo Village, but there was no consensus such as an opposition rally being held in the village, and I did not get the opportunity.[14].1930In (Showa 5), ​​Kuse-gun planned a merger of Uji-cho and Makishima-mura based on the consultation of the prefectural governor, but this did not happen either.On the other hand, it belonged to Uji-gunYamashinaAnd Daigomura1931(Showa 6)Kyoto CityUji Village (later Higashi Uji Town) in the same county was also asked to transfer to Kyoto City, but it was not realized.The countyKasatori VillageWanted to merge with Kyoto City, but did not realize it, so it was directly connected to Uji Village by a road constructed for munitions transportation.1942It merged in (Showa 17) and became Higashiuji Town.[15]

Second World WarLater, as the authority of local governments expanded, the financial burden on education and police became heavier, so the momentum for the merger was boosted and research was conducted from various standpoints.1949(24), the tentative plan issued by the investigation committee consisting of all members of the prefectural assembly says that Makishima village, Ogura village, Okubo village and Higashi Uji town will merge within the framework centered on Uji town. It was a thing, and with this idea, we started to move toward a merger.[16]..In the merger talks, Tsuzuki-gunUjitawara Village-Tahara(Both are currentUjitawara Town), Yodo-juku, Kuse-gun (currently Kyoto City) and the same countySayama Village-Mimaki Village(CurrentKumiyama Town) Or Kuse-gunTerada Village-Kutsugawa Village-Tonosho Village(Both are currentJoyo) Is also being considered[17].

On the other hand, the transfer to Kyoto City is also discussed in this merger talks.In particular, residents in Higashi-Uji-cho, which has the same living area, still have a strong opinion that they will be incorporated into Kyoto City, and in the opinion polls of the prefecture, 88% of all the townspeople, including positive and negative opinions However, the town council was the first to make a resolution for a merger centered on Uji-cho.At the same time, discussions are being held between town officials and Kyoto City and prefectural officials.[18]

In the end, it is possible to contribute to the rationalization of local government management such as financial aspects and to promote the special product "Uji tea" in an integrated manner.[19] Etc. are the decisive factors1951(Showa 26) On March 3, each town and village merged to form Uji City.In addition, discussions on transfer to Kyoto City continued to smolder, such as discussions in the parliament even after the city system came into effect, but a vote of no confidence was submitted to the mayor who raised the transfer, and opposition to the transfer in subsequent elections. The debate ended with the victory of the innovation candidate[20].

Discussion in the Great Heisei Consolidation

Great Heisei mergerIn, discussions were held within the framework of Uji City, Joyo City, Ujitawara Town, and Ide Town.2002(HeiseiAt the merger council established in 14), discussions were held within the framework of the above four cities and towns and Yawata, Kyotanabe, and Kumiyama, but later became the framework of the above four cities and towns.[21][22]..However, because the negotiations were not finalized2007In November (19), the merger council was dissolved.[23]


City council

Uji City Council

Prefectural assembly

Kyoto Prefectural Assembly
  • Constituency: Uji City / Kuse District Constituency
  • Number of people: 5 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 166,065 (153,174 in Uji City,Kumiyama Town12,891 people)[24]
  • Voter turnout: 37.68% (Uji City 37.36%, Kumiyama Town 41.53%)
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Osamu MizutaniThis62Japan Communist Party新14,106 vote
Yukiko FujiyamaThis41LDPNow11,773 vote
Toyohisa OgiwaraThis53LDP新11,225 vote
Hiroshi MuraiThis61KomeitoNow10,947 vote
Mikiko TanakaThis59National Democratic PartyNow10,435 vote
Munemitsu Nishidadrop46Factions新3,209 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Kyoto Prefecture 6st Ward(Uji City,Joyo,Yawata,Kyotanabe City,Kizugawa,Kuse-gun,Tsuzuki-gun,Soraku-gun)Yu AndoLDP3Constituency
Kazunori YamaiIndependent7Proportional revival

National agency

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency

Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Justice

Prosecutor's office

裁判 所



  • Iseda Police Box-Located at 26-5 Nakayama, Iseda-cho.
  • Uji station square police box-Located at 5-9 Uji Satojiri.
  • Okubo Police Box-Located at 118 Nishiura, Hirono-cho.
  • Ogura Police Box-Located at 30-5 Oinoki, Ogura-cho.
  • Kohata Police Box-Located at 33-5 Kohata Minamiyamahata.
  • Nishi Uji Police Box-Located at 153 Kita Yuden, Iseda-cho.
  • Higashi Uji Police Box-Located at 56-2 Gokasho Orisaka.
  • Makishima police box- MakishimachoLocated at 56 8-XNUMX.
  • Rokujizo police box-RokujizoLocated at 72-31 Naramachi.
  • Hirono Police Box-Located in Tongariyama, Hirono-cho.


Fire department
  • Medium Fire Department-Located at 13-2 Uji Shimoi.
  • Makishima Fire Department - MakishimachoLocated at 91-1 Fukemae.
  • West Fire Station ――Located at 10-3 Yuden, Iseda-cho.
  • Iseda Fire Department --- Located at 19-16 Otani, Iseda-cho.
  • Iseda Emergency Branch Office-Located in the Iseda Branch Office.
  • East Fire Department-Located at the southern end of Kohata 5.


MedicalOnly the facilities with high special mention should be listed.

Primary medical area
  • Uji City Holiday Emergency Clinic-Municipal Health and Welfare Facility.Located at 13-2 Uji Shimoi.[25]
  • Uji Tokushukai Hospital - general Hospital..Located at 145 Ishibashi, Makishima-cho.
  • Uji Hospital-General Hospital.Located at 54-2 Shibanohigashi, Gokasho.
  • Uji Takeda Hospital - general Hospital.Located at 36-26, Satojiri, Uji.
  • Tokura Hospital-General Hospital.Located in Uji Yamamoto 27.
  • Rokujizo General Hospital-General Hospital.Located in Rokujizo Naramachi 9.
  • Kyoto Prefectural Rakunan Hospital - Mental hospital..Located in Gokasho Hirookadani 2.
  • Uji Obaku Hospital-Psychiatric Hospital.Located at Gokasho Sanbanwari 32-1.
Wide medical area

Wide area to which Uji City belongsMedical areaIs the Yamashiro Kita Medical Area as a secondary medical area (jurisdiction: Uji City,Joyo,Yawata,Kyotanabe City,Kumiyama Town,Ide Town,Ujitawara Town)[26][27], The tertiary medical area is the Kyoto medical area (jurisdiction is the entire Kyoto prefecture)[27]..Yamashiro Kita Medical Area小 児Emergency medical careAs a system, for those in the Uji city area,Uji Tokushukai Hospital(Uji CityMakishimachoIshibashi 145),Tanabe Central Hospital(Kyotanabe CityTanabechuo 6-1-6), Otokoyama Hospital (YawataOtokoyama Izumi 19) corresponds[25].

post office

  • Uji Post Office --Located in Uji Kageyama 6.The postal code is 611-00xx.
  • Uji Nanryo Post Office
  • Uji Makishima Post Office
  • Uji-Todo Post Office
  • Uji Ogurayama Post Office
  • Uji Okubo Post Office
  • Uji Shinmeimiya Post Office
  • Uji Kohata Post Office
  • Ujibashi Post Office
  • Uji Gokasho Post Office
  • Uji Horiike Post Office
  • Uji Kageda Post Office
  • Kokura Post Office
  • Nitta Post Office
  • Uji Kasatori Simple Post Office
  • Uji Ichiban Post Office
  • Uji Nishiogura Post Office

public facility

  • General Welfare Hall-Located in Uji Biwa 45.
  • Holiday Emergency Clinic-Located at 13-2 Uji Shimoi.
  • Uji City Cultural Center-Located at Oriidai 1-1.A complex facility consisting of a cultural center, a history museum, a central library, and a central public hall.The large hall of the Cultural Center is also equipped with an orchestra pit.There is also a small hall.
  • Higashi Uji Community Center-Located at 36-5 Gokasho Sanbanwari.There is Higashi Uji Library in the hall.
  • Nishi-Ogura Community Welfare Center-Located at 63-1 Yamagiwa, Ogura-cho.There is Nishi Uji Library in the hall.
  • Kohata Community Center-Located at 34-7 Kohata Uchihata.
  • Ogura Community Center-Located at 91 Oguracho Terauchi.
  • Hirono Community Center-Located at 17-403 Terayama, Hirono-cho.
  • Uji City Genji Monogatari Museum --Located at 45-26 in Higashiuchi, Uji. Opened in 1998 (Heisei 10).
  • Byodoin Temple --Located in Uji Renge 116. Opened in 2001 (Heisei 13).
  • Lifelong Learning Center-Located at 45-14 Uji Biwa.
  • Botanical Park ――Located at 25-1 Hachikenyadani, Hironocho.
  • Actpal Uji (General Outdoor Activity Center) --Located in Nishikasatori Tsujidekawanishi 1.
  • Municipal tea room "Taihoan" --- Located at 1-5 Uji Togawa.

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


Partner city


Primary industry

Tea industry

  • Tea industry - Uji tea[29]
    Tea farmland in the city is decreasing due to development, but tea mastersSignatureMany of them are located in the city and are a traditional industry.

Secondary industry


  • toy(Playing cards)・Home game console - Nintendo
    There are three factories in the city, which are used for manufacturing card games, repair service bases for game machines, and storing parts.Even at the Industrial Hall, small-scale products are exhibited together with other local companies.
  • Fiber- Unitika
    Because it can secure abundant water sources of the Uji River and a vast business site1925In December (Taisho 14), the Uji factory of Japan Rayon Co., Ltd. (at that time) was completed.The operation started in February of the following year, mainlyRayon,NylonSuch asChemical fiberManufactured.While shrinking in recent yearspolyesterFilmPlasticIt operates as a factory specializing in manufacturing and is responsible for Unitika's core business.
  • Automobile
    Once in the cityNissan MotorIs a subsidiary ofNissan car bodyThe Kyoto factory was located, but due to the reconstruction plan of the group company1999It was closed in (11).Currently, the automobile-related industry is a subsidiary of the company.Autoworks kyoto,zeroIs located.In addition, there are many Nissan-related facilities such as Nissan Kyoto Automobile College on the continuous site extending to Kumiyama Town.
Main factories based

Tertiary industry


Main commercial facilities

Financial institution

Cooperative financial institution
Agricultural cooperative/Co-op
  • Kyoto Yamashiro Agricultural Cooperative

Major companies based


Mass media

Newspaper company


Radio broadcast

Anime production company

Life base

life line


Power plant
  • Kisenyama Dam --Kansai Electric PowerPumping typeHydropowerFacility.
  • Amagase Dam --The only dam in the main stream of the Yodo River, the Amagase Hydroelectric Power Station of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (approved output 92000kW, constant output 6600kW) is installed.In addition, the Kyoto Prefectural Waterworks that take water from the Amagase Dam will be independently operated at the Uji Water Purification Plant and the Kumiyama Wide Area Pumping Station.Micro hydroIt is carried out.
  • Uji Power Plant --A hydroelectric power plant (approved output 11kW, constant output 32500kW) that takes water from the vicinity of the Nango Wash Dam in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, and uses the water that has passed through the water pipe to generate electricity 29000km.
  • Uji Energy Center - Thermal power generationFacility.


Water and sewerage

Processing facility

Final disposal


Since it is a production center of Uji tea, public elementary and junior high schools carry out regional education associated with it.As part of this, there is a "tea drinking place" where tea is served from the faucet in the school, which is used for food education.[34].



Junior college


Vocational school


high school


Junior high school


primary school


Special school


Research facility



JR, which is also the closest station to the city hallNara LineUji StationIs considered to be the representative station, but in terms of the number of usersKintetsuKyoto LineOkubo StationIs the most.

West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)
Keihan Electric Railway(Keihan)
Kyoto Municipal Subway


Transit Bus

  • Keihan Bus(Rokujizo area only)
  • Kyoto Keihan Bus Generally, it connects each station in the city (including the adjacent Keihan Rokujizo station), Keihan Chushojima station / Yodo station, various parts of the city, adjacent Joyo city, and Ujitawara town.As an example, the frequency of operation is XNUMX lines per hour on the line connecting Keihan Uji Station-JR Uji Station-JR Nitta Station-Kintetsu Okubo Station-Keihan Yodo Station, and the line connecting Kintetsu Okubo Station-Keihan Nakashojima Station, Keihan Uji Station. ~ Kintetsu Okubo Station has another route, XNUMX more per hour
  • Nara Kotsu(Makishima area only)

In addition, in the area near Mukaishima housing complexKintetsu BusIs also available,Mukaijima Station,Takeda StationYou can go to.

Some routes have been reduced due to the spread of private cars.In the past, night trains bound for Tokyo Shinjuku, Kansai Airport, and USJ were also operated.



The western part of the cityNational Route 24As a road that runs north-south and also north-southKyoto Prefectural Road No. 69 Joyo Uji Line There is (the old road of Route 24).Also, in the east and westKeiji BypassIs passing through, and the city is in order from the eastKasatori IC-Uji Higashi IC-Uji Nishi IC-Ogura ICThere is.Keiji BypassSeta Higashi JCTでMeishin ExpresswayToMt. Ooyamazaki JCTOn the Meishin Expressway andKyoto Jukan ExpresswayIn addition to being connected toKumiyama JCTThroughDaini Keihan RoadIs connected to.

National road

Prefectural road

In the cityUji BridgeWas in 646Uji RiverIt is a bridge that is a key point of transportation over the bridge, and at the Ujibashi Nishizume intersection,Kyoto Prefectural Road No. 3-7 No.-15 No.-241 No.-248 No.5 prefectural roads are gathered, and science writersKentaro SatoAccording toPrefectural roadIn his book, he states that it is the largest number of intersections in Japan where routes gather.[35].


Sights and historic sites

In 2013 (Heisei 25), the number of tourists entering Uji City was 3,947,844, which is the second largest in Kyoto Prefecture after Kyoto City, but the amount of tourism consumption is 2 yen, which is the fifth largest in the prefecture.[36].

Main temple
Main shrine

Nearby Tourist Spots

Main tourist destinations
  • [29] - ArtificialNakashuIncludes the two islands "Tower Island" and "Tachibana Island" that make up the "floating island".
Main scenic spots
  • Ujigawa line
Facilities such as museums
  • Uebayashi Memorial Hall


Festivals and events

Main festivals
Main events


サ ッ カ ー


Origin/related celebrities

Legal profession

Works set in Uji City





Of the filmmaker released in 2017Ryo FujiiThe game-like video that promotes the city's sights by the public has attracted a great deal of attention online.Furthermore, in 2019, we aimed to make it a gameCrowdfundingIs done[38]A game for smartphones was released in July 2020.


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注 釈

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  2. ^ Ruby is not given to names whose reading cannot be specified


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  • "History of Uji City 4" --Uji City (1978)

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