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😷 | Mayor of Saitama Notification on the XNUMXth The polling place also has thorough infection control measures

Photo Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

Mayor of Saitama election XNUMXth notification Polling place also thoroughly measures infection

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In addition, alcohol disinfectant solution will be installed at the entrance and exit of the venue, vinyl curtains will be installed on the desks of receptionists and staff who hand over paper, and information boards will be installed to ask for disinfection of hands and hands. They carefully reconfirmed the measures against infectious diseases.

The Mayor of Saitama election due to the expiration of his term will be announced on the XNUMXth, and it is expected that there will be a total of three fighters, including the incumbent and two newcomers. ... → Continue reading

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Saitama Prefecture's TV station, "Tele-Tama, which is good for you," delivers "news that is good for you," such as daily incidents, accidents, and topics of the town.

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