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😷 | What products are useful for online classes?Convenient goods introduction

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What products are useful for online classes?Convenient goods introduction

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The gaming chair is shaped to maintain a "correct posture" with less stress on the body.

Last year's SA semester was the first online class for the majority of students and faculty members, but it was given online ... → Continue reading

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Gaming chair

Gaming chairIt is,GameplaySpecialized inchairGeneric term for.It is a high-back specification that supports the back and shoulders, and is a racing carBucket seatIt features a design based on[1].


Against the backdrop of the stagnation of the automobile market in the 2000s, the United States, which was producing racing seats at that timeDXRACERLaunched the world's first gaming chair in 2006, leveraging its ergonomic design[2].

Since then, the global gaming chair market has expanded with the rise in popularity of eSports.[3], In 2020 in JapanNew Coronavirus Emergency DeclarationGaming chairs have become more popular with the recommendation of teleworking and teleworking.[4].


Gaming chairs are equipped with ergonomic features to help you stay focused and less tiring during extended gameplay.

As a characteristic functionHeadrest, Lumber support,OttomanThere is (footing),RecliningYou can also sleep by.There are two surface materials, polyurethane leather and fabric.

Gaming chairs are suitable for long-term computer work due to their characteristic functions, and office models have also appeared in manufacturers that handle gaming chairs.[5].

On the other hand, we handle office chairsHerman MillerGaming chair fromAaron chairGaming Edition) is now available[6], The clear difference between gaming chairs and office chairs is disappearing.

Although there is no clear definition for each, many gaming chairs have a design reminiscent of F1 and a reclining function because they are derived from racing seats, which is also different from office chairs (even if the back of the office chair is tilted down). There are many locking functions that return to the original when you relax)[4].

Many gaming chairs are cheaper than office chairs, and their affordability is also a factor that has made them popular with a wide range of users.Durability is said to be about 3 to 5 years, depending on the product, frequency of use, environment, etc.[7].

Main products

In Japan, overseas brands AKRacing and DXRACER are popular due to the rise of eSports, but in recent years, cheap Chinese products, mainly online shopping, are increasing.

Domestic manufacturers include Contieaks of Seki Furniture Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka and Bauhutte of Beads Co., Ltd. in Osaka.

Gaming chairs with highly unique designs are also popular overseas, and the number of gaming chair brands is increasing year by year.



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