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😷 | New Corona Expected to have less than XNUMX newly infected people in Miyazaki Prefecture To issue a state of emergency unique to the prefecture


New Corona Expected to be less than XNUMX newly infected people in Miyazaki Prefecture To issue a state of emergency unique to the prefecture

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In addition, Miyazaki Prefecture has decided to hold a countermeasures headquarters meeting from 9:3 pm on the XNUMXth and issue a "prefecture-specific state of emergency" because the infection of the new corona is rapidly spreading in the prefecture.

Miyazaki Prefecture has announced that the number of newly infected people with the new corona is expected to be less than 40.For more information, around 4 pm ... → Continue reading

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"TV Miyazaki" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Miyazaki Prefecture.

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Emergency declaration

Emergency declaration(Hijojitai Sengen) orEmergency declarationWhat is (Kinkyuji Taisengen)?Natural disasters,Infection(Epidemic-Disease)ofPandemic,Nuclear accidentSuch asdisasterAnd戦 争,terrorism,Civil strife,MayhemSuch,Health-life-property-EnvironmentDanger is imminentEmergency(Emergency)Country-Region Of政府(Local governmentEtc.)decreeTo activate a special authority based onpublicIt is to proclaim and declare such a situation in order to call attention to.

About the name

Current,Japanese lawThe basic wording ofEmergency(Emergency)"·"Emergency declarationDespite being unified as "Kinkyuji Taisengen", due to customs from the wording of the provisions of the former Japanese law, "(Kinkyuji Taisengen)" is used in foreign languages.emergency"Or"state of emergency"Emergency situation" and "Emergency declaration" are sometimes used in the media etc. as a Japanese translation of "," etc. It has the same meaning as "statement of emergency".


Measures includePolicemen-軍隊(in Japan's case,SDF)SuchCivil servantMobilization ofPublic financeCondemnation of an emergencycommandPromulgation of government ordinances superior to the law and suspension of constitutional human rights guaranteesWritIn addition to allowing arrests and home searches that do not depend on the media,Freedom of assemblyな どLibertyThere can be restrictions. But,Japan,アイス ランドAnd someCountry ruled by lawThen, there are some cases where the request is almost unenforceable.

in Japan,1954Old until (Showa 29)Police lawAuthority to proclaim a "national emergency" under Article 62Prime MinisterWas given to the currentPolice lawbased onEmergency DeclarationOther than that,Disaster Countermeasures Basic Lawbased onDeclaration of a disaster emergency,New influenza measures special measures lawbased onPandemic influenza etc.And so onPrime MinisterIs announced.

The United States of AmericaThen,PresidentIt is not uncommon to declare a state of emergency, but it is declared when the assets are frozen under the authority of the president as "a threat from foreign countries" (For example, in November 2018, an anti-government demonstration was announced. Central America suppressed by forceEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTo see the turmoil as an American security threat and freeze the assets of those who undermine security and democracyDonald Trump(Proclaimed by the President) and othersterrorism,InfectionIs also declared to correspond to[1].. In the United States, vs. 1979(I.e.Approximately 30 declarations, including asset freezes, are reported to be valid as of February 2019 in US media[1].

FranceThen in 2015Paris terrorist attacksでFrancois HollandeAnnounced by the President and extended until October 2017, 10[2][3].

In a similar situation, “national legislation, judiciary, administrationControlPart or all ofMilitary"Transfer to"Martial"[4].

List of National Emergency Situations

Here, as mentioned above, declarations with names which are almost synonymous with each other, such as "emergency declaration" and "emergency order", are also described.

Before the 20th century

2000 era

2010 era

2020 era

Invocation from outside the nation

Federal systemCountries andDecentralizationIn advanced countries,Local governmentMay be authorized to declare an emergency. Also, although the special law does not come into effect,International organization,armyHas established effective controlArmed organizationMay make a declaration for the purpose of calling attention.

International organization

It is an international organizationFlag of WHO.svg WHOIt is,2005Since then, in response to a large-scale epidemic,Public health emergencies of international concernIs to be declared. The example of activation is "#Notification/designationSee.

Local Government/Local Government


Armed organization

  • Yemen flag Yemen : 2017May, armed organization of the countryFuchsia choleraDeclaration of “emergency situation” based on the seriousness of the epidemic[237].


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注 釈

  1. ^ at that timeThe United KingdomAlthough he was a territory, he had already obtained the autonomy of internal affairs.
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  4. ^ Date of declaration. It will be activated at 9:0 on the XNUMXth of the following day.
  5. ^ As of the beginning of January 1, the scope of the announcement was 8 metropolitan area and 1 prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa).May 1ToTochigi,Aichi,Gifu, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture.afterwardsMay 2Tochigi prefectureMay 2Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture were canceled respectively.[202][203]..The remaining 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa)May 3Until.
  6. ^ As of the beginning of April 4, the scope of the announcement was 25 metropolitan area, 1 prefectures and 2 prefecture (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo).May 5In Aichi and Fukuoka prefecturesMay 5To Hokkaido,Okayama,HiroshimaAlso,May 5ToOkinawaWas also expanded.All periodsMay 6Scheduled up to.


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Related item

外部 リンク


Miyazaki(Miyazaki Ken,British: Miyazaki Prefecture) IsJapan OfKyushu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheMiyazaki City.

Prefectural treePhoenixFrom the climate that is full of tropical atmosphere represented by1960 eraToNichinanCentered on the districtHoneymoonIt was a mecca of. Still in springProfessional baseballSuch asキャンプKnown as the earth.


Miyazaki Prefecture occupies the southeastern tip of Kyushu, and is located between 130°42' to 131°53'E and 31°21' to 32°50'N.


nature Park

Climate temperature and rainfall

OverallDaylight hours-Precipitation amountBoth are high in the whole country, especiallyEbino Plateau,Mt. Shizuka OfPrecipitation amountIs one of Japan's leading. Snowfall and snowfall are rare in the plains, and at the Meteorological Observatory in Miyazaki CityChuxueWhile there are years when is not observed,Kyushu mountain areaThere is a snowy area in JapanSki resortThere is also. At an altitude of 1150mEbino PlateauIs considered to be one of the coldest regions in Kyushu, and on February 1968, 2, it recorded the lowest temperature in the Kyushu region of -26 ° C.[1]. Summer(I.e.The southeasterly wind keeps the weather hot and humid, but because of the sea breeze, it does not become so hot. Rather, the southwesterly wind that blows down the Kyushu mountains increasesrainy seasonThe temperature is higher at the end.Typhoon ginzaBut from summer to autumntyphoonHowever, the damage may spread further because the eastern typhoon often suffers from long-term rain due to the moist eastern winds. The dry westerlies predominate in winter,(I.e.There are many days. Utilizing this warmest climate in the country where winters are high in winter, many sports teams camp and many golfers visit.Miyazaki CitySouth ofHinata NadaThere is a frost-free zone on the coast.

Number of typhoons landing
(By prefecture)
RankingPrefecturesNumber of landings
Average year-round values ​​in Miyazaki prefecture (statistical period: 1971-2000, source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
Northern coastNorthern inlandSouthern coastSouthern inland area
NobeokaHinataTakanabeSaitoTakachihoGokase Town
Misato Town
NishimeraMiyazakiMiyazaki City
Miyazaki City
Nichinan City
KushimaMiyakonojo(I.e.Ebino City
(° C)
Warmest month26.7
Coldest month7.3
Precipitation amount
Most months369.6
Minimum month34.5


There are 4 cities, 9 districts, 6 towns and 14 villages in the four regions of the prefecture north, prefecture west, prefecture west, and prefecture south. In Miyazaki Prefecture, all towns are read as “cho” and all villages are read as “son”. ★ isOfficeThe municipality where the prefectural tax and general affairs office is located.

Prefecture north
Prefecture west
South of the prefecture

Municipalities that have been merged

Great Heisei merger

In the Great Heisei Consolidation, the following cities, towns and villages merged,Minami Naka-gun,Miyazaki-gunDisappeared.

Miyakonojo City, Kobayashi City, and Nichinan City, which were newly established (equal mergers) with neighboring towns and villages in the Great Heisei Consolidation, all inherited the city name, so in Miyazaki Prefecture, the new name was changed in the Great Heisei Consolidation. The city has not been born.In addition to Miyazaki Prefecture, the prefectures where a new name city was not born due to the Great Heisei Consolidation were only mergers and there were no new mergers.OsakaとKanagawaIn addition,Yamagata,TottoriEach prefecture of.


People started living in Miyazaki PrefectureMiddle PaleolithicIt is from about 5 years before the end of. As the remains, the Izuha cave in Hinokage Town, Nishiusuki District and the Ushimuta Ruins in Kawanami Town, Koyu District have been excavated. Stone remains, oblique-axis sharps, and serrated stone tools (estimated approximately 5 years ago) have been excavated.[2].


"Record of Ancient Matters”"Tenshi Masayuki's lottery on the sun in Tsukushi, "FateCountry where (Ninigino Mikoto) landed (Advent of Tensonmythology). Is the grandson of this godYukihiko YamaとYukihiko UmiBattle of (Yukihiko Yama and Yukihiko Umi(Myth), and Yukihiko Yama's grandson, Kamui Yamatoiwareko, made a eastern expedition at Yamato Kashihara Shrine.EmperorFirst EmperorEmperor JimmuBecame (Jinmu ToseiThere are myths such as (Myth) (Hyuga Myth).

Abandoned domain

Abandoned domain

Abandoned DomainInitially (1871),Obi prefecture-Nobeoka-Takanabe Prefecture-Sadohara prefectureWill be established, but due to the merger of prefectures in 1871Bizu Prefecture-MiyakonojoReorganized into. Then, in 1873, Miyazaki Prefecture (the first generation) was established with the territory of the former Hyuga country. Due to prefectural government, it was recognized that it was necessary to set up a prefectural office in the central part of the prefecture.Miyazaki-gunThe prefectural office was moved to Kamepeppu Village (current location). Miyazaki Prefecture was merged with Kagoshima Prefecture on August 1876, 8, and the Miyazaki Prefectural GovernmentBranch officeWas downgraded to.

  • 1873May 1 -Bijin prefecture and the eastern half of Miyakonojo prefecture will be merged, and Miyazaki prefecture will be located in the area of ​​the former Hyuga country. The prefecture name isPrefectural officeAccording to Miyazaki-gun, where
  • 1876May 8 -Miyazaki PrefectureKagoshimaIs merged with, Miyazaki branch office is placed.
  • 1877 - Southwest WarAs a result, the area of ​​Miyazaki prefecture, which was Kagoshima prefecture at the time, becomes a battlefield and is devastated.
    • After the war, Kagoshima PrefectureSatsuma-OsumiPrioritizing regional reconstructionHinataDue to the despise of the reconstruction of the area (Miyazaki prefecture area), the distrust and antipathy of the Hyuga people (Miyazaki prefecture people) towards Kagoshima prefecture broke out, which contributed to the relocation of Miyazaki prefecture (Miken prefecture movement).
  • 1879 --Miyazaki, Naka, Koyu, Usuki, and five counties in various prefectures will be located within the jurisdiction of the Miyazaki branch, and the Miyazaki branch will be abolished.The county offices are located in Kamibefu (the location of the Miyazaki branch office) for Miyazaki and Naka, Takanabe for Koyu, Okatomi (currently Nobeoka City) for Usuki, and Kaminagahan (currently Miyakonojo City) for the prefectures.
  • 1881 -Abolished Koyu-gun government office and integrated it with Miyazaki-gun government office.

Miyazaki prefecture relocation

1883May 5 - Obi ClanSusumu Kawagoe[3] As a result of the prefectural movement by the people[4] Relocation prefectures were recognized by the national government in regions excludingMiyazaki prefecture relocation[5]). In addition, on the same dayToyama-SagaHas also been relocated ("Meiji 16ProclamationNo.15 Toyama Saga Miyazaki Sangata installation"reference).

The prefectural movementSouthwest WarThe former Satsuma clan in Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki branch office was defeated by the former Satsuma clan clanSamuraiIn 1880, when the influence of theTokushima KochiIt becomes active by having separated from. OldSatsuma DomainThe fact that Miyakonojo, which was a territory and was the largest city in the country after the Southwestern War, took the position that "I can not expressly support it, but I do not oppose the movement" is a great impetus for the Prefectural Movement. became.

In 1882, Miyazaki prefecture relocation planKagoshima Prefectural AssemblyIt was submitted to but rejected at this time. After Susumu Kawagoe became the prefectural council chairman, the proposal was submitted again at the prefectural assembly in March 1883 and was approved.[6].

Hinata in the Edo period wasObi Clan-Nobeoka Domain-Takanabe clan-Sadohara Domain-Satsuma Domain) Was separated. For this reason, the consciousness of the residents as "Hyuga Country" has become a little weak, and the prefectural movement from Kagoshima Prefecture to relocate Miyazaki Prefecture was the first time that the Hyuga people (Miyazaki citizens) acted together. It was also an event. Hinata at that time had a lower population density than Satsuma, and it was inconvenient for anything because the prefectural office was far away. In 1881, when the prefectural movement reached its climax, financial pressure became tight,Freedom Civil Rights MovementThere was also the anger that Kagoshima Prefecture's spending on the Miyazaki branch was less than the local tax collected during the booming period.[7].. The Satsuma side, on the other hand, initially opposed the separation, but decided to accept the separation because the separation would be financially advantageous.[8].

After repositioning in Miyazaki prefecture

After World War II


Miyazaki Prefecture and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Miyazaki Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in Miyazaki Prefecture's population
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Prefectural government

Prefecture symbol

For details, see Miyazaki Prefecture official website.[9] See.

Miyazaki Prefecture Chapter
Miyazaki prefecture flag
Established in 80 in commemoration of the 1964th year of Miyazaki Prefecture relocation
Prefecture tree
Based on the citizens' vote in 1966 as part of the "Green Nippon National Campaign"PhoenixWas decided by the prefecture greening promotion committee[9], In 2003National tree planting festivalTo commemorate the eventObi cedar-YamazakuraWas established respectively.
Prefecture flowers
In commemoration of the 80th year of relocation in Miyazaki PrefectureHamayuEstablished in 1964
Prefecture bird
In commemoration of the 80th year of relocation in Miyazaki PrefectureWhite-tailed ploverWas established in 1964. Within the prefectureFutoshiyama・Inhabit Kirishima Mountain.
Miyazaki folk song
The current prefectural song is the second generation, and was established in 2 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the relocation of the prefecture. Lyrics/Yuharu Sakai, CompositionNobuo Iida.
character(Yuru Chara)
On November 2011th 11Miyazaki dog(Miyazaki Ken) has been set. They are named "hii", "muu" and "kaa" respectively. Designed based on Aiko Terashima's work[17].


2012 (24)
  • Financial capability index 0.30 (prefecture average 0.46)
    • E group (financial power index less than 0.300) 12st out of 1 municipalities
  • Standard financial scale 3251 yen
  • Current account ratio 92.9% (prefecture average 94.6%)
  • Future burden ratio 153.8% (prefecture average 210.5%)
  • Real debt service ratio 17.1% (prefecture average 13.7%)
  • Number of employees per population 100,000 1,384.77 (prefectural average 1,110.90)
  • Laspeyres index 105.8 (prefecture average 107.4)

Local bond balance

  • Debt for ordinary account Â¥1 billion
  • Debts of special accounts (public enterprise accounts) other than the above 410 million yen
2011 (23)
  • Fiscal power index 0.30 (47 prefectures average 0.47)
    • 0.3th out of 0.4 municipalities in D group (financial index 12 or more and less than 12)

Main facilities in the prefecture

National politics


House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 3.House of CouncilorsThen, 1 ward is constructed in all prefectures. (As of 2011)

裁判 所

裁判 所
Prosecution examination committee
  • Miyazaki
  • Nobeoka
  • Miyakonojo
Summary court


Ministry of Defense

Economic and industrial

Total prefectural income about 3 trillion yen (16th nationwide) National incomePercentage to 0.77% 2000 survey. In this item, the same shall apply hereinafter), and the per capita income per person is approximately 1 million yen (about 256% of the national average of about 37 million yen, which is about 308% in Japan, and about 83% compared to about 440 million yen, which is the highest in Tokyo). Located in the municipality of income, but the price level is low accordingly[18] Therefore, the living standard is not as low as the income disparity.

Of prefectural incomePrimary industryIs the highest in Japan (5.6%, national average 1.2%).

Primary industry


Japan's leadingAgriculture:It is a prefecture, and according to the 29 statistics, it is the fifth largest agricultural output in Japan.[19].. Take advantage of the warm climate,Rice cultivationInSuper early riceIs famous as a production area ofVegetables-fruitEtc.Forcing,Leaf tobacco-sweet potatoProduction of commercial crops such as Also,Livestock farming TheDairy cow-Beef cattle-Dream Pork-chickenBoasts one of Japan's leading production in all of. Agricultural and livestock products, which were not so well known before, were appointed as governors in 2007.Hideo HigashikuniharaIt is rapidly gaining popularity due to its nationwide mass media exposure.

Spread in the central part of the prefectureMiyazaki PlainIn this area, various vegetables are cultivated using the warm climate blessed with winter sunshine.[20].. From 1953 to 1960vinyl houseBecame popular[21].

Japanese radishIs the third largest planted area in Japan, and is the largest producer of autumn and winter products in Japan.Kiriboshi-Daikon (Dried Daikon Radish Strips)Was made from ancient times, but in 1906,AichiからMiyazaki-gunSumiyoshi Village (currentSumiyoshi Autonomous RegionA full-scale production was started by Hasegawa Yashichi and his colleagues who moved to.TaishoWhen railroads and ports were developed in the timesNorthern KyushuDirection orTokyoIt has also been shipped to other areas. Early production areasMiyazaki CityIt was in the periphery, but later moved to the periphery, and nowKunitomi TownとKiyotake TownIs the main production area. The planted area is over 1,000 hectares, the production volume is 5,500 tons, and the production value is 23 billion yen, which is the best in Japan.[22].

cucumberWas in 1895 in Ueno-cho, Miyazaki (currentlyOdo area autonomous districtCultivation has started. CurrentlyMiyazaki City,West city,Kunitomi Town,Shintomi-cho,Aya TownIs the main production areaOsaka,Tokyo,FukuokaShipped to. The production volume in 2007 was 60,700 tons, and the production value was 185 billion yen.GunmaSecond in Japan, first in winter and spring[23].

green pepper TheShowainitial,KochiFull-scale production started by migrants from Japan and became popular after the 40s[24].. Currently, West City, Miyazaki City, Shintomi Town,Nichinan City, Kunitomi-cho is the main production area and is shipped to Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya. The production volume in 2007 was 29,400 tons and the production value was 110 billion yen.IbarakiSecond in Japan, first in winter and spring[25].


Aburatsu Port,Hososhima PortAnd so onOffshore-Pelagic fisheryIs prosperous and near the seaSkipjackFishing lineTunaLongline-Urumei eagleIs the largest fish catch in Japan, but because it is landed at a fishing port near a large consumption area,Fishing portThe amount of landed fish is small. in recent yearsKagoshimaWith KyushueelIs becoming known for its aquaculture.


It plays a role as a supply base of domestic building materials. It is designated as a prefecture treeObi cedar TheTermiteIt has an anticidal active ingredient and its production amount is the highest in Japan.

Secondary industry

Miyazaki prefecture isOitaWithHigashikyushuDevelop the region as a base for the medical device industryHigashikyushu regional medical industry base plan(Common name: Higashikyushu Medical Valley Concept) has been announced.

Agricultural product processing industry
Distilled spirits, Woodworking furniture,Wine,Dairy productsな ど
Chemical industry
North of the prefectureNobeoka TheAsahi KaseiIt is the birthplace, and from before the warKyushu mountain areaUtilizing the water resources ofHydropowerWe promoted the modernization of industry by utilizing a lot of factories and affiliated companies in the city.Castle townIs formed. Also, in the same prefecture northHyuga CityHososhima PortThere are multiple small-scale production bases in the vicinity.

In recent years, the production volume has been shrinking due to the overseas shift of the manufacturing base of the company, but the company is focusing on the advanced fields of medical and electronics.

In the suburbs of Miyazaki city and Higashi-Moro prefecture, we utilized water resources with high purity and proximity to the airport.semiconductor-PDP-solar panel-MedicineAdvanced industries such as

Tertiary industry


The prefecture's economy is small, and due to circumstances such as transportation, the commercial area is almost limited to one yen in the prefecture,CommercialIt is not out of the realm of.There are no strong local department stores, and customers are seen to flow out to Kagoshima, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka.Also, localsupermarketchainThere is no powerful one,AEON groupThe situation of local commerce for such expansion is extremely severe.

Major companies

List the major companies that have head offices or base offices in the prefecture.

Life and transportation




In Miyazaki cityMiyazaki Bougainvillea AirportIs located. In addition, in northern mountainous areas such as TakachihoAso Kumamoto Airport, In Ebino City, etc.Kagoshima AirportIs closer.

Railway line

TrainJR lineThere are 5 routes, but they are adjacent to the northOitaThere is no ordinary railway other than the JR line (former Japanese National Railways)[Annotation 1]..Until 2007Nobeoka StationからThird sector railway OfTakachiho RailwayTakachiho LineWas diverging.Except for Miyazaki prefecture, there is only one railway company in the prefecture.OkinawaThere is.

The above routes are all sectionsSingle lineAndTokushimaIt is a prefecture with only a single line. However, in Tokushima PrefectureSako Station~Tokushima StationBetweenSingle line parallelSince it is a section, Miyazaki Prefecture is the only prefecture that does not have a double-track section in the narrow sense. Also, the prefecture is longJR KyushuIn the jurisdictionSUGOCA-SuicaRailway system such asIC boarding cardAlthough there was no station where you could board at,2015May 11ThanMiyazaki StationIt is possible to use SUGOCA at 12 stations centered around.Limited express trainMost of the prefecture's railways, includingOne-man drivingIs being carried out.

Past railway lines

Bus operator

A route bus operator with a business base in Miyazaki Prefecture. Almost exclusively for Miyazaki Kotsu.


Miyazaki Prefecture is the most in KyushuRoad improvement rateHas become a low prefecture[27].High standard highwayUtilization rate is 61% (as of March 2013, 3), which is also below the Kyushu average (72%)[28].

Expressways, motorways, general toll roads etc.
Kyushu Transit Expressway
Kagoshima Line: Kyushu Expressway(E3) *Including the overlapping section with Miyazaki Line.
Miyazaki Line: Miyazaki Expressway(E10)
Kyushu crossing motorway
Nobeoka Line: Kyushu Chuo Expressway(E77)
Higashikyushu Expressway(E10/E78)
Higashikyushu Expressway parallel route
Kyushu Chuo Expressway parallel route
Miyazaki East Ring Road(Hitotsuba Road(North Line, South Line (E98))・Hirose Bypass-Haruta Bypass)
Miyazaki Ring Road(Sumiyoshi Road)
Miyakonojo Shibushi Road(Miyakonojo Road-Miyakonojo East Loop Line)
Nobeoka Inter Access Road
General national road

18 in the prefectureGeneral national road, But the routes managed by the country (Designated section) IsNational Route 10-National Route 220There are only two routes. The improvement rate as of April 2, 2012 is 4%. All routes have been paved, but 1% of them are paved[29].. In addition, there is no single national road that is completed only within the prefecture, and there are sections that run outside the prefecture on any route.

Prefectural road

Prefecture is 197Prefectural roadOf which 48 lines areMain local road(Route numbers 1 to 54), 149 routes are general prefectural roads (route numbers 102 to 454)[30]. As of April 2012, 4, the rate of improvement was 1% for major local roads and 71.5% for general prefectural roads. About route nameList of prefectural roads in Miyazaki prefectureSee. Also,Miyazaki Prefectural Road Public CorporationAs a toll road managed byHitotsuba Toll RoadThere is. OnceKokuragahama Toll RoadWas also managed by the company,2013May 5Since the redemption was completed, it was released free of charge.



Important portList of.

Regular service routes

Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
3thEmergency designated hospital(Lifesaving Center)



National public


Junior college


Vocational school
Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school

Mass media

News (Chinese)

Targeting the entire Miyazaki prefectureLocal newspaperMiyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun as the center of the prefecture (Nobeoka and Hinata)Evening paperThe evening daily newspaper has been published.

Yomiuri, Asahi, and Mainichi handle articles in the prefecture in the Miyazaki version.Although the South Japan Newspaper is a local newspaper in Kagoshima Prefecture, it is also sold in the western part of the prefecture (prefectures), and the topics of Miyazaki prefectural government and western part of the prefecture may be treated in the same way as "News in Kagoshima Prefecture".The Nishinippon Shimbun has finished publishing in both Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures on March 2018, 3 (West Japan SportsThe same).

tv set

Miyazaki Prefecture has many broadcasting stations (Heisei New Bureau) Started and the number of channels increased,Broadcast target areaToPrivate broadcasting TheFuji TV seriesIs the main TV Miyazaki (UMK) and TBS affiliated Miyazaki Broadcasting (MRT). A third commercial TV station was planned to be established in the 2s, but it has been abandoned, and there are still no plans or prospects for opening a new station ()See detailed description in another section).

Other prefectures with only two commercial broadcasters (Fukui-Yamanashi), but in these prefecturesCable TV In most areas, broadcasting stations in neighboring prefectures can be viewed by (CATV) or direct reception outside the area. On the other hand, in this prefecture, as will be described later, the penetration rate of cable TV is low for the number of private broadcasters, and reception outside the area is also part of Kabashi prefecture, such as Ebino city, Miyakonojo city, Kushima city, Mitsuko town. Commercial broadcasting targeted for broadcasting[Annotation 2] However, in some areas such as Gokase Town, Kumamoto Prefecture is targeted for broadcasting[31] It is said that there is a relative information disparity in Japan because it is only available for viewing.

Since there are only two commercial stations, the one not being watched may be called "back" or "opposite" when the TV is on.[32].

Miyazaki Prefecture has the lowest penetration rate of cable TV among prefectures with only two commercial stations[33][34] But on the other handSatellite broadcastingHigh subscription rate[35][36].

Video researchBy normal mechanicalAudience ratingIt is one of the prefectures that have not been surveyed.[Annotation 3], As of 2020, surveys are conducted in a diary format four times a year (February, June, October, December) during a specific week.[37].

master stationThere isMt. ShizukaCovers a wide area including outside Miyazaki prefecture (especially the Osumi region of Kagoshima prefecture) because the altitude is 1,119 meters and the transmission conditions are good.[38].

Before July 1960 (NHK Miyazaki Broadcasting Station opened) when an analog TV transmission station was set up in Miyazaki Prefecture, in Miyazaki CityKagoshima stationBefore the opening of the Kagoshima BureauHiroshima stationWas received using ionospheric reflection[39] In addition, there are TV stations in Kumamoto prefecture in Gokase Town and Shiiba Village.[40], A TV station in Ehime prefecture in the Mitate district of Hinokage town[41]Was received.About the situation in Gokase TownGokase Relay StationSee.

Concept of the third private broadcasting station

In 1990, the third commercial broadcast station was assigned (Miyazaki 3ch), and there were about 21 license applications.[42].. Among themNippon TV TheOkinawaHe also set up a broadcasting station installation plan (for Okinawa,Southwest broadcast), butBubble economyDue to the effects of the recession after the collapse and the need to inject funds into satellite broadcasting, by April 1993, "the program will be provided free of charge, but no opening support will be provided and no net compensation will be given." It means that you must search for sponsors yourself.) and abandoned the advance to Miyazaki as a key station.[43][44].Therefore, laterTV AsahiThere was also a plan to use as a key station, but the TV Asahi side showed disappointment,[Source required]The concept of setting up the 3rd station became a form of riding on a reef and the radio wave allocation was canceled on September 2000, 9[45].. The site reserved for the Miyazaki new station will be laterParking LotHas become. The prefecture has taken the position that it is difficult for the administrative body to promote the opening of the third station, leaving it to the intentions of private companies such as broadcasting stations.[46].

Former Governor Higashikunihara alsoManifestThe addition of TV stations was posted on[47] However, this is not necessarily terrestrial commercial broadcasting,Internet tvI also imagined something like[48].. In contrast,Waseda UniversityThe Manifest Institute determines that this manifest is a C rating that is "very late or policy change" (minimum of three grades A, B, and C).[49].

Digital terrestrial broadcasting

Digital terrestrial broadcastingStarted its main broadcasting in December 2006 from the parent station of Kuwatsukayama, and by the opening of the Iino/Mayuki relay station in July 12, all cities were able to receive Nishimura Yoshimura (nearly all areas co-received) by October 2008. Direct reception is possible in all municipalities except[50].. It can be viewed outside Miyazaki Prefecture as well as in analog broadcasting, especially in the Osumi region of Kagoshima Prefecture.

TV station transmitter

TV stations in Miyazaki PrefectureMt. ShizukaA transmitting station has been set up as a parent station, covering more than 7% of the prefecture. In areas where it is difficult to receive radio waves from Mt.Relay station(Category: Broadcasting station in Miyazaki prefecture(See) is installed,Transmission outputThe relay stations are classified according to importance and importance. Other than plan bureau[Annotation 4] The local government bears part of the construction cost.Miyazaki methodI call it. It can be received directly in part of the mountainous area (described later). In areas where there is no relay station, joint reception equipment is installed in each area, and especially in Nishimura village, the joint reception equipment is used in almost all areas.

Plan bureau[Annotation 5] The relay station called is basically installed by each broadcasting station because it is expected that the coverage area will greatly expand due to the installation of the relay station (some terrestrial digital broadcasting will be partly co-constructed). In Miyazaki prefectureNobeoka-Takachiho-Kushima-Iino(Ebino City) applies, and depending on the broadcasting stationHinata-Qingdao-HinokageWill also be added.

Micro stationRefers to relay stations with analog broadcast transmission output of 10 W or less and 0.5 W or more, and covers hundreds of households in difficult-to-view areas. HinataMasayukiWas originally a relay station classified as a small station, but in terrestrial digital broadcastingImportant relay stationAnd was treated almost the same as a large-scale relay station.

Mini satellite stationRefers to a relay station with a transmission output of 0.1 W in analog broadcasting, and covers dozens of households.In Miyazaki prefectureBibizuIt was first installed in, and then about 20 relay stations were installed.Some relay stations are not installed in terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Miyazaki method

The Miyazaki system of the TV station means that the beneficiary local municipality bears a part of the installation cost of the relay station.

As a private broadcasting station, the coverage rate of the prefecture was almost 100% only by setting up a plan station, so installing a relay station in the mountain area could not be expected to be cost-effective. This was the direction of installation because in 1973 the local government of the Irigo district (currently Misato Town, Toga Town, Hyuga City, Morozuka Village, Shiiba Village) requested the broadcasting station to bear part of the installation cost. .. ThisEntering the country-Hinata Saigo-Togo(FY1973),North Morotsuka-South Morotsuka-ShiibaA relay station was set up in (1974).Since then, this method has basically been adopted for relay stations installed in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Cable TV

In MiyazakiCable TVIs the main purpose of correcting information disparity (replenishment of missing affiliated stations)[51].

Digital terrestrial broadcasting OfRebroadcast outside the areaIt is,Cable media,BTV,Miyazaki Cable TV,QTnetIt is implemented as a service by each of the four companies. In other cable TV stations, the TV service in the prefecture is treated as "own channel service" (NHK Miyazaki General E-tele,UMK TV Miyazaki,MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting) Only, the rebroadcast outside the area is in the form of receiving services from the above four companies.

Broadcasting station nameservice areaRebroadcast outside the areaRemarks
Cable mediaNobeoka City, Hyuga City, Kadogawa Town
Tsuno Town, Kawaminami Town
KKT Kumamoto Kenmin Television
KAB Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting
Former TV network Nobeoka.Nickname is "Wai Wai TV".Set top box (STB) required[52].. Takachiho-cho, Hinokage-cho, and Misato-cho, which will be described later, are also included in the area.
Takachiho Town Optical Cable NetworkTakachihoA cable TV station using optical fibers was established in June 2011 for all households in Takachiho[53][54].. As a "channel lease", Cable Media Wai Wai will provide services excluding prefectural terrestrial broadcasting (including Kumamoto prefectural TV and Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting).
Hinokage Cable NetworkHinokage TownThe abbreviation is "HCN".A cable TV station using optical fibers was set up in May 2011 through the "Hinokage Cable Network Development Project" for all households in Hinokage Town.[55][56][57].. As a "channel lease", Cable Media Wai Wai will provide services excluding prefectural terrestrial broadcasting (including Kumamoto prefectural TV and Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting).
Misato Town Cable TV NetworkMisato TownNickname is "Kirara Bijon".The predecessor of a village-run cable TV station by the former Kitago Village (Kitago Ward)[58].. In 2010, the area was expanded to the entire area of ​​Misato Town (Saigo Ward and Nangou Ward).Terrestrial broadcasting in Miyazaki PrefectureBS digital broadcastingIs Misato Town, Kumamoto Commercial Broadcasting 2 WavesCS digital broadcastingIs optionally implemented by Cable Media Wai Wai[59].
Miyazaki Cable TVMiyazaki City, West City, Kunitomi Town
Aya Town, Takanabe Town, Shintomi Town
KYT Kagoshima Yomiuri TV
KKB Kagoshima Broadcasting
The abbreviation is "MCN".QTnet Co., Ltd.It has a business alliance with Telecommunication, and offers "MCN TV with BBIQ", which offers a discount on monthly charges when using some services of both companies at the same time.A set-top box (STB) is required.
BBIQ Optical TVMiyazaki CityCable TV developed by QTnet Co., Ltd. (Optical broadcasting)service.2018May 1Than,Miyazaki CityService started in BBIQ Hikari Internet service area[60]..Regarding terrestrial broadcasting, initially only XNUMX channels in the prefecture (NHK General / E-Tele, UMK, MRT) were provided, but2020May 7Kagoshima Broadcasting (KKB) and Kagoshima Yomiuri TV (KYT) are now available[61][62].. STB is required to watch KKB and KYT.
BTVWest BureauTakaharu Town, Kobayashi City (Nojiri Town)Former Miyakonojo cable TV. "BTV cable TVIt is also familiar with the name.The Miyakonojo Bureau, Nichinan Bureau, and West Bureaus are set up in the prefecture.Miyakonojo Bureau is all commercial broadcasters in Kagoshima Prefecture (MBC South Japan Broadcasting Corporation-KTS Kagoshima TV・KKB Kagoshima Broadcasting/KYT Kagoshima Yoritsu Television) is retransmitted, but only 2 stations (KKB Kagoshima Broadcasting/KYT Kagoshima Yoritsu Television) are retransmitted for Nichinan and Nishi various stations.[Annotation 6].. STB not required (only available on TVs that support terrestrial digital broadcasting)[63]..Takazaki-cho, Miyakonojo City is handled by both the Miyakonojo Bureau and the West Bureaus.[Annotation 7].
Nichinan stationNichinan City
Miyakonojo BureauMiyakonojo City
Miki Town
KagoshimaZuo city(Zabe Town)
KYT Kagoshima Yomiuri TV
KKB Kagoshima Broadcasting
KTS Kagoshima TV
MBC South Japan Broadcasting Corporation
ShiibaNoneNickname is "Kate-ri Net".Installed in April 2010 using optical fiber as a measure against viewing difficulties due to digitalization of terrestrial broadcasting[64]..For all households.Out-of-area rebroadcasting has not been carried out, but Kumamoto wave will be retransmitted in the future.[65][66].
MorozukaNickname is "Morozuka Hikari Net".Installed in April 2011 for all households in Morotsuka Village[67].. No rebroadcast outside the area at the installation stage[68].
Exterior of the station building


Community FM station in MiyazakiMiyazaki City FM (City FM77) was closed, but it was closed on October 2005, 10.

Radio conditions are not so bad compared to television, especially FM Miyazaki was opened in December 1984 (12rd in Kyushu, 3th out of 53 stations in all national FM), which was relatively early. However, regarding MRT radio, there was no movement of opening even though radio waves were assigned to Miyazaki,Minaminihonhoso(MBC, broadcasting station in Kagoshima prefecture) was planning to set up a relay station in Miyazaki, but it has been opened for the purpose of blocking this.[69].

MRT Radio and JOY FMradikoRegional restrictions with Miyazaki Prefecture only[70] Although there is, it is also possible to listen on the Internet.Sunshine FM and City FM Miyakonojo's own programs can be listened to on the Internet all over the world (the former isSimulRadio, The latter is a smartphone applicationFM ++"via).

Depending on the area, radio stations in neighboring prefectures may also be able to receive. As an example,Kumamoto Broadcasting[71] Officially covers the area of ​​Takachiho and Ebino.

Also, radio broadcasting can be heard outside the prefecture as well as TV, and MRT radio is available in Nanyo southern part of Ehime prefecture, southwestern part of Kochi prefecture, Kuma district of Kumamoto prefecture, southern part of Oita prefecture, Osumi peninsula of Kagoshima prefecture.[72], FM Miyazaki officially covers the southwest area of ​​Kochi Prefecture, the entire Osumi Peninsula of Kagoshima Prefecture, the coast of Kinko Bay (Kagoshima City/Ibusuki City/Kirishima City/Aira City), Tanegashima/Yakushima etc.[73].. In KagoshimaLocal newspaper-Minami Nihon ShimbunIn the MRT radio and FM Miyazaki program section is posted.


Prefectural character

As a word that represents a typical male in Miyazaki prefecture,With potato", as a word for womenHyuga pumpkinThere is. The former means "a wooden sword made from potatoes," which means that it looks good, but it is a person without a core, and the latter means that it looks black and small, but its taste is solid. AndFolk song(However, it is based on recent works).

In the first place, "Prefectural character”StereotypeAlthough there are many exceptions, Miyazaki prefecture historically lacked unity before the Meiji era, and the climate also varies considerably from region to region (for example, the image of warm in winter). Is not applicable in the western part of the prefecture), so many cases do not apply to a single image.

"Hyuga time"

Hyuga time means that people in Miyazaki are good or bad,TimeA word that is loose but generous. Refers to the gap between individuals in their time settings, such as when someone leaves home at the scheduled time of the meeting. Due to this habit, we may set the meeting time earlier by anticipating time lag. In addition, similar examples are from Minamishikoku, Kagoshima, Okinawa, etc.The Pacific OceanWidely seen on the side.


In most parts of Miyazaki prefectureToyoichi dialectare categorizedMiyazaki dialectIs said, but in the prefectures that were once the Satsuma domain,Satsumi dialectare categorizedVarious prefecturesIs spoken.2007 - 11Served as prefectural governorHideo Higashikunihara"Dogenkasentoikan", which he said in the first parliament, became a buzzword, but this is a Morokata dialect, and if it is corrected to Miyazaki dialect, it becomes "Dogenkasentoikan".Higashikokuhara and other prefectures have different surnames from other prefectures, and since the origin of Higashikokuhara is Miyakonojo City, which is adjacent to Kagoshima Prefecture, "Donge Kasentoikan" is more common in Miyazaki Prefecture as a whole.

Food culture:

local cuisine
Local gourmet

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Authentic Oshima pongee (textile,1975)
  • Miyakonojo bow (bamboo work,1994)
Traditional crafts


Sports team

サ ッ カ ー

Regular sports events

Beach volleyball
  • March:PhitenJBV Tour Kirishima Sake Brewing Open (Miyazaki Kirishima Factory Garden)-(Miyakonojo City)
Wheelchair marathon
  • November: Nichinan Wheelchair Marathon-(Nichinan City)
  • July: Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon-(Miyazaki City)
  • Miyazaki Challenge Match-(Miyazaki City)

Past sporting events

Acceptance record of sports camps and training camps

年度Number of groupsThe number of participantsTotal number of participantsMajor spring professional sports camps
Domestic South KoreaChugoku
2005 Year[74]898 groups22,103136,594Japan national football team
5 professional baseball teams out of 12 teams
J1 9 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 4 teams / 13 teams in total
K League 1 team/ 14 teams in total-
2006 Year[75]933 groups22,362151,8945 professional baseball teams out of 12 teams
J1 9 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 6 teams / 13 teams in total
2 professional baseball teams out of 8
K League 1 team/ 14 teams in total
Professional soccer 1 team
2007 Year1,041 groups27,335162,148UnknownUnknownUnknown
2008 Year[76]1,122 groups27,281160,858WBC Japan National Team
5 professional baseball teams out of 12 teams
J1 9 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 9 teams / 18 teams in total
2 professional baseball teams out of 8-
2009 Year[77]1,129 groups30,513162,7675 professional baseball teams out of 12 teams
J1 11 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 7 teams / 19 teams in total
2 professional baseball teams out of 8
K League 1 team/ 14 teams in total
Professional soccer 1 team
2010 Year[78]1,040 groups24,424155,3695 professional baseball teams out of 12
J1 9 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 5 teams / 20 teams in total
2 professional baseball teams out of 8
K League 1 team/ 14 teams in total
2011 Year[79]1,115 groups27,951166,4925 professional baseball teams out of 12
J1 10 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 13 teams / 22 teams in total
K League 2 team/ 14 teams in total-
2012 Year[80]1,241 groups30,540168,017WBC Japan National Team
5 professional baseball teams out of 12
J1 10 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 9 teams / 22 teams in total
1 professional baseball teams out of 9
K League 1 team/ 14 teams in total
2013 Year[81]1,211 groups29,738173,6335 professional baseball teams out of 12
J1 12 teams / 18 teams in total
J2 7 teams / 22 teams in total
J3 1 teams / 12 teams in total
1 professional baseball teams out of 9-


In the 1960s, it was nationwide famous as a mecca for honeymooners,MiyazakiAs a contribution to the local economy, but it is sluggish because it cannot respond to changes in Japanese values ​​regarding leisure and tourism. In addition, so-called "tropical atmosphere" was for sale in tourism in this prefecture, but in 1972Okinawa returnAfter that, in the same imageOkinawaConflict with the prefectureOkinawa Promotion Special Measures ActBased on taxation[82][83] As a result, the competitiveness of the prefecture declined relatively. Furthermore, since the 1990s, it has become cheap due to the strong yen and deregulation.TravelingThere is also competition with. Until the end of the 1990s, we survived these adverse conditions due to the expansion of personal consumption.IT bubbleIt was a large resort facility in the prefecture in the early 2000s,Seagaia Corporate rehabilitation lawIn addition to applying for the application, it was the largest transport company in the prefecture and a leader in tourism Miyazaki.Miyazaki Transportation Industrial Revitalization OrganizationI was asked for help.

It is also a powerful tourist resourceSpaAbout the neighboring prefectureOita-Kumamoto-KagoshimaUnlike Japan, this prefecture is western JapanVolcanic beltVolcano front[84] Being on the eastern side, it is not so blessed with volcanic hot springs.

Within the prefectureNational treasureThere is no (the gold bronze harness found in the Saitobaru burial mound from Hyuga, which is an item from the prefectureTokyo OfGoto Museum of ArtIt is held in).2018Prefectures that currently have no national treasureTokushimaAnd this prefecture only.

As a key to reviving the tourism industry,Professional baseball(巨人-Hiroshima-Softbank-Seibu-Oryx-Tokyo Yakult (farms only)-Rakuten (farms only)7 teams)Camping groundIn addition to sponsoring tours and golf plans including accommodation, neighboring countries ( South Korea-Chugoku-Taiwan) To cultivate customers. The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in 2019 was 166,042, with the highest number of nationalities being 49,236 in Hong Kong, 41,663 in Taiwan, followed by 36,104 in South Korea.[85].

Miyazaki PrefecturesurfingIt is the southernmost prefecture in Japan, which is blessed with a coastal area that is well suited to[Annotation 8].. This means that the major domestic surfing competition starts from the international competition (WQS 5-star rank) in this prefecture in May,Japan Surfing FederationThis can be seen from the fact that the number of cooperating surf shops is the largest in Kyushu. However, since surfing is a leisure time that does not use special facilities (using the natural sea),tourismFor some, there is a view that economic effects other than accommodation and minimum food and drink costs are weak.[Source required].

Important traditional buildings preservation area

In Miyazaki prefectureImportant traditional buildings preservation areaAre selected in 3 locations.

Works set in Miyazaki Prefecture




Special effects
  • Ultraman Taro(1973-1974 TBS)
    • Episode 12 "Monster alone trip"-(Miyazaki City, Hyuga City, Ebino City)
    • Episode 13: "The cavities of monsters hurt!"-(Miyazaki City, Hyuga City, Ebino City)


TV drama

Serial drama
  • Tamayura(1965-1966 NHK)-(Miyazaki City, Nichinan City)
  • Tokyo Security Command The Guardman(1965-1971 TBS)-(Miyazaki City)
  • Key hunter(1968-1973 TBS)
    • Episode 105: The World Murderer's Troupe of the South (April 1970, 4)
    • Episode 107: Great Tracking to the Sun and the Green Country (April 1970, 4)
    • Episode 174: "The bride in black robe: serial murder in a tropical country" (July 1971, 7)
    • Episode 178: "Nude to the South Country with Nude Wedding" (August 1971, 8)
    • Episode 183: Kyu-chan's Spy Operation (October 1971, 10)
  • Like flying(1990 NHKTaiga drama)
  • Wakaba(2004 NHK)-(Nichinan City/West City/Takanabe Town)
  • Sand bowl(2004 TBS)-(Nichinan City, Kushima City)
  • Dangerous aneki(2005 Fuji Television Network, Inc)-(Miyazaki City, Miyakonojo City, Nichinan City)
  • Ryoma-den(2010 NHK Taiga Drama)-(Takachihoho)
Single-shot drama
Korean drama
  • Wedding (2005 KBS)-(Miyazaki City, Nichinan City)
  • Snow Flower (2006 SBS)-(Miyazaki City, Nichinan City, Aya Town)
Taiwanese drama
  • Night Market Life (2009-2011 FTV)-(Miyazaki City, Nichinan City, Kushima City, Takachiho Town)


Japanese movie
Korean movie
  • Black Narcissus (2001)-(Miyazaki City, Nichinan City, Aya Town, Takachiho Town)
British movie

TV commercial

Japanese commercial
  • 1996: Yamada apiary-(Tonomachi: next to grass ski resort near Tono winery)
  • 1996: Appeared in "JAL in-flight video" of Japan Airlines (Yasuhiko Akasaka,Yuko Hamaya)-(Aya Town: Aya Town, Teruba Forest, Craft Castle, etc.)
  • 1996: Japan Coca-Cola "Soukenbicha"-(Aya Town: Kawanaka Nature Park)
  • 1997: Japan Coca-Cola "Soukenbicha"-(Aya Town: Kawanaka Nature Park)
  • 1998: Powermax-(Ayamachi: Ayanangawa)
  • 2001: Asahi drink "Umcha"-(Nichinan City: Aburatsu)
  • 2002: Lotto 6 Information (Misato Town: Nango Ward)
  • 2002: Suntory "Mortu"-(Aya Town: Upper Ayagawa)
  • 2003: Nissan Motor Vehicle Promotion VTR-(Kushima City: Kojima)
  • 2003: Appeared in NTT Docomo Kyushu (Takashi Yamanaka)-(Kobayashi City: Livestock Improvement Center, Miyazaki Ranch, etc.)
  • 2003: Suntory "Chinese green tea" appearance (Mizuno Maki)-(Miyakonojo: Sekinotaki)
  • 2004: Nestle "Nescafe"-(Miyakonojo: Sekinoo Town)
  • 2005: Ken Noda appearance (Chiyoko Shimakura)-(Nichinan City: Samurai Residence Street in Obi)
  • 2005: Asahi Drink "Mitsuya Cider"-(Nichinan City: Obi Inari Shrine)
  • 2005: ITO EN "Oi Ocha"-(Takachiho Town: Takachiho Gorge)
  • 2006: ANA Sky Vision-(Ebino City: The Statue of the Field in Ebino City)
  • 2006: NTT DoCoMo Kyushu-(Nichinan City: Hosoda Elementary School, Nichinan City, Mukohara River Park, etc.)
  • 2006: Suntory Premier Beer-(Nichinan City: Hattori-tei/Futomi Beach)
  • 2006: Yamagataya year-end gift-(Ebino City: Ebino Kogen Picnic Square)
  • 2006: Sanyo Pachinko-(Ebino City: Inudomesankyo)
  • 2006: Daikin Industries "Uruto Sarara"-(Miyakonojo City: Sekinoo Park)
  • 2006: Lotto 6-(Miyazaki City: Miyazaki Prefectural Office Kusunoki Tree)
  • 2007: Shionogi Pharmaceutical (Miyazaki City: Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park, Heiwadai Park, Rinkai Park, etc., Nichinan City: Todo Beach)
  • 2007: Nissan CUBE "Fawn Edition"-(Ebino City: near Izumi Kannon, Takahara Town: Ojihara Furusato Forest Road)
  • 2010: Appearance of Kirin “Kirin Ichiban Shibori” (Nanako Matsushima)-(Miyazaki City: Oyodogawa Riverbed, West City: Keiya)
  • 2012: Appearance in Suntory "Natsu-chan" (Shota Matsuda)-(JR Nichinan Line)
  • 2012: Performed at Lawson's “Onigiriya Local Good! Series”, the first “Kurose teriyaki” (Ohno)-(Hyuga City: Bibizu, Gongenzaki)
Korean CM
  • 2005: Appeared in Can Coffee "Maxwell Coffee House" (Cho In Sung)-(Kobayashi City: Livestock Improvement Center Miyazaki Farm, Incorporated Administrative Agency)
CM of Taiwan
  • 2011: CM for visiting Japan-(Miyazaki City: Miyachiku, Meat Straw, Nichinan City: Udo Shrine, Takachiho Town: Kunimigaoka/Takachiho Gorge/Ten'angawara/Takachiho Night Kagura)

People from Miyazaki Prefecture

Prefectural Honor Award Winners

*Mark is prefectural honor special prize.List of winners of the Miyazaki Prefecture Honor Award(External link, Miyazaki Prefecture General Policy Department Secretary and Public Relations Section Eisuke) For details on the reasons for the award, please refer to the same site.

Name of winnerOccupationAward date
Yasuo Inouejudoplayer2000th of February 10
Isaac SternViolinist2002th of February 5
Yukio TanakaProfessional baseball player2007th of February 12
Takeshi MatsudaSwimmingplayer2008th of February 9
Aoki NobuchikaProfessional baseball player2009th of February 4
Junichi Uchida (35 Shonosuke Kimura)Grand SumoGyoji2011th of February 10
Takeshi Matsuda*Swimmer2012th of February 9
The 10th National Wagyu Ability Co-Promotion Meeting Miyazaki Prefecture Promotion Council2012th of February 11
Tatsuko OsakoProfessional golfer2016th of February 5
Yasuo Inoue*Judo leader2016th of February 10
Takeshi Matsuda*Swimmer
Ryunosuke HagaJudo player
The 11th National Wagyu Ability Co-Promotion Meeting Miyazaki Prefecture Promotion Council2017th of February 11
Nobuchika Aoki *Professional baseball player2017th of February 12


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