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😷 | [Breaking news] XNUMX infected people in the new Corona prefecture

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[Breaking news] XNUMX infected people in the new Corona prefecture, the highest number ever

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In addition, 10 people were confirmed to be infected in Fukuyama City.
The Fukuyama City Board of Education will temporarily close Tsubou Elementary School, where children infected with corona are enrolled, until the 12th.
Since the infection of one student was confirmed at the Millennium Junior High School on the 5th, one new infection was confirmed.
Announced that the temporary closure will be extended.

In today's prefecture, XNUMX people newly infected with the new coronavirus have been confirmed, the highest number ever.Of these, in Hiroshima City ... → Continue reading

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Fukuyama City Board of Education

temporary closed

temporary closed(Rinkyugyo)

  • Temporary suspension of business by a company or facility for some reason.
  • Temporary closure (school) → Temporary closure of school as stipulated by the Japanese School Health and Safety Act (class closure due to infectious diseases, etc.)
  • Regarding temporary closure of companies, facilities, schools, etc. that have been implemented since 2020 due to the epidemic of the new coronavirusSocio-economic impact of 2019 coronavirus infectionSee.


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