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😷 | Over 2 new corona infections in Nagasaki prefecture for 100 days on weekends


Over 2 new corona infections in Nagasaki prefecture for two days on weekends

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At the National Governors' Association held online on the morning of the 10th, there was an opinion calling for a stronger message to warn mutant strains and behavior change, and to strengthen the vaccination system for the elderly.

The total number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Nagasaki Prefecture on the 9th and 8th was 115.Nagasaki Prefecture is new ... → Continue reading

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National Governors' Association

National Governors' AssociationIs theLocal government lawEstablished under Article 263-3Prefectural governorNational federation of. It mainly makes requests and policy recommendations to the national government regarding local government finance. Abbreviation isNGA (National Governors' Association). National Prefectural Assembly Presidency,National Mayors' Association, National City Council Presidency,National town and village association, Together with the National AssemblyLocal autonomyAn establishment measures council is organized.



Area blockSome prefectures on the border of have participated in multiple block governors' associations.

Successive presidents

The term of office of the chairman is two years. Since 2, elected by election from candidates who have run for the recommendation of five governors.

National Governors Association Chairman
First generationSeiichiro YasuiGovernor of TokyoAugust, 194701 day-19590May 4
2nd generationRyutaro AzumaGovernor of Tokyo19590505 day-19670May 4
3nd generationMikine KuwaharaGovernor of Aichi Prefecture19670May 5-100May 2
4nd generationKimura MorieFukushima Governor19750May 5-230802 days
5nd generationRyzo OkudaGovernor of Nara19760May 8-240709 days
6nd generationShunichi SuzukiGovernor of Tokyo19800May 7-180May 4
7nd generationShiro NaganoGovernor of Okayama Prefecture19950May 5-November 23, 1996
8nd generationYoshihiko TsuchiyaGovernor of Saitama PrefectureOctober 1996, 11-210May 7
9nd generationTakuji KajiwaraGovernor of Gifu Prefecture20030May 9-120202 days
10nd generationAso WatariGovernor of Fukuoka Prefecture20050May 2-170May 4
11nd generationKeiji YamadaGovernor of Kyoto20110May 4-260May 4
12nd generationKiyoshi UedaGovernor of Saitama Prefecture20180May 4-170May 8
13nd generationKamen IizumiTokushima Governor20190903 days -

Office location


  • National Governor's Conference: Held twice a year (July and December).
  • Senior Vice President Meeting

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